Let’s check in on Lucy 2.0 at Teh HamsterTracker

We’re BIG fans of Lucy 2.0 over here. Lucy captured our hearts when we discovered her master Mathijs began documenting the distance she covered in her RUNNIN’ WHEEL. She’s gone over 425,000 meters in that wheel!

Check out the delightful snax Mathijs prepares for his girl. MMMMMM, Banana Split cake!


Mathijs,You know I love your ‘Cookin’ for Lucy’ series. Bon Appétit.



  1. oh gosh look at that mouth! did it unhinge its jaw like a snake??

  2. Kinda creepy.

  3. I love the squinty eyes. It just screams foodgasm (can I say that on CO? :o!)

    I just wish the flash didn”t cover the hammie ears. 😦

  4. that little paw is too cute!

  5. Not the best of pics (flash, out of focus), but Lucy is so darn cute. Hamsters in general are. I used to cook for mine too. 🙂

  6. A hammie walloping down a meal in the middle of a massive camera flash means only this:

    Flash Gorgin’

    And a banana split cake begs only this question:

    Where’s Fleegle?

  7. juggle geese says:

    yep, definitely some snake genes in this cute little hamster. About the calories. She is exercising a lot so the cake is bound to disappear on the wheel.

  8. that website is too funny!

  9. Aww, I wanna make that for my little hammy.

  10. Flash Gorgin’???? Ooooooh, Aubrey, that’s … brilliant!

  11. A thinker says:


    Man, is she attacking that thing.

  12. A good mix of carbs and protein for our girl! She needs all that stuff to keep up her running…

    (“Flash Gorgin'”…ARGH!!!) : )

  13. In a lab during a storm something went wrong while she was working.

    She now will save the world as “Snakey-Ham”.

  14. nightbird says:

    Alls I can say is…”Now there’s a man who luvs his hamster!”

  15. What a cute hammie, and I love the website! Is Mathijs’ last name really van der PAAUW? Too perfect!

  16. Lucy is awesome! Mathijs is awesome! Luvs dem bof.

  17. Lol….I Love Lucy, too.

    That’s definitely an EHN and a NAWMNAWMNAWM all in one.

  18. Hey Meg,

    Love the Hamsters, but my submission emails to you keep getting returned! Whats the deal?

    p.s. that is a lot of food for a hamster! do you think she will have indigestion?

  19. Snakes on A Plane! She can open her mouth wide like a snake!

  20. Tony James says:

    Nightbird sez…”Alls I can say is…”Now there’s a man who luvs his hamster!””

    Can I be the first person not to mention Richard Gere in the context of this conversation? [sorry]

    Looking at the stats, Lucy is averaging almost 1000 metres a day in her wheel – that’s more than half a mile! If we take the average hamster length to be 5″ or 13cm, then Lucy runs an average of 7,692 times her body length on a daily basis! In human terms that’s the equivalent of 850 miles! That’s 32 marathons or 12 IronMans! In a day! Dude!

  21. geez, teej, didja *hafta* say that?!! [in a whiny voice]

  22. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Awww! I just LOVE the cute little treats Mathijs makes for Lucy! He sure loves his little “girl”!

    (And what’s not to like, eh? She’s got to be the most photogenic rodent on the face of the earth! *grin*)


  23. She’s got star qualirty.

  24. Teughcats says:

    Teej –


    [retreats to yesterday’s thread and the comparative safety of Julie Andrews…]

  25. Stephanie S. says:

    okay, I want one of those snackers.

  26. Nanners!

    That’s 264 miles on those tiny feets!

  27. Yikes! Marmalade kitten alert! Have you guys seen The Daily Kitten yet today?

  28. That banana cake looks pretty tasty. She’s trying to get a good grip on it to carry it away somewhere safe and snarf it up.

  29. Ceejoe!

    I sure have! Marmalade floofiness! Pink nose!

    A kittie the size of a TEA CUP!

  30. Hamsters are not cute! Love the site, but please, fewer rodents! And fewer grown cats. Kittens are cute. Puppies are cute. Adult dogs can be cute. Adult cats never are. Hedgehogs, fine. Ferrets, OK sometimes. But the mice and rats and hamsters, yuck.

  31. actually, I wouldn’t mind making this little snack for meself.
    [goes off to find a *large* banana slice]

  32. Aubrey – I squeeed right out loud when I saw him today. Oskar the Fuzz!

  33. Kris, in New England says:

    I LOVE checking on Lucy everday – she’s so adorable with her pudgy pink nose and oh-so-smart way of doing things. Such a sweetie.

