It’s Miller time

Dewd, I have filled out ENOUGH T.P.S. reports today. My boss won’t stop hollering about deadlines, I’m late with the Thompson account, and I have to hire a new bookkeeper. It’s friggin’ Miller time, People.


OH, and you know—(grabs fun size Krackle off the table) that Sarah in accounting is tewtelly hawt. [Dangles paw]


Lisa F. In honor of The Office and Dwight Shrute, I thank you.



  1. First! CUTE!!

  2. That puppy is so impossibly cute and perfect that I thought it was a stuffed toy! LOL!

  3. He’s a Mac puppy! Yeah!

    Is he an office pet?

  4. That is one tired-looking pup.

  5. this is too cute. lovee the 2nd picture. unfortunately there is not enough room on my desk for me to lay down and dangle a pa…erm, extremity.

    paws up on the Millter Time
    paws down on the fun size; we demand King size!

  6. [hyperventilating]
    I wanna see out that window! Is it Seattle? Is it?? Is there a big melted Frank Gehry blob complex down there???

    Oh, nice spaniel, too.

  7. color me confused.

    are we referring “The Office”? or “Office Space”?

    if the “The Office”, the Brit or the Amurrican version?
    if “Office Space”, who took my red Swingline Stapler?

  8. (Crossing references) Look in the Jell-o, mariser.

  9. Mariser — [ahem] — maybe peruse those links under the second photo.

  10. T.,
    I saw the links referring to “The Office” (Amurrican)* but aren’t the TPS reports (with or without covers) a purvey of “office Space”?

    *good show, but I prefer the Brit.

  11. I used to work at a place where the owners brought their doggies to work. It was *so* kewl! Sigh… not allowed in bureaucracy-land here…

  12. Ah, I see the confusion now.
    Honestly I just noticed
    1) pooch
    2) on desk
    3) with a Mac

    and now I also see (4) a brick wall, which I suppose is evidence that this is *not* in fact the interior of the re-designed and re-purposed Space Needle.

    Ah well. Hope springs eternal.

  13. Pika Hikari KT says:

    Aw, the widdle cutie’s so sleepy…almost looks like a pillow~!

    “*searches the web* OMG, Angle really DID get fired!o_O I’m gonna sleep and pretend it never happened, da wan…*honk-shu~*”

  14. Hahaha Theo, crazy guy.

    And, OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!! Did the sender wanted to kill me???? Extreme Cuteness!!

  15. Aww, sleepy doggie!

    Drat, I wish I could do that. It looks so comfortable. Maybe I just need a gigantic desk.

  16. beezie687 says:

    I’m at work and that’s TEWTALLY how I feel right now. But I don’t look so cute sleeping on my desk. Adorable pupper!

  17. Ceejoe: Both my current and previous jobs have had an open-dog policy. And if Princess the Calico cat honors us with her presence, she will take a stroll through our office.

    My advertising job never had animals roaming around, but we still had, you know, the copy-writers.

    Pika: Are you talking about Kurt Angle? Sure it’s a surprise, but it’s all good: Jeff Hardy is back!!!

  18. Dangit, I keep telling my boss we need an office dog, but I don’t think he’s buying it quite yet.

    I could SO use a daily afternoon snorgle with a puppydawg. It sucks being away from my three baby furballs all day.

    Speaking of babies, we’re having A GIRL!

  19. Happy birthday not yet
    Happy birthday not yet
    Happy birthday for Skwerly
    Happy birthday sometime-in-the-not-too-distant-future-yay!

  20. Skwerly:

    Congratulations on your future cuteness! T. – shouldn’t we drape the Dream Office in pink crepe streamers, or something?

  21. Oh, mariser, have you looked for your stapler under the dog?

  22. You know, I was just going to ask my boss for a new wrist support pad to go with my mouse. Think I’m going to ammend my request to specify that I want the doe-eyed, tie-tie spaniel model to cushion my mousing wrist.

  23. skwe,

    congrats and best wishes! when is the wee princess expected to grace us with her presence?

  24. Laurie C,

    I’m not moving this dog. for all I know it is the power supply for that Mac.

    perhaps at break time…

  25. I had my doggie at the office yesterday. Unfortunately he slept for maybe 5 minutes. (not on my desk though) Every time the phone rang (which, thankfully isn’t often) he barked. Actually, every time he heard any kind of a noise, he barked. It was his first time here though, by the end of the day he was pretty good. Maybe I’ll bring him in occasionally. I miss those kitties at my former place of employment (which I not so fondly refer to as ‘Weast, Inc.’)

    Oh & cuuuuuuute CKC pupper!

  26. look at that dog ralxing like its the endof summer holidays if only some people were like that…instead of working all day and night…

  27. Christine says:

    that dog is so cute, and I think I have the same exact mouse pad at my desk at work, if it is an agatha ruiz flower one that is!

