Don’t even get me started on this lil’ HamSnack™. WILL YOU PLEASE LOOK AT THE FLOPPY LEG and teeniest of ears. For crying out loud.


From the fine Flickr stream of Jaybert.




  2. that little bebeh is crunchetized!

  3. Gah!!! bebe meese and cap’n crunch!!! Two of my favorite things!!!

  4. OMG that makes me want to find a wife for my hamster so they can have hamster babies. Wait no not such a good idea.

  5. Divine Ms. K says:

    Allow me to be the first…


  6. rodent toddler + bite-size crunch = HAMSTER BRILLIANCE!

  7. NO WAY!! The bebeh’s eating cap’n crunch!?

  8. How?! How can he possibly even *try* to eat that? One mouthful will fill him up?

  9. Dear god I think its teeny tiny evil cuteness has vanquished me…

  10. My gawd, it could curl up on my thumb! He could trip on the ridges of my thumbprint! So teeny! <3

  11. Okay, I admit it, most of the time when people are posting comments like, “Squeee! My head just ‘sploded,” I think, “Whatever. It’s not THAT cute.” So, let me assure you that from a strictly rational, scientific minded person, this baby hammie caused my head to explode. I clicked over during a really boring computer training session and completely against my will GASPED aloud at the unholy cuteness of teensie ham. It was loud enough and forceful enough that the teacher asked if I was okay. I mumbled, “Ouch, I got a cramp in my foot.”

    Really, in light of this, I feel like this website needs an entry portal, like porn sites have–not that I know from personal experience. I mean, I don’t think people ought to be exposed to this level of cute without an appropriate warning.

  12. Tony James says:

    Oh. My. Fuggin. GAWD!


  13. AuntieMame says:

    Good grief! That Cap’n Crunch nugget is as big as his head!

    *pictures self eating Cap’n Crunch as big as head*

    *has massive sugar overload*


  14. Best photo-op EVuh! This friggin’ site makes me go visit petstores and Barooo and “So ty-ty” the hamsteh section! The clerks think I’m demented! Damn you to hell! And DAMN, do I want hamsteh accessories! PEACE!

  15. *GASP* soooooo adorably teeny tiny O_O

    I just love this website… makes my day, every day!

  16. *speechless*

  17. Great recovery, Redzilla! Ha!

    Li’l itty bitty BABEH!

  18. juggle geese says:

    I wonder how you can pick up something that tiny without hurting it. Wanting to snorgle it does not help either of course.

  19. acelightning says:

    Oh. My. Gawd.
    That is the TINIEST thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t think it’s any bigger than the tiny little froggies that turn up here from time to time.

    (Nooo… PLEASE don’t post a picture of a micro-hamster and a micro-froggy!)

  20. it’s so tiny!

  21. “After struggling across the bleached Palm Plains, before falling into the depthless Valleys of the Fingers, our hero, Ham of Bide A Wee, at last finds the Golden Mean, the Baker’s Square, the Alchemist’s Dream, Breakfast’s Yummy Ideal…but suddenly is told that before he can bite into the Cap’n Crunch nugget he has to talk like a pie-rate…and has to wait until September 19…?”

  22. ::blink::

  23. Oh, NO. No. My eyes. I’m broken by this. I can’t even go on after this. It’s smaller than a piece of Cap’n Crunch. I don’t know how to continue.

  24. oh my! Makes me want to whisper…this baby is SO tiny and SO very cute. Yes, I believe it…this is cute overload. Perfect example of RULE # 15!

  25. If anyone for some reason hasn’t clicked on that picture, do so now. It’s just amazing. ::kisses de bebe oh-so-gently on de head::


  27. ginettissima says:

    WAAAA! Hey I hate to rain on the baby-ham-with-Cap’n-Crunch parade, but I heard once that you shouldn’t hold hammies so young because they take on your scent and risk being rejected by Mommy Ham… 😐 is that right? In any case, CUTE.

  28. That is quite adorable. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful pic! Keep up the great work.

  29. 26 posts and no one has said
    Cap’n Kronsche
    before me????

  30. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Soooo tiny! Awww…
    For those wondering about the baby eating the cereal, this is from the link:

    “Here’s one of the babies, now with hair. Measured against a piece of cereal”

    So, it sounds like it’s there for comparison, not hammie-consumption. ^_^

  31. aww, the piece of Capt Crunch is as big as the hamster is! so cute!

