What I did on my summer internship

Not since that hilarious guy imitated Desdemona the bunny have we seen such a nice imitation.

Apparently, a brilliant manager named Jalali H. got the company interns to finally accomplish something useful besides fetching lattes: imitating ‘Motor Schnozzles!’

Check out the original first.



  1. Redonk.

  2. Weak. Post more animals.

  3. awesome! i wish my internship had been like that 😛

  4. And wait. WHO imitated Desdemona?

  5. Hmm sucks.
    Don’t post stuff like this, stick to animals 😉

  6. The page has been loading extremely slowly since you started posting video. Maybe there’s a way to optimize it?

  7. Pretty boring and now what I come to this site for. Stick to ‘cute’ things ok?

  8. All these Statler & Waldorf impersonations, but not a Muppet to be seen…….

  9. hrh.squeak says:

    Further proof that the world has been CuteOverloaded!

  10. Not cute.

  11. This is extremely lame, probably a prelude to viral marketing, and not what cuteoverload is all abouts!

  12. arbed, look for white kitty reply…

  13. I’m sorry, but their noses aren’t moving nearly fast enough. Damn interns. Can’t get any good help these days.

    If they were MY interns, their noses would be working like mad!

  14. yeesh

  15. *Rolls eyes at everyone who thinks they have the right to tell Meg what to post in her blog*

    I for one, thought it was cute. So nyah.

  16. well, i wouldn’t mind having one in my home to snorgle..

  17. acelightning says:

    The bunnies are *MUCH* better at it…

  18. ginettissima says:

    Awww… (to all who thought that was lame) I didn’t think it was so bad… 🙂 it was a CO-inspired moment, nothing wrong with that! Sure they’re nowhere near as cute as the two original snorglers but they gave it a shot! 😉

  19. not as cute as the guy imitating the rabbit stealing an oatmeal cookie.

  20. Are you people crazy? That was awesome. Don’t get all demanding with the ‘boo! post what I say!’ routine.

    I appreciate the intern manipulation! XD

  21. Thanks for the link, adrianna!

    I remembered the mockup, but not very well. Sleeeeepy. Perhaps I need to get myself an intern to fetch me a latte and then make him dress up as Princess Peanut.

    I’d pay good money to see that.
    Good money.

  22. Hey, I’ve figured out what this is!
    Transcendent Meta-Cute! (TMC)

    Now all we need is RECURSIVE TMC. (Life imitating art imitating life world without end)

  23. Gaaa, Theo, that is too much brainwork for a Sunday morning! But, I doooo appreciate it.

    *wobbles off to make strong tea*

  24. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Nice job, interns!

  25. seems like everyone everywhere is all cranky & pissy about something stoopid or other. what gives? Is it cuz summer is nearly over????

  26. I wish they’d done it for a bit longer, but the concept is hilarious.

  27. I agree…this is proof that cuteoverload is influencing the world and will soon be in line for world domination!!

    But seriously…this is the owner’s blog, she can post whatever the hell she wants.

  28. Nods to arbed… (second that)

    Adriana, yeah, that was inspired.

    Teho–amen, brothah.

  29. urgh lame I wasted 5 secs of my life watching that I want them back

  30. Isn’t this Meg’s blog? Whats with all the reader’s telling her what she can or can’t post? If you ask me, thats redonk.

  31. Kim Hegge says:

    Silly boys. I think they need to rehearse a little more, or have a beer or two first. But it is a nice compliment to CO and the bunny vid cuteness.

    I think they should have something in their food dish… maybe some Cap’n Crunch?

  32. I agree with Claire. If you don’t like it start your own blog. Nyergh!

  33. i’d like to propose the theory that maybe it’s just one crotchety person posting under different names and fake email addresses. at least that’s what i’d like to think…

  34. Chelsea… yeah, sometimes that happens, but it’s usually pretty obvious when it does. Fact of the matter is, though, there really are plenty of crotches out there.

  35. First time to your site, I have a dutch rabbit, he has been a joy in our lives for 8yrs and counting. He is my personal pet, and I am closer to him more than I have ever been to a dog or cat. Thank you for the pictures.

  36. *shakes fist at crotches*

    haa. thx theo.

  37. Kim Heggen says:

    okay, if you haven’t read the preceding few comments, the idea of someone shaking their fist at the “crotches” is pretty funny.

    Probably safer to call them “grouches”. But cuteness drives out grouchiness, right?

  38. It’s amazing to me how no matter WHAT, there will still be crotches. We celebrate National Laboratory Week every year. We get kinda rowdy with it. It’s REEly fun. Last year the management bought us teeshirts. Everyone got a free teeshirt. The two or three resident crotches had to complain about FREE TEESHIRTS.*whiny crotch voice* “Couldn’t something better have been done with that money than to buy 200 teeshirts? What if we don’t wear teeshirts?”

    And so on and so on ad infinitum.

  39. Total. Dorks.

  40. Did the company also make their interns wear cheesy headbands?
    That’s awesome if they did. I

  41. “Gentlemen, GENTLEMEN!! You can’t sufficiently focus on your roles as Motor Schnozzles if you continue laughing. This is serious theater! Please…ask yourselves, ‘what is my motivation?’ Do I want to end up in some production in a cheap warren off-Broadway? Do I want to shake fists at crotches for the rest of my career? If you can’t take your roles seriously there are PLENTY of under-bunnies waiting to take your places!”

  42. hahaha… desdemona-dude is awesome. He got all the elements of the original photo- the couch in the background, the newspaper, the platter, the cup-like object… but he DIDN’T get the shifty-eyed expression! Woe!

  43. WTF?! Shaddup you guys, I tought it was adorable! ^_^

  44. Not that wise personish says:

    A wise personish once said ‘If you can’t say anything nice, better to not say anything at all.’ And that about sums up my time here.

  45. that was soo stuiped

  46. Well, I personally think those guys are pretty cute. 😉

  47. Um….I can’t believe no one has suggested yet that those two too cute guys can intern in the CO Dream Office..they can fetch pudding AND reinact all the favorite CO videos on command for Meg and her Dream Staff…in playboy bunny garb for boys no less…

  48. Baby steps, Betty. Still need to appropriate the Needle. 😉

  49. I want one. That is all.

  50. *sigh* a girl can dream, Theo…

  51. holy shit.

    i know them..

    creepy.. it’s small world after all..