Tiiiiny Geckage!

[Sing title in your best Don Ho voice] Katie M. saw this Bebeh Gecks in Maui, Hawaii. Where’s his tiny grass skirt?


Oh we’re going… to the Hooky-Lau (sp?) Mahalo, Katie M.



  1. Zee eyes!!!!

  2. Ze geckofeets!

  3. That’s not a gecko; it’s a mi-newt.

  4. zee TININESS!!!! itty bitty 🙂

  5. Thats it tiny/baby animals clinging to finger is cute. I use proviso to ensure ferrets biting fingers are classed as cute

  6. Loris — LOL!
    …but be careful, you’re treading on Aubrey’s turf, now.

  7. OMG so tiny!

  8. brownamazon says:

    I don’t know what’s cuter: little Mr. Gecko-fo’-ya-money, or the Hooki-Lau earworm! Where *is* that song from, anyway?
    *Skips off singing “oh we’re going to the Hooki-Lau, Hookihookihookihooki Hooki Lau…”*

  9. Hukilau! 🙂

    I just learned this word; there’s a restaurant/bar by that name on Geary and Masonic.

  10. Spryte808 says:

    I’m in Oahu myself and theres plenty of those baby geckos and bigger ones… I saved one the other night from starvation by putting it outside with the light.. and let it join its buddies in the food fest! I love their sticky feets!

  11. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    He’s cute, and he can save you money on your auto insurance!

  12. Cute. now there is something my son would bring home.

  13. capriquarius says:

    I think the hookie-lau was in hell on South Park? I could be wrong.
    Either way, cyute widdle sings – the yizards!!!

  14. a baby gecko! so cute!


  15. “Can I help you?!”
    it says.

  16. My hubster named the gecko that lives in our house “Art.” Get it? Heh.

  17. CURSES! I will have both of those songs stuck in my head all day now! 😛

  18. Candace — you often find it on your walls?

  19. Lol, Loris and Candace!!!

    His little toes are one molecule each. Soooo amazing!!!

  20. I’ve caught tinier, but never of this type. We should trade, I’ll catch them in Hawaii and you can come here and catch them in Phoenix…yeah don’t blame ya if you don’t take that offer. ^_^;

  21. Ya know, my hubby and I were playing blackjack in Las Vegas. Our dealer was from Hawaii, and, of course, someone at the table made the comment about Hawaii being paradise.
    Our dealer, being born, raised and lived there for many many years (and being a typical human) says with disgust, “Eh, Hawaii sucks.”
    That one line still makes me laugh to this day. We are never happy!

  22. Brak_Silverbone says:

    He’s so tiny and lovely, he looks like a piece of jewelry!

  23. silky litto throat! I bet he’s making teensy inaudible sounds that go “eeeeeep”

    Lauri, LOL–great story!

  24. Pika Hikari KT says:

    Whoa, that be one TINY gecko!*pets carefully*

  25. brownamazon says:

    You’re right, capri, it was on South Park. But I meant, didn’t they get it from something else? It’s been driving me bonkers… I’m picturing some cheesy Elvis musical, but that’s not quite it…

  26. “Hukilau” is a very old song. I think I have it on an old 78 rpm record that my mother brought back from Hawaii right after WW II!

  27. Huh. Here in western Massachusetts, there are a couple of (related) restaurants called Hu Ke Lau. They’ve been around for as long as I can remember, and I’m 40-something. I never had any idea they might’ve been named after something, like a song or a movie. The enlightenment and education this blog can bring is so very amazing.

  28. I vote with T-O, and I love the name :-P.

    Another thing to add in the column of things I LOVE about my new apartment. There are geckos and anoles everywhere! Leapin lizards!

  29. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Hmmm, it must be Hatching Day here: I found a gecko about the same size yesterday morning, crawling around in my kitchen sink and looking a little surprised at me. I snatched him up and quickly set him free outside, before my three cats decided they wanted a snack before breakfast.

    And that evening I found an anole about the same size, snoozing on my moonflower vine as it opened for the night. He was so tiny, he could have used one of the opened flowers as a five-star condo!


  30. Denita TwoDragons says:

    *LOL* @ ElfOwl: Aren’t they great? They’re entertaining AND they do such a great service for hoo-mans! I never mess with them–unless they’re in the toilet or sink, of course, or within view of my cats–and because of this, I have so few cockroaches in my house as to make any sightings noteworthy. I’m tempted to take a few with me when I move, so I can “seed” the new house with “100% Natural Pest Control”.

    Not to mention watching my son’s eyes light up when he sees a familiar pink gecko-belleh on the window, stalking moths. Who needs TV when you’ve got that? 🙂


  31. D2D, that is really neat!

    Where do you live? And Elfowl, where do you live? I know I can’t have geckos in Michigan, worse luck. 😦

  32. Rich Fader says:

    [cue Don LaFontaine]

    “In a world where the GEICO mascot can perch comfortably on a human finger…cuteness…must be recognized.”

