At the straight-tailed stage of Kittenry

Kittens at the ‘straight-tailed stage of dev-kitten-ment are the best. Their tails haven’t completely grown in yet, and they’re all stubbage and prosh. Probably the best example is this little guy.

Just like Mr. Paw Pads here.

Exsquisite work, Comma Queen.



  1. Precious Precious Precious!!

  2. yay, second comment!


  3. omg, this kitteh is so darling! *Hugs it*

  4. Yeehah!!! Third post!! Oh my goodness – I am currently squealing at the cutie paws, tail, and the demure paw over the little squishy face!! Too cute!!

  5. Though it’ll be in the nineties tomorrow, it looks like I’ll be wearing a hat to work, since my head JUST EXPLODED.

    But – Mr. Pads-erewski had better cool it with the tail playage, unless he knows of a good retail store.

  6. oh mah gawd.
    look at the little foots!

  7. [US Southern accent]
    awwwwww….. ain’t teh kitty just ah-dor-ah-ble? Ah like his witty-bitty paws an’ his oh-so-CUTE eyes…..

    Seriously, kittens are *always* cute.

  8. This little fellow KNOWS he’s cute and he’s using it against us!! Must…look…away…before i’ts..too.. late…

  9. what a modest little kitty! he’s all “meep! you caught me nekked!” ::tucks up tail and covers mouth with paw::

  10. Not only is this the most smooshiest lovely kitten pic (and I thought that was the little guy asleep on Big Bird), but I love the duvet cover he’s on. Any ideas where it’s from?!

  11. Lady Douji says:

    Aww what a cutie! It looks like he’s sucking his thumb.

  12. If it’s ever been your goal to die of kitten cuteness, I suggest you check out the other photos from C. Queen. But it seems as if this bundle of paw pads has moved on to his permanent home.

    …why haven’t I gone to bed yet? And why am I drinking coffee? Why do birds suddenly appear everytime you are near? Why do fools fall in love?

    Good night, peeps.

  13. Aaah! It’s adorabobble!

    Feeets! It’s got feets! Eeee!

  14. Oh my goodness! Black pawpads…how freakin’ adorable!

  15. fluffy

  16. Licorice pawpads– the cutest!

    (Tho’ someone needs to get a warm, damp washcloth and tend to those eye boogers… if the kitty will hold still for it, that is…)

  17. oh adorable

  18. Awwf. it looks like it’s gnawing it’s own tail.. or something ._.
    Too cute. I wish I was blind.

  19. Wha? Look at his rumpled britches. His fur is still all peach-fuzzy and you can see his crinkly pink skin! And that fat milk belleh. ::dies::

  20. acelightning says:

    Itty Bitty Kitty is giving Itty Bitty Bun-Bun (previous pic) a run for his money in the “too cute for this early in the morning” department!

  21. Aww, sweet little kitten. REminds me a bit of my Charlie but with more white.

  22. Denise in Nebraska says:

    So like, what does it mean when C.O. pictures cause random Britney Spears songs to come to mind (that you don’t even like), when you look at them? “Oops, I did it again….I played with your heart….got lost in the game…..oooh baby, baby” (kitten sings this and then coyishly covers mouth with paw….)

  23. Show your paw pads
    Curl your paw
    Look helpless

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have trifecta!

  24. Absolutely adorable. I wanna nibble the paw pads. That kitte is just asking for a full-body snorgle.

  25. hey,
    i love your page, it’s so cute.
    maybe someone would like to visit me:

  26. Pink kitteh tummeh!!

  27. I swear this little one looks exactly like my baby nephew, when he’s having his diapers changed… Minus the tail. And the fur. And the whiskers… Well, you get the point 😉

    Mooshmooshmooshmoosh!!!! *kisses sweet paws*

  28. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Little black toesies!!!

  29. Buhahahahahaha…..retail store, Aubrey!!!

    I knew when I was reading the intro, whilst the page was loading that I was in for some serious cranium carnage! And I was right! Po-po-po-poit!!!

    However, I can still snorgle Periwinkle closeup on my desktop thanks to TO.

  30. If any kitten needed to be named “Sambuca,” it’s this little bean.

  31. oh STOP it! stop being so cute, how can you stand to be so cute??? and lil black padders!
    This is why I can’t go to the shelters, I wanna shove about 12 of these lil dudes under my shirt!

