Du lait, s’îl vous plaît

For now, moi, Madamoiselle Cochonne, I can stand in zee meelk bowl all I like. I am not zee 650 pounds yet, Dahlinks. Whin I am zee 650 pounds, Dahlinks, my left foot weel not even feet een zuh bowl. I must take advanteege while I ken!


Merci bien, Madame Elise~



  1. awww… wee little piggie

  2. It’s a little… alien-like.

  3. aww look at its folppy ears and small bady!!hust to die for!

  4. Milk baths for everyone!

  5. Milk, it does a body good.

    Got milk?

    OK, had to do that one!

  6. looves the wrinkles in the shnozzola. one, two, three, four. at least as far as my PC’s resolution goes.


  8. AWWWWWWWWWW!!! Chocolate piggeh!!!


  10. must…kiss…schnozz wrinkles

  11. This madame’s SOOOO on her way to becoming the Empress of Blandings.

  12. Peeps – It behooves you to take notice:

  13. hrh.squeak says:

    Ahhh – Piggie Eye Capsules! Schnout wrinkles! Teenietiny hoofies! Ahhhh!!!!

  14. Piggy ear floppage. Thank goodness for turkey bacon!!!

  15. lol, Aubrey – how do you *do* that? Do they just come to you, or do you have to sit there and think about it?

  16. Oh! I’m going for the Lavender Au Lait pedicure this weekend! I should ask her what her salon charges.

  17. Squeak: it’s cuteness on an epig proportion!

  18. My snorgle-senses are tingling… 😀

    Reminds me of my own special piggly moment http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g296/citizen_kate/Piggylet.jpg

  19. persimmontree says:

    SQUEEEEEEEE! ah ah ahhhhhhhnerable. piglette posts make me so happy!

  20. Kate – that is so cuuuuuute! I wanna hold a pigeeeee!

  21. AuntieMame says:

    Empress of Blandings! Yahoo for P.G. Wodehouse, subhangi!

    And I love the ear flops!

  22. ear flops! oh, boy!

  23. hrh.squeak says:

    Kate – how did you get the piglette to hold still? I tried this once and all I got was one all-body giant Nyerhe, accompanied by the Earsplitting Squeal of Piggie Disapproval. I didn’t so much put the piggie down as direct its flight (towards a big pile of hay).

  24. These pigtures are something to snout about!

    You know what, turkey bacon really is delicious, thank goodness.

    Ya know, I was just wondering if we went back thru every one of Aubrey’s posts how many puns we would spot that we missed. I never saw anyone get so much punnage per ton.

  25. I think I was just very lucky, Squeak. My piggylet was as good as gold and didn’t squeal or try to wee on me, and he only wriggled a little when I wasn’t holding him safely.

    Mind you, he was very young, and the wee-est, smallest, runtiest pig of the litter. All the piglets were snuggling together in a heap, and I don’t think he minded too much so long as *someone* was snuggling him…

  26. mademoiselle cochonne! wahahahha 😀 cute !

  27. Lauri, it sometimes makes my head hurt. As well as everyone else’s.

  28. brownamazon says:

    Female pig in French: truie (i.e., sow).
    Cochonne= something you’d call a woman exhibiting lascivious and highly unladylike behaviour,( i.e., “dirty ho” or “skank”).
    However, Mademoiselle cochonnette (girl piglet) is perfectly acceptable 🙂

  29. Aub, your punnliness usually makes my face hurt from laughter! ‘Tis a wonderful gift to have such an acrobatic brain!

  30. La, dans la lait,
    la peegy-weeg stay,
    avec wrinkles on her leetle nose, her nose,
    avec wrinkles on her leetle nose…

  31. puppy-peeglet!adorables.

  32. carol!

    that song is awesome! what is the melody to it? right now I’m singing it to the tune of “Frere Jacques”

  33. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I agree with Subhangi, this has to be a chonklit piggie. And if that’s true, I’d like to sample one of those floppity ears, please. *nawm nawm nawm*

  34. Typically I think pigs ARE cute but this ones….kinda ugly. :\

  35. Honestly, this isn’t a very cute pig. But the caption type thing is adorable!

  36. Rich Fader says:

    He’s already too big for that bowl…better go ahead and get a pot.

    😀 )))

  37. The Owl and the Pussycat went to Sea

  38. he’s adorable..especially because he’s in his dish.

    I elect Aubrey to be the Captioner Second in Command, in the event Meg has to ever be absent (probably off to recieve more awards and accolades for CO *applause & loud cheers*).

  39. Never actually seen a brown pig before. Sweet 😉

  40. And this little piggy went “Oui! Oui! Oui!” all the way home.

  41. A thinker says:


  42. Pardon my anal retentivness regarding french grammar, but ”il” donse NOT need a circumflex accent, just a regular”i”!

    Cute photo!

  43. vowelsgoddess says:

    Cochonne is the correct word for a female pig. And cochon is for a male pig.
    If the French word cochonne turned out to be some kind of slang for a dirty girl (usually for kids actually), the first meaning of the world still refers to a farm animal.
    Cochonne is the cute name, truie is the breeding term (used by farmers for example), and cochonnette which would mean little cochonne would never be used.
    As a French speaker, I know what I’m talking about. Sorry if your dictionnary was made by american urban know-it-all.

  44. Don’t show Jenna, she’d start gnawing just out of the cute appeal!!!!

  45. It’s just lucky they don’t stay this cute, or no one could ever eat bacon.

  46. Baby piggies are so cute.

  47. Un vrai cochon de lait!

  48. aww i have a pig like that when i broght it home it look like it now it is huge it is a potbollie pig

  49. aww i have a pig like that when i broght it home it look like it now it is huge it is a potbollie pig

  50. rubber duck says:

    Ouuuu Vous êtes tellement adorable mademoiselle Cochonne que je me tombe dans les pommes! Excusez-moi l’insuffisance de mon francais, Mlle Cochonne, que je ne sait pas comment verbaliser votre magnificance, mais au moins je peux vous dire GROUIN GROUIN! 😀