Pug breathing noises

Are sooooo romantic…the quivering muzzlepuff! The shifty eyes! the snorfing of sheets! Peep dis:

SNORF, sender-inner TTancm!



  1. bubkniton says:

    What a face!

  2. You’re embarassing himmm. 😦

  3. The quivering puppy lips! Too cute!

  4. Awwww…. Too Cute!!!

  5. That´s not cute, that´s sad. The dog is making those noises because it can´t breathe normally. The muzzle has been bred so short that the animal will for the rest of its life have breathing problems, especially at hot weather. It is so sad what people have done to dogs.

  6. I agree, Paula.
    Pugs are nice dogs, but I couldn’t live with that noise. I wouldn’t want to support the breeding of pugs by buying one, either. It’s easy to consider something cute when you don’t really understand, what is behind all the snorting and puffing.
    And that was a calm, somewhat relaxed pug! When they panic, they have to struggle to breathe.
    Cute or sad -section pic, definitely!

  7. Gee, I wonder how long before there’s a comment that says ‘FIRST! and also this is not cute it is sad and cruel’

  8. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give a warm Cute Overload welcome to our special celebrity guest, Mr. Peter Lorre!


    (By the way, this is the eighth post, and I think that’s unspeakably cruel and not at all cute, because the number eight scares and confuses me.)

  9. I find pugs cute and very, very, very sad. The noise is there because the thing cannot breath properly – notice how he opens his mouth every two seconds and pants. Because he is out of breath.

    Please stop supporting the breeding of them; don’t buy dogs that are unhealthy to begin with :´(

  10. I don’t like when people alter animals genetics like this – the case of persians and pugs. He’s definitely cute, but sad too. Poor thing. He acts as if he’s self-conscious 😦

  11. sounds like he’s purring oO

  12. AWWWW his face is so FLAT! and i love when dogs rest their faces on the ground

  13. True, it’s awful that dogs are bred this way, but the pug breed has been around for hundreds of years. They still need good homes, regardless and are probably going to fare worse with people shunning them just to support the cause.

    This fella doesn’t look sad either. He’s just going about his business and doesn’t want a camera stuck in his face, like Cher when she goes all bonkers at the pararazzi for filming her when she’s shopping for sequins and thongs. Except that this little guy is obviously more refined than Cher and doesn’t threaten to punch the person holding the camera.

  14. Hey there!
    I’m an Italian blogger and I just want to tell you that I love your blog and that I’m going to link it for BlogDay2006!

  15. The part where he was snarfing the sheets was cute. But I agree with the previous comments; the noise is kinda scary. He sounds like a growly lion, and he shouldn’t be sounding like one.

  16. That noise is just one of the reasons why I want a pug!!! I love that noise… heh.
    SO CUTE!

  17. oh… people.

  18. He’s mildly cute but I have dog issues, I find them untrustworthy. They have such shifty eyes. Are you going to lick me or go for my jugular? You dont know!!! :S

  19. I have a Boston Terrier who has not quite so smooshy a face. He also pants and snorts, snuffles and plants his mug on the ground. Also has shifty eyes. He is happy, and loving and cute as can be. So is this little pug dude.

    I agree that some dog breeds have gotten completely out of hand.

    But, this is a precious little dude. He is who he is and needs love, too!

  20. Piggalette says:

    Many of the “pure bred” dogs have problems specific to their breed. Pugs-breathing trouble, Bassetts- hip trouble, Labs-allergies, Pekingese- eye troubles. And it’s not necessarily better to get a mutt because then you don’t know what to watch out for as much. All I’m saying is when you get a dog you have to be prepared to deal with health issues that will arise, and if you know your dog is prone to a certain problem, you can try preventative maintenance such as keeping a pug or bassett very slim.

    I have to admit that this pup is cute or sad though. But he looks like an old guy so the years are probably catching up with him.

  21. Cuuuuuuuuuuute!

  22. Charming. I love pugs.

  23. (another) michelle says:

    I want to smoosh his little pugzlemuff!

  24. Euww that is disgusting I dont like that dog or its vile breathing. NOT cute!!

  25. I also vote “not cute” on this one. Poor pugs have been bred to be little more than the genetic equivalent of an American made car: guaranteed problems over the span of their entire lives that come to an end with an early death. What some people do to dogs to make them look appealing astounds me.