  32. A thinker says:

    Although I am not a “Squee” kind of a girl, nevertheless:


    This kitten has all the elements of Perfect Kittenhood: looking helpless, paws up, straight tailage curled round his belleh, demure paw-over-face expression, etc, etc.

    A 10 of Kittenage.

  33. Hee, serious cats in racks, ceebs!

  34. Sigh, Sambuca IS a perfect name. I wan’ ‘im.

  35. Wheee! Paws up! Veeeeery cute.

  36. G’morning, peeps! You’re the best coffee clatch in the world. Meanwhile…

    aaaaghhgh!! I want to tickle his winkie nose with the tip of his tail!!

  37. Speaking of eye goobers, Calli, my Greatest of Danes, has eye goobers as big as this kitteh. Ha, I am sure you all needed to know THAT. 😉

  38. A thinker says:

    Jaypo, I see your coffee and raise you a cup of perfectly brewed English tea. Mmmm.

  39. jaypo,
    At least you don’t want to tipple his winkie and nose his tail! 😛

  40. “But – Mr. Pads-erewski had better cool it with the tail playage..”

    Aubrey, I know these conversations are called threads but I prefer to call them strings.

  41. What does “prosh” mean? I’ve seen it here a few times, but a web search only reveals the following definitions:
    “Prosh refers to both a calendar fundraising event and the satirical annual newspaper written by students at the University of Western Australia to raise funds for nominated charities.”

    and a sentient computer in Marvel comics. —

    Neither of these seems somehow relevant. So, what *does* prosh mean?

  42. Aaaah, THAT’S what the String Theory was about. The universe is held together by minute Strings of Cuteness.

    I knew it felt like an ultimately friendly place!

    Ya know, I got up early to go to the store and here I am one hour later. Hee, really going now.

  43. Wintermute, look under the CO glossary. All shall be made clear 🙂

  44. LOL, Lauri!! ‘Twould still be pretty cute!

    Thinkie, I’ll be *right* over. I’m a tea drinker myself and am always on the trail of the perfect cup, something that holds up well to cream and sugar. My fav so far–Keyhung Estate. Dark, malty, deelish.

  45. Those enormous grey (?) eye are, well, so big.

    Seriously, If you haven’t gone to look at the rest of c Queens baby kitten pics, you really must. Now. Right now.

  46. eeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaa too much cuteness before my coffee and poptart is *dangerous*

  47. Lauri,


    then go tickle this kittehs ivories.

  48. Awwwee. So cute!!!

  49. I just LERVE the little black toe-toe pads…so fresh they probably don’t smell like corn chips yet. Wanna snuggle, wanna snorgle, wanna rub my nose in him’s little soft bel-bel…

  50. It is too early for this much cuteness. I think one of my ovaries just exploded.

  51. Mmmm, corn chips. My mom has always said that her dog’s paw pads smell like popcorn. Either way, all this snack food talk is making thing I need brekkers.

  52. I am loving the black paw pads on those teeny little white footsies! Too cute!

  53. A thinker says:

    Thanks for the recommend, jaypo. Shall have to try it out…mmm…tea…the substance of life…

  54. Kris, in New England says:

    I can’t believe no one commented on the belly of this little darling – it’s so full that’s probably why he can’t quite get the tail to mouth. “Ehn. Ehn. Oh man why did I go back for 2nds???”

  55. Think, forgot to mention that it’s an Assam.

  56. DIRTY EYES!!!!!!

  57. I lurve the paddy paws.

    Hee hee… also lurve it when their tails are little triangles.

  58. Alexis, I fostered a 3-legged pit bull years ago. His farts smelled sorta like popcorn!

  59. Looks like my kitten. <3

  60. Denita TwoDragons says:

    AYIEEEEE!! This kitten is sucking me back into the Event Horizon Of Cuteness…! *sluuuuuuuurrrrrrrp…*


  61. aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

  62. bunnajenny says:

    Jaypo have you tried Russian Caravan Tea? Another Assam based tea with lapsang souchong. My tea of choice for drinking with sweet mitten pics is jasmine silver needle.

    must go back to contemplating perfect black paw pads…

  63. oh oh oh I almost forgot – I want to share this with you CO peeps, since I think you’ll understand my excitement over this – not everyone would, you know…

    My little semi-feral kitty, Patches, came and sat on my lap last night *all*on*her*own*!!! It was a first!

