Shake ‘n’ Bake!

Rainey Magillicutty: "If you ain’t first, you’re last, People."


"It’s a simple fact. Unless you got a buddy ta slingshot you to the finish, you-gonna-be-last." [Looks directly into camera]


"Racing is in my blood. I remember back in the days when I would justrace around the radiator and occasionally around the sofa. But now, I put all 3 toes on the pedal." [continues inspecting vee-hickle]


There. Now how ’bout we go get kicked out of Applebee’s?


Nice work, Lady C. Drive. and Talledega Nights…



  1. cute

  2. yeee haaaww!

    fill yer need for speed!

  3. Yay for da Whinny Whig! I loves dem! Look that little guy right in the face, and say you don’t love those lips! I dare ya!

  4. awesome pictures Lady C. Drive

    is the cavy’s name really “Rainey Magillicutty”

    is he related to Lucy Ricardo (nee Magillicutty)?

  5. The charisma is overpowering!

  6. Will the real Bing Cavy please rev up?

    (bthpppp… sorry, that’s the best I’ve got right now)

  7. I am seeing an emerging pattern. Cute pic is posted. Whiny wetblanket crappy photographer bitches about copyright. Picture disappears.

    Probably the best course, but do people ALWAYS have to be pains in the arses???

  8. Hiroo, or whatever the heck your name was, you are a big BABY.

  9. Yeee-haww!! I luvs me the guinea pigs. This piggy looks just like on of my long-gone piggies, Pookie.

    And I loved Talladega Nights. “Just say ‘I love thin French pancakes!'”

    (Lauri, not to bring up sore subjects, but to which pic are you referring? Did I miss something?)

  10. Oh, don’t mind me. It’s the dog days of summer and I am being bitchy.

    A cute hamster photo, which was from Flicker and listed as “public” was posted here this morning. Well, whiny photographer brat had to get on and complain that the picture was stolen.

    Jeezus Cripe, I KNOW all about the damned copyrights and crap and just let people enjoy the picture. It is getting to the point of ludiculousness. And redonkulousness and it’s NOT cute.

  11. like the 2nd pic. He does look serious X_X

  12. zephyrboy64 says:

    IHRA = International Hamster Racing Association? LMAOOOO

  13. ladycdrive says:

    Glad you enjoyed the photos. To answer your question, her name really is Rainey Magillicutty. Since she’s of the American Red breed, I thought ‘Magillicutty’ to be fitting.

  14. This is awesome and is what CuteOverload is all abouts!

  15. I don’t know enough about online copyright law, so I won’t open my mouth, but if people want to keep their photos from being “stolen” they should make that explicit when they post them online. I agree, it’s not cute to whine about it.

    ANYhoo, thank you, ladycdrive, for your lovely guinea pig photos (especially the third one – love the big round pig butts). I love her name, too!

  16. Oops, guess I did open my mouth. Ranting got the best of me… Sorry. Back to the cute…

  17. But where is her nemesis with the outrageous frawnsh accent? hehe.

    Thank you for sharing your ginger behbeh with us, ladycdrive! Makes me want to have a piggy! I need to go make her a tiny trophy and present her with the #1 Winner ribbon.

  18. Awwww, looks just like my piggy Corduroy! Toooo CUTE!

  19. Are those freakin’ *curls* in his ears…?! o.h. m.y. g.o.d

  20. LadyC. sez,
    “…the American Red breed, I thought ‘Magillicutty’ to be fitting”

    so she’s a redhead, eh? Rainey has a most beatiful coloring.

    thanks for replying. and thanks again for sharing your pics. you’ve made my day.

  21. I like to think of Jesus as a tiny little rodent. Driving a race car.

  22. You know, I’m of two minds about Rainey’s unique race car. From a safety perspective, the padded design is clearly superior to the metal construction currently favored by the racing industry.

    But from strictly a marketing point of view, it would tend to lower the entertainment value of racing, by reducing the number of fiery crashes that draw spectators to the sport in the first place.

    Clearly, more study is needed before we can reach any kind of consensus.

  23. Ginger piggy ginger piggy & piggy butt. I lubbs piggies

  24. NTMTOM,
    I would think the blow-outs should more than compensate for the lack of fire.

  25. Omg! It’s so cute.

  26. brownamazon says:

    Heee! It’s Talla-peega Nights!

  27. “NTMTOM,
    I would think the blow-outs should more than compensate for the lack of fire.”

    That’s a good point.

    “… and, as they round the far turn, it’s Magillicutty out in front, with … WAIT, WHAT’S THIS?! Magillicutty has just gotten a flat … car.”

  28. Oh, those soulful guinea eyes and floppy ears are wrecking me! Help!

  29. Denise in Nebraska says:

    How is this little guy going to get to Applebees?? Clearly, neither end of him (cheek puff end, nor bum) will fit into the pictured driver capsule of this compact car. Uh-oh…..

  30. Denise, we gonna drive hims and feed hims salady tings.

  31. Piggalette says:

    I loff her lil ears and lips and her chubby bum! I wanna piggy. *pouts very conspicuously in front of hubby*

  32. soccermom says:

    That guinea pig in the picture really looks like ricky bobby! oh and i love the race car! guinea pigs are so cute!Just another day talledega nights race!

