Feeshe Kees

Left Feeshe: I love you.
Right Feeshe: I love you more.
Left Feeshe: No, I love you more.
Right Feeshe: NO I LOVE YOU MORE
Left Feeshe: I LOVE YOU MORE GOD DAMMIT [underwater screaming]


Giesel Petes, there are bubbles everywhere now. Kisses, Branna L.


  1. …I don’t know quite what to say about this one…. lol

  2. Giesel Petes? Like Geez-o-Pete? Why do you say that? Why do I say that? Where did it come from? My family thinks I’m nuts (not just for this, but still….)

  3. First post. Yay!

  4. Sooo, would that be a *snorkle*?

  5. Kissy kissy! I love it! And I’m not even a fish person. Sometimes it’s the captions more than the picture. : )

  6. *water kiss!

    (as opposed to *air kiss!)


  7. They do look made for kissing. Too bad they turn into fighting fish in the end of the little vignette. I hope they kiss and make up.

  8. These are called Kissing Gourami…. fun fish to raise.

  9. Awww, I kees my feesh all the time! He’s a betta and there’s no bettah betta in the world than he.

    These guys are sweeeet.

  10. Saweet!
    Geisel Pete. I lurve it.

    Here is how CO has taken over my brain. I get out of my car to get gas.

    The gas pump scrolls…
    “Slide card.” done..

    “Choose grade of fuel.” done

    “Remove schnozzle.” do….huh??? *Blink blink* *refocus eyeballs*

    “Remove nozzle and begin fueling”

    Whew, I am losing it.

  11. Lol, jaypo, no bettah betta in da world! Heehee….

    However, I have two bettas whom I just betta would begga to differ!

  12. heehee. Feeshie.

  13. Feesh #1: For the love of Cod, what are you doing?

    Feesh #2: Don’t be koi, gimme a kiss.

    Feesh #1: Okay, but just one, for the halibut.

    (may the fishpuns commence!)

  14. omg, where’s Aubrey???

  15. …sleeping, if I’ve not missed my guess.
    Like *I* ought to be.

  16. ceebs, ceebs, ceebs,…

    I see we’ve lost you to the allure of punland. so sad.

    no puns from me. no siree bob. not me. weeell, perhaps a little song…[clears throat]

    Fishheads, fishheads
    Roly-poly fishheads
    Fishheads, fishheads
    Eat them up, yum
    I took a fishhead
    Out to see a movie
    I didn’t have to pay
    To get her in
    Fishheads, fishheads
    Roly-poly fishheads
    Fishheads, fishheads
    Eat them up, yum
    I had a fishhead
    Come over for breakfast
    It didnt’ want to eat
    The kippers on rye
    Fishheads, fishheads
    Roly-poly fishheads
    Fishheads, fishheads
    Eat them up, yum

  17. Actually these are two male gouramis. Only the males display this behavior towards one another. It’s a show of strength, sort of like fish arm wrestling.
    However, when a boy kissing gourami sees a girl kissing gourami that he is smitten with, he will give her ‘kisses’ all along her flanks..to get her in zee mood. If the female is receptive towards the male, they will entwine in almost a loving embrace with each other. Romantic, huh?

  18. jenny,

    interesting. how can you tell they are two males? coloring?

    and yeppers on the romantic. why, I’ve heard of human males that don’t bother to get a partner “in zee mood”, so to speak

  19. hahahahahahahahahaha!

    I can’t think of any fish puns, but this is very funny. Yay!

  20. Bubble cute!!

  21. The Guy Over There says:

    *shudder* The dreaded Kissing Gourami… only in fish would you find territorial disputes solved by “kissing” your opponent.

  22. ok, I seem to remember another fish post, some time back, and Teho linked to a “fishy” song that was just filled with puns… it was hilarious… do you remember that?

  23. As far as I know, you can’t tell by the coloring.
    Usually before mating, the male will build a bubble nest for the eggs at the water’s surface.
    And it does look romantic, until mating is over with. Once the female has released her eggs and the male his sperm, the male usually chases the female off. Sometimes he’ll allow the female to partake in the collecting of the eggs to be spit into the bubble nest for nurturing, but after that the male tells the female to am-scray.
    It’s the father that is responsible for caring for the young.

  24. oh, mariser, now you’ve given me an earworm.