    C.O. is for everyone – none of us has the right to request that certain animals be omitted.

  34. Denita TwoDragons says:


    Feel free to open your own cute-oriented site, suited to your personal tastes. I *MIGHT* even visit it.

    And if I do, I’ll have the class NOT to tell YOU how to run YOUR site.

    Pretty cool, huh?



  35. Okay, this might not be the best pitture of Lucy, but how can anyone with two functional eyes not think hamsters are cute? Okay there’s the whole rodents are scary let’s stand on the chair and scream sort of brainwashing we get from watching cartoons as kids, but dude get over it! Look at her nose, at her little hands and sweet soft belly. Think Beatrix Potter.

  36. Don’t worry about it, peeps… it was just one comment. One opinion out of countless.


  37. yum!

  38. It does not show Lucy at her cutest, but I love the absolute snarf factor. Like, she isn’t going to take any chances on not getting the WHOLE banana cake treat–better to just grab it all at one go.

  39. Okay, this might not be the best pitture of Lucy, but how can anyone with two functional eyes not think hamsters are cute? Okay there’s the whole rodents are scary let’s stand on the chair and scream sort of brainwashing we get from watching cartoons as kids, but dude get over it! Look at her nose, at her little hands and sweet soft belly. Think Beatrix Potter.

  40. Two more wonderful things about Lucy and Mathijs:

    1) Mathijs is making HamsterTracker Tee shirts and
    2) He features a link to all her gracious appearances on CO

  41. Kris, in New England says:

    A for a little “self promotion”, check out his new link to Extreme Hamster Tracking – click on the American Flag and see cuteness times 2. A postcard of the famous Lucy and the guinea pig we’ve been babysitting all summer. Lyra!!

  42. Cute is cute! Hamster, cat or kitten….I’ll take whatever cuteness I can get!! I LOVE Lucy. Pah-leees. Thanks for all the work and effort you put into this site. It is my daily dose of self medication! 🙂

  43. Flash Gorgin’?? PERFECT! LOL

  44. Kris in NE – Lyra is a-DOR-a-bubble!!!

  45. Since it’s a slow day in CO Land, here’s my latest project:

    Check out all my babies! Flickr’s new to me, so let me know if it doesn’t work for ya,or how I can make it better.

  46. brownamazon says:

    Hooray for Lucy! And thank goodness her nice owner isn’t all aggro with, “Cease and desist, CO, you’re violating the HamsterTracker copyright, I’m going to sue your ass, snarl, hiss.” He knows he can sell waaay more t-shirts to CO junkies, heee…

  47. It really blows me away when someone tries to tell someone else what to put on their OWN site.
    It’s just weird.
    If you want to pick what goes on a site, start yer own.
    You can pick yer own, just don’t pick anyone elses’.

    Ya know, Aubrey it took me a full minute to “get” the Flash Gorgin’. I really AM losing it!

  48. ceejoe,
    I love all the furkid pics! They are all so precious! Little Elaine’s baby pic….awwwww….
    and I always turn into a giant goosebump when I read about the ones who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

  49. *grins* TJ, thanks SO much for not mentioning Richard Gere. I really didn’t want to go there. Really!

  50. Tony James says:

    CeeJoe – Arnold & Bobbie look “substantial” – and so cute!!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  51. bunnajenny says:

    ceejoe, your babies are anerables. I particularly enjoyed the cats on couches feature!

  52. Ceejoe:

    Rainbow Bridge kitties…WAAAAHHHHH!!!!

    Lauri, do you have any extra Kleenex?

  53. Lucy is totally Prosh!

  54. That “snack” is almost as big as her head! I guess that ‘splains how hammies can cover the distance they do in a day—all that fuel!

    I like the dreamy glow of the image. Adds a certain je ne sais quoi…

  55. That “snack” is almost as big as her head! I guess that ‘splains how hammies can cover the distance they do in a day—all that fuel!

    I like the dreamy glow of the image. Adds a certain je ne sais quoi…

  56. Thanks for sharing your brood with us, ceejoe! Darling!

    And I love Lucy, too! Before this site I never thought about having hamsters, bunnies and other various small animals as pets. I may never have them as pets, but I can see their appeal and it’s great to hear how much so many of you value their companionship.

    I’ll say it again – don’t get mad at that Not Cuters (aka Nuffinghams), just be glad joy and happiness come easier to you.

