Mouthful of ear fluff

It’s really hard not to hold this baby bun and smoosh your face into him. And get a snout full of ear fluff in the process. I lerve how his eyes aren’t opened…


  Baby Bunnys – Day 8 by Oh Joy!.



  1. Oh joy!

  2. ElaineBenes says:

    Look at his whiskers! His face looks so soft, I want to snorgle him. Awwww!!!

  3. Awww…so soft!

    This is the perfect image to see before bed. I hope to have cute lil’ bunny dreams now.

  4. What an adorable bun! Gaaah!
    (Can’t say the same about the lady’s nails, tho…)

  5. There once was a wee new-born rabbit
    No one could resist but to grab it
    There it would linger
    ‘Twixt every finger
    So who held it would try then to nab it.

  6. Toooooooo cute – look at how fine the widdle whiskers are too! Nice picture to ahhhh over before I leave work!

  7. So content, so relaxed, everybody say aaaahhhhhhh!!!

  8. Ooo. Someone needs cuticle cream!

  9. acelightning says:

    Ooohh, what an unbearably adorable little bunnikins to start the day with!

  10. i snorffed the puter

  11. Awww BUNNY! That is adorable XD

  12. Denise in Nebraska says:

    If I remember correctly, “Oh Joy” is responsible for many bunnage cutenesses, on C.O. Each one is precious. There is probably a teeny, tiny poop inside her hand (searches archives for former bunnage likeness posted here, with “cute” teeny, tiny poop….commented on by 100+ people…….only on C.O., people!!!

  13. The universe shall be saved by cuteness! Wee young Bunnie-Rabbit, thou art one of the chosen ones!

  14. Awww look at the sweet wittle bunnikins! I want to snorgle him up!

  15. I just love the wind swept look.

  16. Mmmmm, Bun-terscotch! Definitely nawmnawm material!!

    And, cute poop?, whaal sure, why not???

    Nothing that tiny can have uncute poop!

  17. [swoons and floats happily]

    lookie his baby muzzlepuff. Wanna put my mouf on hims.

  18. A thinker says:


    Not all of us go for manicures every week and have perfect nails and cuticles. My nails would probably suffer much worse than this under a closeup treatment. Gedoverit.

    Sorry, end of snarl. Soft Small Bunnage!

  19. Hoo my goood! So true for the smooshing thing, and the eyes… aaaaah. How can it be so cute. Damn. 😀
    Arrest that bunny for cute overloading! …

  20. Ha by the way: Well said “A thinker” !
    I noticed the nail thing too but heyy, that’s so not important, and my nails are much worse at the moment so…
    And she got her nails photographed (ho there was a bunny? ;p ) at the moment they weren’t perfect, hoo big deal.
    Sorry for the concerned person btw, and lucky you, you were the one holding the bunny.. Whom I think must have felt safe in your hands. :-p
    Anyway, let’s get overloaded! 😀

  21. aaaaaa, tiny soft baby neck wrinkles.

    Ya know, thinking about nails…I bet people (that’s me included) who have animals are often too busy to go get thier nails done thrice weekly at the salon. (not said TOO snarkily, just a little)

    I love people’s nails who have the interest and time to do them real fancy, but good old clean hands is what I have to settle for! 😉

    BTW, this gal’s look just fine!

  22. “aaaaaa, tiny soft baby neck wrinkles”

    Lauri, they *are* the best wrinkles!

  23. Deckard Canine says:

    Nice one Aubrey. And to the rabbit:


  24. Anyone else having a “Lenny” moment? I will love him and pet him…

    Perfect little bunnage!

  25. It’s a velveteen bunny!

    (They really look and feel like velvet at that age… it’s wonnerful.)

  26. Denita TwoDragons says:

    I wanna bury my face into his fuzz and take a deep sniff! How much you wanna bet he smells like the scalp of a newborn baby hoo-man…?

    *sighs* I remember how my son’s fuzzy hair used to smell…I’d just spend the morning with my nose on his head, breathing in his wonderful baby scent.

    (Moms are kinda weird that way… 😉 )


  27. Denita-

    Moms aren’t the only weirdos! My sister was born when I was ten, and every morning I’d jump on the bed and smoosh her baby belly (and get a yelling from Teh Mom.)

    The bebbeh-belleh got even smooshier when she was 6 to 8 months! :-p

    She’s 11 now and rubbing our kitten’s belly while I’m stuck here in a hostel. (Anybody ever belly-rubbed a tortoise, though? The girl down the room has one.) :-p

  28. Oh, and BUNNEH!!

  29. OMG, Peeps – you have GOTS to click on Oh Joys! flickr site (“Baby Bunnys – Day 8”)to see the rest of the bunneh pics. They just killed me, they are so precious! Bunnehs in baskets! Bunnehs just borned! I promise, you will forget about the whole manicure thing. I have no words to describe the cute, but I know you guys will try. 😉

  30. Oh my goodness. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

  31. He’s lucky I’m a vegetarian, or I might just have to EAT HIM! Too cute!!

  32. I can almost feel how soft and silky he is from the photo!

  33. VERY CUTE… I want to snuggle him! I would have to quit my job and stay home to cuddle him if he were mine! 🙂
    Also, Aubrey you are gifted!