  25. i wonder which is female and the ither male? that would be soo awkward if they were the same sex. OOPS

  26. actually are fishes both sexes like snails and slugs???!!! wtf im confused 😦

  27. AuntieMame says:

    It was probably a link to the lyrics to “Wet Dreams” by Kip Adotta.


  28. It blows the mind, LC. Mariser gave you a fishhead earworm.

  29. Feesh#1: I glub you.

    Feesh#2: I glub you too.

    Feesh#1: Gimme a keesh.

    Feesh#2: [Bloooooop]

    I glub keeshing feeshes.


  30. “Love, Aquarium Style”

  31. wow, how cute! pucker up!!!

  32. Ceebs – maybe you and Aubrey are sole-mates? Both of you love a well-plaiced pun…

  33. Possibly we were joined at the ship, emerging from under the same tarp-on, creel siblings with a shark a-perch-iation of the panda-moan-ium only a good pun can create.

  34. Christina says:

    It would be really funny if it was his reflection.

  35. Aubrey –
    Tank goodness you’re not being shellfish with your sands of humor.

  36. Or, we are of the same school of thought.

  37. You are all incredibly finny.

  38. The Guy Over There says:

    You could tell if they’re male or female by their finnage. Guys got it, uh, longer.

    Gourami breeding sounds like the bettas. Actually, that is interesting: we got gouramis, but no betta love? 😦

    I’m actually a loach person, but loaches are only fun to see on video. Then you can watch them do the loachy dance in the tank and peep at you behind rocks as though they were playing tag.

  39. CeeJoe — the song you’re referring to is an old Dr. Demento Show standby: “Wet Dream” by Kip Addotta. Google away…

  40. Yet we all dance to our own tune-a, I gill assure you of that.

    But what I really manta say is that we peeps stand separate but e-krill!

  41. Guy Over There,

    Gouramis are from the same family as bettas (labyrinth fish) which is why they sound so familiar. I love gouramis’ tentacles and the way they use them as feelers.

  42. Aubrey, STOP!! you’re making me quack up!!

    “It’s a show of strength, sort of like fish arm wrestling. “

    You mean it’s a “My pucker is bigger than your pucker” sort of thing.

  43. I think we’re looking at carp-toons here: this is the newest installment for ‘Adult Swim’.

  44. “It is the dawning of the age of Aquarium…”

  45. That song Wet Dreams by Kip Addotta is REELY REELY funny.

  46. Lol…fish lip wrestling.

  47. *bfphhtttttttttt*
    [goes to fetch towels and Windex]

  48. JP, I cry you mer-sea!

  49. Sweet! My goldfish don’t kiss, but they definitely snuggle. Really. They do.

  50. I love goldfish. They always look happy.

  51. Being a Carpricorn, sort of close to Aquariums, cod make me a little of-fish but not that dolphin.

    [hack, cough, slaps self in the face]
    Was I saying something? Aubrey, is that you?

  52. (should be “stand of-fish”)

  53. The scales of just-fish whale against you, JP. It’s the Fish Slapping Dance for you, I’m afraid.


  54. Tis only your bass humour, my guppie, that saves your sole from etunal damnation and a pox piranha ancestors!

  55. BTW– bwaaaahahahaahaa, oh, man, that dance is really hysterical. gotta go watch it again…

  56. Aubrey and jaypo,

    You’ve got me sitting here hootie-ing (and der blowfish) with laughter.

  57. OMG! These have got to be the funniest comments I’ve read here…LOL!

  58. Ah, kissing gouramis. Unfortunately, my tank was too small to house all the fish I wanted to, but I used to have some awesome Mickey Mouse Platys and spotted mollies….

    This would make a perfect Valentine’s e-postcard, though.

  59. If your tank was too small, couldn’t you have folded them to fit? Oragamis, right?

    Oh. Wrong.

  60. Yeah, Pocky…excellent Valentine’s card! 🙂

    I have a 50 gallon tank full of guppies and platys. It is so huge, and yet, always contains clouds of baby guppies.

    I have Siberian tiger platys, too. Not reproducing as fast as teh
    guppies, tho.

  61. Arrrrrrrrgh……har har har…..that choke DID turn into a laugh.

    Where does this gift come from, oh Energizer Punny?

  62. brownamazon says:

    The humour is really turbot-charged today. Good thing–some of the more eel-tempered of our little grouper have been getting rather com-plaice-ent.