    “Oh, cute! He’s having problems breathing! Listen to the little snorts and gasps he makes as he fights for air – isn’t it simply adoreable? I’m going to save him the effort of walking by shoving him into my purse!”

  26. he clearly didnt like the smell of the sheets. poor puppy. so ugly yet so cute!

  27. chet's momma says:

    all doggies breathe a little loud! yes, pugs are smooshy faces and have a little more trouble, but that’s just how it is! NTMTOM–hilarious! Keep snorfling, little dewd!

  28. chet's momma says:

    all doggies breathe a little loud! yes, pugs are smooshy faces and have a little more trouble, but that’s just how it is! NTMTOM–hilarious! Keep snorfling, little dewd!

  29. chet's momma says:

    all doggies breathe a little loud! yes, pugs are smooshy faces and have a little more trouble, but that’s just how it is! NTMTOM–hilarious! Keep snorfling, little dewd!

  30. chet's momma says:

    all doggies breathe a little loud! yes, pugs are smooshy faces and have a little more trouble, but that’s just how it is! NTMTOM–hilarious! Keep snorfling, little dewd!

  31. chet's momma says:

    all doggies breathe a little loud! yes, pugs are smooshy faces and have a little more trouble, but that’s just how it is! NTMTOM–hilarious! Keep snorfling, little dewd!

  32. chet's momma says:

    all doggies breathe a little loud! yes, pugs are smooshy faces and have a little more trouble, but that’s just how it is! NTMTOM–hilarious! Keep snorfling, little dewd!

  33. My terrier mix makes a similar noise some times and he snores too, and he as not at all bred by “professionals” shall we say- uhum–but he is doing just fine and his little snoring is almost comforting- so I agree with the post that says pugs need homes too, and don’t shun them for a cause- because even mutts snore and snuffle!

  34. jackie31337 says:

    “Are you going to lick me or go for my jugular? You dont know!!!”

    At least with cats you know where you stand. 😉

    That said, I’m definitely a dog person. I love kittens, but once they grow up and become cats, it’s more like they allow you to live in their house as long as you’re useful to them. Dogs, on the other hand, love you for life.

  35. I think the video is unspeakably cruel and not at all cute. I think Peter Lorre should have been left in peace. Did anyone ask HIM if he wanted to be in yet another movie . . . and no wonder he is panting, he’s grown incredibly hairy. (and I’m betting this job didn’t go through his agent!)

    . . . however, should that not be Peter Lorre, but a cute lil’ poochie, I would love to give him a hug.

  36. pugmamatimestwo says:

    Awww, squishy-face! Just like my babies! I love it 🙂

    Pugs only breathe like this when they’re hot or out of breath. Most of the time, they breathe just fine. My pugs are healthy, happy, lively, mischevious little critters. If you’ve never owned one, don’t make assumptions about how “pitiful” or “sad” they are.

  37. In true cute porn fashion, I was waiting for the off-camera hand to begin petting Puggy.

  38. since apparently today is “Take Offense Day” (TOD),
    I will take offense at Vin for his/hers insensitive comments about American cars: our cars are from General Motors (GM) and they serve us well. I currently drive a Camaro [insert joke here] and it is an awesome car.
    most cars from most manufacturers are pretty much the same in each price bracket regarding reliability, safety, etc.
    /end rant

  39. pinupkate says:

    “zomg, soooo not cute, how cruel it is for a dog to be itself. i have problems with factors completely unrelated to the dog so i’m going to deprive the puppy of the title of cute.”

    this site isn’t a place for your unsolicited tirades against teh evilz of breeding. this site is for appreciating the puppies that are already here without getting all self-righteous about it, please.

    that being said, what a handsome boy. the snorfing is my favorite…

  40. Yes, the breeding may be cruel, but it’s not cruel that he’s just layin’ there chillin’ out, is it? C’mon, people.

  41. good old whatshername says:

    “Welcome to our newest game show, Harsh the Cute! Our contestants are rarin’ to go, so let’s get started. Here’s today’s pic, Lisa–can you Harsh the Cute?”

