Disapproving kittens

These kittens are not pleased.

How! How have you not pleased them!?

They’re almost as disapproving as the Famous Disapproving Bunnies.


Hmmm, cute animals on blue again… [shifty eyes] Thanks, Caroline L.


  1. Oh there’s GOTTA be a couch under that. HAS to be.

    Wobbly 4-weekers!!

  2. I needed a kitty pic tonight – thanks.

  3. AuntieMame says:

    I would say not so much disapproving as downright cross.

    Whatsamatter, kittehs? Don’t like your picture taken?

  4. Oh, da baybees. Oh, they are not cross. They are just asking….Meeeeh? What’s up?

    Oh, I want them so bad.

  5. Cute lil’ blue eyebally eyes!

  6. They’re going through snorgle withdrawls! Poor beebees.

    No no, it’s okay, I can handle the therapy myself. 😉

  7. Haha Heather…
    [in my best Urgent Paramedic voice]
    Charging to 200 millijowls… CLEAR! [*snorg*]

  8. What must we do to please the cute tiny kittehs?

    *offers bows, veneration and servitude*

  9. Laura sez,
    “*offers bows, veneration and servitude*”
    and tuna.
    don’t forget the tuna.
    tuna steaks, sil’ vous plait.

  10. chet's momma says:

    take us to your leader! we need not converse with mere underlings!

  11. chet's momma says:

    take us to your leader! we need not converse with mere underlings!

  12. chet's momma says:

    take us to your leader! we need not converse with mere underlings!

  13. chet's momma says:

    take us to your leader! we need not converse with mere underlings!

  14. chet's momma says:

    take us to your leader! we need not converse with mere underlings!

  15. chet's momma says:

    take us to your leader! we need not converse with mere underlings!

  16. “heeeeey . . . what do you want from us . . . our ears are too small!”

  17. Apophis16 says:

    ooooh, I just want to kiss them on the pink patch right above their wee noses.
    I love the spot where the fur switches direction riight therre. =^o^=

  18. These kits are WORRIED. They’re whites, and they’ve been left with the colored towels.

    The laundry quandry is: where do they run, to keep from running?

  19. We were nice the first time when we told you we didn’t want our picture taken…Now we’re gonna hafta get mean– “NO PICTURES!!!!!”

  20. They look downright crotchety to me.

    Crotchety kitteh #1: pshaw! Interns!
    Crotchety kitteh #2: Sooo not cute!
    CK1: I disapprove.
    CK2: Me too, dewd.

  21. ka9q's wife says:

    oh good one Aubrey.

  22. ka9q's wife says:

    oh good one Aubrey.

  23. ka9q's wife says:

    oh good one Aubrey.

  24. ka9q's wife says:

    oh good one Aubrey.

  25. ka9q's wife says:

    oh good one Aubrey.

  26. ka9q's wife says:

    oh good one Aubrey.

  27. I, for one, welcome our disapproving kitteh overlords.

  28. Sweet pink and white babies.. what can I do to please you?

  29. LOL– DK on the left reminds me of Anderson Cooper on his Vanity Fair cover pic.

  30. Sweet pink and white babies.. what can I do to please you?

  31. OMG Ceebs… you’re DEAD ON.

  32. (DAMN… now I wish I had some of that face-morphing software!)

  33. You’re right ceebs; its Anderson Mew-per!


  34. or….
    Anderson Coo-purrrrrr

  35. Boxcar cat adventure: the catvalescent feral female who’s recovering in my storage room got over the large cardboard barrier to the shelving unit, and had found a hidey-hole next to my Christmas decorations box. I’m releasing her tomorrow, so I had to be able to get her back into a carrier for the trip in the morning. (Till today, they’ve all just lurked in the carrier whenever I poked my head into the room.) No way was I reaching into an enclosed space with a cornered feral, so I had to trap her in my own storage room, complete with tuna as bait in a live animal trap. Within an hour she had come out and got caught in it. Then, I had to transfer her from trap to carrier. Which involved using the squirter I use on my own cats to motivate her to move from the one to the other. She was not best pleased with me.

  36. Oh, and the white kittens above? Practicing their surly-supermodel disdainful looks. Soon, they will start throwing cell phones at the help for not bringing their milk fast enough.