    She came to me as a foster kitten at six months old, almost completely still feral at that time. I agreed to foster her and try to socialize her for adoption, although I knew that to just start trying at that age, there was probably not much chance she would ever be a truly “cuddly” cat.

    So I’ve had her about 10 months now, and she’s become somewhat socialized. She lets me pet her most anytime, and if I’m sitting down, she’ll let me pick her up and put her in my lap to pet. But I knew after awhile that even though *I* love her to pieces and accept her just the way she is, that she would never be adoptable for other people. Most people don’t want skittish, fraidy-tpe cats. So she has stayed.

    And they always come around with me eventually. Time and trust will do that. So last night was such an *event* for her. I was so thrilled, that she *chose* to come sit with me. W00t!

  64. ceejoe, congrats!! You’ve opened a real can of worms now, though, because Patches will decide she needs your lap at inconvenient times (when you’re sleeping, potty breaks, etc… think POUNCE). Seriously, great work and enjoy the fuzzy reward.

  65. That little kitteh is all like, what’s that coming from my butt? I must see it, come here you.

    I love the pink belleh and the little black paw pads, but what I love the most is if you look closely, you’ll see little kitten-thigh-wrinklage.

  66. ceejoe, you must have been in heaven! What a little love won’t do… That’s wonderful news.

    bunnajenny, I LOVE Russian Caravan but haven’t been able to find any for years! Where do you buy it? I got it as a gift.

  67. This kitteh is GUILTY of cuteness in the third degree! He is hereby sentenced to a lifetime of Port-A-Snorg duty.

    There – I’m now ready for a day of jury duty. I just needed a little warm-up, and this fuzzball will help me get through the day!

    Ceejoe – congrats! How fun for you!

  68. never mind the stubby tail or the paws…the EYES!! the EYES!!! ooooooooooohhh noooooooo!!! I’m going to start blubberin babytalk…

  69. misskitka says:

    Ceejoe, congratulations!!

    In a warped way, I always feel honored when a cat lets me into his/her world. It’s almost as if I just won the Nobel Prize in Trust Building.

    I still have one fraidy who won’t sit on my lap…but she’s come such a long way I can’t really complain.

  70. AWWWWWW … he’s so PINK!!! Still a bebbeh!!! And on his back with his paws up-


  71. Jaypo — YAY for your Glossarizing!

    CeeJoe — w00t for teh you!! I *so* know the feeling.

    Subhangi — Im-? Ex-? Inter-? …Sambuca-?

  72. Oooh, cute kitteh tail! When my little guy’s tail was at this stage we called it his ‘cone’. You should see it now – total plumage, and he even ‘wags’ it back and forth, he is so proud of it!

  73. tooo cute for words. sweet

  74. bunnajenny says:

    jaypo, I get my Russian Caravan from Wegmans, they have an excellent tea bar, if you’re outside the Wegmans sphere of influence teh interweb can bring it to you. Peets is always a good thing or If you’re north of the border is excellent.

  75. zelda – I suppose farts that smell like popcorn are better than farts that… don’t.

    : ) 3-legged dogs are cool. My stepsister adopted one whose family wanted to put her down after she was hit by a car at the age of 1 year. The vet refused, saying she only needed her leg amputated, but the parents didn’t want their children growing up with a “deformed” dog – way to teach tolerance. The vet refused again, the family abandoned the dog, and the rest is history, as they say. (The dog is now 7 years old with an overabundance of energy.)

  76. SIGH! Baby kitty playng with tail! STill in kitten-fur! I have died and gone to heaven!

  77. Alexis – w00t to that vet and your stepsister!

    And thank the universe that not all people are like that awful family. The rescue group that I worked with had, over the years, 3 different 3-legged kittens and 2 one-eyed kittens. They *all* got adopted quickly, into wonderful homes!

  78. ShelleyTambo says:

    ceejoe-Congrats! I’ve had the same with a foster cat who was ~1 year when he came to live with me (although he wasn’t quite feral and it didn’t take him so long to come up to me). Now he won’t leave me alone. He likes to bring me stuffed toys in the middle of the night so I roll over on them.

    I hate to be the downer (I’m in that mood since everything manages to go to s**t at work just before I’m leaving on vacation), but the kitteh’s belly looks disproportionately round. Cute, yes, but it could mean worms (ShelleyTambo, the armchair vet). I hope he got a dose of Strongid after the pic was taken!

