Rule #27: Shifty Eyes are cute

You don’t have to be furry to be cute. Case in point, Sir Shifts-a-lot here, with this completely flexible eyeballage and ability to balance on BLADES O’ GRASS.

Hells to the yes, teeny tailio!


Brillo submishe, Jenny S. One of my favorites.



  1. tugg's mom says:

    not cute….

  2. erm,
    is this a chameleon?
    !yay! a new cute rule!
    even though is this particular case, it seems to overlap with the eye capsule rule.
    shifty eyes, shifty coloring; don’t think this guy can be trusted.

  3. Tony James says:

    Would You Buy Car Insurance From This Man?

  4. lil dinosauer

  5. Denita TwoDragons says:

    *sigh* As I tell my 4-year-old son: “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

    There are plenty of other critters at this site to coo over to your heart’s content. Go look at them if this particular one doesn’t appeal to you.

    As for myself, I just LOVE his perfectly-curled little tail! *LOL*


  6. awww.. too cute! i used to have a baby veiled chameleon just like this one. they are so sweet!

  7. acelightning says:

    I’m not sure I’d call it *cute*, but it made me laugh.

  8. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Bwaahahaha! I just got a good look at his gangly legs and his “oven-mitt” feet! So goofy-cute!


  9. D2D – I say AMEN bruthuh!!

  10. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Looks kinda grumpy, ‘I am trying to match the background, it’s just not working at the moment’

  11. [re your first post]

  12. “goofy-cute”! He is the *definition* of goofycute!

  13. D2D sez,

    “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”
    I’m rather fond of the variation:
    “”If you have nothing nice to say, come and sit by me.”

  14. His demeanor reminds me of a grumpy comedian…

  15. LOL at Hon. GA,
    ‘I am trying to match the background, it’s just not working at the moment’

    please be patient….

  16. [low, chunky, street-sweeper voice]
    “Tiptoe, through the tulips…”

  17. Okay, now Meg is making up her own street/ghetto language. Hello, blond white chick? 😀

    Yes, the oven-mits and the curly-Q tail rule!

  18. you guys r silly says:

    holy schamoly!
    How is it
    to be
    sooooooooooo teeny tiny
    that you actually
    and how very very cute!!!)

  19. Aw, he’s cute!!!
    More like “tiptoe atop the astroturf”!
    I love the tailio, and he looks kinda velvety to me! love the colors!
    I wanna scritch his lil belleh.

  20. It’s so cool looking! As for cute, there are cute elements (the tail especially), but somehow the whole is less than the sum of its parts. I like ‘im, tho!

  21. you guys r silly says:

    You could *tickle* him between his

  22. herpantsness says:

    OOH! His scales, zey almost look velvety. And that tail looks like a french curve. *gently kisses tip of tail*

  23. herpantsness says:

    ceebs: yay on the velvet!

  24. I LOVE CHAMELEONS!!! sooooo freaking cute!

  25. How excruciatingly cute. If I had this lil’ guy he would stay on my shoulder all day long and I would wear him everywhere and feed him tiny tiny tidbits.

  26. oh, yeah ‘youguys’ the ribs! the ribs! get that chameleon a sammich! or name it Nicole Richie!

  27. you guys r silly says:

    I love the look on his little face : He looks like he was either just THINKING of doing something naughty, or was just caught in the actual act of BEING naughty…
    *smooches* to you precious tiny lizard guy!!!
    (*very*carefully* smooches the top of his wee headsie, making sure I don’t schlurp him up into my mouth by mistake…)

  28. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Ceejoe: “D2D – I say AMEN bruthuh!!”

    Thanks! But…um…*looks down at prominent chest*…I teenk you gots de gender wrong, m’dear. 😉 Yeah, the anonymity of the intarwebs can cause some confoosableness at times…*grin*

    If I had this li’l dude, I’d be tempted to overfeed him crickets just to watch him snap them up with his rocket-propelled tongue. Anyone else ever seen them catch a bug? It’s wicked cool!!


