Sleepin’ on Big Bird’s wing

What’s more hilarious? This little kitteh falling asleep on a pillow FUZZIER than him, or the little dewds in the background layin’ around? Ireegardless*, Theo, the sender-inner, says he is *not* looking forward to giving up these foster kittehs, who are ready for adoption.


* Fave word



  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Such a sweet, sleepy kitten 🙂

  2. Yay! The Doonses!

  3. and it’s a fuzzier than him * yellow*duckie* pillow!

  4. Piggalette says:

    Aww poor Theo. ; ; You guys that foster are saints. It is a wonderful, noble thing, and I couldn’t do it. *Cheers all around*

  5. hi Doonces! I guess they are ready to fly the [duck] nest.
    !yay! for them. hope they all find loving homes. and hugs to the foster ‘rents who I know will miss them terribly.

  6. My little Maria is Gray and silky like this little guy. It makes me want to curl up next to them and find out why big bird is so comfy!

  7. Take comfort, Theo, now that you’re an official fosterer, there will be more wonderful kittens to follow. And you will have the satisfaction of having put these guys on a good, socialized path.

  8. Is he even real?

  9. tugg's mom says:

    now that’s cute.

  10. Theo: I totally admire those who can foster-parent for-adoption orphlings…I know I’d grow too attached & wouldn’t give them up…quickly becoming one of those crazies growing old with furry critters draped everywhere.

    P.S. Lorna’s wee cookies are completely snarfable.

  11. A thinker says:

    Ah yes. I remember this shot. Wonderful close-up of April the floor-ducky’s yellow floof. And a Doone…

    Teho, your sadness is warranted. I’m afraid I couldn’t be a foster kitty mama. If I were anywhere near you and in a position to adopt a cat, I’d consider one of the Doonses…

  12. foxy bingo says:

    Dig the static fur fuzz! That cushion must be made from some wickedly synthetic fluff!

  13. Theo, your kids (well, Lorna’s) are adorable. I hope they all find wonderful, loving, homes. Is there a chance you’ve decided to keep one?

  14. Silence Dogood says:

    Whoa, dood, there’s a big pile o’prosh on your carpet.

  15. OMG! As a child, my bedroom carpet was that same yellow/fuzzy! (it was the 1970s)
    Those babies are precious!

  16. The only thing that could make this photo better, would be if Meg had spelt “Sleeping” as “Slepping” in the caption.

  17. Laurie C – lol! Good thing I just finished my soup for lunch, or we’d have a sprayed keyboard…

  18. Theo….what precious, anerable little dewds!! You (and wonderful family) are the bestest for fostering these darlings. Yay Doonses!! Hopefully this will help them and many others find loving, wonderful, forever homes!

  19. foxy bingo says:

    Heee! Silence Dogood wins comment of the day for me 😀

  20. That duck is dangerous. See how the kits in the background have been worn out by its ridiculousness? Sure, the fuzz of the kit is echoed beautifully by the duck, but keep an eye on the movements of that duck or else it’ll be Doones Day for that little sleeping one.

  21. Tony James says:

    Snoozy Doonce!! “Jes’ lyin’ here, luvvin’ up the duck…”

  22. Tony James says:

    Can we have some final video of the Doonces before they venture off into the world? Maybe a roll-call a la Sound of Music?

  23. I fostered kittens one summer. 18 itty bitties passed through my house as old as 2 years, and as young as 3 days. I SO appreciate the joy/sadness of sending them off to their new homes. I managed to let all of them go but one – so I have 4 permakitties in my house now. Little Sleepy above looks like one of my fosters I called “Duck” because his meow sounded like a quack. Theo sent this one in? Is it the same Theo that is a regular commenter here?

  24. OMG, Big Bird!

  25. HelenWheels, yes, the same Theo. He’s been providing links to foster kitten pix and video in the comments for a few weeks now. Nice to see them get an official CO post status, tho’.

  26. That is just about the cutest picture I’ve ever seen. Maybe that’s my natural bias as the owner of a cute black cat!

  27. you guys r silly says:

    Lookit all the
    sticking up off of him!!!
    He’s WONDERFUL!!!
    to your anerable little charges, Theo!!!

  28. HelenW sez,

    “Theo sent this one in? Is it the same Theo that is a regular commenter here?”

    ’tis correct. if you have up to now, missed the proshness that is the Doonces, go to this link:
    scroll down about a third until you see a post from Theo timestamped August 15 at 1:20pm with *a whole bunch* of google video links to the Doonces.

    [gulps] hope that T. doesnt’ mind my replying…

  29. I love the way kitteh here is acting like a tiny adult cat, complete with realistic tail to tuck into elbow.
    It’s like having a little cat action figure.

    Theo, all my sympathy on parting with kitten family.
    Am I remembering correctly that you are keeping one?
    (Clues as to which?)