  33. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Lauri: Deep in the Heart of Texas, currently between Austin and San Antonio but hopefully moving a league North within the next couple weeks. Still well within anole and gecko country, though! 😉

    Why can’t you have geckos in Michigan…? I’ll happily send you a terrarium full of tiny barkers if ya wants ’em! 🙂


  34. “OK, sir – some ideas for our new digital campaign:

    Geico: at the forefinger of insurance companies nation-wide.

    Geico: all other insurance companies just crack and knuckle under.

    Geico: high insurance premiums? We nail ’em!

    Geico: where high costs get fingered!

    Well? What do you think the rep-tile will say?”

  35. I saw an
    Itsy bitsy
    Teeny weeny
    Green Gecko
    In my zucchini…

  36. Um, I sure HOPE that’s a finger.

  37. Aubrey…stop! Ya killin me. At the forefinger of insurance.

    Tired of picking through the nose for high insurance premiums?

  38. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Aubrey: And if it’s the right kind of finger, they could use “Geico: We Give High Insurance Prices The Bird!”

    *ducks thrown objects*


  39. GEICO: don’t thumb-le through other insurance company’s offers!

    D2D: just one flying object after you, girlie. And he’s made of turtle meat!


  40. hrh.squeak says:

    D2d – They *bark*??? Now *that* is anerable.

  41. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Aub: Gamera? Cool! I’ll break out the marshiemellows and roast ’em on his pyrotechnic feet!

    HRH: Yep, they make a barking noise similar to the sound that baby allie-gators make. It sounds a lot like if you try to “bark” with your mouth tightly closed.

    Some years back, the apartment we lived in at the time (which happened to be a thriving geckopolis as well) suffered an overnight power outage, and without the usual hum of background noises (the A/C, the fridge, etc.) you could hear them quite clearly. All through the night they barked softly to each other as they scuttled around between the walls. It was too cool!


  42. Words of the day:

    eticat (from the kittens thread)

    I love the neologizing that goes on on CO.

  43. Yup, Hawaii geckos bark, chirp, or crow too – usually at 3 am when you are watching a scary movie. They also lay little clutches of eggs like mini dinosaurs.

  44. OOOOOO how totally completely cool! Barking, chirping, crowing geckos!!!

    I appreciate the offer of the terrarium full, D2D, but will have to be satisfied with all the critters I already have. I just think having free range geckos in the house must be the coolest thing ever!

    You guys and these puns, today are BETTAH than EVAH.

    Aubrey, you are definitely the Punergizer Bunny.

  45. I got 2 of’em stuck on my car windows—LOL

  46. Oh, and Hawaii does suck, especially if you do not like sun, sweating, or being in a tiny little community where everybody knows every last bit of your business!

  47. Lauri — you are not wrong.

    Bill S — which, 2 geckos or 2 puns?
    (I think you can make an insurance claim for the latter.)

  48. Lol, I was wondering the same thing, Bill S, two of which?

    core, I really do understand how Hawaii could suck in exactly those ways. I could see it could get just a bit claustrophobic.

  49. awesome photo!

  50. greenighs –

    “Um, I sure HOPE that’s a finger.”

    Snorting soda out my nose!

    If not, how about:

    “Geico – Rising to Meet Your Needs!”

  51. ka9q's wife says:

    The Hukilau Song
    Jack Owens © 1948

    Oh we’re going to a Hukilau
    A huki huki huki huki Hukilau
    Everybody loves the Hukilau
    Where the laulau is the kaukau at the lû`au

    We throw our nets out into the sea
    And all the `ama`ama come a-swimming to me
    Oh, we’re going to a Hukilau
    A huki huki huki Hukilau

    What a beautiful day for fishing
    That old Hawaiian way
    Where the Hukilau nets are swishing
    Down in old Lâ`ie bay

  52. ka9q's wife says:

    OK because i am a geek and have way too little to do apparently, i looked up all the terms. Hukilau is a way of net fishing using ti leaves to scare the fish into the center of the net. Lau meaning ti leaves. Laulau is a steamed bundle of pork, fish and beef wrapped in taro leaves and enclosed in ti leaves. Kau kau is pidgen for food. Ama ama is mullet.

  53. Greenighs & G-Lo… I clearly see fingerprints on that there gecko-perch.
    Are you completely sure, um, that you’re going about things entirely the right way?

    None of my business, I suppose.

  54. …blushing…..sorry, theo, didn’t mean to (gek)go there.

  55. This little creature reminds me of the “Gecko vs Mantis” scene in Gerrald Durrell’s book “My Family and Other Animals”. If I recall correctly, the gecko won the battle. One of the funniest books, evar.