This is TOTALLY blowing our minds

Asaciel just sent this over from Japan: "Bebe" surfs CuteOverload. Things haven’t been this whacked since Cheese Doodle.


Domo arigato, Asaciel!



  1. Hee hee eee. I love that bun bun.

  2. buntock lover says:

    anerable…just anerable

  3. Am I the first????
    Bunneh so cute and cuddleh!!!

  4. :poit: ::poit::

  5. that is *SEW* being john bunnyvich!


  7. Omigawd, tooo cute & funneh!!!
    [braces self for crankyoverloaders saying it’s cruel & bunneh’s eyes will be damaged by computer]

  8. Meta-cute!

    It’s so cute (I bet no one noticed that, huh? ), and what a Handsome bunny, myyyy, beautiful stains.

  10. Hahaha…if I can, I want to crown this website’s Miss Meg as the world’s most efficient webmaster! I just mailed this and it appeared! 😀 Thank you!

  11. LOL @ “being john bunnyvich!”

  12. LOL ceebs ! 😀 😀

  13. the picture is just wonderful. as is Bebe the Bunny.

    Asaciel, I thought you said on the other Bebe thread that he was a dwarf lop. how did he get so big? or is that normal?

    congrats again on Bebe; and just wait ’til he learns to type. he then be able to submit his pics to Misterss Meg directly.

  14. He is tiny, my laptop is only 10.1 inches screen.
    A Fujitsu P7010. :p Check it out…small keyboard…small screen for small Bebe. 🙂


    Sorry, I wanted to be the first harsher. 🙂 How’d I do?

  16. After looking again…Bebe does seems to be huge, I think its my camera angle. LOL…shall post a normal Ratio bun and laptop on flickr later. XD

    Eeeepp…I got scolded..hahaha..but Bebe enjoy TV and surfing!!!

  17. Hey, that was pretty harsh, Kelly! nice one!

  18. Kelly: we can’t have our bunny buzz harshed!

    Oh, and does this computer have an Intel Pet-ium?

  19. Intel Pentium Centrino old old… XD

  20. It’s a newer version, Aubs, the Intail Buntium.

  21. Kelly,

    +10 for ALL CAPS
    +20 for insults
    +10 for nonsequitur
    -10 for insufficient use of

    overall, not bad for a first attempt. you gets a B+

  22. It’s a dwarf loptop for a dwarf lop bun!
    (asaciel, the scolding was just a joke!)

  23. Hi Ceebs. ^o^ I know…playing along. Hohoho…

    Oh my god…this is INNOVATIVE!
    Intail Buntium < - loves it!

  24. Awwwww, this made me *LOL* Cutest bunny photo ever!!!

  25. Asaciel,

    whoa, your laptop is *super-tiny*. 10.1 inches screen? and that keyboard? you must have teeny-tiny fingers…

  26. Coolz! a web savvy buuny…
    How many hops in the web does he do?

  27. OK. Yesterday I said the rabbit watching TV in Singapore (yeah, the same one that’s on the LCD screen here) was my favorite rabbit pic. That one has just been bumped down to the #2 position.

    Still primarily a cat person, y’know, but this is just too cool.

  28. This is going to sound so creepy, but I swear I truly believe that is a dead bunny that this guy keeps schlepping around and taking pictures of. Either it is dead, or he has heavily medicated it. Come on!! LOOK at that poor thing. It is totally LIMP!!

  29. Adorable bunny…I love how Bebe is all plopped on the ground with her legs all like “whatevs”. Are bunnies potty trainable? All Asaciel’s photos are conspicuously bunny pebble free…

  30. …and are we *sure* this is Japan, here? Asaciel’s DA profile says otherwise.

    (Hi Asa!)

  31. Karen…if you had all that floofage, you probably wouldn’t be able to stand up on a marble floor either!

    yep…that sounds creepy and then some.

  32. I think this is the beginnings of the “Infinite Bunny Project”!!

  33. hrh.squeak says:

    Not that I have anything against beautiful bun buns, but Asaciel, could we please see the beautiful bunny face? I wanna see his nose.

  34. HRH Squeak — heck, *I* can show you that…

  35. Someone let the air out of your bunny…

  36. aww!!!! bun bun!

  37. Kelly, ceebs, and Mariser: loved your jokes 😀 *thumbs up*

    And that bunny is sooo hot! I too would like to see the face of the bunny that’s hot. ;-o

  38. Inspired by the post of Rhea Harding: (with song of B2K “Bump bump bump” )

    “Baby turn around,
    And let me see that sexy body go
    BUN BUN BUN (yeah)”


  39. People who want to see Bebe’s face can go to Flickr and take a look at Asaciel’s photostream – she’s got pics of more bunnies, not just Bebe. (All v. QTE, too.)

    ( )
    ” “

  40. hrh.squeak says:

    Thank you, dear Teho.

    Hey, does anyone else think that the marking around Bebe’s nose looks like a happy hamster? Aaaaaaahh!!! Not only is the bunbun cute as can be, he has Cute Tatood On Him!!!!!!!!

  41. Denita TwoDragons says:

    I bet I know why Bun is floppin’! She’s all covered in warm fur, and that marble floor feels so nice and cooooool on her fluffy tummy! I’ve seen my cats do that on our the linoleum tile in our kitchen. (And with this miserable Texas heat I’ve felt the urge to join them… *grin*)

    She’s a cutie-pie and it’s great to see she has such excellent taste in ‘net browsing, too! 🙂


  42. Christine says:

    How is it even physically possible to be this cute? I am getting two buns this weekend and I hope they are as into electronics as this bun.

