[Pink nose moving]

Porrrrk.  Looks goooood. I must get my seven toes on a piiiiece.


Thanks for sending in the Princess, Diane V. 😉



  1. Tony James says:


  2. Second…?

  3. Hey TJ — here’s 1 of 2…

    If it’s true what they say about white cats with blue eyes usually being blind, then I suspect the lovely Ms. Princess is *smellsing* something very intriguing right ’bout now.

  4. beezie687 says:

    Kitty’s expression seems to say, “Got any plans for that pork?”

  5. Jan Spencer says:

    I must say, both my cats BEG when I am eating. Seriously, one stretches her paw out on my arm or leg, and the other sits and lets her do the work. Seriously, cats do beg. I would have never thunk it til I got the puuurrrfect little creatures.

  6. Theo, the white cat thing is deafness, not blindness, if they’re blue-eyed (but not always). And this one appears to have one eye blue and one eye green, so may have been spared that. I had one such as a kid.

  7. I got back from holiday! Amongst my travels, I made it to Indiana state zoo. You can see the photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/rikrose/tags/zoo/

    however, my immediate favourite is http://www.flickr.com/photos/rikrose/227228799/in/set-72157594254875285/ – a red panda, aka a firefox!

    other favourite photos i took were of the hawk i saw: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rikrose/tags/hawk/
    although, that’s not quite so cute. it was in San Francisco, on the far side of the bridge from the rest of the city, hanging in the updraughts from the cliff i was stood on.

    My apologies to meg for potentially hijacking another wonderful CO post. Thank you for all your hard work on CO so far, and thank you for continuing to run the site.

  8. Oh, any my cats don’t beg. They just try to *take* without asking. Which is why they get shut in the bedroom when I’m eating meat. The onslaught of the three of them would just be too much, otherwise.

  9. Looks like it could be a Turkish Vankedisi. They are the SMARTEST cats in the known universe.

    Also the prettiest (and they know it).

  10. I imagine this cat thinking: “Bwa-ha-ha-ha…my evil plan is working perfectly. Yoink!” Oh, alright. He doesn’t have an evil look on his face. Just an adorably sappy hopeful look. Like that buddy in college who never had money for pizza, but who lurked hopefully until someone gave him a slice.

  11. That’s how I look around pork. Though not quite as sneaky.

  12. Yes, the white fur/blue eyes thing is deafness, and only if the cat is absolutely, completely white. Not even a single hair of another color. My Tucker’s sister is one of the deaf ones, but another sister who has a couple grey hairs on her belly is not.

  13. Tony James says:

    We had a blue-eyed white cat who was deaf to everything (including oncoming traffic, sadly) except the opening of the fridge. She had a kink at the end of her tail which someone told us was because back in the day persian princesses used to hang their rings on the cat’s tail while they were bathing (the princesses, obviously, not the cats). Anyone else heard this tale of tails?

    I suspect this one’s counting how many chops are left: “Let’s see…there’s mommy and daddy, that’s 2, and I reckon if I put on *just the right sort* of begging face – the one that says ‘I’m wasting away here, but for one nibble of pork chop I shall surely perish’ they won’t be able to resist giving me a least half a one…”

  14. Teughcats says:

    When I sent my first set of foster kitties off to be adopted, I cried. My next set was a momma with SEVEN 3-week-old babies. Adored them all but that was too many so it wasn’t so hard to send them off to their new homes.

    Theo, you and your family have done wonders with Lorna and the Doones. The next time it will be easier to let them go.

    Or you end up like I finally did, and keep a couple.

  15. Tony James says:

    Teh-0 – Los Gatos del Dooneses are so cute – thanks for sharing them with us. Will you be burning DVDs of the movies so that their new families will be able to have baby pictures? They’d make a great ad for the kittins 🙂

  16. Teho, thanks for those great vids. I loved hearing Lorna purrdle and Leroy getting all kookoo with your hand. You have a very nice voice and it sounded sad. I’m sorry you’ll be missing them so much. 😦


    Cats love a good steak, yea?

  18. Funny, but it makes me wish for a Desdemona type of reach and bite photo. (BTW Meg, thanks for the link back to Desdemona in the last day or so. That photo with the cookie just cracks me up!)

  19. my gracious T., are you suffering from allergies, or…?

    thanks for sharing. L&tDs sure look like a happy and well-adjusted bunch. your family has done good.

    pettins to the Doonces

  20. Anyone seen piglet?

  21. mariser, he had just woken up. tie tie teho

  22. Um … after seeing that cute pink pigie a few posts back, this is kinda, um, uncomfortable. (Especially since the food is the centre of attention in the photograph!)