    “G.O., I can Harsh the Cute in ten posts.”

    “How about you, Janni?”

    “Well, I can Harsh the Cute in six posts.”

    “Oh yeah? I can Harsh the Cute in FIVE posts.”

    “Okay, Paula, go ahead and HARSH THE CUTE.”

  42. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s cute cute cute. I love the shifty eyes!

    I didn’t realize this had become crankyoverload.com
    sheesh peoples. Go to a politics message board somewhere if you want to be all pi$$y about everything.

  43. Conan was on my lap when I watched this and as soon as he heard it he turned and watched that poor pug so intently. Didn’t take his eyes from the screen.

    Conan, by the way (along with his brother Sydney) is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Luxating patella, heart murmur, potential eye problems, short muzzle/snoring, collapsing trachea – I love them anyway and even though some of it is problems with breeding, I’m prepared to spend any amount of money to make them happy and comfortable. (As evidenced by Sydneys $500 mouth and Conan’s $1000 knees…)

  44. LOVE that snort, LOVE PUGS. Great post. T’would be nice to see a video of a sleeping, SNORING smooshface.

    Dislike cranky unrealistic PC types. Human eugenics anyone?

    and Mina—you just can’t read dogs, tho most of them are open and honest, they can’t help it. Cats, otoh, really don’t care.

  45. PuppyMomma –
    Same thing happened here – all my animales (2 cats, 1 dog) looked up and were fascinated with the sound of the pug! It was pretty funny! I loved how he flopped onto the pillow at the end!

  46. There’s nothing cruel about this video. Perhaps the video-er is too much in the poor dear’s face space, but that’s not cruel. Pugs have not had a large amount of tinkering in the ways of breeding for centuries (they are, like another poster said, a very old breed). My pug snorts and snores and I love the sound. Most pug owners also have an operation done on their pugs when they’re wee little to widen the nasal passages so help with breathing. My pug (14 years old now) has been one of the most precious aspects of my life. I would not hesitate to get another one some years down the line.

    Thanks for posting another pug!

  47. AuntieMame says:

    Heh! For the first part of the video, he’s clearly thinking “Hellooooo? Where’s my snorgle?” Then when his people are clearly to dense to get the point, he’s saying “Fine, then I’ll just go over here and ignore you, too. PTHPTH! So there!”

    And while I also have issues with dog breeding, this really isn’t the place.

    Also, sabrina, since you so clearly hate everything about CuteOverload, why in the name of God do you keep coming here? Why don’t you stop torturing yourself (and us) and just stay away?!?

  48. AuntieMame says:

    Argh! That should be “tooooooooo dense”…

    (Before the grammar po-leece come and take me away.)

  49. People. THIS IS MEG’S WEBSITE. MEG IS THE WEBMISTRESS. If she thinks something’s cute, she has every darn right to post it, as long as its legal, nevermind *our* opinions. So, if you don’t like it, CLOSE THE DAMN WEBPAGE and save yourself the precious two minutes that you’d waste on your whiny comments. Capisce?

    Oh, and if anyone wants to get personal, my email is aquabelle-mailbox@yahoo.co.in. Bring it on.

  50. brownamazon says:

    Signor Valerio: Mille grazie per la nominazione!

    With all the kvetching, we’ve forgotten our manners.

    Personally, I think it’s unspeakably cruel greyhounds have been bred to be farting machines (cruel to their owners, that is…)

  51. Ah, inbreeding…

  52. awww i didnt know animals made that kind of noise!!! awww! no offense but it sounds like he had a good hump

  53. Well said “good old whatshername” haha, said with humor, I love that. At least it cheers me up about the thing. I wasn’t going to post until I saw your post and some of the “rare” positive messages that are going through those days. Thinking that a week ago we were saying how good it was to come here, now I’m getting “sad overload”.