  43. This Bunny reminds me of “Wilson” the neighbor that never showed his face on Tool Time. I bet he is equally as loquacious and lovable

  44. What a sweetheart!

    And yes, marie, bunnies can be litter box trained. It’s actually pretty easy to do. And it’s not so much the little poos that are nice to contain… it’s the other stuff that’s stinky ^_^

  45. That bunneh it thinking, if only I had thumbs, I could play a damn video game. I could totally rule the world….

  46. Yes, Marie, like Emily says, rabbits are pretty easy to litter train. (I wouldn’t let mine run around the house otherwise!) Not sure what you mean by “other stuff” Emily, (cecal pellets, maybe?) but the pee smells much less after spaying/neutering (no more hormones!)

    Ahem…anyway…Bebe is one super relaxed Lago!

  47. I heart the little black spot random on the bunneh back! and how it is floppy. I love bunnehs wish I wasnt allergic 😦

  48. acelightning says:

    Recursive, adj. – see “recursive”

  49. Christine, be careful what you wish for 🙂 Bunnehs have so many ways of appreciating electonics. Most of these ways result in fluff-covered puter fans and thoroughly chewed through wires.

    If you don’t have a wireless house yet, rabbits will make you see the virtues of wireless networking faster than you can say “$80 replacement adapter.”

  50. Bebe’s face is on flickr & deviantart. I didn’t feel that it is appropriate to post the link directly on without permission and so I didn’t highlight it in my messages.

    @Singapore, maybe its my Nickname that causes confusion? (I better email Meg later.)

    Bebe IS toilet trained by himself. He has his own litter box and he goes look for it. During the day, he is allowed to hop everywhere in the apartment. Occasionally he sleeps on the bed but he prefers under the bed because it is darker and cooling.

    At night, my dad will call him to go back to his litter box(surprisingly he hops back on his own…shall make a video on that) and we cage him up at night incase we step on him…and he also previously enjoy waking us up in the middle of the night by hopping up. Its not really ok since you will get a shock when 1 ball of fluff suddenly bump at your face. (You’ll get a shock.)

    Other than that…funny bunny adorable cute cute and flompy. 🙂 I have photos of him sleeping like human, but eversince people say he looks like dead in those pics, I stop taking. The last thing I want is to have people say he is dead. So, instead of photos, I have his Youtube videos sleep~ > wake up

  51. And Bunny Fiver is right, be careful of wires.

  52. Asaciel – Thank you for sharing your lovely bunny! He is wonderful. You and your ball of fluff may convince me to be a bunny owner one day. Especially since I now know they can use a litter box and in the case of yours, can be trained! Of course, I’d have to have a cat that liked the bunbuns…

  53. lolz

  54. Some-bunny needs his own live web cam or tv show so we can take in his cuteness at all hours… I love this bunny with all my heart.

  55. gosh..i so wanna touch the bunny!! is that bunny’s fav. pose? they seem to love lying on their tummies..

  56. Very relaxed bunnies will lie on their bellies with their hind legs stretched out, but I have to say that this is the 1st time I’ve ever seen anybun let their hind legs get so relaxed that the feets go sideways!

    Asaciel, could you post a link to your videos when you get them upoaded? I’d love to see them, and I’m sure other people would, too.

  57. Asaciel-
    My ballet dancer kid is soooo jealous of bunny’s turn out here

  58. A thinker says:

    Man. That is one chilled-out bunnage. I wonder if it’s because he’s that relaxed or if he just can’t get purchase on that slippery floor.

  59. Hickory dickory dock,
    A bun was flashing a ‘tock.
    The clock struck one
    And quoth the bun,
    “These C.O. peeps really rock.”

  60. LOL. I just submitted Bebe’s video…one of his videos. Hmm…i submitted the sleeping one. Will take a video of him running across the living room this saturday. 🙂 I got appointments and exams to finish…hope you all don’t mind but i promise to link it on this saturday.

  61. Good luck on your exams, Asaciel.

  62. Skwerly — awesome! Might I suggest one minor substitution, though? Gotta go with “tewtelly” rather than “really” in the last line.
    Eh? Eh?

  63. “Eh? Eh?”

    Theo, you sound suddenly Canadian!

  64. I borrow liberally from a broad palette of colloquial styles.

  65. Same here. Geographically, I have no business whatsoever saying “y’all”, but I do.

  66. Here are the links to Bebe sleeping and sort of sleeping.

  67. Um, Teho, you should know that would “tewtelly” jack up the meter of my fine poem.


  68. Skwerly — I’m hearing the emphases this way:

    HICK o ry DICK o ry DOCK [a few beats]
    a BUN [beat] was FLASH ing a TOCK [a few beats]
    the CLOCK [beat] struck ONE [beat]
    and QUOTH [beat] the BUN [beat]
    these CEE oh peeps TEW tel ly ROCK [yes they DO]

    …but then, I never could leave well enough alone.

  69. It doesn’t get much cuter than a bunny’s hiney!!!

  70. It doesn’t get much cuter than a bunny’s hiney!!!

  71. Those videos are great. Look at his little floppy ear while he’s sleeping. And the peaceful waterfall sounds… zzzzzzz…. move over Bebe!

  72. Ayiee! It’s the infinite cat project all over again!

  73. Bebe is sooooooo stinkin cute is it hurting my eyes! The Tail! The Ears! What an itelligent specimin of bunnehhood!

  74. Thank you all who likes Bebe…

    I’ll most probably group up bebe’s video at this link. Ya…I don’t have a (that’d be cool…haha…) Can’t be flooding meg’s email, she is kind enough to post 2 pics of Bebe already. 🙂