  28. If I could have some happy waggly little dogs brought into my office to play with me every couple of hours or so, I would be SO much happier at work.

    Even once a day would be fine…

    I mean, wouldn’t that make everyone feel better about their jobs? Is it too much to ask?????

    *drafts strongly-worded memo to bosses*

  29. I bet that puppy still has a round, pink puppy/baby belly.

    I could snorgle Cavaliers all day.

    Oh wait, I do.

  30. Oh so sweepies, de yiddle guy. I met one of these this weekend at a dog show. Her meanie daddy had her outside in an x-pen in the rain, trying to make her go potty. She didn’t waaaannna do that, she was gettin’ rained on. Poor teeny princess. So she just stood there with her paws up on the edge of the x-pen, waggling her tail at me. I went and scritched her head a bit, after asking permission of course. I so lurve the doggies!

  31. 1. Here’s a lovely painting:

    (we can forget for the moment about their unhappy marriage)

    2. Walking to work last week I was literally stormed by a KCS-puppy. He was undoubtedly happy to see me, but when I leaned forward to pet him, he’d pull back. But a second later he’d be checking me out – not ready for the petting thing, just the attention. He was really a young boy. Or it could have been my fearsome visage, I’m not sure.

    I really do walk at the best times of the day, during the AM/PM walking of the dogs.

  32. Pika Hikari KT says:

    Aubrey: The very same. One of my favorites, but I respect his decision to go before he went over the limit(I could’ve mentioned that stupid Rey/Chavo feud still going on–proof that Vince does not get it).:( I’m sure we’ll see him again.^^

    And yes, Jeffy is back.-^__^- Had a pretty cool run in TNA though, and I’d hoped to see him back with Matt…but he looks better(and cuter!) than ever, so I’ll let it slide.

  33. Dustbunny says:

    There’s an adorable CKC doggie who lives in my building. Every time he sees me, he goes into paroxysms of joy, jumping, barking, licking etc. He lurvves me : ) Either that, or my perfume — eau de filet mignon — is having its effect on him.

  34. A Fine Morsel says:

    Lovely cheek puff and nappy ears!

  35. Fluffy puppy ears make handy pillows, making them both good-looking and practical.

  36. We get lots of pets in my office… twice a week from various rescue organizations. They come in to talk about the pet of the week on the radio, and we end up adopting them all (I have 5 cats and 2 dogs!)The only bad thing is I’m in charge of “piddle” patrol.

  37. Lol, yay MamaDawn! Funny you should say that, cuz Pooh Patrol starts right now, for me! 4 dogs/4 cats. It’s a lovely evening to be scooping up land mines!

  38. Our wee bebeh, Eva Elizabeth, will grace us with her cuteness sometime before Christmas. I’m now about 6 months along.

    My due date is Dec. 21st. 😮

    Rissmass baby!

  39. That pup is so cute it actually hurts! I’d hate to be the person at the next desk trying to work with this adorable baby napping close by. No way could I get any work done!

  40. Oh, and Aubrey, make that mint green streamers (no Pepto pink for our baby!), and I’m there.


    And Theo, your birfday song made me giggle!

  41. Not to bore everyone with this, but Pika, in an interview Jeff said that he’d love to tag with Matt once more. Time to break out my old Hardy Boyz t-shirt!

    Redz: About wrist supports – I could’ve used this guy when my bark-al tunnel symdrome acted up.

  42. It should be Office Space, not Office.

  43. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Skwerly–congrats on your upcoming 2006 Model! 🙂


  44. snoopysnake says:

    Oh, don’t worry, little spaniel, Sarah in accounting is so yours. She will not be able to resist you and your silky coat and long ears and little pink paw pads. She will come put you in her lap and stroke your fur until you fall asleep. You need a nap because you look soooo sleepy. I wish you belonged to me.

  45. Where do I apply? I want to work in this puppies office! It is really a nicer work day when you have furry co-workers!!

  46. Skwerly: if you were having twins, we could put up Double-Mint streamers!

  47. Skwerly: congrats on the holiday package. Babies are gifts from God, but they’re always missing the instruction book.

  48. thanks :*) says:

    Awww, Meg, this is such a perfect post. My beloved, beautiful redheaded spaniel just passed away two days ago, and this sweet sleepyhead made me smile.

  49. thanks:*),

    so sorry for your loss. hope she died in peace.

  50. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Man, I wish I could bring MY dog to the office.

    Man, I wish I had a Mac…

  51. i just want to snorgle this puppy…its adorable!!!

  52. The puppy eyes oh the eyes and that muzzlepuff its killing meeeee dammit you can even here the lil honk shu from here in blighty!!