  30. Oh! So soft and sleepy! Precious.

  31. HelenWheels:

    T. also likes pudding. Send him lots. He’ll need lots of comfort food once the Doonces leave.

  32. Aub sez,
    “T. also likes pudding. Send him lots.”

    ummmh [thinks]. if there ONLY was a way to speedily deliver pudding. I wonder…

  33. Mariser:

    For Doonces Denial, T. will need help ESAP (Everyone Send A Pudding). Send via:
    UPS (United Pudding Service)
    DHL (Desserts Hefty & Light)

  34. Or just use the Post Office for a Priority Pudding rate — all you can fit into one of those boxes.

  35. oh theo, how do you get anything done around home? i would just sit and watch the kitties and then play with them and then watch them some more!

  36. oh Aub, you sure think fast on your feets… I was thinking about delivery-by-catapult-or-trebuchet
    but am delighted to see that commercial companies have jumped in.

  37. Fuzzitude to the max!

  38. Hate to burst your bubble but your favorite word (Iregardless) is not a word. Its just Regardless.

    Sorry, pet peeve of mine.

    Cute kittens though.

  39. Theo – I feel your pain. I currently have my second foster litter of the summer & will probably only have them 2, 3 at the most weeks. I’m already getting weepy just thinkin about lettin them go. Every day I go back and forth…give them all up…keep one…etc.

  40. That was “ireegardless” anyway

  41. Beauregard says:

    Oh my god mariser! LOVED those videos. Especially the one with the big kitten wrastle pile.

  42. That was “ireegardless” anyway

  43. Congrats Theo! And I totally understand how you feel. I’ve fostered a total of. . .5 or six kitties, and ended up keeping one.

    Granted, she wouldn’t have it any other way, a three year old abused for so long, finally realizes life is fine. Everytime she had a ‘sleepover’ with an adopter she freaked out and kept coming back and would bitch me out for getting rid of her, before getting back to her important work in my, er, HER house.

    Very cute, and very wonderful The-o!

  44. Tony James says:

    Mariser – I think Arbed might have a Puddinkwerfer that she could let you borrow…

  45. Good grief and holy crap! I *just* noticed this post!!

    [scrolls up to catch up on the comments…]

  46. TJ sez,

    “…the Doonces before they venture off into the world? Maybe a roll-call a la Sound of Music?”

    is the roll-call that scene where the kids are on the staircase saying goodnight “Good Night, Bon Soir, Aufwiedersen* “?
    ‘cos if it is, I tewtally want to see the Doonces version.

    * I think is spelled this way. apologies if not.

  47. Teughcats says:

    “So long, farewell, auf weidersehn, au revoir”…

    Theo, I thought you were keeping this prosh sleepy one? Or is that just we peeps here trying to talk you into it?

  48. It’s a bird! It’s a …

    (Actually – it *is* a bird.)

    Well, its TEH DOONEZ!

    Merci Beaucoup To Ze Doonez’s Pere … Monsieur Theo!

  49. whoa Teughcats,

    I had it wronger than I thought! thanks for stepping in!
    confession time: I *hated* the movie; this song was the only bearable part of it.

  50. Tony James says:

    Mariser – the very same. I anticipate the Doonces stepping forwards and curtseying/bowing and doing their piece under the watchful eye of Lorna playing the role of Liesl von Trapp.

  51. “Doonces stepping forwards and curtseying/bowing”

    ::double poit::

  52. Each of the Doonces wearing a charming – but flattering – outfit made with curtains taken from T’s and Jaye’s charming – but flattering – home.

    I always liked the movie – Nuns vs. Nazis, for goodness’ sake! – in fact, the songs were my least favorite part!

  53. Cat-astrophe says:

    Theo, the Doones’ are adorable!

    I’ve been wanting to ask – how hard was it to become a “foster family?” I live in the south twin cities metro, too, and have thought for a long time about doing this. I want my kids to have the fun and experience of kittens, but don’t want to bring more into the world just for our amusement, and thought this would be a neat way for them to have that chance, and help at the same time. We’re already foster parents for humans – could the requirements for kitties be more than that?

  54. I love cute kittens, but bad grammar makes me [sic]. You can say regardless or irrespective, but not ireeeegardless.

  55. Cat-astrophe – bless you for fostering children! Bless you even more for thinking about fostering kittehs!

  56. A thinker says:

    Wow, Te-ho only just now noticing a post, and that involving the Doonses! Must be some kind of record.

  57. (whoa… you Peeps are truly Teh Shiz. Lemme answer a coupla things…)

    1) No, silly peoples. We’re not keeping any. That’s *your* rumor.
    2) If we were, it’d probably be… no no, we *aren’t*.
    3) You will FEAR the puddins! COWER!! TREMBLE!
    4) Aubrey, you get the Acronym Crown today.
    5) …I’ve been a little busy today.

  58. T.,
    the question that need an answer is:
    are the Doonces practicing their bowing and curtseying for the performance of “So long, farewell, auf weidersehn, au revoir”?
    Also, are their outfits ready?

  59. A thinker says:

    No, no, even funnier: the Doonses all arrayed in outfits made from CUT-UP PIECES OF TEHO’S KIMONO.

