La, la, la, lee, lee, lee, lee lee






[Big swallow]


Drink, White White, Drink! Thanks, Chun.



  1. AuntieMame says:



    That really hit the spot!

  2. Aww… adorable!
    The water droplets clear-ness were a nice effect.

  3. OMG that looks just like my dwarf hamster!!

  4. That’s not cute, it’s cruel! And photoshopped!

    :- P


    It’s cuuuuuute


  6. AWWWWWWWW. Thirsty hammie.

  7. Hooo my goood *squeeee* little tongue, mustaches, muzzle, *dies*


  9. 1) That’s no puppy
    2) That non-puppy was NEVER 5’2″ either

  10. thats it iv had enough im just going to buy a bottle of Evian instead of doing this

  11. He gots no hairs on his chin. Oh wait that’s his lower lip.

    Aawwwww hammie lip.

  12. Wed hammie tongue, dwinking.
    Little droplets on hims chin.

  13. This is bordering insanity. Soon you guys are going be disecting gerbils to see how cute their intestines are.

  14. eeep! Hammie Tongue!

  15. I always liked hammies but this site has taught me to LURVE them. But as I have a cat I shall never own one as its not a good idea to have one pet eat another.

  16. AMAZING!!!
    Listen, beyond the obvious cuteness of this joy-filled fluffness, it’s incredibly difficult to score a shot like that!! The space is tiny, and hamsters don’t drink that often… You have to wait for teh exact moment… Beautiful! Kudos 🙂

  17. I found this kind of pornographic. I am a little turned on right now.

    (must bathe)

  18. When I had hammies, I LOVED watching them drink. We had the water bottles with ball-bearings at the end, so you could hear the tell-tale clicking when they were at the spout.

    *sniff* I miss my hams. They’re so short-lived, but so much fun.

  19. Awwww! Why must we keep having cutsey pics of hammies posted? It makes me want one even more!

    *runs off to convince boyfriend to get a hammy*

  20. my friend chun submitted these pics of her hammy whitewhite… aren’t they awesome? i told her she had to send them here! yay!!

  21. hahaha

    lannalee, i was just about to say the same thing…

    i bet the other hammies around the world are off takin cold showers right now..

  22. Teeny tongue! Sparkly water droplets! EEEE!

  23. OK, does anyone else hear Carly Simon?


  24. oooh whitewhite is a celeb now?! thanks peeps! XD

  25. SilvorMoon says:

    Lillith, when I owned hamsters, I also had anywhere between one and three cats in the house. They never ate each other, and in fact the cats did not seem to understand what these weird not-mice were and seemed a bit leery of them. As long as the hammies stay safely in their cages or in a hamster ball, cats and hamsters can co-exist on peace and harmony. 🙂

  26. It’s like Cuteness Porn.

  27. Awww, hammie looks so happy in the last pic. Must be good water.

  28. hrh.squeak says:

    I was worried about my three cats when I adopted my two ratties, but here’s the funny thing – the cats were *terrified* of them. Boober, my laidback dimbulb kitty, now lets Nugget groom him and run over him, until he’s had enough, and a flick of his tail upside Nugget’s head (gently) will send Nugget bounding off to see what else he can play with.

  29. My first post! Been here a while. Is that a teeny weeny dribble towel he’s holding in the first pic? To wipe his adorable widdle wet chinny?

  30. ROFL.
    Yep, I, too was going to say that I found this a bit pornographic. AND, enjoyable! 🙂

  31. One evening my daugher’s hamster escaped from her cage.
    We heard a racket…I mean…something like a jackhammer stuck in the spokes of a bike….???….

    In the middle of the diningroom floor sat Petrie (the ham) up on her butt, chattering so pissed-offedly at our cat, Pinto. All Pinto did was sit there stupified, staring.

    I haven’t had any of our cats bother any hams, rats or guinea pigs.

    Now, mice, that’s another story. The mice HAVE been bothered.

  32. alright who (hiccup) spiked my water bottle

  33. gaah! That curled pink tongue and small fuzzy mouth glistening….Its so secksey! xD

  34. No, Timmy, you can only slip a mickey to a mouse!

  35. laurowolf says:

    I had a cat who was a mighty ratter.
    He mostly took care of them outside, or only left minimal evidence of them inside.

    One night he comes in the window, mumbling around something, goes out to the kitchen and starts yelling for me.

    He’d brought me in a tame white rat.

    I had to go buy it a cage.
    (You can’t throw a tame rat back out into the yard.)

    He would sit, all tucked up in a meatloaf, perfectly calmly, and watch it hang out in its cage by the hour.
    Rat finally died of old age.

  36. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Why are hammie tongues so very cute?

  37. It’s because they look like jelly beans, Brak 😀

  38. I am a huge fan of *all* of chun’s hamsters!

  39. Absolutely adorable!!

  40. gwenchocolate says:



  41. The teeny tiny tongue is killin’, but those water droplets are complete genius.

    (Wants to snorgle WhiteWhite.)

  42. A thinker says:

    Hee. Closeup of hamster tongue, drinking water. Veddy cute.

  43. A thinker says:

    And Laurowolf: that’s an amazing story.

  44. Slurp, slurp, love it!!!

  45. laurowolf:-


    (Wonder if anyone in sciences who deals with animal behaviour reads cuteoverload…)