  53. Jackie from Michigan says:

    A Kig Charles Cavalier Spaniel AND a jar of Krakels? Man, my day is complete, even if the Baxer Account isn’t.

    Floppy ears! Dangly limbs!

  54. Adorable puppy, though I have a bone to pick with this breed as I was chased by one. *Major dog issues ahoy!*

  55. hrh.squeak says:

    To Thanks:*) –
    Hugs. Condolences. Licks from puppehs.

    Mina – I’m pretty sure, knowing the breed, that the worst that could have happened if the KCS doggie caught up with you is that you would have drowned from being licked and licked and licked. Glad you can still see the adorable in this one – you’re on your way to recovery.

    Erasmus – Thankee, sir or madame, as the case may be, for OtterzOtterzOtterz!!!!!

  56. Erasmus: “In Praise of Otters”!

    Allow me to send your way all sympathy, along with puddin’s. Your spaniel was loved, so you know that his life was complete, and happy. I’d mention something about a Rainbow Bridge, but I’ll get all sniffly.

  57. oo… Sooo cute! What breed is he?

  58. Colleta — King Charles Spaniel, if I don’t miss my guess.
    (And if I do, it’s only because I’m a Cat Person.)

  59. gwenchocolate says:


    I mean, COME ON!

    It’s like the ultimate cute EVERY SINGLE TIME and I can’t take it anymore.

    Cuteoverload is bad for my heart: it’s always exploding.

  60. My manager brings her miniature rat terrier in about three days a week. The preciousness can’t stay in the office the whole time, but I get to go out and play with her on breaks on the lawn. First day she was in, I picked her up and she promptly heaved a sigh and went to sleep on my, uh, cushiony shelf.

    Honestly, it makes the whole day better. I think it ought to be policy.

  61. That is soooo cute!

  62. Hooray for so much of teh CUTE! I’ve had a rough couple a’weeks with work..and CO has nursed me through it…

    This pup melted me..I’m a big puddle of cute goo.

    Can I be the coffee gal in the dream office? I live closeish to Seattle…heck I’d be happy to be the ‘splode-cleaner-upper (or would that be the squee-gee’er?)!!

  63. I recently changed job locations..but my old office was right next door to a vet’s office. On rainy days (of which there are many in Portland), they would exercise the small dogs and puppies in our back service hallway. It got to where they would call me at my desk to let me know about the secret puppy meetings (I’d help exercise them and hold leashes).. *sigh* I miss that office…

  64. someone’s been watching South Park…! Heh.

  65. Wow…so cute!

  66. In my L.A. office, well-behaved doggies are very welcome. A few years back, when I was visiting from the Chicago office, I spent a whole afternoon IM-ing my honey with a colleague’s sleepy dachshund on my lap. He (my honey, not the pup) was totally jealous. It was heaven.

    Office puppies are the BESTEST.

  67. W00T!!! OFFICE PUPPEH!!! Who needs coffee anyway?


  68. Laura Betson says:

    Can somebody tell me what kind of doggy that is?

  69. My boss used to bring her dogs into work and they quite regularly did their business in their *selected* spots in the office. Talk about dizgustin’… No, I don’t work in a junkyard. I work in an academic library. She doesn’t bring them in anymore. Whew.

  70. a little falkor! talk to us!

  71. Oh my gosh…I think I just died of the cute!

    Cavalier’s are my favourite breed, I grew up with them….I just want to cuddle that little pup so much!

    We are getting a new Cav pup in a couple of months….so SQUEE to having an adorable puupy face like that in our house again soon!!!!!!

  72. “Squeeee-gee’er”… yeah, we’d definitely need *somebody* with that job title. (Nice, Betty)

    And Subhangi — *I* need coffee. Just for starters.

  73. A thinker says:

    Man, that is one relaxed puppeh.

    And Skwerly, congrats on the soon-to-be baby (joins in singing the not-yet birthday song).

  74. OMG!!!!
    Who doesn’t want to eat this puppy up alive!!!! Smooches x a billion!!!

  75. some one played the cumputer for to long! that’s relly CUTE! It looks like I can eat it

  76. some one played the cumputer for to long! that’s relly CUTE! It looks like I can eat it

  77. LOL! OK… while this lazy office pooch is melting all over your Mac, *other* dogs are busy earning their board and keep…

    (Thank you once again, The Onion)

  78. What breed of dog is this? It’s just so cute <3

  79. Piggalette says:

    Skwerly: Congrats on your soon-to-be Christmas gift. So the question is: is it Eee-va or Eh-va? Just curious. Pronunciation is such a pain on the intraweb.

  80. omg sooooo cute!! i’m in love! would there happen to be more pix of this puppy? i want more!!!

  81. Can he work for me?LOL

  82. jonny