    Ok people, we’re not dumb, we can actually analyze things, and just because we say something is cute, doesn’t mean we don’t know why it happens.
    Doesn’t mean also we have to hide the reasons of something, but Damn, find the positive first!
    Yeah the Pugs might have problems to breath, but did that little fellow seemed sad? No! And even though it would be, at least they try to live no matter what happens to them. They’re lucky to be dogs and not humans, they take things for what they are, and live for the best. Too much humans are fatalist and go “Boohoo” everywhere, trying to bring people down. Hi there Mr. Ego…

    I’ve got a Cavalier King Charles, pure breed, and they have heart desease gene going on. It shouldn’t happen, but for the moment, it does, and we have to compose with this. I compose with this, she has a little hole in heart, but she is still ok. And I’m rather lucky to have her still alive at soon 10 years, some have lost their dog while in youth. Not great for them, but they fight, and don’t goo “boohoo”. They still love, and try to find it wherever they can… not like “you” apparently. I’ll listen to those who hopes instead of those who goes “sad rather than cute”.
    I say “Cute rather than Sad”.

    You GO Cute Overload!!! Yeehaaaaaaaah!

  54. Yay pugs! That’s their happy noise! Like purring. And for non-pug owners, they don’t **always** breath like that. They’re just expressive little dogs and have a bigger repitoir of noises than plane ol’ barking.

    That pug is cute. But my pug is cuter.

  55. Breed issues aside, nothing changes the fact that this INDIVIDUAL puppy is ADORA-GORGEOUS. I want to snorgle him so much.


  57. Huh? Theo, you ok? :-p Old people nowadays….

    Puppymomma, if you wanna talk about Cavalier King Charles, I’m okay ^^.

    Mariser, loved your comment on cars. But shame on you still ( :-p ), you should buy that japanese hybrid car: Save the Earth! 😉

    Jenna, my dog snores too. Well it’s normal, it’s like some human people snoring, it’s the way the air goes through that makes that sound. My dog always snored, since day one, and I must say it comforts me too. Sometimes I have to “pump up the volume” :-p when watching tv but hey, I LOVE HER LIKE THAT!

    Pugmamatimestwo: Way to go!! 😀

  58. PUGS! I’m an auntie to two pugs and they are the bestest! You can play Winston like a bapipe (meaning if you cuddle him *just* right, he sings for you). Pippin is a quiet and cuddly and likes to suck on his chewy toys. Go Pugs!

    Babies eating kittens is bad, mkay?

  59. Pug owner/lover snorgler here….we have been blessed with TWO snoring, purring, snorting anerable pugs! Jeesh, what is it with some folks……messing with the cute!

    Pugs are one of the best family dogs around!!!

  60. I am not nerdy enough!!

    I tried to copy a link to my pugs but it didn’t work…I put the url info in the url box…but now the picture shows up when you click on my name….HELP!

  61. Lol, don’t worry Snorg. I’ve seen your pugs, and they are really cute. They look like kings actually, with the coat on them. :-p

  62. I miss my pugs.

    We had 4, and we didn’t have breathing problems with any of them. They snorted and whatnot, but it didn’t affect them any. In fact, once I moved away from them, I couldn’t sleep because I was so used to hearing it at night.

    It’s just like humans and snoring- other than being annoying to your bedmate, it’s not a *severe* health risk unless you have complications with it. Relax, people.

  63. Try putting the URL in the comment box!

  64. SOME people actually adopt their animals instead of buying them. We have no idea whether is an ‘evil’ breeder or an amazing angel, so I’m gonna go ahead and enjoy teh cute!

    I LOVE pugs and someday when I live in a place that allows dogs, I am going to snorgle one all to myself.

  65. Thanks ceebs and Lex-be….always putting it in the wrong place 🙂

  66. Bring on the baby eating kittens!

    Bring on the kitten eating babies!

    Just BRING IT ON!!

    That is what cuteoverload.com is all about. Feeding your inner baby.

  67. DH, or your inner kitten.

  68. My inner bebe ate my inner kitten.

  69. You know, it reminds me of how cute Jabba the Hut was as a little baby. All that snorking and flem. Ah, they grow so fast.

  70. Jabba the Hut…. THE Jabba the Hut? ;-D Ok, ok I’m out :-D!

  71. Eww.


    My sister-in-law has one, and there’s nothing I detest more than getting snot sprayed all over me every single time i visit.

    Simply disgusting.

  72. Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed, pillow?

  73. Nah, I guess I’m just a cat person. :p

  74. Eww.

    Harshers on CO.

    There’s nothing I detest more than getting harsh sprayed all over me every single time I visit.