  34. foxy bingo says:


  35. Teeny bun-kit!!!

    ( )
    ” “

    ** Oh Joy! actually *fostered* these buns (and their moom) – meaning that she gave ’em all up to a rabbit rescue organization once they were old enough to be adopted. I don’t think I could part with them, myself.

  36. Oops – “mom.”

    Aubrey, yes!!

    On the nails (hers and mine): double yep to A thinker and others.

  37. Aaaaah, sniffing newborn baby heads. Yes, I would walk around with my babies held up to my nose all day, too.

  38. this bunny looks like the cabbage was just peeled off a minute ago! (as in the bunny grew inside a cabbage…duh) i want to eat it.

  39. Bun bun! *ker-snorgle*

  40. Main reason I cannot be permitted to have a bun: I would pet this little guy compulsively until I had rubbed all of his fur off. That’s how I ended up with hairless cats. They didn’t start out that way.

  41. Redz:

    From The Velveteen Rabbit:

    “Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off…”

    I’ve never read the book, but this exerpt is really quite lovely:

  42. Gawd, “The Velveteen Rabbit” makes me weep. Almost as much as “The Giving Tree.”

  43. Oh, I’m picking out a bunny for you
    Not an ordinary bunny for you
    The most snorgleable bunbun you can buy
    With the tail
    and the feets
    and the muzzle puff too!
    I’m picking out a bunny for you
    And maybe a pup that says “Baroo?”
    And what else can I buy, so on me you’ll rely
    A kitteh with its paws up for you

  44. Someone should compile and sell the CO peeps’ poetry, perhaps with accompanying drawings rather than photos to avoid (not to bring up a sore subject) copyright issues. I’d buy it. But I’m not talented enough to actually do it…

  45. A Fine Morsel says:

    I would carry him in a velvet pouch around my neck, for Port-a-Snorgability throughout the day.

  46. He’s perfectly palm-sized! And look that adorable face!!!

  47. Oh, the Velveteen Rabbit!!! I had that quote (from “What is real?” to “…people who don’t understand”, slightly modified) in my wedding.

    I remembered the story vividly from my own childhood, but never knew it was even a real book until my niece reached the read-to-me stage. It’s hard to find an unabridged version these days (after all, who gets quarantined for scarlet fever anymore?), but when my neighbors had their first child I hunted until I found a copy as a baby gift.

    — Emc^2

  48. It’s the unevenness of the nails that grosses me out. But the bunny is cute.

  49. That wabbit bebeh looks like the new VW Rabbit logo..which I covet. Farfehnoogin, bunnyone!

  50. Sweet lil’ bun!

    (BTW, I just looked at my own nails, & no way would I pass an inspection like what I’ve seen in da comments. Remember people, this is “Cute Overload” not “Cutex”!)

    *sigh* It’s a burden, this rapier wit of mine…

  51. M Collison says:

    I’m so glad I found this site, whenever work is getting “tense” I check the C.O. site hoping for a new baby or other cutie to gaze at. “Kittehs” are my favorites but “buns” and “pups” are a very close second…everything else is tied for 3rd. I love C.O. ! 🙂

  52. AuntieMame says:

    “M” Collison? Any relation to “E” of the same name?

    And why does this caption make me feel like sneezing?

    Cute li’l sleepy (sleppy?) bun…

  53. hrh.squeak says:

    To Meg:
    I’d be willing to go through the archives and find all the poems, songs, and such if you could give me a good place to send or post them to when I found them. Perhaps they could end up in the Spotlight category?


  55. The bunny is so cute, but the nails overwhelm the photo and that is the first thing I saw when the image came up. Sorry, just being honest! (No, I don’t get manicures. But it doesn’t take but 10 seconds to use lotion and a nail file every once in a while.)

  56. Lol. Well, they don’t call them cute-ticles for nuthin’!

  57. Ironic, actually – cuticles gently clasped around a bun that is overwhemingly cute, and which has ear fluff that…tickles.

  58. At the risk of breaking the sound barrier with an ear-splitting ‘squee’,
    I advise everyone in the vicinity to leave.



  59. he’s as cute as a peep

  60. LMAO at all the comments. Never knew there were so many people with fingernail fetishes… today they’re worse. I should take a picture and post it to gross the fingernail police out!

    As a side note, I’m a tomboy and I foster MANY animals. My nails are constantly getting split, bit, scratched or pooped on… just be thankful that the nails have no poop under them in these pics.

    Seriously though… the comments have me laughing my ass off at the pettiness!

  61. Such a cuteeeeeeeeeee bun !!!!!!
    give him kisses from me !!

  62. I ♥ degus! says:


  63. that makes me want to have a bunny. =( it’s beyond adorable.