  79. Ceejoe – so glad the semi-feral kitteh sat on your lap!
    Alexis – those parents are idiots. Absolute idiots.

    3-legged dogs don’t seem to know they’re missing a limb. Duncan, the pit bull, was happy as a clam, and could run faster than some 4-legged pups.

  80. Looks like he’s sucking his thumb.

  81. ceejoe – I’ll pass along the “w00t”! And congrats on your experience with the feral kitty.

    zelda – I know what you mean! I was walking the 3-legged girl (Cassidy, as in “HopAlong”) with another dog and she was by far the faster and more excited. She just boings along happily.

  82. oh, ceejoe, how wonderful! I have a little semi-feral kitty. she’s 3 yrs old, and it gets better every day. I fostered her brother as a kitten, and I remember when he started falling asleep in my lap. awww… he went to be a barn cat b/c his new foster mom couldn’t tame him 😦

  83. Kittenry is my New Favourite Word

  84. My eyes! My eyes!!! I’ve been stabbed straight in the eye with t3h cute. I may never recover. I hope you’re happy, Meg.

    At least my last visual was of a too-prosh puddytat being all adorable.

  85. My own little baby was adopted from a shelter. Oftentimes, she’ll look at me and whine when I’m gazing at this site . . .. “I’m still cute, momma.”
    then when I pay attention to her, she’ll go all evil kitty. It’s so great.

  86. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Alexis and Zelda: Shortly after Hurricane Katrina, CNN aired this story on Anderson Cooper 360 about a dog that had been rescued in Louisiana, but had lost the use of BOTH of its back legs. Someone had gotten it a specially-made wheelchair-like thingy with wheels, that allowed the doggie to rest its back legs in this area, and could still run and play, using its front legs. When it ran, the wheels did the rest of the work, for the back two legs. He could go as fast as ever! It was so cute. Alexis, your story about the intolerant family is SCARY. I can’t believe the insensitivity (and selfishness) of some people! You were meant to be that doggie’s angel. :^)

  87. What a sweet baby – eye goo and all.

    bunnajenny –

    Wegmans! w00t! I LOVE Wegmans! I only get to go there when I go out to visit my in-laws. 😦

  88. There was a little Jack Russel Terrier named Pearl that came in her wheelchair/cart/thing to the Kansas City RenFaire every summer with her abled brother. She wore a diaper (she dribbled) and had her back legs tucked up so as not to drag them, but other than that she was just as friendly and inquisitive as he was. Didn’t seem to bother her a whit that her back half didn’t work so well.

    She passed away shortly after the season ended last year, and more than half the cast cried.

  89. foxy bingo says:

    Chastely covering his little cat-bottemi.

  90. bunnajenny says:

    A most wonderful friend of my adopted a 3 legged kitteh many years ago…he was the result of an oedipus rex breeding plan. Anyway, said feline is now 15 years old and still makes biscuits with vigour. When he does so, his little stumpy leg works just as hard as his complete one.

  91. He is sooo cute I could just gobble him up!

  92. OMG, his belly is HUGE! Adorable!!!

  93. I just want to pick up that cutie and snorgle it! I keep trying to convince myself I don’t need another kitten, but seeing this cutie just set me a whole bunch of steps back! Ooooooh I want it!

    Seriously, that pose is just precious!

  94. Silence Dogood says:

    This kitty is so cute he had to snorgle his own self!

  95. Wegman’s is great. I had friends who spent an entire day – literally, 24 hours – in the Dewitt, NY Wegman’s. Why? Because you CAN.

    Denise, I wish I could claim to be Cassidy’s rescuer, but it was my stepsister. Nevertheless, the entire Brady-Bunch-style fam loves her and her great little spirit.

  96. I am the world’s cutest kittie, and just CHECK OUT my groovy bedsheets!

  97. I think I may have just died. Or maybe some part of my anatomy just exploded or something. I don’t know. But it hurts.

  98. JP:

    Threads or strings, it doesn’t matter sew long as good will and cuteness is (are?) bobbin’ right below the surface.

    I always miss breakfast menu discussions! Can anyone put together a non-fat cappuccino? With a dusting of chocolate? Please?