    *That*, I would pay to see.

  60. THINKIE, NO!! NOT THE ORNATELY EMBROIDERED KIMONO!!!! It’s the very fabric on which this website is based!

  61. Fabric?? And here I always thought that was nursery wallpaper.

  62. Tony James says:

    I think a kitten in a kimono that was just a little bit too big for him would be perfect for the finale. The sleeves would have to come a little bit past his paws, and it should be just long enough that he keeps tripping and stumbling over it. I should like to propose Kapitain Kerplop in the role of Kimono Kitten, if only for alliterative purposes.

  63. Tony James says:

    And he needs a widdle hat, too, that keeps sliding over his eyes so he has to push it out of the way.

  64. A thinker says:

    Hmmm…alternately we could attire them in cut-up pieces of the embroidered kevlar blankie cover 😉

    Kapitain Kerplop, Kimono Kitten…try saying *that* several times fast. I’m getting K exhaustion just from reading it…

  65. Tony James says:

    Tink – excellent idea! If we take the bit of the blankie cover that has the embroidered duckie on it, fashion it into a cape, then made a little mask and a top that had a big “D” on it (like Superman’s “S”), then we could have Duckin’ Doonce, Super Hero – Fighting for Snorgles, Gooshy Food, and Belly Furberts.

  66. Looks like it’s been raining kittens! Sloppy leetle piles o’ kittens all over the place.

    Yea, Teho, you’ve been busy, eh?

    Busy snorgling kitties!

    (nope . . . can’t fool us.)

  67. “You can say regardless or irrespective, but not ireeeegardless.”

    On CO, it’s frequently just fine to make up words, or make the words you already like fit even better to how you like to use them.

    With squees! and snorgles to all, as we say in the Cute Oath.

  68. Kevlar Klothes. Yes.

    T., you’re sending out your fuzzkits out into a fearsome world! They need protection!

    “Keep Your Kits in Kevlar”. I can hear it even now.

  69. Daaaaaamn. That is so cute it HURTS.

    And I KNOW I could go right down to my neighborhood Humane Society and get five just like him right this minute. I want, I want, I want to….gotta work on hubby some more. 4 cats and 4 dogs is NOT enough!

    Great pic, Theo!

  70. CoquiCoqui says:


  71. And irrespectless, that is one awesome paw-curl!

  72. Tony James says:

    [to the tune of “I am sixteen, going on seventeen”]

    “Kits in Kevlar, Bulletproof BunBuns,
    Doonces know they are squee.
    Teho protests but we all know best,
    One kitten he must keeeee-eep.”

  73. “He’ll take care of two…”

  74. Teughcats says:

    [to the tune of “Climb Ev’ry Mountain”]

    “Snorgle ev’ry kit-tee,
    So precious and so wee, Snorgle ev’ry kit-tee,
    Until they make you squee!”

  75. Tony James says:

    [sneaks away quietly while the CO Choir breaks into Edelweis and there isn’t a dry eye/seat in the house.]

  76. A thinker says:

    Duckin’ Doonce…hmm, has a ring to it.

    Man, I loves my CO peeps.

  77. Tony James says:

    America Runs On Doonces?

  78. Sometimes, the comments transcend the posts that inspire them.

    …I WUV YOU GUYS!!!

  79. A thinker says:

    Amen to T.

    And to Teej…if only.

  80. Tony James says:

    We lofs ya too, Teho 🙂

  81. *Big grins* You guys quack me up!!

  82. …and talk about an ear-worm, TJ! *hums*

  83. Doe, a deer, a female deer
    Hey, a little golden bun,
    Squee! a word I aay a lot
    Hey, kittens are such fun!

    So, a-snorgling we go
    La, with pudding in our hands
    We, the Peeps, we love CO!
    Which will bring us back to…

  84. I’m gonna have to climb ev’ry mountain to get away from this singing!

  85. Beauregard says:

    Laurie C! That was ADORABLE!

  86. A thinker says:

    Man, we gots talent here…

    WTG Laurie C!

  87. Does CO have an official song? Methinks we might!

    Brilliant, Laurie C, just brilliant!

  88. Well, not bad except for the typo — “aay” — what am I, Fonzie?

    (grumble, grumble)

  89. Tony James says:

    You’re way cooler than the Fonze, Laurie [hands L the Julie Andrews Award for Coolness While Singing] 🙂

  90. LC:

    As long as you don’t jump any sharks, you are quite safe from being The Fonz.

    CO is a grumble-free zone!

  91. Thanks, TJ.

    “I’d like to thank the Academy and all the Peeps out there…”

  92. Ooo, I luv it, LaurieC!

  93. Sung to the tune of Eidelweiss:
    Fuzzy kits
    fuzzy kits
    every morning you bounce free
    small bright eyes
    purrs and sighs
    You look ready to pounce me.

  94. (handing my award to MamaDawn)

  95. Remember, Lauri C – only four words for your acceptance speech!

  96. /or MamaDawn, as the case may be…

  97. *tears and sniffles*
    On behalf of the acatamy I accept the award… Power to the homeless pets!!