    Simply disgusting.

  75. And by the way Dh, I’m all for baby-eating kittens. Actually, I’d pay to see it.

    BYOBS, Bring your Own barbeque Sauce!

  76. Man, I really don’t get people who get uppity on a site like cute overload. It’s CUTE OVERLOAD. You want to debate animal rights, good on you, but doing it here is the real world equivalent of trying to have a debate on World Politics during a baby shower.

    That being said, I am adopting a very sweet smooshed face pug (her daddy is moving overseas) to keep my smooshed face adopted persian (rescused from an abusive home) company. It will be a Jabba the Hut fest of epic proportions.

  77. LOL Laurie, that was the single biggest (and most graphic) freudian slip I’ve ever heard.


  78. Theo’s Baby Eatting Kitten is a past controversy (you can find it on the site, just look), similar to the Rotwiler Dog-Sitter (Go dog Carl) and… well pretty much anything that gets people’s panties in a bunch.

  79. martha in mobile says:

    My husband snores just like this pug.

  80. Mah, kittay just spent the entire 55 seconds not moving from her spot on my arm, but searching with her little head for this little puglet and his snorfling.

  81. Shannon L says:

    Yes, this *is* cute, I’ll admit. But I still cringe.

    We have a pekingese and my aunt has a bulldog, and I can’t stand all the problems they have just to breathe and not hyperventilate when excited. Pug faces (and short basset legs) are genetic disorders that appear in other species as well, but are considered grounds to put those other animals to sleep.

    I just…argh…really sorry for ranting, guys.

  82. MelissaLovesPugs says:

    Aww, I love this puggy! I like his shifty eyes, he is probably wondering “whatchoo lookin at? Can I have a treat???”

    I have a pug, he is sweet & precious and does not breathe loudly all the time. Only when he is hot or worn out from running like a little madman. 🙂

    My pug, Henry, can be seen here:

  83. tooo adorable! almost as cute as my lil baby. i just love this site. its cuteness just makes for a bright spot each day! 😀

    for those that say “its cruel”? well you are about 2000 years too late on the breeding schedule. pugs were originally bred to be temple guard dogs, then lap dogs due to their sweet nature. they’ve had smooshy faces for a very long time. and for those who rant about bulldogs? the reason that they had those smooshy and wrinkly faces? was so when they took down the bull the blood would run away from their eyes. those wrinkles and smooshy faces have a purpose. just because it SOUNDS like its all panty and having trouble breathing doesn’t mean it is.

  84. hrh.squeak says:

    ohm puggy snorgle hug
    ohm puggy snorgle hug
    ohm puggy snorgle hug

    (Repeat as neccessary till happy and relaxed.)

  85. AnotherPugMama says:

    Wow, lots of pug haters. That little dewd is doing the classic, “Whew, I’m tired, gonnna snorgle a little, gonna cuddle this pillow a little.” I have a pug, and while they can have breathing problems, it’s not the end of the world. It’s charming and cute. As she is laying next to me, having a snoring snort right now, I cannot imagine her being “vile.” Yikes with the Cute Overload rage today. I’ve included a link to my little girl so people can see other pugs in action.


    Not sad at all folks, not sad at all.

  86. Aww, I love pugs so much!

    MelissaLovesPugs your Henry is absolutely gorgeous. Those eyes and that smile!!!

  87. How are you gonna blame a breed for being in existence?? Hundreds of years ago they probably should have rethunk their actions but today they are here so why not love ’em up. I have a pug and I love that little guy! He snorts occasionally but believe me he is happy and cute as a button. So much negativity over a sweet innocent animal. We should focus on positive energy, isn’t that what cute overload is about? Long Love the Pug!!

  88. This is all too much harsh, too much priggy PC—too….MUCH.

    we love our pets regardless.

    I have never bought a pet, always rescue—2 pugs.

    ps. PUGS RULE!!!!!

  89. Well done Laurie C. 😀 !!!!

  90. Who wouldn’t love a pug? Who wouldn’t love a person who had a pug? Who would leave a pug country to come to a nonpug country?

  91. I don’t know Lauri! Who would? Who???

    Mellisa – Henry is adorable!!!