  99. Wegman’s in Boston maybe…? Gonna check on that. Worth the drive it sounds like.

  100. And just look at my oh so prosh milk belly!

  101. JP:

    That was a Paderewski/violin reference wasn’t it? I thought he just composed for/played piano, but after a panic-stricken Google search I see that I was wrong, and you were fabulously right.

    Maybe I’m not getting enough sleep.

  102. SO CUTE!!!!!!!

  103. I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!! With the uber-cuteness!!!

  104. Wegman’s in Boston maybe…? Gonna check on that. Worth the drive it sounds like.

  105. Aubrey, see the link I gave Lauri above:

    A piano is considered a string instrument I believe. But, for some unbeknownst reason, I too always associate him with the violin. So we were on the same page (score, that is!)

  106. A piano is a percussion instrument, as sound is made by the striking of little hammers onto wires of different thickness. An organ is considered a wind instrument as you are opening valves to let air into pipes/tubes of different widths and heights. Not that anyone asked about organs.

    And I’m free from jury duty so I can go back to looking at super dooper sweet kittehs!

  107. I should have known all this. The horrible shame. I took piano lessons when I was young (hated it then, wished I’d stuck with it now).

    Bah – I’m tired of fiddling with all these strings!

  108. Bless Comma queen and her husband for taking care of this little guy after finding him abandoned in a parking lot.

    He looks to be just about at the “midnight crazies” stage…lookout!

  109. Punny, as always, Aubrey!

    I begged for piano lessons when I was little and was denied. So at the age of 30, I bought my own, took a couple of lessons and taught myself to play three songs.

    Elvis will sit with me on the bench, which is funny because I’m a horrible piano player but good on the sax, which he hates.

  110. On the subject of differently-limbed cats – on a clip on TV this a.m., there this kitten in Denver, I think, whom they showed who was born with her back legs all splayed and dysfunctional. She walked on her front paws only! Basically, hoisted her back end high in the air and walked on her hands!

  111. A thinker says:

    Jaypo, I think Wegmans is an upstate-New York-kind of thing. I shopped there growing up and [lowers voice to whisper]it’s not that exciting[/whisper]. But then again, if you like giant supermarkets with every variety of food available, it just might be your thing.

  112. LOL….man, you guys. I leave for a few hours and I miss everything. That’s it….groceries over the internet from now on. Haha…um, just kidding.

    jaypo, thanks for that link! Ignacy Jan Paderewski, what an incredible name for a kitten, too. I’m putting it in my book for the future.

    I love how we get educated around here. I didn’t get the Paderewski reference at first. Now I will be prepared for the next website it comes up on. 😉

    Popcorn smelling farts. Let me just say, wow.

    Rofl, I’m tired of fiddling around with those strings! Vedy vedy funny, Aubrey.

    And Sambucaploding definitely sounds like a fun sport. Count me in!

  113. GAH!!!! IT’S SO CUTE!! I wanna kiss it’s wittle belly. Awwwwwwww……. *continuing to aww*

  114. As fer coffee or tea, it’s me for tea and tea for me. I LOVE it.
    I’ll look for the ones you guys mentioned. Yum!

  115. thinker, you’re right. Wegman’s is an upstate NY thing (as is the obsession with it, I think). The appeal lies not only in it having everything you could ever want, but in its being one of the best companies in the country to work for.

    (Sorry to end a sentence in a preposition. Don’t hurt me!)

  116. You know, ST. I do think the baby has worms, too. I am sure it got taken care of after the pic. (always the optimist. Pffffft.)

  117. bunnajenny says:

    AmyH perhaps musicality is an “opposite” concept in the animal kingdom?

    I play the violin and have done since I was 4, so thirty years on I’d classify myself as reasonable player. However, when I start to play – the mittens get looks of terror on their faces and scatter to all corners of the house. The moop (he’s a spaniel, so imagine the ears) raises his ears and whines, and whines, and whines. It gives me quite a complex.

  118. Lol, I was showing my husband the kitten picture and he says “That woman has a big chest.”
    I’m like “What chest? What woman? There’s no woman in that kitten picture.”

    I totally missed the ad next to the pic. Leave it to a man. O’ course, that’s why it’s there.

  119. bunnajenny says:

    I think Northern Virginians might give Upstate NY’ers a run for their Wegmans obsession. There were ungodly traffic jams when the one in Dulles opened…and on weekends you can hardly find parking at the one in Fairfax.
    We’re a deprived lot in terms of grocery stores and farmers’ markets compared to other places I’ve lived. It’s rumoured that we’ll get a Whole Foods outside the Beltway, someday.