  32. HOly Tootsierolly!! Is it a giant Capn Crunch or a really teensy bit’o’hammie?

  33. TeratoMarty says:

    I have had a crap day, and now I am working late on Friday night, but this infinitesimal hamster makes it all better.

  34. ginettissima – I actually wondered that myself. As kids, we were sternly instructed to never handle any baby wild rabbits we may come across for that same reason. As Dad said, “They may not be orphans, but if you touch them they will be.”

    I hope domesticated hammies are different, as they already know and love their keepers.

  35. Ookit da itter BIT! [gasp]
    [eyes bug out]

  36. Oh-my-god.

  37. Ok, jaypo, Holy Tootsierolly is my new favorite phrase of the day.

    And that is one teensy hammie.

  38. this isn’t cute overload, this is cute terrorism!
    holy mackerel (sp?)

  39. persimmontree says:

    lol ceebs!
    ham ‘n’ cap’n kronsche sounds kind of gross as a combo… but i do want to put them both in my mouf.

  40. We should have future picts of dis bebe so we can sees him grow up.

  41. Careful, li’l guy…that stuff will tear up the roof of your moth. Trust me, I know.

    And I’m with ceebs — “Cap’n Kronsche” FTW.

  42. Mouth, even. Although for all I know it’ll also take out your moth, should you have one.

  43. Wohoooo, its teeny and it likes sweets. Suger overload yes! Ill take it!

  44. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Littles! I love littles! And you can’t get much littler than that baby righ’ thar! DAWE!!

  45. AuntieMame says:

    “So, it sounds like it’s there for comparison, not hammie-consumption. ^_^”

    Tell that to the hammie when you try to pry the sweetie out of its li’l paw… 🙂

  46. My kittie is very interested in this little…look so sweet.

  47. KittyKins says:

    Oh MY GAW. I want to snorgle but I’m afraid it’d go up my nose.

  48. OMG! It’s only slightly bigger than the Crunch kernal it’s trying to eat! ROTFL! He he!

  49. JESUS WEPT!!!!!!!!!!! you need to warn people before giving them such a cute FULL FRONTAL I nearly imploded with the cuteness I need to lie down now and remember to breathe

  50. KittyKins says:

    Oh, BTW, “HamSnack(TM)” tewtoolly cracked me up. A classic!

  51. Good Lord! How can he be SO teeny and still exist?? I am fascinated.

  52. A Fine Morsel says:

    Love the leg floppage!

  53. Kittykins:

    No worries – just reach for your nearest ham-kerchief.

  54. Wolf…LOL!! 🙂

  55. This image is just…overwhelming. Can something be so painfully small it makes you want to cry?

    Or perhaps I’m just having a bit of a day.

  56. Look, LC. A ham’s treats should exceed his grasp. Always.

    Now what’s this about your day?

  57. KittyKins says:

    Aubrey… ham-kerchief. LOL >

  58. Oh, Aubs, just overextended, I guess. Bone tired, too many chores and errands this week, including picking up boxcar momcat F at the vet prior to work, left work early and still had to do errands for a friend out of town. An hour on the phone with Dell re potentially exploding battery. And then visited the boxcar cats to find *three* of them pregnant again, not just the two I thought (including one whose last kittens are only five weeks old).

  59. AuntieMame says:

    Good grief, Laurie. Shameless hussies, the lot of them!

    Is there a rescue shelter in town that could help with trapping and fixing these kitties? So you don’t have to take all the responsibility for them all by yourself.

  60. The local rescue group is supporting me and my trapping partner with paying for spays and such, but the trapping is up to me and my trapping partner for now. And I only have one recovery space (my storage closet) for one cat at a time. Now I feel a bit guilty that I’m going to be gone for a critical week for my trip to L.A.

  61. Keep the faith, Laurie C. The work you are doing IS making a difference. When you are as maxed out as you are, your coping skills are compromised (as I like to say when I’ve passed the breaking point).

    Be kind to yourself and get some sleep. It’ll all look more manageable in the morning.

    Paws up, girl!