    My big pug is from a rescue home…..my boys:

  92. AnotherPugMama says:

    *dies* Snorg! Your pugs are soooo cute! I love the pug snuggle. Too anerable!

  93. BEAUTIFUL photo, Snorg!

    My husband used to breathe like that at night, but then he lost 40 pounds. Hasn’t snored since. I bet this puggy above couldn’t stand to lose an ounce, though. He’s svelte and pretty… but that grin makes me wonder what kind of world domination he’s planning.

  94. “My pug, Henry, can be seen here:

    Henry’s just adorable, MelissaLovesPugs, thank you for sharing him. I followed the dogster link to Rudy’s page, and I’m so very sorry you lost him. Condolences.

  95. “I’ve included a link to my little girl so people can see other pugs in action.


    Not sad at all folks, not sad at all.”

    She is totally adorable, AnotherPugMama. I noticed her dogster page says you bought her from a petstore that doesn’t get its pups from puppy mills. I wasn’t aware such a petstore existed. Where/how did you find this place? From whom do they buy these pups?

  96. AnotherPugMama…DaisyMae is so precious and I LOVE that name!! I have had horses, guinea pigs, hamsters, kittehs, doggies, turtles, birds……..we have loved them all, but it has been our pugs that have brought an abundance of joy to our already full lives! Pugs Rule!!!

  97. Dangit I always come in to the commentroversies too late. All I wanted to say was
    “aw its like da pupeh cant help but smile!”
    I cant hear the breathing my comp sound is breaked 😦

  98. Melissalovespugs says:

    “Henry’s just adorable, MelissaLovesPugs, thank you for sharing him. I followed the dogster link to Rudy’s page, and I’m so very sorry you lost him. Condolences.”-soxfan

    Thank you. And thanks to everyone who complimented my Henry pug. I love all of your pugs, those of you who have posted links with pics!

    soxfan-Yes, Rudy Tooter was our pug we adopted from a local pug rescue group. He died after complications from a surgery to remove a bowel obstruction. So sad! Well, thats not a very cheery line of thought so back to the cuteness! 🙂

  99. Brak_Silverbone says:

    My cat Sheba (sitting in my lap) was also very startled by Puggy’s snortings and snorflings. She stared intently at the screen for the entire duration of the video.

  100. Pug Momma says:

    Cruel? You people are whiny dorks. Pugs have been around for 100s. Mine makes the noises too and he’s as comfy as can be. Every breed has issues from over-breeding, like my old golden with hip issues. Please, whine about something you know.

    Save the whales.

  101. Pug Momma says:

    Almost forgot! That guy is sofa king precious!!

  102. Please, no more pugs. Not cute. Sure, they are small dogs, but they are not puppies. Puppies are cute. Rottweilers are cute. Rottweilerpuppies are supercute. But not pugs.

    The only mar on this otherwise adorable site is the frequent appearance of pugs…


  103. I’m sure if a site showed a kid with cystic fibrosis doing something cute while struggling to breathe, I would get flamed if I said, “People who carry this disease shouldn’t reproduce.” Even if it’s the truth.

  104. Another Angela says:

    What Angela said!

  105. cruel shmuel. slobbery asthmatic orcish pig-dogs are not cute.

    they are only cute in the way ugly but innocent things can become endearing and pitiful. like quasimodo by the end of hunchback. maybe there should be a word for ugly cute. cugly. pronounced either “cuh-glee” or “cyoo-glee” depending on, i don’t know, regional differences.

  106. “At least with cats you know where you stand. 😉

    That said, I’m definitely a dog person. I love kittens, but once they grow up and become cats, it’s more like they allow you to live in their house as long as you’re useful to them. Dogs, on the other hand, love you for life.”

    My cat is actually fairly attention demanding, will ask to sit on my lap @ the computer several times a day, and sleeps on my chest. She does have that independant side though, like all cats…which I like. Shes not in-your-face needy and obnoxious like….dogs. 😀 That having been said, I like dogs, buuuutttttt, Im am a hard core cat person. 😛

  107. samg – pronounced either “heartless” or “needlessly nasty”, depending on, I don’t know, personal opinion. Just remember, physical ugliness is no comparison to an ugly character.