  120. A thinker says:

    Alexis, think you’re right. Heard that about it being a good place to work.

    And as for ending a sentence with a preposition, I give you the immortal quote of Winston Churchill when charged with the same offense: “That is an insult up with which I shall not put.”

    Couldn’t have said it better.

  121. At the humane society where I volunteer, we have two lovely kittehs with three legs. They’re sisters, and they were born that way. They run around and hop on counters – you’d never know they had three legs, except for the hitch in their gait.

  122. //Someone had gotten it a specially-made wheelchair-like thingy with wheels, that allowed the doggie to rest its back legs in this area, and could still run and play, using its front legs.//

    That reminded me of one of my favorite non-profits, Home for Life. One of the dogs, a beautiful basset named Moppet, has a little cart.
    Here’s their website – it’s a WONDERFUL place.

  123. No, no! Don’t call this sweet baby Sambuca! The only Sambuca cat I know is the one-eyed, unholy terror at my cat shelter! (Let me make clear, though, that I love her tremendously despite her demonic face-ripping tendencies, to the point where I use her favorite shampoo so she’ll enjoy nuzzling my hair.)

  124. Thanks, thinker. I had forgotten about that quote!

  125. Awww, this is killer-strength cuteness.

  126. ceejoe-
    Must have been some some weird alignment of the planets last night.

    Our semi-feral kitty walked into the house and not only let company SEE him (the kids who live in back have only glimpsed him, running away), but let my friend TOUCH him!!!!
    And didn’t run away, just ambled off to get his dinner.

    “Company, how nice.”

    This kitty pretends not to know my daughter if she moves too fast.

    As for kitty above, I think he’s having problems getting off his back — it’s a physics thing.
    He;ll overbalance if he tries to roll over.

    He’ll just have to be ruthlessly snorgled on that belly (unless Ruth shows up to snorgle too).

  127. brownamazon says:

    Mmmmmm, tea. Or as it’s called in my house, “the elixir of life.” Every morning my husband wakes my up with a hot cuppa Yorkshire Gold (milk + 2 sugars.)

  128. Kitten kitten kitten kitten
    kitten kitten kitten kitten
    kitten kitten kitten kitten


    The Doones will most probably be returning to MVHS early next week. It’s time. They’re hale, healthy, hearty, and bundles of KYUT. Mama Lorna’s all affectionate and people-friendly too. HowEVER… the word from the shelter is “Well, there’s no shortage of kittens” so we’ll probably just cycle the new batch right in.

    There will be photos, O yes indeed. And I’ll try to get 1 more Doones vid shot sometime this weekend.

  129. Black bean toe pads are the cutest! AWWWWWW!

  130. DOONESIES!!

    And T., as I’m sure of your Woe as you’re Weaned from your Wee ones, and when you look back on your Doones and their Don’ts…well, why don’t we all just have some pudding and talk it over.

  131. jaypo and Lauri, this is a terrific Innerwebs source for quality tea and accessories, I’ve found:

    and the Russian Caravan in particular:

  132. I saw this and thought it really works with all the talk of those who foster, work at shelters, and adopt ‘disabled’ creatures and all and all make life a better place.

    I present to you, Quote of teh Day (QOTD):
    “Real strength is not just a condition of one’s muscle, but a tenderness in one’s spirit.” – McCallister Dodds.

  133. He’s doing that oblivious All Arms & Legs Giggle Wiggle dance babies do when they’re put on their backs to get their diapers changed.

    Hila’s so RIGHT!

  134. hrh.squeak says:

    Mmmmm, tea.

    With evil little teatreats.

    In San Francisco, Lovejoy’s Tea Room has all kinds of tea menus, and tea varieties, and homemade tiny scones, and and and . . . . (runs off for High Tea)

    Wait, before I go, I shall have me a snack of Oreo Pawpads dipped in milk. Yummmmmmm!!!

  135. Tony James says:
  136. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This CAN’T be a real kitten. It’s TOO calculatedly cute.

    Wait! I know! It was Photoshopped!~!

    (runs away)

  137. No, it’s OK, Brak. You’re absolutely right. The kittens in TJ’s link are *not* real (note the wonky shadow angles). Good eye.