  98. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…. So cute! Look at the litle paw al curled up under his chin! Awww!
    And, aw, I can imagine giving up kitties would be hard… {{{Theo}}}

  99. “Power to the Peep-le!”

    OK, I’ll sit down…wait; who are these ushers? Do I really have to leave the Auditorium?

    HEY! Leave the fabric alone! This is a very valuable ornately embroidered kimono!

  100. Teughcats says:

    [requests memory refresher as to kimono comments]

    did that come from Theo’s trip to the “cat house”?

    [too afraid to revisit that thread…]

  101. What about a kitty with Patric Starfish from SpongeBob???

  102. Yes, TeughC. – it goes that far back. The memory of it is just too irresistable for me to leave behind.

  103. I’m almost speechless. You guys are the best. I haven’t snorted with laughter like this in a long time. “Hey, a little golden bun” just about killed me. I’ll never hear any of those songs the same ever again.

  104. And as it was entertaining in a very disturbing way, you should revisit that thread – but I don’t want to needle you about it.

  105. Us newbies would like to hear about “the cathouse”. Where is that thread?

  106. June 6, 2006 I believe. It seemed so right.

  107. Teughcats says:

    Beware of that thread – as I recall it was visited by many trolls!

    [and not the kind that live in Michigan’s lower peninsula either]

    [inside joke for the lurking Michiganders]

  108. Teughcats says:

    Aubrey – you are so punny! haha

  109. Oh dear, MamaDawn… “aCATemy”? We have a new punster here…

  110. 2Cats! I’m a transplanted Troll, myself (now live in AZ). Those crazy Yoopers, thinking they’re all so clever by calling us ‘down-staters’ such a thing.

  111. Yes, many trolls. And not one of them named Grendel, which would have at least been interesting.

  112. Ok, Michiganders, I get “Yoopers”, but why “Trolls”? Do tell!

  113. Because Trolls live below the bridge.

  114. [sigh]
    It’s golden oldies day at CO. Sound of Music… Kevlar & kimonos (yep, that was indeed from the Historic Anderson House writeup)… puddins & puns… LR and the slepping syndrome (hi Atreyu!)… just about every entry from the Glossary bandied about (with abandon)… earworms… Michigan… oh wait. Michigan’s new. Makes me think of Ann Arbor (Sisters! Nephews! Slashdotters!).

    FYI, if somebody still wants to go back & read the “Cat House” post, here it is…

  115. Aubrey… thanks for the thread. I’ve nevah been that far into Yankee territory (I’m a southern belle) but I want to go now. I loved hearing about romantic newlyweds (anyone under 15 years) cuz my better half and I will celebrate 27 years next week. Bless his heart, he’s not a cat person and we have 5.

  116. I have always preferred “Michiganian” myself. As a Metro Detroiter, does it make me less troll-like if I declare I love visiting Mackinac Island?

  117. Note to all rescue parents… I work in a radio station and we have 2 different rescue groups come in every week with a daily pet… You’d be ‘mazed how well radio works. People melt for a sob story and a kitteh buzzing into the mike. Check your local stations for something similar. The rescue groups do the screening and adopting, we do the loving.

  118. I don’t know, Laura. Mackinac Island is in the Straits, so that could be considered neutral territory. I’m thinking you haven’t overcome trollness just yet. You may have to go all the way to Lake Superior and stick your toe in the water. (BRRRRR!!!!)

  119. Hey Michiganders & Michigeese (and all your little Michigoslings)… I must say that as a geek with some sense of aesthetics, I do like the shimmery water effect on the AmyH’s Mackinaww Bridge web page. (Click, and it stops! Click again, and the ripples return!) It’s clever but not overstated. Very nice.

  120. Good point on the pronunciation. It’s pronounced “Mackinaw” and both spellings are in use depending on if you are talking about Mackinaw City, the fort, the bridge, the island, etc. Michigan is chock full of French names that have been slaughtered – Detroit? Should be De-twa, or something like that.

    And I also love the ‘old home week’ feel of today’s posts. Is there anything left in teh glossary that we’ve missed so far?

  121. misschelley says:

    ahem…{clears voice, sits up straight, readies self for singing} to go along with the sound of music theme …
    a few of my favourite things
    whiskers on kittens, kittens asleep on big golden birds wings,
    batting away at blue satin sashes, snorgle kitties with the moon in the windows….

  122. (let’s see, do I want to do my Bob Dylan voice, or my Axl Rose? Hmm… maybe a little of both…)

    “Kittens, take your claws outa me
    “I can’t take ’em anymore
    “It’s gettin’ dark, too dark to see
    “Feel like sleppin’ right here on the floor…”
    “Slep, slep, slepping on April’s floor
    “Slep slep sleppin’ on April’s floor (haow, haow, owh oh yeeah)…”

  123. C’mon, Theo. Everyone knows that if you don’t want anyone to have something, you swallow it. Kittens included. GET WITH THE PROGRAM.