  108. warrior rabbit says:

    Snorg (whoops, almost called you snort),

    Your boys are cute, but I think I would have gone for this image:

    It makes me laugh.

  109. AnotherPugMama says:

    “cruel shmuel. slobbery asthmatic orcish pig-dogs are not cute.” -samg

    yikes you. that’s awfully cruel. take your bad attitude someplace else.

    soxfan – sent you an e-mail! we got daisy from a local, independantly owned pet shop called Dog Patch. They are wonderful. I have known three dogs from there and they are all beautiful, healthy and wonderful!

    Everyone’s pugs are so beautiful and fun! They are so great, and so special in their own little ways! Go pugs!

  110. Ack!

  111. All this pug hatred is making me want to turn into Mecha-Tilly and destroy things.

    Beautiful pics guys, thanks for sharing them!

  112. I have a miniature Poodle that I rescued last year, she’s 7 years old and has breathing problems as well and snorts like the Pugmiester did on the beginning of the clip.. the vet assured us that it isn’t something that is a major problem.. and she snores like crazy.. and we love her more because of it.. that little Pug is very cute.. and when he crawls up on the pillow it’s like he’s saying “no more press please.. no further comment”… ahhh when they become famous…

  113. The Adirondack queen says:

    I think Pugs are adorable, and this little guy has put it over the top. I’m not even going to dignify an answer to the critics. He’s cute and I’d love him forever if he was mine.

  114. I *really* want to see a picture of Mecha-Tilly and her Pugly Horde, now.

  115. Just wanted to add my comment (it’s my last one on this thread, rest assured). I wanted to say that I don’t hate pugs, I think they are usually nice dogs (although I have met also a few who weren’t so nice).

    I still don’t think that pugs muzzle or chihuahua’s head or shar peis skin folds or any other man made excessive feature in dog breeds are cute. Sorry.
    I would never buy a puppy from a breed whose breeding I don’t accept, (but I would adopt a homeless one).

    I agree, this is not the place to discuss ethics. I have never commented negatively (or positively) any of the pictures of any such breed in CO but this time I just couldn’t help myself when I happened to listen to that breathing noise. I made a mistake and expressed an opinion because I can’t always express them at work (I’m a veterinarian but you don’t have to believe me if you don’t feel like it). That won’t happen again. It’s Meg’s web page and she can of course do anything she likes with it.

    Also sorry for all the grammatical errors for english is not my mother language.

    Over and out.

  116. What Janni said.

  117. What Theo said.

  118. I love all animals. I think pugs are cute. I hate when people overbreed their pets and don’t care if they have health problems. I was appalled by this comment:

    “Cruel? You people are whiny dorks. Pugs have been around for 100s. Mine makes the noises too and he’s as comfy as can be. Every breed has issues from over-breeding, like my old golden with hip issues. Please, whine about something you know.” — Pug Momma.

    Translation: Every breed has issues and they have been around centuries, so it’s ok to keep on breeding them, regardless of how these animals suffer.

    And people think the guy who thinks pugs aren’t cute is the one with an “ugly character”.

    This is a sad world.

  119. Sylvia, darling:

    I didn’t directly call samg an “ugly character” but he certainly was coming across as such in his post. I’m neither condoning nor condemning breeding techniques but simply pointing out that the comment was not nice. I wouldn’t even normally comment on that sort of posting but I guess the cuteness gods compelled me that day.


  120. My 1 year old Bijoux pug is the most adorable creature ever… she is extremely passive with everyone.. not one agressive bone in her body… all she wants is to be cuddled and loved. I feel so fortunate to care for her. Thanks for sharing your little friend.

  121. Mommatoarescue says:

    Ohhh…the cute snorfins’! But it makes me want to find a fan and cool off this puggy!

    As for all the other condemnations… well… every breed has its problems, as do individual mixed breeds. They all deserve love and care, and wishing them away won’t fix any of the health problems.

  122. My My aren’t we a touchy little group today. LOL….My dog and I both snore. Cute dog.

  123. Snorg/Snort says:

    *Every breed has issues and they have been around centuries, so it’s ok to keep on breeding them, regardless of how these animals suffer.*

    Sylvia – do you own or care for a pug? How do you know they suffer? From a short video of one snorting & breathing loud….??