  62. wots that? a CHEERIO? WTF! lol! its too big for him! *no i want to eat it… o no im chcoing!* spits it back out*thats better..* he eats it again *o not again!*

  63. Golly, LC. Tired AND frustrated. And to find three kits on the nest (so to speak) must be maddening. Right now, just treat yourself to the things you like; music, CO, pudding, whatever…you’ll find yourself revived and ready to fight the good fight.

    The kittens thank you!

  64. Man, you guys are great. Thanks for all the encouragement. I’m going to go out and find me some ice cream for a treat.

  65. Hey, Laurie–yes, please find time to do for yourself in there somewhere. I can imagine how overwhelmed you feel, but the fact is that you’re seeing up close and personal, day by day, a cycle that’s been going on for years. Everything will be status quo under the boxcars when you get back, even though in an ideal world the momcats would all be fixed right *now*. It will get done. You’re the best–strong, courageous, and determined. Just like the momcats, I dare say!

  66. Heather S. says:

    *Pops both the cap’n crunch and the hammie in her mouth*

  67. OH MY FREAKIN’ GOD! That has got to be the cutest most squiggie-est thing I’ve EVER seen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. I admit I dont leave comments as often as I used to, but when I saw this I had to. gahhhhhhh! I gasped out loud when I saw it and my boss was all “are you okay?” and I nodded with my mouth hanging open looking at the screen with bewilderment so she came to see the screen and she was all “ohmigawd is that a captain crunch by him?” and she died too

  69. How sweet is that — such a babeh!

  70. Wolf Plushtoy says:

    “Perfect example of RULE # 15”–nora

    Forget rule #15; This image sets the high water mark for Rule #14 for centuries to come.

    (If an everyday, small item makes you look small, it’s cute. Nugget of breakfast cereal: everyday, small. This guy: tiny by comparison.)

  71. Good lord.
    Gawd dah-ham.
    Holy shite.

    You know, CO made me a believer in wanting to put “cute” in my mouth.

    Now, you are making me believe that cute really CAN kill.

    I really might die.

    HamNCapnKronsche. *death*

    *smiling corpse*

  72. oh christ, wolf, it killed my moth, too! ROLF….and dead.

  73. I hope that cereal bit is just a prop for size (cute rule number…I forget), that baby looks much too young to consider anything about cereal aside from the milk.

  74. oh great, I just typed “rolling on laugh flooring”…and dead. But, YOU know what I meant, don’t you?

  75. Speaking of “too small to be alive” have you ever really thought about baby guppies?

    Sometimes I just sit and look at mine. Two eyeballs connected by a couple of molecules to a tail. What’s UP with that? How can they exist??? It’s a miracle, I tell ya, a miracle. And we don’t know whhhhhhyyyy…

    Ok, I just spent the day entertaining my inlaws and I am having some wine. So sue me.

    No, NM, I’ll go look at Le Divine Holy HamKronshe and die. Again.

    *sound like air being let out of a tire.*

  76. That little dude’s Cap’n Crunch is almost as big as he is! Wait, who is the snack in this picture?

  77. Momma – it just might be the other way around – a perfect example of a Cereal Killer.

    Lauri…that wouldn’t be RIESLING, would it?

  78. hrh.squeak says:

    Maybe he can’t eat it, but I betcha he’s sniffin’ it and thinking “Someday, Cap’n Kronche, you and I will meet again . . . and then, BEWARE!!! Rar!”

    (He’s too small for a full-on “rowr”.)

  79. citizen4nr says:

    omg is that a captain crunch? eets so teeeny! i want to put it in my mouth and gnaw on its squishy cuteness…

  80. AAGH!

    *shakes head*

    *looks, shakes head again*

    *keels over.*

    Tbere. Are. No. Words.

  81. Laurie C–

    Five months after her last litter?
    Boy, cats are efficient at making more cats!!!
    That’s why it’s so wonderful that you got Mama F.

    You’ll get the other three too. Eventually.
    (Sift some more sand, yes,
    But eventually it does move mountains.)


    Cereal killer?

    I’d groan, but it might blow this little guy away.

    How can something BE this little?

    How do you pat something like this?
    A feather?
    A kitten whisker?
    Just thinking of it?

  82. lauowolf – five *weeks*, not months. They can get pregnant the day after they give birth and this one was pretty close to that. I think it must be the gray tabby tom who I see a lot of. We got him neutered last week, but it looks like he sowed a lot of last wild oats before we nabbed him.