  37. “If you call yourself ‘paw-parazzi’ ONE… MORE… TIME…”

  38. CEEBS!!! [clutching sides]

  39. LC:

    SweetieDarling – It’s pre-show, Fashion Week…waiting for their Fur-sace gowns and for that first exhilirating stride down the catwalk.


    Anderson “House” Coo-purr??

  40. Aubrey — no, that’d be Hugh Laurie.

  41. Well, while we’re on THAT subject – those are blue eyes of fabulousness!

    And has anyone ever seen ‘A Bit Of Fry and Laurie’? Just out on DVD!

  42. Rich Fader says:

    …got milk?

  43. Blue – eyes – matching – background!!! *asplode*

  44. Grouchy bums – they need some treats!
    And OMG, I had never seen those disapproving bunnehs before. I feel truly admonished!

  45. CK 1:Is it just me or does this towel smell like wet dog?

    CK 2:Yep, we got wraped on the dog’s drool blankie.

    CK 1: Great, juust great!

  46. (scene: a blue towel)

    Baxter: Oh, jeez, he’s doing that thing again.

    Samuel: What thing?

    Baxter: The thing.

    Samuel: WHAT thing?

    Baxter: That thing he does with his face all scrunched up like that.

    Samuel: Oh, that’s JUST what I need right now.

    Baxter: And now he’ll start making that “oop, oop” noise again.

    Samuel: Yep, there he goes …

    Baxter: What’d I tell you?

    Samuel: It’s pathetic.

    Baxter: Yeah–okay, mister. “Oop, oop” to you, too. We get it. It’s very clever. No, really.

    Samuel: Yeah, thanks. You can go now.

    Baxter: Wanker.

    Samuel: Utterly pathetic.

    Baxter: This sucks.

    Samuel: And it doesn’t even MEAN anything; that’s the part I don’t get.

    Baxter: I can’t believe this is happening to me.

    Samuel: I mean, who says “oop, oop”?

    Baxter: This isn’t at all what I expected.

    Samuel: He can’t just say “hello,” like a person?

    Baxter: How about you?

    Samuel: How about me what?

    Baxter: Is it what you expected?

    Samuel: Is WHAT what I expected?

    Baxter: THIS! All of it! Everything!

    Samuel: I specifically requested an ocean view.

    Baxter: We can start with this thing we’ve been sitting on the whole morning.

    Samuel: I distinctly remember writing it on the form: “Ocean view.”

    Baxter: What IS it, anyway? It’s disgusting, whatever it is.

    Samuel: It’s about all I CAN remember, actually…

    Baxter: And what is this color? It’s blue — It looks just like puke. Puke is blue, isn’t it?

    Samuel: Maybe a southern exposure…

    Baxter: Smells like puke, too.

    Samuel: …not too much sun in the afternoon…

    Baxter: I’ll bet you anything it IS puke.

    Samuel: No, it’s not puke.

    Baxter: Oh, and how would YOU know? Your eyes just opened yesterday. How do YOU know what puke looks like?

    Samuel: Well…

    Baxter: Oh, you DIDN’T.

    Samuel: Sorry.

    Baxter: Right. Where is it?

    Samuel: You’ve been sitting in it since breakfast.

    Baxter: Oh, man…

    Samuel: I’m really sorry.

    Baxter: Well, now I know what the blue thing is for.

    Samuel: I was hoping you wouldn’t notice. It’s white; it even matches your fur.

    Baxter: Oh, thank you for that, at least. It’s color-coordinated puke. Very fashionable.

    Samuel: I’m sorry! I’m saying I’m sorry!

    Baxter: You know, if someone had told me that I would be sitting here, wiping YOUR puke off my butt, I’d have called the whole thing off.

    Samuel: Tell me about it.

    Baxter: This is a complete ripoff.

    Samuel: I specifically requested an ocean view.

    Baxter: Oh, stop with the ocean view. Did I get it all?

    Samuel: Turn around. Let me see.

    Baxter: Is it gone?

    Samuel: It’s kinda hard to tell, because … WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?

    Baxter: What?

    Samuel: THAT!

    Baxter: WHAT?!

    Samuel: You have a … THING … sticking out of your butt!

    Baxter: Oh, that.

