Panda sneeze shocker

Loooooooooooove the music…

Via: VideoSift, sent in by Ant!

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  1. brownamazon says:

    I wish these things came with subtitles… although the aaaa-chooo is self-explanatory in any language.

  2. hrh.squeak says:

    I didn’t see the pup at first, and assumed the mom had “sneezed” it out – then the *pup* sneezed! Megacute!

  3. Lotta noise packed into them little panda socks.

  4. Funniest thing I’ve seen and heard all day!

  5. LOL – Lurv Mom’s start & look at pandalette as if even she can’t believe that noise came from le bebe.

  6. OHMGAWD SO LOUD!!!!1!

  7. was that THE BABY PANDA?!? ohmygooniss that would define redonk

  8. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:


  9. Bless you!

  10. OH MY GOODNESS! That startled me!! It’s hilarious how the pig panda is like “WTF?!!”

  11. That was the funniest thing I’ve seen all year.

    I want a baby panda!!!!

  12. I’m sorry my comerades in cute-appreciation, but the surroundings are too grim to appreciate the cuteness of that sneeze and surprise. Sorry to be a joy-snuffer, but cute is not cute when a mother and her new-born are in prison.

  13. Its not a prison. Its either Wolong or Chengdu Panda Nature Reserve in China. The reserves have worked very hard to update their facilities. They are putting more and more money into conservation. The reserves are surrounded by lush forests where the pandas spend much time.

    There is an English language version of this film on YouTube:

  14. That has got to be the best one yet – that noise totally made me jump! I didn’t expect it from the itty bitty widdle panda!!! Bless you!! Salud!! Gesundheit!!

  15. I assumed the mummy bear was going to sneeze and I was waiting/hoping to see Weetbix fly out of her mouth in all directions.

  16. Thank you for the link in English. It’s nice to know what’s going on. But I have to say… the one in Japanese is a whole ton funnier. ^_^ I can’t stop watching it!!!

  17. that cannot be reeeeealll~~~

  18. Darkflame says:

    OMG! LMAO!!!

    Mamapanda: *munchmunch*

    Teenybebehpanda: HACHOOOO!

    Mamapanda: OMGWTFBBQ?!?!


  19. gwenchocolate says:

    I kinda feel like the narrator is saying: “What the mama panda *doesn’t* know is that we’ve replaced her baby with a hiccupping robot panda. Let’s take a look to find out what happens…”

  20. ROFL


    I think I’ve watched it 20 times already. At first I thought it was the mum sneezing, which was funny enough, then I realized it was bebeh panda! hahahaha

    Darkflame, that’s exactly how it went. 🙂

    So funny. xD

  21. I’ve got tears running down my face.
    Laughed so much I didn’t know if I was laughing or crying and partly because of your comments, folks. Saved my day!

  22. I love it, I love it. This is now my favorite Youtube video. So redonk!

    Oh, and “What the mama panda *doesn’t* know is that we’ve replaced her baby with a hiccupping robot panda. Let’s take a look to find out what happens…”

    Tewtelly awesome XD

  23. Oh, my God… I’m a longtime panda watcher (I’ve had to hide the DC Zoo PandaCam link in my secret menu so I’m not discovered), and THAT is incredibly hilarious.

    And Lorna, ffleur is right– a baby panda who has made it to that stage is born to a well-tended mom, and they’re BOTH getting lotsa quality “outside” time.
    For better or worse, the Chinese government treats its pandas better than it treats its human prisoners.
    [End political rant]

    Back to the cute!

  24. It just keeps getting funnier each time you watch it.

  25. The best way to start a day!

  26. The very best way of starting the day!

  27. hahaha! what ws that panda eating, glued up corn flakes??!?! and hear the baby sneeze ” acccccccccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooo!!”
    the mother was surprised theere aswell! lol

  28. OMG! I CANNOT stop laughing!

  29. ahahahaha!!! wheee!