  83. Holy Poopulence.


    Head smaller than cereal, peeples.

    This MUST be a new rule for the book!

    Even the captain can’t make cereal that small!

  85. You shouldn’t feed processed stuff to animals. =(


  87. Duh HugPete — like, oh, f’rinstance, pet food?
    Personally I’m more worried that Jaybert might actually be feeding animals to processed… er… stuff.

  88. *WEEKS*!!!!

    Oh poor mommy cat.
    That’s just a hard thought.

    Glad you got grey tabby dad, but sadly there are probably more where he came from…

  89. theo: I’m pretty sure the li’l dude could take the crunch-nugget in a fair fight. Besides, I understand those little crunchy bits only hunt in packs — they’re harmless solo.

  90. What a teeny-tiny Cap’n Crunch! And the cereal’s small, too.

  91. AAAAGH!!!


  92. Oh don’t get me started on the rules of cuteness in effect here…

    #2 Look helpless
    #11 A cute animal + food = even cuter
    #14 If an everyday, small item makes you look small, it’s cute
    #15 Small ear to head ratio
    #17 Have tiny ears (Thats still a duplicate imo)
    #21 Eye Capsules


  93. so…cute…

    *uncomprehensible bable and gibberish*

    *head explodes of cute*

  94. * Incomprehensible

  95. Denita TwoDragons says:



    I remember baby hammies…my Mom & Dad decided to get me a pair of hammies one Christmas many years ago. Alas, they underestimated the reproductive power of rodents. On Christmas day I got Imp and Templeton…AND an embarassed explanation of How Babies Are Made.

    A few weeks later, I could hold the velvety infants in my hand (the mother never abandoned them, BTW,) and gently play with them. Six months later, my Mom demanded I do something with the several dozen hamsters that were now taking up everything from spare cages to plastic storage crates. Those guys are SERIOUS when it comes to the baby-makin’…


  96. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Eye capsules!! No one has mentioned the eye capsules!! Is it just me, or is there hair covering the lids so that THE BEHBEH HAMSTER CANNOT EVEN OPEN HIS EYES TO SEE OR IDENTIFY WHAT HE IS EATING??!! Oh friends—THAT is “cute”! Cute limb, too. :^O < -----(face of total amazement and astonishment....)

  97. Wow, Denise in N., I actually woke up last night thinking about his eye capsules and thinking….what eyes? he just has capsules!!!!

    And Theo, Hugpete? Now we are making up exclamations! and I love it.

    Processed food…nope, never feed that to my animals. Only all natural organic Walmart guinea pig nuggets. 😉

    And free range Science Diet doggie nuggets.

  98. Actually, Aub, it was White Zin, but I was willing to drink antifreeze by last night.

    (disclaimer: antifreeze can kill you. Aforementioned was merely a figure of speech. do not drink antifreeze at home.)

  99. a perfect “Got Milk” picture

  100. Lauri — I didn’t make anything up. Was responding to this genius:
    (check the email addy)

    Also… if you *do* ever want to drink antifreeze, make sure it’s PROPYLENE glycol, not ETHYLENE glycol. And I’d suggest limiting yourself to not more than an ounce.

    Or hey, even better, single-malt scotch (say, Macallan?) has excellent anti-freezing properties. Still might want to limit yourself, of course, if only for your wallet’s sake.

  101. Oh, I gotcha! His email addy says hugpete…I thought Hugpete was a great way of adlibbing FerPetesSake!

    I loved Thinky (I think it twas her) when she started a post “Ohfer”! the other day.

    I have tasted single malt scotch (specifially Laphroaig < --- did I get all the vowels?) and it's like sipping a charcoal briquet. Bleh!!!!!

    However, I am always open to more tasting opportunities! Macallan you say……

  102. D2D,
    I lurve your hamsteh story! I have a similar mouse story. One day I had six female mice. And a male (I suppose mentioning that is unnecessary. ) All six were pregnant and on the same day they all gave birth to ten babies each. Exactly.
    It was ammmmmaaaaazing!

  103. This pics have made my day. I was so depressed that i was ill. After i have seen the baby hamster i fell better. Thank cute this is the best website in the world thanks again

  104. freedog,

    Cute Therapy ™. is free and it works. glad you are feeling better. please visit often.