    Samuel: It’s long, and hairy. It’s a long, hairy … thing.

    Baxter: I found that last night. I don’t know what the hell it is.

    Samuel: Well, tuck it away. It’s creepy.

    Baxter: You’ve got one, too.

    Samuel: You’re lying.

    Baxter: See for yourself!

    Samuel: I can’t see it!

    Baxter: Hold still!

    Samuel: WHERE IS IT?!

    Baxter: HOLD STILL, WILL YA? There. You see it now?

    Samuel: Well, what’s it supposed to do?

    Baxter: I have no idea. But if I think about it, it starts moving all by itself.

    Samuel: Oh, this is just too weird.

    Baxter: I don’t think they covered any of this during the orientation lecture.

    Samuel: I don’t even remember GOING to an orientation lecture.

    Baxter: You were sitting right next to me.

    Samuel: I fell asleep halfway through. All I remember was that I…

    Baxter: …specifically requested an ocean view. I know.

    Samuel: Well, all right — how much do YOU remember?

    Baxter: Not too much. They make it that way on purpose. We’re supposed to forget it as we start to adjust, I think that’s what the lady said. It’s a transitional thing, so we don’t freak out.

    Samuel: Needs work.

    Baxter: No kidding.

    Samuel: So what’s Oop Oop doing?

    Baxter: I don’t know. He’s been going in and out of that thing all morning.

    Samuel: Why? What’s out there?

    Baxter: Come on, let’s check it out.

    Samuel: I don’t know, we’d better stay here.

    Baxter: Oh, stop worrying. Oop Oop’s doing it, so how dangerous can it … OWWW!

    Samuel: You okay?

    Baxter: SON OF A …

    Samuel: What!

    Baxter: I HIT SOMETHING!

    Samuel: Told you not to do that.

    Baxter: I can’t see it, but I hit it!

    Samuel: Hold on. Let me see.

    Baxter: Am I bleeding?

    Samuel: Let me see, will you? No … no, you’re all right.

    Baxter: It’s like there’s nothing there, and then … POW!

    Samuel: Yeah, right.

    Baxter: You don’t believe me? Touch it.

    Samuel: All right, I will.

    Baxter: There. See?

    Samuel: None of this makes any sense at all.

    Baxter: I wonder if they covered this in the lecture.

    Samuel: You don’t remember?

    Baxter: I … I can’t anymore.

    Samuel: So we can’t go out there, then?

    Baxter: I guess not.

    Samuel: It’s so pretty, too.

    Baxter: Wait.

    Samuel: I wonder what it is?

    Baxter: It’s a … garden.

    Samuel: Now, how do you know that?

    Baxter: She told me.

    Samuel: Who told you?

    Baxter: SHE did. It was just before the thing happened, it was the last thing I remember.

    Samuel: I don’t remember that.

    Baxter: You were still asleep. They were taking us from the orientation room, and we passed through this place, and there were all these beautiful shapes everywhere I could see, all the way up to the sky.

    Samuel: Whoa.

    Baxter: And everything was moving around — back and forth, up and down, around in circles, and it was like everything was every color, all at the same time.

    Samuel: You couldn’t wake me up for this?

    Baxter: And I remember looking at every little thing as fast as I could, trying to drink it all in while there was time. Every shape, every color, the way everything moved and made different patterns in the light. I wanted to carry it all in my head. It was really important at the time.

    Samuel: Why?

    Baxter: Because I thought I’d never see anything that beautiful again.

    Samuel: Guess you were wrong, weren’t you?

    Baxter: No, this was better. The colors were so strong, and they were glowing. I … I could feel them on my face, and … hear them in my head. I could even taste them, that’s how powerful they were.

    Samuel: You really need to wake me up next time.

    Baxter: And as she was picking me up, that’s when I asked her what it was. And she didn’t answer right away, she just kept smiling at me, like … like she was trying to be polite and pretend she didn’t hear me. Like I was some kind of an idiot for even asking.

    Samuel: You gonna be okay, man?

    Baxter: And then she let me go, and something started pulling at me, and all I could think was: I didn’t want to go yet. I had to know what it was called, because I thought that if I had a name for it … I would hear the name, and it would bring it all back.

    Samuel: Wow.

