Pick moi up

Look, I know you’ve been at work ALL day and you’re tired, but I demand you pick me up [stretches out paws] and take me to that other sill over there so I can check out that other sunbeam.


Was that so bad, Anna S.? 😉



  1. Maybe he’s vogue-ing? 🙂

  2. omg, what a life!

  3. that is cute!

  4. Yummy tummy! And who put that magic marker on his nose?

  5. (Sun)Beam me up, Scotty!

  6. aww! buddha kitty!

  7. “YES, you’ll have to pick me up – I can’t do it from here; my computer doesn’t have ‘sill check’.”

  8. *poised on edge of ten foot high snorgling platform*

    *aimed directly for center of luffly, flubbly belly*

    *up on tiptoes….dives*


    Perfect 10 in the Snorgathlon.

  9. firefinch says:

    Kitty looks like he’s saying “I’m all dressed up in my tuxedo. Let’s dance!”

  10. I wanna come back as this person’s cat.

  11. WHAT A LIFE!

  12. That belly is just begging to be rubbed!

  13. “I’ve been working this sunbeam all day and I’m tired too…”

  14. Actually, this is an action shot. Clearly, this is the caped crusader, El Gato (he is the friend of those in need of a good snorgle).

    In this photo, El Gato is bidding his most recently rescued lady-friend farewell as he performs a graceful roll out of the window.

    What we can’t see (or hear, for that matter) is the door being broken down by the evil anti-snorgling league.

    Ride, El Gato, ride!

    As long as the masked snorgler remains free, there is hope in the hearts of the un-cuddled everywhere!

  15. Cool cat with a goat-ee.

  16. Oh! I just knew this was another “Paws Up” to the kitty in the sink….but instead just a bebeh wanting to be carried!

  17. My first thought upon seeing this photo was the soul patch on the chin reminded me of my friend’s poor kitty who was killed by a car a few months ago. 😦

    and (to further prove that I am a weirdo), my second thought was that this picture reminded me of a painting I saw in London (the Tate?), The Death of Chatterton.

    I know, I know. Carry on. :-$ Nothing to see here.

  18. ‘Cept for the smudgy nose this guy looks just like one of mine! And this is totally his “pet my belly” position. He’s kind of an attention whore.

    I only wish he were as noble as “El Gato.” The only thing Rocketman (the cat) saves us from is the occasional fly.

  19. Oh good lord, ceebs, that resemblence is creepy!

    El Gato! What a hoot, rpennefe! I, too, pictured El Gato rolling to his left, disappearing from the screen and landing on his feet to make his getaway!

  20. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Hee hee! What a lovable lump of kittytude. He wants a hug and he wants it NOW!

  21. My reply to this ket: “Harkening and obedience!” (With deep reverent bow.)

    (Stole that from 1,001 Arabian Nights- it works well with spouses too.) (Or if you’re a young’un, say it to the parents and watch their jaws drop.)

  22. Ceebs, your picture then reminded me of THIS picture:


    And of course I initially googled for the Marquis de Sade by mistake, instead of Marat Sade, and I was taken into some mighty weird places.

    Must continue looking at the reclining feline…

  23. “by mistake”
    [sighs and goes back to gaze at kitten]

    I would do *any*thing this kitty asked me to do. “Fresh fish? Oh, it’s too hot, I’ll blow on it for you! I’m sooo sorry, I’ve ruffled your fur, here, let me…[pulls out tortoise-shell comb and gently fixes rufflement]..and yes, I’ll carry you to the litter box as soon as I wash your late 19th c. faience water dish.”

  24. This cat is so groovy. He knows that a soul patch is way cooler than a moustache.

  25. Dangerously close to a cat that looks like Hitler, but happily he goes for cool instead – hey, Jack Kerou-cat! Taking a break before going back on the road?

  26. BenPanced says:

    Yes, m’lud. Anything you say, m’lud. I live only to do your bidding, m’lud.

  27. [sigh]
    Teh Peeps never fail. But… fer cryin out LOUD, folks, it’s just a little creepy that this lovemonster reminds [ahem] SOME of you of overly dramatic death scenes.

    To me it’s more like [Pepe le Pew voice] Anh, mon cheri amor, eet ees you at las’… come to keetee, eh? Come couchez avec moi een thees sonbeem, le plus tres bien… Ensemble, vous et moi apprécierez cette vie snorgleuse… mwah! Prrrrr.

  28. ka9q's wife says:

    my goodness Jaypo can i be your cat in my next life?
    I always wanted a 19th century faence dish.

  29. Merde! *grin*

    Have you noticed that one of this suave dude’s eyes is in shadow. And, still, with that remaining single eye, he keeps us totally in his thrall.