  105. “like sipping a charcoal briquet” — LOL!… but… maybe it’d be better if you skipped my recommendations & arranged your own spendy glycol-free antifreeze, then.

  106. That is beyond cute! It’s anerable! I love it C.O!

  107. The new Crunchberry flavour is hamster!? Oh noez! Cutest cereal evar. He’s so tiny I just can’t stand it! *coaxes HamBerry onto a spoon*

  108. Captain Crunch and Private Peanut!
    SO dear!

  109. wickedbored says:

    For God’s sake – that is a SINGLE Cap’n Crunch NUGGET!!!!


  110. “Or hey, even better, single-malt scotch (say, Macallan?)… “

    I’m not normally a scotch drinker but Oban won me over. A couple of times.

  111. Cute and discussion of malts, can I recommend Ardbeg, deep and complex but subtly peaty

  112. I admit that I can be deep and complex, but I absolutely draw the line at being called “peaty”!

  113. Lol…..I could just give you guys all huge smooches. This week has not been all that great, and I get back on here and start cracking up!

    I am making a list of scotches to try, cuz hey, you gotta try everything at least once.

    And, maaaaybe peaty would be better than charcoal. (??).

    Hey, I had a wine last week that was actually described as flavors of berries/licorice and crushed rocks. CRUSHED ROCKS????? What in the heck???? It tasted just grand to me, I did get the licorice….totally missed the crushed rock. Guess I am just not as wineaux as I ought to be.

  114. *laughing again*

    HamBerry…ooo how cute.

    And, freedog, depression does make you ill. And this picture has some curative cute-ative magic. And so does the positive energy of many people. So, feel better, please. *sends some energy packets your way*

  115. Crushed rock? uh… yum…?

    My hubster enjoys Oban, Macallan and the like. For a bit less pricey but still a favorite, try Jameson and Bushmills. High-endy, but cheaper. He calls Bushmills “mother’s milk.” I’m too afraid to ask the mother-in-law wtf she must have drank (drunk?) while she was pregnant. Nyuk nyuk.

    Arbed isn’t peaty, eh?… How about “deep, complex and meaty?”
    or… if you are OCD, “neaty!”
    or after a long day standing, “feety!”

  116. I’m about to have a hamburger on a bun, so I could be a bit “wheaty”…….. Ack – lack of food is making me stoopid.

  117. *grin* Sarcasta.

    If you are a guinea pig you are definitely wheety!

  118. Ceebs, you MADE my day—Kap’n Kronsche is SUCH a better caption. Hot damn.

  119. I don’t think that’s Cap’n Crunch there…

    We used to have treats for my hamsters just like that, that looked just like Cap’n Crunch.

    My sister and I thought they looked pretty tasty, so we tried them. They weren’t sweet, but they were quite yummy!

    lol @ myself for eating hamster food.

    But yeah that most likely is NOT a piece of sugary cereal! Just a hammyster snack that looks like one.

    And that is one adorable tiny thing!

  120. woohoo! I have arrived! 😛
    :^ D
    and now I must be going!

  121. Peaty sweetie kitten pouncy!
    (apologies to Peat Townshend and The Mew)

  122. ginettissima says:

    Thanks, AmyH! I just hated the idea of our floppy-legged Cap’n-Cruchin babyham being rejected by Mamma. 😦 That’d just ruin the whole thing.

    Michele: ohmygawd, your post just about killed me, thank you for that… 😉 My new quote of the day is: “OHMYGAWD, is that CAP’N CRUNCH by him!??!” he he…

  123. The tiniest animal ever

    Extreme cuteness alert

  124. Teho-
    Looks like Aubrey is rubbing off on you!

  125. Jeeeez, G-Lo, yer gonna get me in trouble!

  126. -gaspchokedie- I’ve been axphixiated on the cuteness for the past five minutes.

    I’LL SUE!

    I wish I could have a piece of Cap’n Crunch as big as my head.. x__x

  127. WickedWendy says:

    How anerable!

  128. I just punched myself in the face! OH MY GAWD!

  129. I think this one must qualify for the Cuteness Trifecta… surely it does! 1) Floppy leg, 2) Ear to head ratio, 3) Cute Animal + Food, 4) Everyday item makes it look small