    Baxter: … and I was trying to hold onto something, but there was nothing to hold onto, and I could feel something grabbing at me, pulling me harder and harder, and she just kept staring at me with that stupid expression on her face, and her mouth open like she was going to say something. And … and I was begging her, please, please … let me remember. I need to remember.

    Samuel: You’re shaking, man…

    Baxter: And just before — JUST before … she said “it’s a garden.” And then I woke up here.

    Samuel: Jeez.

    Baxter: I know.

    Samuel: On second thought, maybe it’s better I slept through that.

    (they stare out in silence for a few moments.)

    Samuel: Did she say anything else?

    Baxter: Did who say anything else?

    Samuel: The lady.

    Baxter: What lady?

    Samuel: The lady you were just telling me about.

    Baxter: I don’t remember telling you about a lady. I don’t even remember a lady.

    Samuel: I could have sworn you told me. She told you about the … what did you call it?

    Baxter: It’s a garden.

    Samuel: Right. Garden.

    Baxter: It’s a garden.

    Samuel: Got it.

    Baxter: It’s a garden. It’s a garden. It’s a garden.

    Samuel: Okay, thanks! It’s a garden; I think we’ve sorted that out now.

    Baxter: There’s got to be some way to get out there.

    Samuel: I think it looks fine from right here. It’s perfect.

    Baxter: If Oop Oop can do it, it’s got to be possible.

    Samuel: … and I specifically requested a garden view.

  47. WHUT the…???

    [dons reading glasses]
    [mostly for effect]
    [scrolls up]

  48. Whoa, Other Mike. Fry & Laurie as kittens. Nice. (And LONG! I can’t remember if I *ever* had that kind of attention span… Bravo, brah!)

    Kind of a far cry from this, eh?

  49. acelightning says:

    They don’t look disapproving to me, they look downright unhappy. Poor little kitties! (Maybe this belongs in “Cute Or Sad?”)

  50. I really need to update that web site.

  51. Not That Mike, that was brilliant. Will you marry me?

  52. (w00t! NTMTOM *scores*!!)


    [Dons reading glasses with Teho]

    Now, let’s see what do we have here?! LOL!

  54. Awwwww. Poor sad lil’ kittehs. Don’t be so sad, you’re so cute, y’know that?

  55. Hey NTMTOM! How about THAT!

    [does a silly heerleader dance]

    Yooooooooo MIKE! Gooooooooo MIKE!

  56. Golly! Was it Open Mike Sunday?

  57. Jeez, OK, let’s see… *I’m* still up because I’m rebuilding a database server before business hours resume. Subhangi’s up because it’s *daytime* in India. And Meg’s got a big crunch day tomorrow (er… today).

    So Aubrey — why are *you* up? And ON, fer crysakes.

  58. (…aaaaand the answer, of course, is Aubrey *isn’t* up.)
    (ding-a-ding-dang razza frazzin database server)

  59. Luckily Meg has picked a suitable pic as usual.

    Its a bit off topic but with the weekend with (to the hokey cokey)
    They put their photo in
    They take their photo out
    in, out and moaning all about
    Stress out Meg
    oh £^%$**%*
    oh £^%$**%*

    I think we need to thank Meg big time, As I lack Siamese kittens trained in Catsu to provide Meg with a well deserved neck and shoulder massage, a big thank you and hug will have to do.


  60. Budget (if that’s your REAL name), even *I* can’t find the words to express how much that sucks.

  61. Um…..that spam was annoying.
    …but the kittens, SO ADORABLE!!!!!!! And do they ever look mad!! XD

  62. NTMTOM,

    WOW *starts clapping and rising from her seat* just WOW

  63. Oh, and Budget, you have puke on your tail. Turn around. Right there.

    Yeah. You are the one who smells bad, Budget.

  64. Piggalette says:

    Holy spam-cakes! Uber cute angry kitteh faces. And way to go NTMTOM! Awesome.

  65. Budget out from Cute. If you want spam go from Perez, or Just Jared or any blog for celebrity. Leave in peace this blog with yoou useless comment.
    The kitten are adorable.

  66. Villeline says:

    Mark my words, kids, those grumpy-looking kittens will turn into THE most lovely looking adult felines you ever will see. They won’t even have to look at you to make you all weepy and sighing. Their beauty potential is 100%. Parola di Villeline.