  63. hahhahaaaaa, *Score* for brownA! You’re absolutely right, let the grunions bream and hake, I’m tired of herring their complaints!

  64. Shhhhheeeeee—ite. Ya know what?
    I am SO happy that you young-uns can take on the standard of punnery…

    I am just sittin’ back and reelin’ in the benefishes.

  65. The urchin to dip into the whelk of puns brooks no deni-eel. Anchovy the person who can fish it out, but can’t hake it.

  66. Denita TwoDragons says:

    AYIII! Somebody stop Aubrey before she reaches Critical Pun Mass and ASPLOOOODES!!!

    *ducks and covers* 😉


  67. Its fitting that the caption turns into a fight at the end since this is a show of aggression with the Kissing Gouramis. Its still cute, though.


    Aubreonite alert! Aubreonite Alert! You have been exposed to near-fatal levels!

    Everybody take cover!!!

    *ducks under bed*

  69. Oops, there are no ducks under the bed. There *are* dustbunnies, though.

  70. A thinker says:


  71. fishy lips!!!!

  72. Leslie Martin says:

    I recieve CuteOverload’s daily dose of cuteness every day, and usually, it DOES make me feel better! Today, however, I am quite upset that you would feel the need to add the “expression” G..D… to the kissing fishees. I am surprised that no one else has complained about this. How absolutely awful.

  73. Leslie, I guess no one else was bothered. Or, they all decided it’s Meg’s site, and she can use whatever expressions she wants. It’s called tolerance.

  74. Leslie,

    I realize God Dammit and its variations can be offensive to some folks. It is, however, in the language as a ‘forceful’ expression, and it is *le mot juste* in this context of the caption.

    take care

  75. In regards to what Leslie said, I would like to reiterate what so many others have said in response to people complaining about the occasional curse word used on this site: Meg never proclaimed this to be a FAMILY site. Just a site with a bunch of cute pictures to turn people into baby-babbling puddles of goo 🙂

  76. Leslie,
    I would like to reiterate what so many others have said in response to people complaining about the occasional curse word used on this site – Meg has never proclaimed this to be a family-oriented website; just a site with a bunch of cute pictures that turn rational adults into baby-talk babbling puddles of goo 🙂

  77. whoops, sorry for the sort of double post. my browser was screwing up on me, so I had to re-type my comment *blush*

  78. Leslie Martin says:

    To use the expression “G.D.” is to directly disobey one of the 10 comandments. It is a little different than the “occasional” curse word, to which I have never objected to on this site. While I see how it is Meg’s site and she can obviously say whatever she wants, it still does not make it right, and it is so far from cute. It does not need to be a FAMILY site to be respectful of our creator.

  79. Wow. That’s pretty god-damned presumptuous.

    Leslie M., do not presume that everyone believes the same things as you. Your commandments aren’t everybody’s commandments.

  80. This is actually a display of dominance. I have had kissing gouramis before and this is how they would show dominance over the other one…one would eventually give up. Their common name is derived from what appears to be kissing; however scientists still aren’t sure of the true purpose of the behavior. It’s believed to be a harmless challenging behavior, which generally occurs between two males. This conjecture is supported by the fact that aging seems to diminish the need to challenge one other. With age comes wisdom, or at least the ability to peacefully cohabit with others.

  81. I second that Laurie C. Not to go too in depth into the religous topic (because things could get heated), but I spent my entire school life being bombarded with all things Christian. I’m 25 now, and I’ve already made my decision about what I believe, which isn’t the same as what you believe, Leslie. It is perfectly fine for you to lead the lifestyle that you do, but no one is forcing you to come to this website. If you don’t like seeing your lord’s name used in vain, then don’t look at it. Simple as that.

  82. Do I like Meg’s site? Yup. Does her language choice here offend me? A little. Does that mean I think she’s a bad person? Not by a long shot.

    To everyone here so blase about the fact that Leslie was offended, it appears that there is very little tolerance for her beliefs. Had the comment be anti-semetic, racist, etc., folks would be up in arms. But I guess insulting Christians for our beliefs is OK. It appears the “tolerance” on this site extends to everyone except us.

  83. May the best fish win!!!!!

  84. awwwww bless they r the cutest couple aren’t they??
    i wish my fishies are like that.xx