    Anyhow, Princess looks Teh Luv. Pity we can’t see more of her, though. 😦

    Theo, I know how you feel. I miss my own kittehs. 😥

  23. T – thank you for the extended ‘Director’s Cut’ vid of the kits. Their anerability is quite off the charts. And as soon as the Doonses have departed I think you should be about due for a Group Hug.

  24. why do I feel I must share? why, oh why?

    might as well:
    yesterday at dinner we were enjoying some organic-just-picked-bicolor-yadda-yadda-yadda
    corn-on-the-cob. as usual, the feline roommates got high alert and interested. they each got a few kernels which were promptly snarfed.
    [much later]
    there ended up being a whole corncob and 1/2 corncob left. sitting on the kitchen counter on a plate, intended to be put up later.
    [which I forgot to do]
    [went to bed]
    [this morning]
    walk into the kitchen, and *almost* stepped on the 1/2 corncob, in the floor, and thoroughly denuded of kernels. in all sides. completely eaten.

    no confessions yet; prime suspect is Steven Elizabeth because… I can’t think of anything Steven E. won’t do.
    no solid evidence as of yet; litter box is being monitored. [yech]

    I hope the silly bub won’t get sick from the corn-eating orgy.

  25. Pork: The other white meat
    Princess: The other white meep

    Mariser: When you accuse Steven E., he’ll just look at the ground, all embarrassed, and then say, “Aw, schucks, but it’s a fair cob…”

  26. Aub,

    I’m so embarrassed {more so than Steven E.]. I’ve been granted a pun and don’t understand it…[pout]

    and I know better than to accuse Steven E.. last time he got a lecture over something, he stared at me for awhile, proceeded to rub his head against the microwave for awhile, and ended by snatching and consuming an entire green bean.
    darn cat eats more vegetables than my SO…

  27. Mariser: when a criminal is taken, and he realizes it’s been done fairly and he really has no argument, he’ll say ‘it’s a fair cop’. Apologies – we don’t mean to be obscure at the Punnery.

  28. lol, I can just picture Steven Elizabeth sitting on his haunches nibbling on the cob whilst holding it in his elegant paws…
    Never put anything past them…

  29. go get ’em, kitty !

  30. Aubrey, did you mean to pun with your use of “schucks” too? Shucking corn…. 🙂

  31. The Guy Over There says:

    My god, I don’t know which looks better right now.

    Snog or sirloin? Can I have both?

  32. Aub,

    thanks for the explanation. me is slow today…
    “he’ll say ‘it’s a fair cop'”. I wonder if ‘fair cop’ is related to ‘cop-out’.

    re use of schucks: methinks we are witnessing the rare double pun. Harken and Obey! [stolen from another thread]

  33. Yes, it was a double pun. Quite different from a double pun-tadre, which can be quite hurtful, I hear.

  34. [ceejoe describes a scene]

    yep. and that is what I’m concerned about. what else can he grab? there is a *large* sword hanging in one of the walls. are the wine bottles in danger?

    /baffles the mind

    also, Steven E. thanks you for referring to his paws as “elegant”.

  35. White cats + blue eyes = deafness != blindness. Right, my bad. Wasn’t really awake yet when I wrote that.

  36. Just wanted to say that “Steven Elizabeth” is one of the coolest cat names ever!

  37. Thalia,

    thanks .
    original name was Steve/Stevie/Steve-o. however, after way too many *incidents* that required stern lecturing it was decided that Steve/Stevie/Steve-o is not a solemn enough name to be lectured to. so the boy needed a middle name. to this day I have no idea where “Elizabeth” popped up, but I knew it was perfect the moment I heard it.

    sorry to report that being address as “Steven Elizabeth” has not reduced the number of *incidents* requiring stern lecturing.

    still, he’s my pint lion, my yeller menace, and best boy evar…

  38. mariser sez: still, he’s my pint lion, my yeller menace, and best boy evar…

    Here’s mine: still, he’s my pint lion, my yeller menace, and best boy evar…
    [grins sloppily] I luuuuuvs him!

  39. oops
    one moment please

  40. My cat will beg, but for some reason, won’t eat food directly from my fingers. She won’t eat anything until I drop it onto the floor. Weird.

  41. Tony James says:

    Pitty kittees, C-Jo 🙂

  42. ceejoe,

    your Cletus is a handsome fella. love his collar/doohicky (is that a blue bowtie?)

    hope you don’t mind, and I’m sure your pint lion is the smarter one, but to me the name “Cletus” usually refers to Britney’s husband, Kevin ‘Cletus’ Federline.