  67. NTMTOM’s long post was better…

  68. i have to admit i prefered the car spam to that overindulged waffle by mike-whoever *raises eyes*
    you just wore out my scroll.

    yep those kittens are afraid, very afraid. poor things.

  69. Awe there so cute I just want to eat’em.

  70. Awe there so cute I just want to eat’em.

  71. Awe there so cute I just want to eat’em.

  72. Wow they sure don’t seem happy.

  73. I think they look more disgruntled than disapproving.

  74. F&L out on DVD, you say? Hmmmmmmmmm – I think I have a mission!

    …and hats off to NTMTOM, as usual.

  75. Morning, and WTF?!?! Ok:

    1) Cute kittens. Pink and white and cranky all over!

    2) NTMTOM, that was awesome. Sometimes I worry I have too much time on my hands, but then I come here and see that I am not alone! Thanks for keeping me sane. ; )

    3) No wonder those kittens are so grumpy – THEY HATE SPAMMERS AS MUCH AS WE DO.

  76. Thanks, Mike & Aubrey! I lurves me some Hugh Laurie & had no idea about “Fry & Laurie!” Now I know, and I can’t wait to see it. I just hope they are as kewte & disapproving as these kittehs.

  77. And the Anderson Coopurr reference … Ceebs, you nailed it! (I always thought he was a q-tee, now I know that it’s because he’s part kitteh …)

  78. They little eyes can’t focus yet!! Looking for mom…

    LaurieC–LOL on your kitty comment! and more power tooya for the closet episode. She sure is ready to go…

    Now I gotta go read NTMTOM.

  79. talking about Fry&Laurie: have you guys checked out the “Wooster and Jeeves” featuring Fry as Jeeves and Laurie as Wooster? high-lay-rioos. mind you, the books are without compare, but the series acquits itself nicely. out in deeveedee, I thinks.

    to me though, Hugh Laurie will always be the ‘idiot prince regent’ from the 3rd series of BlackAdder. brilliant.

  80. Teughcats says:

    NTMTOM – that was amazing! Does it have something to do with Fry & Laurie, though? (since I don’t know what/who they are?) Kind of reminded me of part of “Free to Be You and Me”, if any of the rest of you remember that far back…

  81. Just saw the car insurance ad. I’m pretty sure THAT’S what the kittens disapprove of. Bleh.

  82. Kittens: “The point is not that we disapprove. It’s that we’re disappointed in you. You’re better than that. The dog, we expect things like that from the dog, but you…”

  83. okay…#1: WTF was all that spammage????? baroo?
    and, B, how did we get on the subject of Hugh Laurie? Did someone confuse him with Anderson Coopurr? double Baroo?

    (mind you, not that I have a problem with HL…I love him on House)

  84. TeughC,

    I’m not sure about “Free to Be You and Me”, but you may recognize Hugh Laurie as the intense Dr. Gregory House in the Fox series “House”. if you only know him from “House”, believe me, he is playing waaaaay against type, as he is a marvelous comedian.
    Stephen Fry is a bit harder to place; he’s a Brit comedian (like Laurie), but hasn’t had his American breakthrough (yet). he was the lead on a relatively recent Oscar Wilde biopic.

  85. ceebs,

    sorry for the t/j. any chance to talk about Brit comedy/comedians, and I am *so* there.
    /end t/j

    man, those are some shteriously disapproving kittehs, ain’t they?

  86. okay…I feel like a complete moron but sorry for the t/j? I dunno what that means, and you don’t need to apologize for it, I was just a little confused as to how Hugh Laurie came up from mentioning AC (i think it was Aubrey?)
    I need a coffee IV.
    (It sometimes takes the morning confusion away) 😉

  87. NTMTOM,

  88. brownamazon says:

    Ceebs: the Anderson Cooper resemblance is scary!
    NTMTOM: Brilliant! But, er, is it a reference to some pop culture phenom I’m totally in the dark about, or is it your own creation? Either way, applause.
    Car Insurance Spam: WTF? Any way to delete this excrement from the postings?
    Mariser: There’s an article about Stephen Fry and his crippling stage fright in this week’s New Yorker.
    All: Hugh Laurie is the hottest man on earth. Seriously. I have a pact with my husband that if I’m ever stuck in an elevator with him, I have permission to jump his bones (husband has same permission for Salma Hayek).