  124. “Cute Overload Revisited”

    Now the fifth kitten on the twelfth night
    Told Mama Lorna that things weren’t right
    My siblings she said just don’t wanna fight
    She said come here and mind that you don’t bite she says hmm you’re right
    Let me tell Mr. T. that this is their mood
    But Mr. T was with his peeps on Cute Overload
    And they were all out to foster another brood.

  125. This has been a most entertaining visit, peeps! Thank you for the Cat House link, Theo –
    somehow I missed that one, and it certainly explains the kimono “threads” running through here lately! (Very sweet story, by the way)

  126. Theo:

    The best thing about fostering is that you get to have kittens all the time! And endless supply of kittens! Of course in an ideal world they would be no need for forstering, but at least people like you help the cause.

  127. gosh.
    I leave in the middle of “The Sound of Music” revival and come back to, erm,… not quite sure exactly. it seems to feature Axl Rose, somehow.

  128. Miss a minute, miss a lot. And we missed you while you were gone.

    I also seemed to have missed some work. Whoops…

  129. If you guys wanna see a true cat house, check out this home…

    It is TRULY aMAZing.

  130. thanks AmyH,

    I *had* to leave. at some point the authorities were going to get suspicious…

  131. Me again . . .

    Make sure you go on the tour of the house… follow the links.


  132. DH,

    that cathouse is amazing, as you said. makes me feel like an inadequate mom to my fuzzies.

  133. The authorities? You mean the CO Time Monitors? I’m going to be so busted today…

  134. mariser-
    I agree! Didn’t you love the picture of the cat footie poking out from under the bathroom door? A classic in any cat house.

  135. Your favorite word is not a word!

  136. AuntieMame says:

    Yes, we’ve established that.

    MOST of the CO favorite words are not words.

    Can we move on?

  137. Apologies, AmyH. I realized after I mentioned Mackinac Island that it was a gray area. My hubby and I do often visit the U.P. before we head home from our fudge snarfing/butterfly admiring/horseback riding adventures, though. Love the leaves in the fall! I still prefer “Looper” to troll, though. 🙂

  138. WickedWendy says:

    Awww…He looks like my Scooter!! Scooter was 18 and passed away last month from the scorching California heat we had for a couple of weeks. If I lived in Minn I would scoop this cutie up in a heartbeat!!! So adorable!

  139. WW, I’m so sorry! Hot weather is EVIL, I tell you – EVIL!!

  140. ROFL….sleppin’ on April’s floor…oh yeeah….

  141. WickedW,

    so sorry to hear. (((hugs)))
    the weather in Cali was insane; I hope is moderated a little (for you too, Aub)
    your Scooter did live a long, and I am sure, happy life.

  142. 91 degrees today. It was practically BALMY.

  143. 88 here. had to get out the sweaters and mittens.

  144. Sweaters and…KITTENS???


  145. “Miss a minute, miss a lot.”

    WOW, AmyH, that about sums it up. Here at my post-dinner check-in with the peeps and I tink I missed the party [sniff]. All y’all are a crazy, wild bunch’o’nuts!

    “That’s what I like about you…” [rocks out]

  146. p.s. I forgot to say how adorable this periwinkle kitteh looks on yellow April fluff.

  147. Wow. Looks like a lot went on here today. Musicals have been started. Threats have been made of dessert fights with no actual flinging. And kittens have been slepping.

    Which Doone is the one slepping on the yellow birdie, by the way?

    The Doone family has been lucky to have Theo as a primate overseer. They are sure to accomplish much snorgling in their happy lives.

  148. Theo, kiss each of the Doonses goodbye for us…we’ll miss them too.

  149. WW– huge hugs over the loss of Scooter. We lost Anne McCatfrey this summer at the age of 23… so I know. My 18 year old son was her “kitten” and it took him a while to warm up to the new guys, but he’s ok now. This has been our first week of not-100 degree temperatures. Maybe now I can get the cats out of the tub (cool tubs on a fuzzy tummy must be heaven).

  150. Lol, jaypo, yeah!!! Rocks out!
    Periwinkle is perfect description.

    I am gettin’ kind sniffy at the thought of the Doonses goin’ to new homes.

    But, Theo as “primate overseer”….yeah…I can see that 🙂 😉

  151. MamaDawn….Anne McCatfrey…excellent! We have an Erwin Schroedinger here! Didn’t know if he was going to live or die at first. 😛

  152. Lemura — I *think* that’s Fuzz Doone on April, in that shot. So, our only gray girl. Just happens to be the same kitten that’s presently spazzing out in my lap. Ooh ooh SHIRT-TAILZ! RAAAAHRR! (which actually ends up coming out more like scrabble scrabble claw claw peep, ker-flop).