  138. LaurieC said “On the subject of differently-limbed cats – on a clip on TV this a.m., there this kitten in Denver, I think, whom they showed who was born with her back legs all splayed and dysfunctional. She walked on her front paws only! Basically, hoisted her back end high in the air and walked on her hands!”

    I don’t know about Denver, but there was a similar kitteh at the All Feline vet in my city. He was abandoned there, so the clinic adopted him and he lived at the office. He was wonderful about welcoming other kitties to his home!

  139. Re: Wegman’s
    I friend I work with is from upstate NY and she drools just talking about it. Website was ok. Does look like a good place to work. But poihsonally, I could spend hours each day in Whole Foods. They pull the cheese samples when they see me coming…

    thanks for the tea sources! We have a couple of good tea/coffee (pptth) shops around but I’m always looking for more goodies.

    Yorkshire Gold, yes, or if you can find it, PG Tips. As long as we’re talking the bags, believe it or not, Twinings English *Afternoon* tea (not the Breakfast tea) is pretty durn good–tasts like it has a hearty does of Keemun in it.

    “Must have been some some weird alignment of the planets last night.”

    well, yeah…poor Pluto and all…

  140. Heh heh, Theo. I do love the link though. Goofy looking creatures – I love the smiles.

  141. brownamazon says:

    Sigh, Whole Foods. AKA Whole Paycheque.

  142. **”He’ll just have to be ruthlessly snorgled on that belly (unless Ruth shows up to snorgle too).”**

    Nyuk nyuk, Lao.

    Whoo! You guys sure did talk a whole lot while I was gone. I wish I had been here for the discussions, especially the Sunday quote… *hugs* to everyone. Glad there weren’t too many commentroversies!

  143. bunnajenny says:

    brownamazon don’t forget TraderJoes – another fine source of delicious comestibles at a fraction of the price.

  144. OH. MY. GAWD. I HAVE to have this kitty!!
    I’m light-headed and weak-kneed over this post.

  145. brownamazon says:

    Sadly, no Trader Joe’s in Canada.

  146. bunnajenny says:

    No Trader Joe’s – SNIFF…runs of to get a consoling kitten

  147. Ah, yes – I’m within walking distance of Whole Foods.

    This talk of yummies and teas puts me in mind of Fortnum & Mason. How I wish I was there now!

    And shopping at Liberty’s afterwards!

  148. brownamazon says:

    I love Fortnum & Mason. Also the food department at Marks & Sparks (which we don’t have here anymore, alas.) I got some *lovely* tea at the M&S in Bermuda; almost all out now, boo hoo 😦
    When I was living in NYC, the ne plus ultra of food emporia was Dean & DeLuca. Yummmmmmmmm.

  149. [tummy grumbles]

  150. AmyH – QOTD…..Excellent!!

    TJ….I Lurrrrrvve them!

  151. bunnajenny says:

    I feel a CO tea party coming on!

  152. Tony James says:

    Bunna – if you need me to organise anything, I’ll be asleep in the teapot…

  153. A thinker says:

    We’ll be sure to pour tea over your head periodically, Teej.

    And lovely snorgling hippos!

  154. Oh he’s adorable!! Such a guilty-looking kitteh, though 😉

    “Wha, huh? What’d I do?!”

  155. Concerning the round kitteh tummy: snorgling is called for!! My bottle babies always look like that right after eating (round and close to bursting) but a good nap and a game of chase the tail and they’re kitten shaped again. This is the first spring/summer in 5 years I haven’t had at least 1 litter, and I’m on call with 3 different vets and the largest animal supply store in Tulsa. Maybe people are catching on.

  156. Just *sploded* from the toe-pad kyoot.

  157. Waii!!! He’s too precious.

  158. For all those who say they can’t go to a shelter because you’d smoosh them in your shirts and smuggle them away! Volunteer! NO really! You will not feel like smuggling them away because you get to visit with them all the time until they find their happy homes! Oh..and this kitteh needs his eyes cleaned…badly.