  30. Hey!
    (ha…a thought just came to me)
    My sister and husband lived in France for five years. She became “fluent” in French. Neither she, nor her hubby knew what the translation of sacre bleu was. Is it a real French phrase?

  31. Tony James says:

    It is – it means (quite literally) “Sacred Blue”. It’s a euphamism for “Sacre Dieu” for those not wishing to take his/her/its name in vain.
    And it is what one says when one’s faience dish clatters to the floor, having been knocked off the counter top by Kapitan Kerplop.
    Speaking of which (did you notice how neatly I segued there? :)…Teh-O – We Wants Videos!

  32. “my goodness Jaypo can i be your cat in my next life?”

    Mais certainement, ma cherie k9, but only you must change le nom de poste a felINE9q, oui?! Eet ees only juste…

  33. TJ, I know it’s probably a typo but… May I correct your spelling for you, sir?! Yes, please and thank you, I’m most happy to assist, yes…That would be “euphemism,” but of course, *your* way, sir, is equally as charming as any Miss Spelling might be. I shall just brush the eraser dust off the desk now…

  34. Oui Monsieur Chat!
    I will do as you wish!

  35. Tony James says:

    Jaypo – the typographical error which you were so kind to point out (thank’ee koindly, maaarm) was the result of a recent bout of dooncelessness with which I have recently been afflicted. I can only hope that the cure (either original brand or generic) is forthcoming…

  36. TJ — there will be a farewell vid before the Doones head back to Adoption World.
    Am currently in denial, however.

  37. Ok, Oh good, Oh god, am glad to hear there will be a farewell video…am glad to hear explanation for Sacre Bleu….
    My sis and broinlaw are extremely, um ….religious, and that might explain the reluctance to “translate” goddamn.


    So, thanks, TJ. And, TO, denial or not. Lorna and those babes will have a GREAT start in the world thanks to you and yours.


  38. I was just lying on the floor with my cat and I stretched and it felt good, and right after I did it, I realized I’d just said “Oh, Stretchy McStretchersons!” Cute Overload is taking over my brain!

  39. I would ask this kitty to dance and we’d be caterwault-zing all night long!

  40. Housecat – That’s better than me calling my Elvis “Mr. Snorgle-butt”. For the record, I have never snorgled that part of his anatomy. Yeek. Just a little suffix of affection…

  41. awww cute kitty!go to http://www.allgrossthings.piczo.com! it’s the exact opposite!

  42. Aubrey– that’s the picture I was thinking of too! Once ceebs brought it up, anyway.

    WIth the reclining and the curtains, this very much sais “boudoir kitteh” to me.

  43. He reminds me of Puss In Boots from Shrek. So much so that I can hear him saying, “For you, baby…I could be.”

    I do believe this kitteh would probably sound like Antonio Banderas if he could talk.

  44. I don’t know, I think this pretty kitteh reminds me of this beauty:


  45. Well, I think it’s nice that someone’s kitty reminds some of us of fine art! haha.
    (and I’m glad I’m not the only weirdo):^P

  46. Ah, le fantastique Tuxedo is ze feline version of Jean-Paul Belmonde (ze hero de Godard’s “A Bout De Souffle”, aptly translated as “Breathless”) … ze epitome de Gallic felinity.

    Tu est magnifique, Monsieur Caht! Tres magnifique! J’adore vous.

  47. …and of course, I read that as “ze epitome of Garlic felinity.”
    I woke up hungry, I guess.

  48. “ze hero de Godard’s “A Bout De Souffle””

    Subh, I think the actual title of that was “About to Snorgle.”

  49. [LingOL at both Theo and Jaypo]

    Encore! Encore!

  50. Theo-
    Re Doonses:
    Back when I used to have kittens who needed homes, I always sent along a card that had all my contact info as “CatBack Guarantee.”
    If it didn’t work out, I asked people to call me to take the kitty back.
    No one ever returned a kitten, but it always made me worry less.
    Of course, it still didn’t make it exactly easy to let them go, but it helped a little.
    (Also, I occasionally got other feedback on kitties — like the one who converted someone’s totally non-cat-person husband, to the point that he took to sleeping with the cat-hat on every night.)

  51. *laugh* “sleeping with the cat-hat on! 🙂

  52. A thinker says:

    I’ll gladly pick you up, soft Ms./Mr. Belly Floof.

  53. ya know, I just realize that “El Gato Grande” here has developed a variation of the famous “scrolldown” created by the gals at GFY and adopted by CO.
    Visualize, if you would, a “scrollsideways” or “sidescroll”: beginning from the left, we have a perfectly coiffed and appointed tuxkit. head perfectly groomed, not a hair out of place, inmaculate paw pads…
    and then, scroll right below the paw pads: AACK! PTTOEEY! Furbert Alert! Furbert Alert! cat floof EVERYWHERE.

  54. what