Check out this little chick, she is so great. Her name is "The Cuteness". It must be really nice to have a ‘The’ in your name. Of course, "The Cuteness" has a web site. She’s a mini white schnauzer with matching mini ear flops:


And, she can chill with the best of them (LOL!):


What?! [Blink blink]


Awesome submission Janet T. and T.C.’s owners… 🙂


  1. first!

  2. OMG! What a perfect name for such a perfect little puppy!

  3. too cute, check out those legs!! must be double jointed!

  4. She’s flopped out with her toy, so sweet! It looks like she slid out of bed. 🙂

  5. Adorable pics on her website, too. LOL at favourite colour being “beef”.

  6. Deckard Canine says:

    She looks a bit smaller in the first picture; I’m guessing it was taken earlier. Like, two days earlier.

    She has a pacifier? That’s almost insulting. Unless she uses it independently, that is.

  7. Too much cuteness for the morning. OMG, i want cuddle badly.

  8. mejezabel says:

    It’s just WRONG!! WRONG to be that cute!
    Go to the website and see the little Muppet photo.

    I have to have it!!!!!

  9. awwwwww ma gaaawwwwww…
    how stinkin cute!
    I don’t think I have ever seen a white schnauzer before, but I likey!
    the first pic is to die for!
    And the ears! the ears! on the other 2 pics!

  10. Holy Lawd!! Look at the sheen on Her Silkiness!! What a doll.

  11. Where’s the little key that fits in her back?
    Gawd, how anerable can you GET?!

  12. Okay, this has gotta be a new Cuteness Rule…

    If your nose matches your favorite stuffed toy’s nose, it’s cute.

  13. Floppeh puppeh!

  14. My faves are the jailhouse pics. The toy is so cute, too. I think somebody’s spoiled!

  15. Now my guys want their own websites. Thanks Meg.

  16. OH SO CUTE. Fuzzlefurface. Blinky blacky eyeballs. Fuzzledrumsticks.

    OH SO CUTE. *babbles off into the distance*

  17. The Guy Over There says:

    I always wanted a dog like that. Even more, I always wanted a beard like their muzzles.

  18. AWWWWWW. Cute puppeh.

  19. Oh Em Gee!! She’s so prosh! We have a mini schnauzer, Phoebe (middle name Licious), our second. Our first, Heidi, ate a box of chocolate on Valentines Day and passed away. My whole family was devastated – the dog was the center of our world. Without her around we just didn’t know what to do with ourselves. A few weeks later, my mom and I were going through the mall and decided, on a whim, to go into the pet store. Lo and behold, we found a little girl schnauzer at the and fell in love… and the second my dad held her, he knew she was coming home.

    There was a little white boy schnauzer in the cage next to hers, and he looked SOOOOOOOOO sad when he saw us leave with Pheebes. He kept giving “Me too! Me too!” looks, like he could tell we were schnauzer people. It broke my heart to leave him there. I still think about him sometimes, and hope he went to a good home.

    TGOT – the schnauzer beard and eyebrows are the funnest part. So expressive and floofy and fun to nuzzle.

  20. Kow-tow
    To the schnau-schnau
    Who could bow-wow
    But not now-now

    “I’m tie-tie
    With a small sigh
    Said she, “I’d try
    But with my toys
    I’d rather lie.

  21. hrh.squeak says:

    Aubrey – you *rule*.

    Subject to the powers of “The Cuteness”, of course.

  22. Lizzy, we too had a mini schnauzer that was our whole world. Gretel passed away January 15, 2006. I still cry when I talk about her. She was our center. We miss her terribly. She was with us 24/7 at home or traveling. Glad to hear you got another one.

  23. From Teh Cuteness’ homepage: “My favorite color is beef.”
    How perfect is that??

    Here we find Teh Cuteness, checkin’ out Teh Frogness:
    (Soak in that rhinestone-heart collar, too!)

  24. Denita TwoDragons says:

    That has to be one of the most photogenic puppies I’ve seen in months! What a total camera-ham she is!

    Her fur is so white, it makes me thing of spun sugar…so cute!


  25. I am honored to know the parents of “The Cuteness” and I cannot wait to meet her when I’m in town next. I’ve been drooling over their photoblog of her for a long time now. I gotta give props to the bit with the toad, that’s my favorite.

  26. Good lord that is one HUGE toad! I hope it’s not the kind that can kill dogs with it’s toxins.

    The last pic of Teh Cuteness is so exquisite. The little nose brows of hair that curl up off her muzzle in front of her eyes exactly match the curve of her ears.

  27. Meine Augen! Dieser Welpe ist so nett! Ich liebe Babyweißhunde.

    *Ich habe in Ohnmacht gefallen.*

  28. Courtney (Peyton the dog) says:

    From one white mini-schnazuer to another – HI!!

  29. Awww, Peyton is anerable, too! I had NO idea til today that white schnozzers existed!

  30. That’s not a mini schnauzer that’s a baby Westie. I have several of my own and there is no doubt about the breed!

  31. I’m no Westie! I am indeed a little white Miniature Schnauzer! I promise! I’m too cute to lie (really)! There’s a picture of my real Mom on my site—she’s 100% Schnauzer (and so is my dad)!

  32. I had a bad experience with a Schnauzer as a toddler and I’ve never quite recovered, but this little chica is helping me overcome my aversion.

    Thanks, “The Cuteness”!!

  33. Piggalette says:

    Oooooh shiny.

  34. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Great poem Aubrey!

  35. I’m the Cuteness’s Aunt and mommy to her cousin, Lily, who is coming to live with her this weekend when we move to Japan. So the Cuteness will have one more schnauzer to hang out with!

  36. awww.. kinda reminds me of snowy, as in the french comic tintin & snowy.

  37. Rich Fader says:

    She might be a schnauzer, but she reminds me of McDuff the Westie from the kid’s books.

  38. A thinker says:

    Dat is QUTE. I am not a doggy person, but I think were I to encounter this little schweetie, there’s be some major snorgling going on.

    and I *love* the definite article in her name…

  39. Oh no you didn’t, nature made the cutest little doggy when he made this!!!!

  40. jonny

  41. jonny

  42. MissMichelle says:

    awwww… too cuuuute! I’m making ga ga noises at my laptop now. -_-
    (raises fist) darn you, The Cuteness, darn you!!!!!

    …well, undarn you, you’re way too cute to darn. 😛

  43. Someone forgot to flush the jonny. Again.

  44. Aww!You never usally see white schanuzer i have a mini salt and pepper one called pebbles ^^ everyone loves her

  45. omg wat such a cute dog me and my family are looking
    helpp us find such a good one like