  153. Too embleer cute for words! Fuzzywuzzywuzzy! GAH!

  154. Boxcar cat update, peeps!

    Tonight we trapped Momcat F for spaying. W00t! This is her:
    She is the mother of the first kitten I rescued, Kitten N/Nanite, now adopted as Creampuff. The interesting thing about this is, we haven’t seen Momcat F in something like six weeks. Creampuff’s sibs didn’t get rescued, and they’ve been “fostered” by Momcat A, whose full litter we did catch. When she did show up tonight, Momcat F did look pregnant, so we may have saved an extra litter of kittens from being born.

  155. Momcat F is the black-and-white in the photo, btw.

  156. Wow, Laurie C, those are some INTENSE looking kitties! Mom looks like she could twist someone who tried to mess with her and her kids ten ways ’til Friday.

    I’m glad the trapping and speutering is going well!

  157. You go Laurie C! I wish everyone was as patient and loving!!

  158. Arvay — gold star for the Watership-Down-ism. (Dang, we really *are* re-hashing all the old threads today!)

    Laurie C — Momcat F really has that feral [SCOWL] perfected, eh? Even *I’m* impressed.

  159. lemura, she did thrash around quite a bit in the carrier till we covered it with a sheet.

    Yes, we’re actually still trapping with a cat carrier, rather than a live animal trap. It seems to work, as long as you’re quick enough to slam the door and hold it once they’ve gone in for the tuna. Luckily, this colony is used to coming relatively near people who are feeding them.

  160. Wasn’t it Dorothea Lang who took photographs of people in the U.S. during the Depression???

    This is like the feline version (the boxcar kitties).

  161. LC:

    Yes, Mom looks like she could Mess Someone Up Real Bad if she gets ruffled – have a care; she might be hiding a shiv!

    TV’S Frank: “I’m gonna cut you man! I’m gonna cut you a second smile, Daddy-O!”

    Whew. Didn’t know where that came from. Carry on, peeps. I need to lie down.

  162. lemura, one big difference is, these cats do get a fair bit to eat. They get fed so regularly that they have a pretty cushy feral life. They don’t have to go scrounging in garbage cans like lots of colonies.

  163. LC, I’m glad they’re well fed. She still has that lean *tomorrow never knows* look though. And I don’t blame her.

    Aubrey, reeelaaaax! It’ gonna be OK. +;D

  164. (opens eyes)

    whaaa…’Tomorrow Never Knows’ wasn’t that a Beatles song – from the ’60’s? All these lyrics circling around…Bob Dylan…Julie Andrews (passes out)

  165. musicchick2 says:

    Theo, what a great guy you are to foster these adorable widdo babies! I agree with those who’ve said they couldn’t part with them at the end though. It would be VERY difficult. I’ve had cats all my life. Right now I only have 2, but have had to develop willpower because I RENT!

    One positive to NOT keeping them is avoiding a situation like THIS! Your water bill would go through the roof! Enjoy peoples, this is HILARIOUS!!!

  166. Fuzz Doone reminds me a little bit like Cookie Monster, kinda blueish, rather fluffeh…uh, maybe its too late and my eyes are crossing…

  167. I think the bluish cast was lent by the late-afternoon sky. There’s an open window behind the photographer (me) in that shot. I didn’t use the flash.

  168. Midnight here and Momcat F (still in the carrier till she goes to the vet first thing in the a.m.) sounds in my “recovery space” like she’s trying to work her way out of the carrier. She’s a fiesty one, all right, as some of you suspected. Even the male I trapped didn’t try that.

  169. Theo—- At least it’s not as blue as that kitty pic I took! LOL. Just wanted to hop in and give you a shout on the wonderful work you’re doing. Oh yeah….I ended up keeping one of those polys. Now I have 3 cats. It’s getting harder and harder to convince people I’m not a “cat person”.

  170. Carlisa — ah yes, I do seem to recall…

    (is that *really* a Blue Couch behind teh kitters??)

  171. *Blue* kitten, Car! Zounds! Looks like a Hockney painting…

  172. *Gasp* Beautiful Blue Kitten.
    *Deep breaths, deep breaths*

    The “tomorrow” word reminded me of a great sign I saw at the Cheeseburger in Caseville Festival last week:

    “FREE BEER, tomorrow only.”

    Off to shop.

    (Still wants blue kitteh)

  173. We have a local B&B joint here (beer and burger), that has the same “FREE BEER, tomorrow only” sign. I always loved that sign. It’s neon. MMMmmmm . . . sparkly.

    I think we need to further look into this Teho as a primate thing.

    Velllly interestink!

  174. Ok spelling buffs! Irregardless is a recognized word in the dictionary.

  175. Have you peeples tried googling ireegardless?

    There are 4 pages of links with that exact spelling of the word.

    I think Meg is years ahead of her own time in vocab.

  176. We all know, of course, the paradox of having a correct spelling for a nonword: “irregardless.” OED def–

    “In non-standard or humorous use: regardless.”

  177. Laurie C–

    Congrats on getting Momcat F!!!!!

    I know it must *feel* like emptying the ocean with a cup, but it all does make a difference, eventually.

    Hope she and carrier box are in good shape after the evening’s escape plot.
    She may have shredded her claws, but in the long run, she’ll be so much better off.