  159. Star Cat — I agree! Volunteering is fun and very gratifying!

  160. Here’s a link to see the news item on the kitten who walks on his front paws (second item down)

  161. Here’s the link for the video of the cat that walks on his front legs. Sooooo sweet. L-O-L-A.

  162. oops…HER front legs….was having a ray davies moment I guess

  163. awwwwww =D

  164. Whoa… Ceebs, it’s a real-life “Li’l Brudder” video, feline style. Is that really REAL??

  165. Laurie, ceebs– what a terrifically talented little kitten!


    Well, she’s sure the world’s most talented cat
    And we love her so much when she walks like that
    Oh my lola lo-lo-lo-lola
    Well I’m not dumb but I can’t understand
    Why she looks like a cat but walks on her hands
    Oh my Lola lo-lo-lo-lo- lola lo-lo-lo-lo- Lola.

    Well, she ate all her food and played all night
    under electric candlelight
    Then she picked up her legs and stood upright
    And said dear me I could dance all night!!
    Well I’m one soft compassionate girl
    And when I looked at her twirl well I really fell for my Lola
    Lo-lo-lo-lola lo-lo-lo-lolaaaaaaa.

    Kinks overload.

  166. Aww, look how he’s covering his “bits”. That makes him a “Modest Meow” Tee hee, get it? Matisyahu? No? Okay, I thought it was clever. *clearing throat* Carry on.

  167. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    I liked it, Jane’s. 🙂

    Just look at those big dark eyes… I can’t even stand it!

  168. LOL @ “Lola” redone jaypo!
    and almost jinx, Laurie C, I’m slow today I guess!

  169. I used to own this t-shirt:

    Anyway, it begs the question: is it wrong to worship this kitten?

  170. Brak_Silverbone says:

    D’oh, Theo, I *know* those critters in TJ’s link are hippos! I meant the li’l tail-gnawing kitling above, of course.

    This kitty is just so goshdarn cute in so many ways, my brain is just kind of seizing up, you know?

  171. PROPOSED: The First Annual CO Fancy-Pants Tea Party

    *champagne, as required (for the grownups);
    *tea, several kinds;
    *little crustless sammiches, assorted;
    *weensy little quiches, bacon and veg varieties;
    *scones and tea breads, assorted;
    *various spreads– Devon cream, sweet butter, strawberry jam, lemon curd, etc.;
    *petits fours, cookies, and cream puffs, assorted;
    *sherry and digestifs, as required (for the grownups).

    Post-tea nap blankies will be provided as needed, along with a kiss on the forehead and 1 (one) kitty/puppy per guest.

  172. P.S. Party games to include:

    “Pin the Pun on Aubrey,” “Outdoor Pudding Toss,” “Tame Theo’s Uproarious Shoelaces,” “Extract TJ from the Teapot,” etc.

  173. jaypo — nice one on the lyrics.

  174. No, of course it’s not wrong to worship this kitten!!!
    That is an awesome t-shirt, Aubrey.

    Is it wrong to be pushed almost to the edge of sanity by a ham the size of a Capn Crunch Cubule?

  175. hrh.squeak says:

    Oooo Ooooo Ooooo, FancyPants Tea Party! Yay! Can I bring choccy dipped strawberries?

  176. There should be bite-sized hammies on the menu, somewhere, too…

  177. hrh: As long as someone brings this along:

    Everyone is well-versed in holding their pinkies aloft, I hope?

  178. brownamazon says:

    I love a party, specially if there’s tea and clotted cream involved–w00t! I’ll bring the 100% pure maple syrup (also nice on warm scones with butter)–Product of Canuckistan!

  179. hrh.squeak says:

    Aubrey – I lust for that damn thing, and for why? It would only come out once a year or so, but still – Fountains of Chocolate!! Gaaaaahhhhhh!!! Wannitwannitwannit.

  180. Squeak, there is no rationalization needed for kitchen-equipment lust– it is an irresistable force. You must submit…

  181. this kitty is sooooooooooooooooo cute. I think this is the cutest of them all at C.O.:)

  182. KristoCat says:

    The eyes! The eyes!


  183. Lol….CO not only bowls us over with Qte, it also quite often makes me VERY hongry.


  184. Aubrey–
    I’m slow.
    I only just got re-tail in comment #5.

  185. Lol, better late than never, lauowolf!

  186. Doodalalala says:

    GAH…milkiest eyes EVER

  187. aww sooo cute!! x

  188. Fuzzybutt says:

    He has holy frijole negro toes!!

  189. better get those eye infections it has cleared up. be responsible and take it to a vet .

  190. Surely this is a trifecta?

    Paws up, paw pads, looking helpless, floppy limbs (that tail counts as a floppy limb!)