  43. omg, *please* don’t tell me that is really Kevin Federline’s name too!
    [rolls eyes]
    I named him that because growing up my parish pastor was named Fr Cletus Rose, and he was a very dignifed older gentleman, and I always thought it was a very cool dignified name. *However* years later, I found out that it was *also* a character on Dukes of Hazzard.
    [sigh] my poor Cletus… he’s not terribly dignified anyway… :o)

    and the blue thingy is his collar with nametag attached. All my babehs wear collars, even though they *never* go outside. Busy street… paranoid mommy…

  44. I got some more pictures developed of kitty cuddling conventions! But they are the *old fashioned* paper type pics, and my scanner is not cooperating currently, but hopefully I can get them uploaded soon

  45. Pork. You will be mine. Oh yes. You will be mine.

  46. Kitty looks like Klaus Kinski in Nosferatu, contemplating tasty visiting realtor Bruno Ganz.

  47. snoopysnake says:

    Oh, I wish I had that kitty when I was little and my mommy made pork. I hated eating that pork! I used to hide it under the mashed potatoes. If I’d had this kitty I could have fed all my pork to her.

  48. ceejoe,

    we wait for new pictures with bated breath.

    alice sez,

    “Kitty looks like Klaus Kinski in Nosferatu”

    that’s wicked. I love me some Klaus K. motherfarkingcrazysonofagun. mesmerizing.

    however, kitty here reminds more of Hannibal Lecter: “mmmmm I wonder where I can find a nice chianti…”

  49. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Move out t way kitteh…
    Let me @ those P chops!

  50. Mariser, re: Silence/Lambs…do you think Princess is any acquaintance of Precious?

  51. Jackie From Michigan says:

    That cat looks just like my brother’s cat, Oliver. Only Oliver would’ve snarfed that pork plate by now. Mmmm…pork, the other white meat!

  52. What? Claws Kinski?

  53. Look, it’s the “squinch!” I had a ragdoll kitty who got the same lustful, sort of watery-eyed look whenever I ate something he thought was delectable. He’d squinch his eyes just like that, and let out a little “mmmmh” of a half-miaow. Too adorable!

  54. Maybe it’s because I am still on my first cup of joe, but looking at that meat . . . visions of being a vegetarian are dancing through my head.

  55. Imagine a circle.

    Now imagine a diagonal line through the circle.

    Now center the word “meat” (with the quote marks) in that circle.

    Ta-da! We’ve built something together.

  56. About 8 o’clock tonight that meat is going to look pretty good.

    (for the love of everything cute, someone cut me off, please!)

  57. this cat looks like a Sylvia cartoon cat
    I expect it to hold up a little sign next

  58. A thinker says:

    Man. That is one intense kitty-eyed glare. I think she’s going to make a move for that pork, next.

  59. “Claws Kinski”!

    Shame! Shame!

    Watch the scene in which he chases bruno ganz around the table after he accidentally cuts himself. Its kitty all the way.

  60. Looks like you have a new family member! 99.9 % family. 00.1% not

  61. sorry… i don’t see the cute here.

    I mean, sure the kitteh nose is cute and all.

    But the dead pig on the plate kind of makes me want to vomit.

    New rule? dead cute animals = not cute?

    go vegan, dewds! 🙂

  62. lauowolf, you’re right– that is SUCH a Sylvia cat!

    P.S. I love vegans… wrapped in bacon with cheese sauce– delish!

  63. J.Bo,

    and they love you back…with alfalfa sprouts and sprinkled with sesame seeds. 😉

    /not a vegan
    //I wish
    ///damned cheese!

  64. Ah, there is no escaping the power of the cheese, mariser. We must all obey…

  65. I am powerless to the cheese

  66. Someone lob over my way (via The Miracle Mile) great handfuls of CHEESE!

  67. Kim Heggen says:

    A bit late weighing in on deaf white cat stories… but we had one about 12 years ago, and she was great. She couldn’t hear us sneaking up on her when she was being bad by sitting on the counters, AND she absolutely loved to ride in the car. Paws up on the dashboard, surveying the world! She had green eyes, but not a speck of any hair that wasn’t white.

  68. Kim Heggen says:

    Oh, and Lizzy… humans can go vegan, but the cats and dogs are sorta stuck eating meat. It’s how they are made. The meat is this pic was presumably prepared for a human, but it’s the hungry kitty that’s giving the meat the eye. I’ll grant it’s more graphic than showing kitty chowing down on a can of Whiskas, but what’s the fun in that?

    The sneaky look on this kitty is great. I wouldn’t want to mess with her!

    And who knows? Maybe the whole platter really is for the Princess… and all her kitty friends! Mrowr!!

  69. hrh.squeak says:

    “Cheese, Princess! Let’s go where there’s Cheese!!!”

  70. Sounds like a Grand Day Out, squeaker…

  71. hrhs & J.Bo,

    “the crackers! we forgot the crackers!”

    /oh noooooes