    That said – MORE COWS!

  57. Kris, in New England says:

    CeeJoe – glad you like Lyra. She’s such a sweetie and SO spoiled. We’re going to miss her when her mommy gets home in a week.

  58. Oh cool, I’m glad it worked for you guys!
    And I’m glad you like them – I’m pretty partial to them all too. :o)

  59. ceejoe,

    love your babies! I knew you had nine cats, but seeing them all…so cool. they are all beautiful but the black ones are sooo silky and velvety.

    thanks for sharing. and that’s what I like Flickr: yes, you have to register, but it is so step-by-step easy to upload and share.

  60. AmyH sez,

    “That said – MORE COWS!”
    I agree. cows rock. heck, there are even cow kittehs.
    but I must add:


  61. Here ya go, AmyH:
    Cute cows!

  62. ROFL…omg we laugh so hard at that video. MORE COWBELL. GENE!!!

    *Hands Aubrey a Kleenex. (a fresh one)

  63. The best thing about that site is this disclaimer:

    “I LOVE COWS. I have LOTS of pictures of them. I don’t care if you care… this is my page and I can do what I want. :o)”

  64. Oooo, Kris, Lyra looks sooo much like my Cypress! (I call her Princess Cypress, cuz she wants a cage all to herself and is very meticulous, poohs and pees only in ONE corner. If those other dirty “animals” are in with her they mess up her space.)

    Soooo cute!

  65. Cow nosicles are the bestest nosicles evar!

  66. The Orange Menace-

    And you all were trying to tell me marmies are so innocent…

  67. Here’s a picture of our family farm. HA! Just kidding – but I wish:

    But – this is the breed of dairy cattle we raise, the Brown Swiss. My parents went on a farm tour through the Alps a few years ago and brought back one of those bells. The airport security screeners in both Zurich and Chicago took the bell after it went through the machine and rang it as hard as they could.

    “MORE COWBELL” indeed! (Love that video, too!)

  68. Shanchan,
    LOVE it!!!! I was laughing and yelling and cooing……that adult kitty was SO patient!!!

  69. *gasp* how gorgeous (haha, literally), AmyH.

    And Brown Swiss are so lovely! 🙂

  70. Lauri- I know!! “Let me get some sleep while you gnaw on my head.”

  71. It’s hammie-cam!

  72. That Orange Menace is madness! Did someone dose that kitteh with kit-alin?

  73. brownamazon says:

    I love the long-suffering look on the tabby’s face, as he wearily holds the Orange Menace in a half-nelson….
    And I love Brown Swiss moos, they’re so dainty and, well, Swiss. “Switzerland, the country where everything is small and tidy–even our cows, ja!”

  74. Thank you for the Orange Menace! Not that Lucy isn’t great, but I was having a horrible day.

    First, I find out that Pluto has had it’s planet designation revoked.

    Then I smashed my hand in a door.

    That’s when I knew I had to visit CO for some aid and succor.

  75. Love the Orange Menace! The older cat looks so much like my 16-year-old grey tabby, suffering the attentions of his new little sister (~4 months; the ‘cat action figure’ stage) with something more-or-less approaching good grace…

    Monty (the ‘old man cat’) was one of three kittens that a friend’s new former-stray produced. I asked first, and so got what I still regard as the pick of the litter. Sadly, he’s got CRF, and probably won’t see another ‘purrday’, but he’s been a total love for a long time.

    The new kitteh is Dusty, a tortoise-shell bundle of energy, who won’t leave anything teasable alone, human, feline or canine. (It doesn’t help that the puppeh is actually about a week younger than she, so _he_ wants to play-play-Play-PLAY-PLAAAAY, too…)

    Both Dusty and Robby (the dog, boxer/border collie mix) are rescues, and the organization we got them from fosters most of their animals. They both came to us already very well socialized and loving – excellent manners and snorglability. Dusty loves to snuggle, and will purr as long as you’ll keep skritching her. Robby spends a good deal of time in the (yes, fenced) yard – he needs more space to run – and all the neighbors and people just walking by adore him, too. I’m actually looking forward to taking him to obedience classes once he’s old enough (next month). I may even try to teach him to jump through a hula hoop and that sort of thing and see if the local community circus wants an animal act… Maybe Dusty could learn to ride like the cat in the Advantage commercial?