  33. Oh dear. I’ve had an awfully trying day and felt much like running out of the dorm in exasperation.

    But lo, whatever deity there is told me to check my email first. Curse you, netmedia fixation! Of course, checking CO is part of the whole “checking my email” process, which is not, in fact, just checking to see if someone cares enough to send me the odd FWD about how much my life will suck if I don’t send said FWD to 20234983u8293rOMGWTFBBQ389279 people in the next .00000007 seconds…

    Anyhow. Basically: Saw the pigget, freaked out, read the “Cav”tions, freaked out some more, and shall now joyfully proceed to unpack more stuff into my teeny room.

    Oh, CO, savior of what precious little sanity I have left on Move-In Day. I’m so buying that movie when it comes out.

  34. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Lady C. Drive: Thanks for sharing such adorable pics of your piggiebaby! She’s a ginger ball of fire, I can tell that just lookin’ at her. With her posing next to the race car she reminds me of a rodent version of my redheaded Grandma in her youth… 😉


  35. Heh, weird timing, I JUST saw that movie. I think the piggy looks kinda like Texas Ranger 😛 Red hair, pinchable cheeks…

  36. R.Moore — Me Too! Saw it today about an hour before I saw this post. Weird coinkydink.

    Not that Mike, you make me grin, as always.

  37. Jesus is a tiny rodent driving a race car. Wow, that is cool!

    I have 5 piggies, my daughter has 3 and they have those wonderful lips and eyes and ears.

    They are awesome eating and pooping machines. That may be why they love race cars!

  38. So awesomely stinkin’ cute!!!! All the piggness that one could want for – at high speed.

  39. I’ve often heard it said that a driver is only as good as his pig crew.

    If I could have a guinea for every time I’ve heard that.

  40. guinea pig!!!! *squeeeeeee* love those little poop factories

  41. One day, Aubrey, one day you’ll run out.
    And I’ll be *right* behind you, clutching a rhyming thesaurus.

  42. HA.

    It could be a bronto-saurus, rhino-saurus, even a theo-saurus, bring it on.

    I think.

  43. Clearly that day has not yet arrived.

  44. Awwwwww. Guineapiggies are Teh Adorable.

  45. now that is weard but funny and cute.

  46. respect other peoples photos I say! they cost money to create just becuase its public doesnt mean you can all go stealing left right and centre. its always polite to ask permission *raises eyes* didnt ya mommas teach you anything?!!

  47. the guinea pigs ok but its ginger and soo not cute. Baby gpigs are better 🙂

    ps we can all go through flickr and look under “cute” then put them on a website and get money from advertising and donations. thats pretty lame tho.

  48. hate it when that happens says:

    Well, sabrina, obvy you seem to enjoy such “lame” websites, if it’s worth your time to look at them and comment. Twice. Were you to not support them, wouldn’t it make more sense not to frequent them? (And leave us all alone so that we *can* enjoy them without your whining.)

  49. Sabrina – geez, my first two peeks of the morning and there you are, both times, harshing the cute. Find a better hobby!

  50. Sabrina,

    as you leave (please!) don’t “let the door hit ya where the Lord split ya.”

  51. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Sabrina: Feel free to peruse the myriad other internet options that await you just a mouse click away.

    Translation: Go away, kid, you bother us.


  52. I bet this little guy wakes up in the morning and pees excellence.

  53. good old whatshername says:

    Drive it like ya stole it, Rainey Magillicutty!

  54. hrh.squeak says:

    Beautimus Cavy, race here to me,
    Salads and scritches I’ll lavish on thee,
    Beautimus Cavy, all cheeks and rear,
    I cannot rest till I have you right here.

    (Sung to Beautiful Dreamer)

    Lady C. Drive, thanks for sharing the Beautimus Cavy.

    Sabrina – can’t type, can’t spell, can’t appreciate – can’t come *here*.

  55. Denita TwoDragons says:


    “I bet this little guy wakes up in the morning and pees excellence.”

    Great, now my monitor, and sinuses, and shirt, and keyboard, and the wall behind my computer…are caffeinated… 😉 *schnrk* *giggle*


  56. HRH Squeak — nice!
    [lulled to sleep…. zzz…..]

  57. bubkniton says:

    love the pics almost as much as I loved Talledaga Nights…

    “Hang on little piggy, it’s gonna get bumpy!”

  58. This piggy has perfect jowls. So uppercrusty!

  59. “pees excellence”

    Dry. Witty. Hilarious.
    [chants] One of us… one of us…

  60. Brak_Silverbone says:

    The little upturned eyes in the final photo… 🙂 What an expressive li’l gimme pig!

  61. I like curious rodents! Doesn’t this one get some kind of trifecta?

    An appeal: people who post photosets on flickr, please read the fine print & instructions for marking your photos. You can make them public, private, semi-private, watermarked, etc. If you post something cute and mark it “public” it WILL be copied.

    Another appeal: potential C.O. posters, please either get permission to reproduce or transmit other peoples’ photos, and clearly attribute anything you copy, or only submit your own work. “Published on Internet” does not equal “public domain.”

    Thanks y’all.

  62. LOVE the second one. Looks just like the elder of my two pig-babies (both of whom I MUST take pics of and send in, dammit!).

    I need a stuffed car for my girls now.

  63. 1…. 2……. 3…… GOOOOOOOOOOO What a cutie pie!

  64. That is the funniest thing I have ever seen on this website ever!! I can’t stop laughing though I do have a weakness for guinea pigs.

  65. That lovely, we teniamos one and it was from the indies, I like this one much.