    I have to agree there are too many whiny dorks.

    All pug owners stop letting your dogs breed and stop all this suffren’!!! I guess that means I have just prolonged my pugs suffering by adopting him from a rescue home…he was found wandering the streets, ears infected, fleas, thin, lost & alone….my oh my I am a horrid person!

  124. That’s definitely not cute.

  125. BRING ON MORE TAIL-FILLED BABY ONION MOUTHS AND SMOOSHED FACED DOGS! I want to see the people drowning in PC and supposed animals injustices quiver with excitement on their next chance to post 75! identical messages. RAWR!

  126. Snorg/Snort, do you know how to read? I didn’t criticize people who love and have pugs. I criticized the breeding in itself. Read again.

    I don’t own a pug, but I come from a family of veterinarians. Any vet with a heart will tell you that overbreeding in some cases causes many problems. My brother has treated at least three pugs who had enlarged hearts due to their difficulty in breathing. If you love and care for your pug, I think you’re a lovely person. Once again, let me make this clear: I was critizing the overbreeding and that person’s comment. That’s all. No need to be a sarcastic doofus.

  127. flowerofhighrank says:

    I vote: cute.
    I miss my Pudgy!

  128. I own a pug and not ALL pugs sound like that. Mine never snorts and gasps for air. If the breed has a good blood line their nasal passages are open enough to breath correctly. All purebreed dogs have bad breeders and it looks like this one fell victim to that. You shouldn’t illiminate a breed because of a few bad breeders then we would not have ANY pure breed animals!

  129. I like dogs very much, and after this video, i love them more!)

  130. dickie twinkles says:

    I think this puggy is more snorty than usually because he’s a puppy. Most puppies are born with shorter noses much like human babies…and they snuffles and stuff all the time.
    When my cavalier…a fairly short noses but not overlyso puppy…was younger he snorted and snuffled a lot but he’s grown out of it as his head and muzzle have enlarged…same happened for my neighbours staffie.

    Pugs need to be responsibly bred but even then a short-nosed one can pop out of a relatively normal litter…my parents both have massive jewish hooters and so do me and my brother…but my sister has a button nose still at the age of 20!

  131. I am writing as a geneticist (human, don’t get all uppity) and a pug owner. All pure bred dogs have problems due to selective breeding. So do a lot of people and plants. Not all pugs have breathing problems. It is a matter of choosing a reputable breeder. And a lot of people do suffer from breathing problems, are we going to attack their parents for mating? If you don’t like pugs don’t buy one. But spouting your ignorance in this forum is not going to help people more educated choices in pet choosing.

  132. I have a pug. He snorts and snores yet has fairly wide nostrils and is very athletic. He can catch a frisbee on a hot day and run like the wind meanwhile never really getting tired. Of course I monitor his panting as I would any dog and make him stop to drink water or take him out of the sun. He goes HIKING with me and LOVES it. As soon as he sees me picking up my backpack he responds. He knows what things I wear to do what and responds to the sounds that they produce either negatively (disinterest) and positively (jumping at my leg). He also loves to swim and enjoys the outdoors in general. To say that these dogs lead horrible live or suffer because of their condition is silly. I personally think and I see it in his behavior that this dog is the happiest I’ve owned especially since I have become a better pet owner since having him. Jellybean is definitely one of the smartest dogs with the richest personalities that I’ve encountered..

    Also, the breed has existed for a long while now. What would the negative people on here have us do? Kill off the breed? It is not as if people are still modifying the specific breed.

  133. That pug is fine and doesn’t appear to be having breathing problems.

    The only reason he is breathing like that is because he is tired, and is just hot enough to where he can’t figure out whether he wants to pant or not. You see how he starts and stops panting?

    If he were hotter, he would sit up and pant like any other dog and it wouldn’t be nearly as adorable (or sickening, for you trolls who posted above).

  134. Scoobyswife says:

    I have an English Mastiff…who snores, A Pit Bull…who snorts and snores…oh and bites strangers, a Pug who snorts and snores and a Bugg who snorts , snores and sounds just like your vidieo. They all go to the vet regularly and are very healthy. It’s NOT a CRUEL thing…come on people!!!!