    PS: I did get so frustrated with housetraining Robbie – not being a dog person _at all_ – that I might have taken him back if he didn’t technically belong to the kid-away-at-college-except-on-weekends… If you find yourself in that position, I strongly recommend ‘Housetraining for Dummies’. It is simple, straightforward, and explains why as well as how. We followed the instructions to the letter, and it worked in less than two days! Robbie never has accidents now unless The KAACEOW gets him too excited playing with him to remember his lessons…

  76. Actually, Brown Swiss can be quite massive but are beautiful and one of the gentlest of all the dairy breeds. It’s the Jersey breed that’s tiny and sooo cuuuuute! There are few on the farm that belong to some 4H kids and they don’t come halfway up to the Swiss and the Holsteins. (Again, not our farm…)

    (Scroll down to see some great tongue action.)

  77. (I mean – the link isn’t our farm. We did have one through the extension service but it must have expired.)

  78. Oh, I DID get those confused, AmyH. I was thinking of the dainty Jerseys. But, I do still think the Swiss are beautiful! 🙂 And their cows, too! Mooo!

  79. Emc^2,
    Great stories about the new babies!
    I bet Robby will LOVE the obedience class and learning to jump thru just about anything. He definitely sounds like a high energy guy. They both do! What fun….let’s see…it’s been almost two years since we had a puppy. Three since we had a kitten! *goes thru withdrawal, all in 3 seconds*

  80. ceejoe –

    I loved your flickr site posts – especially the sleepy kitteh conga line!

    shanchan –

    the Orange Menace was too much – reminded me of when my little guy tried to kick some big kitteh butt!

  81. /wipes the sweat off her brow

    Finally finished going through all the posts and comments I missed while I was gone. What a job that was.

    I took pics of my friend’s 6-7 week-old (guessing at age) kitten, so if they turn out well, I’ll try to remember my flickr password and post them. 😉

  82. The Orange Menace is fabulous. Thank you. Gotta go share that one with some folks…

  83. Arbed, that is indeed the downside of Teh Qute. If you ever go away, the task of catching up on all the comments is massive.

    Congrats to you for persevering.

  84. I emailed the Menace to all my co-workers – I can hear the accompanying music playing at everyone’s desk. The Fluffy Ruffian is quite a delight.

  85. misscrisp says:

    yup, orange menace wins the “giggle out loud at the office” award of the day.
    many thanks shan

  86. Orange Menace! So floofy from the back he looked like a puppy!!

    Hey, Arbed–yeah. It’s all I can do to catch up at the end of the day. Crazy days at work lately and CO just keeps going and going and going… the Eveready Bunny.

  87. rpennefe,
    Is Pluto having it’s “planet” status revoked a major emotional trauma for you? *sympathetic hug*

    Don’t worry, I bet they will voke it again within a year.

    Just like the margarine vs. butter debate.

    (Yes, I did say voke on purpose.)

  88. “I can’t believe it’s not Pluto.”

  89. For everyone having a bad day, here are three things to consider:

    a) There will be CO tomorrow, the day after and forever.

    b) September 19 is National Butterscotch Pudding day.

    c) Don’t worry about the Pluto debacle. I hear the Disney managemnt is going to step in.

    By the way, JP, I can’t believe you said that.

  90. bunnajenny says:

    Aubrey, what I can’t believe is that National Butterscotch Pudding day and National Talk Like a Pirate day are the *same* day. It’s going to be mayhem at the bunna house.

  91. WTF? Thank Garsh for CO, I didn’t know that Nat. Butterscotch Pudding Day and NTLa Pirate Day are the *same* day. It’s going to be a busy day….spewing butterscotch pudding everywhere!!! Yaaaaaaar!!!!

    BS is my FAVE pudding! Skin or not!

    jaypo, “I can’t believe it’s not Pluto” is worthy of going into the Best Quotes of All Time.

  92. Mayhem? It’s going to be arrrrrrrrrmageddon!

  93. brownamazon says:

    Thanks for the clarification, AmyH–I thought the Brown Swiss looked like a variety of the Jersey, hence my confusion…*blushing*.
    Horse breeds, dog breeds, cat breeds, no problem. Cows… not so much!

  94. But, all cows are cute, BrAm.
    Big or little!

    K, pirate joke.

    “Cap’n, why do ya have that steering wheel around yer thingie, thar???”

    Cap’n : “Arrrrr, drives me nuts!”