  89. Another note on Stephen Fry – he’s the author of some wonderful books. Pick ’em up if you get a chance (not to be confused with Stephen Frey).

  90. brownA, it’s about the kitties coming from kitty heaven and being born into this Strange World.

  91. P.S. MEG, can you delete all that spam garbage?

  92. Kittehs disapprove of online spam. Offline Spam, of course, they find delicious.

  93. Good Morning, All:

    Thanks for the comments about my “overindulged waffle” (that one was my favorite). To answer a couple of questions about “It’s A Garden” (as I’ve decided to title it):

    * I’m familiar with the actors Fry & Laurie, although not specifically with their work as a team.

    * I’m also familiar with “Free to Be … You and Me,” but it didn’t occur to me when I was writing it.

    The whole thing kind of rushed into my head all at once, so I wrote it down. That’s happened a couple of other times with these pictures.

  94. wow… wish I had things like that rush into my head. it’s awesome. usually the things rushing into my head are like, damn, another hairball to clean up… :o)

  95. ceebs,

    t/j = threadjack


  96. I feel like I should apologize. But I’m not sure why.

  97. NTMTOM, I think you had a kitten angel whisperin’ into your ear. 😉

  98. “budget car insurance”…your obnoxious spamming on CO guarantees I would never consider doing business with you. And I wouldn’t be surprised if other COers feel the same.

  99. Ahhhh, gotcha, Mariser! Thanks!

  100. They do, Mook. They do.

  101. Amen, Mook. Well said!

  102. If only the spammer were actually listening… (sigh)

  103. NTMTOM – I particularly like the part about not remembering… wonder why it has to be that way… it’d be *so* much easier if we could remember…

  104. NTMTOM, such inspiration is wonderfully, well, inspiring! It’s so neat when “stuff” comes to you from another world/dimension/universe, whatev.

    And, Erin, hahahahaha about offline spam. 🙂

  105. These kitties have that just-about-to-cry look on their faces. Quick, someone fetch their momcat back for emergency milk and cuddles!

  106. Yes, Laurie C., if only spammers and these stupid email junkmail robots could know how much they are hated. I have been tempted to respond to some of those junk mails with hate replies, but it would just make them think I was paying attention to them.

  107. “Disapproving Kittens” brings to mind the Little Britain sketch where the guy wants a painting of a “Disappointed Horse” – and a “Vexed Owl” is mentioned. Great stuff, that.

    We sure are a bunch of witty Anglophiles here, huh?

  108. I have an urgent need to make these kitties approve of something! What can I do? MUST PLEASE KITTIES! I offer my ‘shelf’ to them, to soothe their disapproval. It is a rare kittie who can resist the ‘shelf beams’, and not make biscuits immediately. I hope they will approve.

  109. I have an urgent need to make these kitties approve of something! What can I do? MUST PLEASE KITTIES! I offer my ‘shelf’ to them, to soothe their disapproval. It is a rare kittie who can resist the ‘shelf beams’, and not make biscuits immediately. I hope they will approve.

  110. Michelle sez,

    “We sure are a bunch of witty Anglophiles here, huh?”

    not our fault that *most* American teevee blows…

  111. Ooops, double shelvage – sorry peeps!

  112. Hee, I would love to see these babies start purring, squint their eyes shut and make those bisquits immediately, g-lo!

  113. These kits knew that the Budget not-wonderful spam was going to be posted with their photograph. They were very disapproving.

    And T., I was up at 1AM, because ‘Sherlock Holmes’ with Jeremy Brett, was on at 12M. ‘The Solitary Cyclist’, rather a good one.

  114. Exactly what I was thinking, Aubrey. Those babies are P.O.ed about the rude spamming. Cats are very particular about proper eticat.

  115. Aubrey, Jeremy Brett IS Sherlock Holmes as far as I’m concerned.

  116. Damned straight, JP.


    Whenever I had any “eticat” questions, I used to write to Dear Tabbie.

  117. Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie starred in “Jeeves and Wooster” on Masterpiece Theatre a while back. That’s why it was so surprising to see Hugh Laurie as “House.” As Wooster, he was the epitome of upper class British twit and hysterically funny. Both Fry and Laurie guested frequently on “Blackadder.” I never got into it, but it’s a cult fave with some folks.