    Just don’t ask her opinion of things.
    You don’t want to know.

  178. lauowolf – it turns out she wasn’t trying to bash it apart or tunnel out, but she tried to drag the drop sheet on the floor, and then the bedsheet that was over the carrier, through the front grille. Go figure. She did have a nice comfy towel to sleep on already.

    My ocean metaphor is “shoveling sand against the tide”. But I like yours, too.

  179. Garden Gnome says:


    I think that was kind of the point. You’ll note that stylin’ the language is one of CO’s favorite pasttimes. Plus, its usage is made famous by one of my favorite characters ever!

    “Irregardless, Marge!”

  180. Laurie C-

    “Shoveling sand.”

    Well, I’ve lived in this same neighborhood (student, urban) for about 30 years.
    I used to find abandoned, lost kittens on the street all the time.
    (My major source of kittehs.)
    Our shelter used to euthenize routinely.
    A lot.

    I haven’t found a stray kitten for *years*.
    (I do still get the occasional cat left behind to fend for itself at the end of term. Snarl.)
    Our shelter is now virtually no-kill.
    (They do have a very occasional unsafe, unferal, unplaceable animal — perhaps one or two a year.)

    When I needed my last cat I HAD TO GO TO THE SHELTER TO FIND ONE.
    This is a major sea change; it’s happened under my eyes.
    And its people like you that have caused it to happen.

    This may be one of the few completely wonderful things I’ve seen happen in my lifetime.

  181. lauowolf – Wow, where is such a place?? Can you move here and effect such a sea change? Definitely hasn’t happened here yet. I would love to live to see the day…

  182. “When I needed my last cat”

    Lauowolf – sometimes a person goes beyond merely wanting a pet.

    Like I need to catnap those kittehs that constantly ambush-snorgle me on my walk home, but there are laws…

  183. Our house rule is absolutely no adopting cats who obviously already have homes!

  184. I’ve always been the adoptee of stray kittehs… I don’t think you can adopt a cat that doesn’t want to be adopted… but as Laurie C demonstrates, you can get them to want you.

  185. Lauwolf, when I adopted my black-magic Bluto boy, he regularly kept to his begging rounds, worrying me endlessly about where he was (took awhile to detrain him of being a full-time outdoor cat). So I had a tag made for him and it said, “I’m just visiting. I eat and sleep at home.” That fixed it. He came home one day with a note in his collar saying, “You have a really nice cat. –Trish” He *was* a really nice cat!

  186. Fuzzy O’Fuzzerson and the Fuzzmatics. Cute kitties.

    Bravo to everyone who adopts and fosters shelter aminals, er, animals. Too many wonderful critters don’t have a place to call home because people have to have ‘purebreds’.

    A healthy ‘mongrel’ shelter animal will have fewer behavior problems, and be less susceptible to disease (due to diversity of the genome and all kinds of other stuff I get paid to know about) – not to mention the fact that they’re happy as all get-out to have a home. They really are grateful when someone adopts them and looks after them.

    To anyone who is undecided, make your next pet a shelter pet, please. A pet should be a friend, not a status symbol.

  187. This talk of fostering warms my heart. I wish I was allowed to have more kits in my apartment! I have one stray rescue, and one that I got from the friend of a co-worker, whose cat got preggers before they could have her spayed. They were lucky enough to find loving homes for all Riley’s brothers and sisters!

    Norm was the stray kitten, part of the kitteh mafia we had living behind our house. They were all pretty wild and wouldn’t come too close to us. One day I was watching TV, and my mom went outside to hang laundry on the line…when she came back in, she found this little ball of gray fur wandering around the kitchen, taking in her new surroundings! She liked what she saw, I guess, because five years later, she sleeps on my pillow.

    I would like to nap with this little guy. I think we’d both be purring.

  188. I love to hear the happy fostering stories. My daughter and I have been rounding up guinea pigs dropped off at the Humane Society.
    She sends me a picture of one on IM and I send back, “Go get it!”
    Two of my best pigs right now were dumped at the shelter.
    Nice animals, they just need people who want to take care of them! Having animals is a bit of WORK. Duh. When my kids’ friends ask about getting one of our pigs they get the lecture about how much work and responsibility it is.

    This is still one of my favorite kitty pics! Mmmmmm. Kiss kiss kiss.

  189. Lauri, I absolutely love guinea pigs! My last one passed away a couple of summers ago. They are such sweeties, really good for children who are responsible and want a pet of their own (NB: “responsible”. And their parents should be too, obviously!).

    Our two cats came as adults from a no-kill shelter and are absolutely the most social, affectionate, and healthy cats I’ve ever known (admittedly I’m biased AND I grew up with dogs, but I do know and have sat for many cats). They certainly adopted us, not the other way around, and I’m constantly grateful that we were so lucky.

  190. MadMike sez,

    “…diversity of the genome and all kinds of other stuff I get paid to know about”

    neat-o! a scientist among us!

    and totally support your statement and sentiment.

  191. mariser

    Thanks – I’m trained in biochem and clinical pharmacy, actually.