  95. As for National Talk Like A Pirate Day, anyone who loves parody, simply google “Flying Spaghetti Monster”.

    A whole lotta humor goin’ on thar. Arrrrrrr.

  96. I’m home, so Elvis jumped out of his fur on my shriek re: “drives me nuts”. LUVITLUVITLUVIT!

    Yeah, I actually know more about cows/dairy farming than I know about anything else. That really helps me a lot in my job as a communications director for an arts non-profit. Or when I worked as a corporate shill in aerospace. Airplane parts, cows and the humanities. There’s a logical career path. Oh yah, you betcha.

    I can’t WAIT for Talk Like A Pirate Day! Aarrrgh! Avast ye puddings! (or something like that…)

  97. BTW, here’s what Elvis had to say when I came home tonight:


  98. AmyH: How lucky you are to have such a handsome fellow waiting for you! He seems to be turning on his Eye Beams of Power to tear you away from CO. Can you resist?

    Also, there might have been a time when desserts and pirates were not so far apart. Pie-rates might have once been the scourge of the seven seas looking for looking for pieces of…cake?

  99. And such powerful eye beams he has! We’ve since snorgled and most importantly, he’s been fed. Food = Fail-safe. Eye beams disengaged.

    But he’s still charming and handsome. And he never asks where I’ve been and who I’ve been with. Ireeegardlessy irresistable!

  100. Pie-rates, pieces of cake, cat-o-nines (although those are hardly CO-worthy). Hmmm….

    The only thing I can think of at this late hour is this dessert-and CO-related battle cry: Chips Ahoy! Prepare to be snorgled!

  101. Clarification: Pie-rates and Pieces of Cake are CO worthy. Aaaarghhhh!

  102. 9/19/06: A special screening of: “Pie-rates of the Carob-bean: Curse of the Black Pudding”

  103. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
    (runs and hides)
    Scary hamster!! SCARY I SAY!!!!!!!

  104. ROFL….AmyH, love the eyebeams!!! And, you obviously have been NOT reading the paper…but who in the heck wants to get brought down by reading papers when CO is here???

    Pie-rates of the Carob-bean: Curse of the Black Pudding.
    (just retyping it so I can enjoy it even more thoroughly, Aubrey!)

    Absolutely awesome!!! Starring Capn Flapjack Sparrow and Will Turnover!

  105. Oh noes… pastry punnage… and I’m hungry, too…

  106. Kris, in New England says:

    Lauri: “she wants a cage all to herself and is very meticulous, poohs and pees only in ONE corner.”

    OMG, that’s Lyra all the way. She’s a spoiled, chubby piggee and we adore her. She belongs to the daughter of friends; she’s been at a theater program for college all summer, so we got Lyra. She goes back to her mommy in a week and my heart is already breaking.

  107. Kris, you must have seen these. If not, have fun. They’re super!


  108. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Aubrey! *LMAO*

    9/19 is also the 4th Anniversary of my son Zane’s joyous entry into this world. What a great day for puddin’ and pirates and pie! 🙂


  109. Congratulations D2D; CO must make a special fuss (fuzz?) out of 9/19 – and good morning – Hie-keeba!!!

  110. hrh.squeak says:

    Pirate Puddings for Pluto!!

    There’s a lovely short story by Paul Gallico about a little mountain cow who wants to give better milk – sorry, can’t remember the title now, but it’s usually in a book with “The Snow Goose”, another wonderful story. He also wrote a short novel called “ManxMouse” – I keep thinking about it when we have jerboa posts. Gallico really is a fantastic animal writer.

  111. Squeak: Google search reveals “Ludmila, A Legend of Lichtenstein”. I MUST get this book! Thanks sooo much for the tip.

  112. Lucy is da BEST! Well traveled hamsteh’s will be our future leaders.

  113. Ooh boy! National B-scotch Puddin’ Day!

  114. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Thanks, Aub! And good evening to ya! 😉

    Oh, BTW–MITCHELL!! *runs*


  115. (takes a handful of pudding and flings it in the general direction of Texas)

  116. BULLSEYE! Right in the Panhandle! Or would it be the Pandowdie?

  117. Sweet little hamster bliss!

  118. BenPanced says:

    Yarrr! MINE! *rar num num num num!*

  119. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Jaypo: Um, the “bullseye” of Texas would be somewhere around Austin. Definitely a league South of the Panhandle.

    Which means that this guy would be wiping pistacio puddin’ of his rouged and bearded brow: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leslie_Cochran

    Trust me, I know these things… 😉