  118. oh yay, the evil spam has done diskappeared.

  119. Dat iz beecuz Teh Moo luvz uz, Ceebz.

  120. hrh.squeak says:

    I take it I missed the horrible spam? Don’t see it anywhere – Just as well.

    NTMTOM – it is a rare gift you have, cherish it. Marmalade kitteh snorgles to you, with a ham-treat on top.

  121. Kayte:

    I remember those shows – I LOVED the ‘Bladder’ programs! Favorite line: “All the agonies of hell will be nothing compared to five minutes alone with me and this pencil.” I use that one often.

    T: We all cow-tow to Moo!

  122. Those are the least cute kittens I’ve ever seen. I didn’t think it was possible for kittens to not be cute, but really, those kittens are truly not cute. Phenomenal.

  123. well, they don’t think you’re cute, either!

  124. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Yeesh, Happy Bunny sounds about as “happy” as a menstrual cramp…*rolls eyes*


  125. Denita — Happy Bunny is even featured in the YAY pic, y’know.

  126. happy bunny, you must be of the “disapproving” sort.

    Don’t you know ALL kittehs is cute, no matter what?

  127. zephyrboy64 says:

    Stephen Fry does the Harry Potter Audioboks for the British market. Must be pretty good eh?

  128. CowTowing to Moo keeps us all steering in the right direction.

  129. You know who the left hand kitty looks like? Lance Armstrong.

  130. LilyGrace says:

    OMG NTMTOM. I just re-read it for the 2nd time and I howled, yes howled, several times. OMG. Priceless. Keep it coming. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. Sad, but true. Thank God, cuteoverload rocks!

  131. Aubrey, I’m groaning appropriately. If I’m not mistaken, I believe Dear Tabbie used to consult with Emily Scratching-Post when it came to more complex eticat issues.

    And, although a huge Jeremy Brett fan, I have to put in a good word for Rupert Everett as Mr. Holmes on PBS last year. Of course, Rupert could read a toothpaste tube label and I’d be happy (or Robert Duvall – either one would make fluoride fascinating), so perhaps I’m a bit biased.

  132. Aoife:

    I saw a couple of problems in the Everett version, but, yes, it was quite excellent. How excellent? Well, I promptly bought the DVD and have watched it 5 times! I say bring on another episode – STAT!

    “After the ball is over…”

  133. Oh pshaw. Rupert “Stiff Upper Something-or-Other” Everett isn’t even seven percent *my* Holmes. You chickie types just love him because of My Best Friend’s Wedding, and dahlings, that was *all* about Ms. Roberts.

  134. Oh, listen now, boy-o, Theo:

    The Everett aristocratic languidity was one of the problems I had with that version – but it still was one rattling good story. And the early 20th century detail was perfect. History with a budget can’t be beat.

    AND I’ll be a peep, but not a chickie! Try that kind of chat again and I’ve got a flan with a plan – ready to fly right out of the pan! With…elan!


  135. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Aubrey, can I hire you to write the screenplay of my life story someday…? 🙂


  136. [snaps fingers]
    [The Otter Boys slink up smoothly from the shadows]
    [they take positions at Aubrey’s 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock]

    ‘hem. Now that I have your attention.

    Rupe’s a tall, dark, chiseled, pomaded, botoxed stick. And his vehicle (let’s call it The Rupert Show) was nothing more than a borrowed CSI episode with a Victorian gilding, hardly even in the *spirit* of Conan Doyle, let alone his actual words.

    Moreover, I haven’t even WATCHED it.

    So bring your flan plan, if your custard cuts the mustard. I’ve got a pot that’s hot for the shot, full of mocha tapioca and it is teh Jokeh Chokeh.

    [otters bobbin’ & groovin’]

  137. misscrisp says:

    I’m a hardcore Wodehouse by the book person, myself.

    I must say that when someone is ~disappointed~ in you it’s so much worse than disapproval.

    Not sure how Ruble is feeling in this shot, but I think of it as a “job interview” stance.

    Pick me! Pick me!