  30. That’s so cute!

    Though I agree with the earlier poster who said it looks like they’re in prison. I understand someone else said there are lush greens nearby, I wonder if they always have access to that?

  31. haaaaaaaa

    the mom’s arm doesnt go back down all the way!

    cuuuuuuuuute :]

  32. EL-OH-EL!!!

    *way* too freakin’ hilarious. I thought Mom Panda was going to sneeze and blow little tiny Junior away. Totally hysterical.

  33. I’ve burst my liver laughing. Watched it 10 times already and plan to at least 1000 more. Cuteoverloadoverload. omg

  34. I think it’s brilliant.
    Most likely the room we see here is the pandas’ night quarters, and during the daytime they are allowed to go in and out as they please to an outdoor enclosure with greenery. The concrete is simply practical – it’s solid, weatherproof and easy to clean out. Calling a conservation facility (without which pandas would be even closer to extinction than they are) a prison is just wrong.

  35. Jan Spencer says:

    OH too funny! sounded like a real human sneeze I have heard before!!

  36. Sounded more like a yelp than a sneeze.

  37. Thanks Lorna, I was actually smiling before I read your comment. ….

    Apart from that, I looved the momma’s reaction! Me too I thought the mother was gonna sneeze, something could have happened with that biscuit. Then “AAATCHIIK!”. I was like “Oh there’s a baby panda!”.
    Lol, it was calm, momma was eating and then KAPPAAAW. 😀 I imagine the momma being like “Holly Molly!”.
    “Red Alert: earthquake!… ha it’s just the baby sneezing…” ;-o
    Hope she didn’t swallowed her biscuit the wrong way with that.

  38. OMG! That is hilarious! I can’t stop laughing – I can’t stop watching!

  39. OMG! That is hilarious! I can’t stop laughing – I can’t stop watching!

  40. OMG – That is one LOUD bebbeh.

    (Reminds me of my granpa and uncle – their sneezing always frightens me.)

  41. Cannot. Stop. Replaying.

  42. I laughed so hard when I watched that!! I almost choked on my cookie! It’s frickin hilarious. Cute little beebee panda needs a tissue.

    Darkflame, you hit the nail right on the head.

  43. omg that was hilarious!! made me LOL.
    I had to watch it 3 times, first I didn’t know which one was agonna sneeze, second to watch the baby sneeze, third to watch mama’s reaction.
    Mama’s reaction kind of reminded me of Homer Simpson getting the cannonball in the belly in slo-mo. Bit of jigglage there!!!
    Fox should have a whole show like this…”When Animals Have Sneeze Attacks”

  44. *ROFL*
    Oh dear, that is completely hilarious. Poor Mama.

    And, your comments, peeps. Simply wonderful!

    *smiling for the day, now*

  45. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Maybe those who are having problems with captivity and zoos, etc. could try and see a positive spin on it: these animals will probably live longer in here, than in the wild (where they could be injured without help, or killed by a wild/predatory animal). We will try and see it this way, so that the “cute” will come through. The mom in this video is like a big mountain that jumps, when she is completely taken off-guard! The behbeh keeps on sleeping/resting, unaffected. I agree with Meg—the “creeping up on you” music is too much!! :^)

  46. I had no idea that baby pandas had huge tails. They must be absorbed into the blubberbellies as they grow, just like a tadpole!

  47. Heather S. says:

    I’m 9 months pregnant, and I’ll have you know that I *almost* pee’d when I saw this. My ribs hurt from laughing now. Nice way to start my day!

  48. the music in the background just adds so much…wonder how long it takes for Mama Bear to start eating again!

  49. Stephanie H says:

    Oh good god. That made me laugh so much. The mother’s reaction to the bebeh’s giant sneeze is the best, best part. Oh man… REPLAY!

  50. I did notice she only stopped chewing for a millisecond and then it was nahm nahm again.


  51. UMMMMM vere did za beeyootiful white kitties go? Don’t please don’t tell me ANOTHER copyrighttroversy.

    I want to cry. They were so beautiful.

