When you name your dog ‘Hug’

He’s gotta be cute. Though this little Dude kinda looks like a really young Yoda.

Agree, do you not? [Yoda voice]





  1. My eyes! My eyes!

  2. eeppp!!

    what kind of dog is this?
    (besides the cute, huge ears kind?)

  3. yeee. yeeeeee. squinty eye capsule action!

  4. aaaaaaaaggggghhhh!!!!
    bebe chiwoowoo!!!
    wanna stick his fuzzly head in my mouf!

  5. looks like Gizmo to me

  6. eye capsules!

  7. Yoda with eye capsules. Sooooooo cuuuuuuuute.

  8. Denita TwoDragons says:

    EEEE! He may LOOK absolutely adorable, but that is it’s insidious DISGUISE! For in fact, he is an EEEEVIL blood-sucking creature…the dreaded CHIHUAHUACABRA!!

    *ducks thrown objects* 😉



  9. “Taco Bell, quiero yo. For the border, must I run.”

  10. BenPanced says:

    Ugh! Dude! The camera flash woke me up… *yawn*

  11. hrh.squeak says:

    “Worship me, you must. Strong in the Cute, I am.”

  12. Cute he is. Cuddle I want to do. The cute is strong with this little one.

  13. Eeek, D2D! La chupacabra–spooooooky.

    La wahwah–cuuuute.

  14. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Jaypo: Can’t take credit for it, I’ll admit. It was something my Hubby made up the other night, and ended up reducing me to tears because I was laughing so hard! It still makes me giggle, so I had to share it. 😉

    The little fuzzy Yoda is adorable, looks like he’s enjoying a fresh breeze. Ahhhhh…


  15. Rich Fader says:


    “Are we there yet? I am afraid to lewk!”


  16. Pika Hikari KT says:

    Aw, I love chihuahuas!

    …Wait, this was submitted by someone in Japan?! Kawaii~!

  17. I was just getting ready to throw a big fit about there not being enough puppies lately, and here you go posting one!

    And my head just goes and implodes with the squinty-eyed, super-pleased with himself, furry cuteness of it all.

    Maybe it was the puppy I played with at the vet today….tried to eat my nose and then just snorgled into me for a nap….

  18. OMG… been away from Teh Qte™ all day, and dang, you peeps is killin me!
    Meg, D2D, BenP, Rich F, and all the Yodites… bwAAAHAHAHAA!!!

  19. Jackie31337 says:

    Cutest. Chihuahua. Ever. Just reminds me why I want one (or 10).

    Also, chihuahuacabra would actually translate to chihuahua-goat (which is a different creature entirely). The scary part of chupacabra is the “chupa” part, which approximately means “sucker”. Since this is a site about cute, I’ll let you put 2 and 2 together for yourselves.

  20. I think he looks like William H. Macy. Which is also cute.
    (Was watching Mystery Men last night.)

  21. It’s a Yodawahwah.

    (Not funny, I know. But still.)

  22. he does look a lil like Wm H Macy…!
    more snorglable though

  23. That look says it all…

    “No autographs, please.”

  24. The goggles do nothing!

  25. (say in best stoner voice)
    Dewd, I am soooo wasted!! I am in serious need of some Doritos’ and a Slurpy!

  26. I think I have seen this dog in real life!! And it was the greatest day of my life! His owner was also very pretty.

  27. “I get to ride in this wicked cool basket and you don’t! So there! Nyeah!”

  28. PaleoMedic says:

    Li’l Wawa: Hey! I DO smell what the Rock is cookin’!

  29. OMG, PaleoMedic. Now I’m embarrassed because
    1) I get it, and
    2) it’s *funny*

  30. i have it on good sources that hug is from tokyo and is a chiuaua! you can just imagine that he was chilling in the basket while mom was riding around with a towel over the top, (so as not to disturb the puppy) and now hug’s getting some fresh air…

  31. Ha Ha Ha
    That looks like the dog is ridding the cart!!

  32. So…cute…*chokes from cuteness*

  33. Too much sugar!!!! I need insulin. Cute factor to infinity and beyond!!!!!

  34. This definitely looks like YODA… how adorable! (:

  35. This guy is Gizmo, 100%.

  36. if anyone else out there is a fan of the Skippyjon Jones books … does this guy not look like the head frijole?

  37. mallory says:

    thats so cute i have a chiuaua myself,thats even cuter!