  192. MadM,

    you are welcome. I was being a bit facetious/silly.
    Biochem…that was by far the class I suffered the most through in college.

    /not a clinical pharmacist
    //or a biochemist
    ///not that there is anything wrong with it!

  193. oh emm gee, i have this as my background now and i cant stop stroking the lil kiddy awwwww

  194. This is one seriously loooong lasting comment block.

    What is the record for most posts under a single pic, anyone know?

  195. Errr…DH…there was another post…it was something about a kitten and a baby…you don’t wanna know any more…Trust Me.

    I know what I’m doing.

  196. Uh, yeah, DH, for your own protection and sanity, best not to inquire further.

    It *did* run to over 1000 comments, tho, if I remember correctly.

  197. Oh . . . erg . . . I remember that post.

    Yes . . . let’s not go there.

    I’ll just say . . . bad baby!

  198. Okay . . . I’ll also say this . . .

    Cute Overload, the #1 choice of kittens, but not kittens being chewed on.

    Oops. Did I go too far? I went “there” after all, didn’t I?

  199. Stop DH! You’re being sucked into the vortex! Run away! Run away!

  200. nawmnawmnawm. burp.

  201. ROFL…..DH……TOO funny….you DID go “there”.

    See you on the Dark Side!!!

  202. Ok, I did it. I set this perfect periwinkle fuzzmuffin as my desktop.


  203. I know where you desktop-wallpaper folks can get a 1024×768 size version of this pic…

  204. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Aubrey! I too am a MSTie! Gawd, I miss that show…

    So imagine the wee fuzzy grey kitling sleeping truly on Big Bird’s wing: can’t you just hear Big Bird softly singing it a silly lullabye?

  205. His fur makes me think of a little monkey.

  206. Brak S., the lullaby would this one above:
    “Sung to the tune of Eidelweiss:
    Fuzzy kits
    fuzzy kits
    every morning you bounce free
    small bright eyes
    purrs and sighs
    You look ready to pounce me.”

  207. Brak, that little exchange between TV’s Frank and Dr. F was one of my favorite MST3K moments.

    And you might hear Big Bird singing, I hear Winky, from “Manhunt in Space”, singing ‘Sleepy Little Fellah’. But that was creepy. This, on the other hand, breaks the Cute Meeper Meter.

  208. Theo, will ya stop??? I was breathless for a good 6 seconds with that desktopable pic. And, thanks….it’s up there! 🙂

    Laurie C…lol….excellent little kitty ditty. “You look ready to pounce me.”….you guys need to copyright all this creativity afore someone “steals” it……YARGH!

    Oh, OMT, (I do go on and on) MST3K……..ROFL.

  209. Ummm. One MORE Thing.

    The desktop image Theo offered us has me leaning further and further into the screen. I will soon simply be sucked in…to live forever amidst the ducky fur and cuddly periwinkle fluff. Heaven.

  210. Maybe its because my 15 year-old kitteh is a tuxedo with pink inside her ears, but the grey in and outside little sleeping posh’s ears just kills me. I just wanna kiss little Perri Doonces nigh nights.

    I’m going nigh nights myself.

    . . . can’t keep e y e s o p e n a n y l o n g e r . . .


  211. Credit where it’s due: the Eidelweiss song was MamaDawn’s, upthread.

  212. thanks, LC….me, too…tie tie….and nite nites….

  213. Theo—-Haha! I can’t believe you still have that pic. That blue girl ended up with a real nice family that already has 5 other cats. Each of them have their own canopy bed and the woman takes them for stroller rides and dresses them sometimes.

    Jaypo—Most people just have cat carriers, but you had a carrier cat! Cute story :o) I think I’ll send my 3 out with notes asking to attach money. Make the furry trio earn their keep :oP

  214. Grammar Girl says:

    “Ireegardless” cannot be her fave word, because IT IS NOT A WORD AT ALL. The word is “regardless” and that’s that. oi veh.

  215. Sleeeeeepy bloo KITTEHS

    ARG! Why do I visit this site when I’m underslept and am trying to give up caffeine?….zzzznorrrgzzzz

  216. Grammar Girl — I think you’ll find that language is very fluid, here. The words need to grow & change as fast as the kittens they strive to describe.

  217. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Aubrey: “I just wanted to wear lederhosen! Is that so wrong??”

  218. Irregardless can be her favorite word because she SAYS it is.

    That’s all it takes. It’s in the Rules of the Milky Way Galaxy which I just made up.

    And, if you’re going to claim it isn’t even a word, please spell it correctly.

    (snarky, I know, I recently spelled especially wrong, but it was really a typo)

  219. hrh.squeak says:


    Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and definition/spelling of established words have rules, which we here at Cute Overload respect and try to honor (unless we’re typing while we laugh/snorgle the screen/squeee/implode or explode of head/etcetera). We regard lexicography as an art form; a living, changing expression of a living, changing world. So we make up our own durn words, and we’re proud of it. It’s *fun*.

    *end pontification*