    How oh how can we get our cute and not step on toes? There has to be a solution!!!

    Hmm, the solution might be….Macallan.

  52. Have to agree with Lorna. The sneeze and Momma’s response are cute, but OMG what a horrible place.

  53. *grumble grumble* searching in vain for white angel kitties.

    Going out to lunch with inlaws again today. Propylene glycol straight up please!!!

  54. This scares me. Is Meg going to get discouraged about being attacked everytime she posts something? Is the cute in dire danger?

  55. What is that spot in the middle of mama panda’s belly? Please don’t tell me it’s…

  56. Lauri, I thought it was just my computer.
    I tuned in & had a Seinfeld moment…
    Frank Costanza: “….Something’s missing!”
    Susan’s mom: “Something’s missing, all right!”

  57. OMG ITS TOO FUNNY…the mom is like ‘WTH’ and look at its baby~

    i think the sneeze is a fake. it just ‘sound’ effect for this whole funny video…

  58. I keep coming back to this & replaying it. Whoever it was that mentioned about the mom’s arm….that is too funny, she’s all like “Wha!” steadying herself…
    and the tailio on the bebeh is hilarious too.

  59. I thought that it may have been taken down once it was pointed out that it belonged to someone from In the past few days, someone mentioned how has a disclaimer about the pic becoming their property once submitted, however it didn’t go far enough to explain that Mario insists that any pic submitted *must* have been taken by the submitter. This avoids the copyright problem right from the start. It would be a shame to see, but maybe CO will have to go that route as well, or only be able to post links if the original photog can’t be found/credited.

    And when *is* SOMC going to get linked under “More More More”? 😉

  60. ok its real. the echo makes it super loud. XD

  61. arbed sez,
    “…that any pic submitted *must* have been taken by the submitter. This avoids the copyright problem right from the start.”

    I agree that may be the best solution for CO. it’ll be sad, because we’ll miss many many great pics. plus, I remember times where folks had their pictures posted to CO and were pleasantly and agreeably surprised (search “Baffle”) for an example.

    Professional/semi-Professional pics are great, no doubt about it; still, some of my favorite CO pics have been amateur/spur of the moment ones. I’m sure Meg will always have a surfeit of cute pictures to post.

  62. Odd, though that the pic *and* the comments would have disappeared. Last time that happened, it was a hosting problem, having put up a backup version of the site, not a CO-originating thing.

  63. I think Meg is already a lot better then most blog sites where they don’t even mention any credit (eg.
    Not to mention how hard it is to make sure that picture is submitted by the picture taker. I mean, they can always lie and go: Hi I took this picture, hope you like it.
    Or when people simply attach a picture without any credits, how is she to know that the picture came from somewhere else? A tad hard, don’t you think?

    Regarding the panda video, it made me LOL so hard XD I had to watch it over and over again, the poor mama panda! XD

  64. Mika – yes, I realize all that, and truthfully hope that CO doesn’t have to go that way at all. I was simply pointing out a possible strategy that would help weed out many submissions.

    LaurieC – whole entries, including comments, have been taken down before. Maybe Meg is being proactive after that last bit of copyright silliness. And btw, I’m glad you keep us updated on the latest boxcar news. 🙂

  65. I want to know who gave PandaGirl that big old muffin?

  66. That’s nice, cute, and a little scary. ^__^

  67. very funny!

  68. I am laid up today with a muscle spasm and this video very nearly did me in! So funny!
    As a former zookeeper at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans I can say that the night houses might look bleak, but the animals spend their days outdoors in spacious enclosures and most zoos work overtime to keep them interesting. I do understand the concern-captivity is not great.

  69. oh, man, I’m still laughing!