  138. I must agree with T-O. He’s a bit of a pretty boy. Not enough edge to be…a *good* Holmes. More of a Brit Pitt type. As in Brad, that is.

  139. An interview with Ruble would leave me sort of on the “pee” side of unsure.

  140. AAAGK… my EYES….

  141. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Theo and Aubrey…separated at birth? You make the call!

    *ducks thrown puddin’*


  142. Um, RE, ugh…my eyes!

  143. I find myself watching “House” compulsively; I just *cannot believe* I’m seeing Hugh Laurie play an American. I am utterly fascinated by it, and cannot look away. One episode not too long ago had House’s parents come in; I was fully expecting them to be British and didn’t get it when they weren’t. He’ll always be King George “thick-as-a-whale-sandwich” to me I guess.

    I have a terrible crush on Stephen Fry; too bad he’s spoken for. Oh, and gay of course. 😉

    (Oh, and can anyone here recommend a good Wooster and Jeeves book to start off with? I’m having a hard time determining which Wodehouse books are W & J and not something else; the internets turned out to be not so useful, and my local library is awful. You can email me in private if you like rather than clutter up this list with anything else off-topic at thalia [at] thaliatook.com)

  144. Golly, I go to Barnes & Noble to buy ‘A Bit of F&L’, go shopping at Whole Foods and come home to find that all Jello has broke loose!

    First: D2D – sure, we can work something out. For a working title, we can use “A Tale of Two Dragons”.

    Second: Brett is Holmes, as Carmichael is Wimsey – Everett doesn’t even have the chops to give his Watson a proper talking down. He cannot play a cold, eccentric genius. Frankly, I just pretended it wasn’t a Holmes mystery and was pleasantly surprised.

    Also, the gilding would have been Edwardian (not Victorian). Just sayin.

    Third: Thalia, I have ‘The Inimitable Jeeves’, and it’s a lark.

    Fourth: T., I can cope-a with your tapioca, and your puddin’ woudin’ fill-in a mini ramekin. Never worry – you will get your just desserts!

  145. Aw f#@%… Edwardian it was. Shoulda just said “Holmesian” & been safe.

  146. T., being safe requires a combination of things.

    And sometimes it’s not even all that it’s cracked up to be.

  147. I suppose I can take that advice to the bank, then.

  148. …and, Thalia, on the sorta flip side of it, I find myself watching House even though I say I’m gonna go do something other than watch tv, yet can’t turn it off…and had NO idea that Hugh Laurie was NOT American until saw him write on his dry erase board. He’s that convincin. As is Marianne Jean-Baptiste on Without A Trace. I knew she was British, or thought she was from that movie, whatever it was, Secrets & Lies (from the late 80s/early 90s??) ?? but then I thought, well, maybe she is actually American? Nope, just does a helluva good job as a New Yawker.

  149. Check that, T. You can take it all into account and like any VHS/DVD if there’s anything you don’t understand, you can always de-pause it.

    Thalia: Hugh Laurie is all kinds of swell, and I believe my mother has a crush on him.

  150. Actually, ol’ Rupert is looking rather raggedy these days (I could see no evidence of botox when he played Holmes), which is why I’m finding him more attractive than when he was younger and prettier. But I’ve always liked men a bit worn around the edges. ;p

  151. [grinning]
    [shamelessly showing off “laugh lines”]

  152. Christine says:

    The one on the left looks like the feline version of Anderson Cooper!

  153. This kills. Thank you so much, Cute Overload.

  154. Fred Fnord says:

    Mike: Hats off to you. The dialog actually sounded a lot like David Ives. (If you have never read anything by him, I highly recommend picking up a copy of ‘All In The Timing’. Or, if you get a chance, actually seeing a play of his in person.)


  155. S. Dedalus, S.J. says:

    Anyone notice that the kitten on the left bears a striking resemblance to Kate Blanchett?

  156. A thinker says:

    They look like lions. Little white lions.

  157. misscrisp says:

    I just HADS to come back to this thread, because I am now obsessed by “the Anderson Cooper as a perfect white kitten” phenomenon. (after several comparisons, I am ~totally~ sold on this)
    Not to mention the brilliance of NTMTOM and finding fellow Jeeves freaks.
    Humans are weird.
    Deliciously, delightfully weird.
    Thank you CO and its denizens.