  70. Will you anti-zoo folks just lighten up and just enjoy the video?


  71. genevieve says:

    I also had to watch the video a few times. It’s so great!! I wish the tape ran another second or two, though. I’d like to see more of mama’s reaction.

    The baby sneeze is definitely real – look at the way his body shakes.

  72. What’s the deal with the white kittens? What kittens?

  73. jaypo – if that email addy in your namelink is correct, you now have mail. 🙂

  74. Ceebs,
    Glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed. That was totally weird. I did wonder about hosting problems, too. Oh, well, I will read all comments more thoroughly later, maybe I’ll find out what’s going on.

    As for the Seinfeld reference I can hear Susan’s mom saying that. It’s toooo funny!

    There’s the rooster, the hen and the chicken. The rooster has sex with the hen, who does the chicken have sex with?

  75. I know it’s been addressed many times, but really, have you people NEVER been to a zoo that has camers set up in the back rooms? They are designed to be easily cleaned for sanitation purposes, the animal can get a more realistic space outside, and Jordan was right, keepers spend HOURS working on “enrichment” meant to keep the animals happy and healthy. There are even awards for enrichment programs at wildlife facilities.

  76. …and, for what it’s worth…I’m always having Seinfeld moments! ha! 😉

  77. yes, Lorna et al, let’s please outlaw all conservation and breeding programs for endangered species. Better the pandas are just allowed to go extinct than to allow these “prisons” that maximize overall chances for survival. This was, btw, a record year for panda births in China, but I guess it was all a big mistake.

  78. Lorna the downer here. Thanks those that commented back with points about panda conservation efforts (even the ones who were a bit harsh, eh). I forgot there could be an outside; thanks for the reminder.

  79. Plump, happy Mama Panda with no opposeable thumbs holds on to Tasty Treat when subjected to the Sneeze Shocker of the year.

    More at 11!

  80. I’m so confused… Lorna’s been right here all day and I *swear* I never saw her near a keyboard…

  81. ginettissima says:

    Now after my 11th viewing or so (he he…) I’ve begun focusing in on Mamma Panda, each time anticipating her startled reaction to the inconceivably loud burst of noise coming out of her tiny baby (tee hee!!) and what I’m loving most is the jiggle jiggle of her belly region. You gotta watch it… 😛

  82. Not only did this make me giggle when I saw it yesterday but it also had me giggling just thinking about it whilst I was trying to get to sleep.
    And I’m giggling again now too!

  83. ceebs-
    My girlfriend says everything in life comes back to a Seinfield episode.

  84. I watched it, and I watched it, and I watched it again. I am sitting here at my computer in my office and chortling. Now the cats are reaching in under the door to join in the fun. MUST watch sneezer again.

  85. How many times can I watch this? I have to go to work on Monday!

  86. G-lo…I agree with your girlfriend! I have also said something like…’I can relate everything to Seinfeld’!

  87. ceebs,
    most definitely. Just today at lunch–putting a little catsup on my fries and whhooosh…I’m back with JS and George in the cafe. Jerry’s telling George that his g-friend talks dirty. George asks what she says. Jerry whispers to him. George’s catsup goes flying all over the table. lmao still thinking about it!

  88. She does have opposable thumbs–actually, elongated wrist bones–to hold her bamboo with, as do all pandas. That’s why they’re plump and happy! 🙂

    And I loved the phrase “panda sock.” I think new cubs look like Beanie Babies.

  89. oh my God..this is my favourite video of the day! its hillarious! i can’t help myself from replaying over and over again! hahahahha!
    bless you baby panda!

  90. I didn’t know pandas sneezed!

  91. It sounds like the baby barked rather than sneezed. LMAO!

  92. general translation:

    A relaxed panda eats a soybean and bamboo flake patty mixture. At the foot of the panda lies a fast sleep Tintin. And… *small panda sneezes*…the panda is very shocked/surprised.

  93. This says video not available, but if you search the videosift site for Panda it’s there along with a few other extreme cute-i-tude panda vids.