  29. D2D – lol, just a generic expression. Sistuh!

  30. you guys r silly says:

    ceebs: “Nichole Richie”…

  31. This one made me giggle instead of my usual “aawww.”

    Love him!

  32. A thinker says:

    Oh My Goodness!

    The grumpy lizard face, juxtaposed with the fairy-delicate little lizard legs and tail.

    Me lubs him very much.

  33. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Ceejoe: No probs. *hoists cup* Coffee…? 🙂


  34. eeeeep! Thinkie, it *is* a gallant faerie mount, a little grumplet dragon. Pretty pretty colors.

  35. chilledcat says:

    Is this a new cute rule? Long, curly-qued tailio? Yay! And perfect balance.

  36. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Jaypo, Grumplet Dragon…thats perfect.

  37. JP,

    I love it. only here in CO would a chameleon be described as a ‘gallant faerie mount’, ‘little grumpley dragon’. jus’ beetiful.
    did you wake up in the lyrical side of the bed?

  38. Awww…SO cute!
    Little baby monster!

  39. you guys r silly says:

    I ALSO love the beautiful visual created by
    “gallant faerie mount” !

  40. Little pinprick nostrils make me giggle.

  41. peeeeenk!
    and i do believe he’s floating.

  42. martha in mobile says:

    He reminds me of the little gecko that clings to the outside of my kitchen window screen every night, catching moths while I wash dishes.

  43. brownamazon says:

    Surprised nobody has mentioned:
    “Karmakarmakarmakarmakarma chameleon,
    you’re on CO, you’re on CO.”
    Also: it’s got elbows. Adorable little knobbly elbows like… like… JJ Walker?? DY-NO-MITE! Actually make that DINO MITE!

  44. “did you wake up in the lyrical side of the bed?”

    mariser, I know only by rumour that there is a non-lyrical side…but I’ve never been there. 😉

  45. Cute in a silly sort of way. (and, silly in a cute sort of way)
    His little “oven-mit” feets remind me of the sleestack(sp?) from Land of the Lost.
    Gotta run, I’m suddenly inspired to install SuSe Linux on my PC.

  46. brownamazon sez,
    “Surprised nobody has mentioned:…”

    we were saving it for you. and *thanks* (NOT!) for the earworm. aaaaghhh!

    sounds loverly. were I you, I wouldn’t get up.

  47. He has worried look!!

  48. Cute Rules: make one about curly-Q tails!

    I also love the “goofy-cute” description!

  49. Jenni, like many athletes I think he’s worried ’cause he’s on Astrolizardturf.

    To all you not-cuters: what’s not to love? Eye capsules, teeny curly tail, and as someone pointed out, oven mitt feets.

    Plus, if you stare at the screen long enough, his little eyeball appears to move. Or, I’ve had too much coffee.

  50. Genevieve says:

    Love love love love love

  51. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Does this little lizard/iguana/whatever he is do yoga?? Is he using his innate strength and muscle to lift himself above the blades of grass?? I am befuddled. It’s a strange, National Geographic kind of phenomenon that will require that wait for some weekend at 2am, to find out the answer (when those nature specials start airing on tv). Also, the flexible eyeballage!! He is presently staring at our C.O. audience (staring at him), self-consciously wondering if there is ketchup on his face, or something, from yesterday’s barbeque.

  52. Denise,

    I was reading your post and nodding in agreement until the last line “…wondering if there is ketchup on his face, or something, from yesterday’s barbeque.”, where I almost choked laughing.

  53. That looks like stiff fake grass to me. The same stuff they make Christmas trees out of.

    I think Meg could stand on that grass and not bend it.

    (as I love to say . . . )
    That being said . . . He’s so prosh with that tail that I want to pick him up and put him in my pocket!

  54. Yes, very cute and goofy. My local pet store sometimes has a tank full of these tiny little dudes… all less than 2 inches long minus the tail… I always wanna take them all home, but chameleons just don’t survive well here. Cute but sad. 😦

  55. not “stuff him in your mouf”, DH?

  56. I spent 12 weeks in Tanzania a few years ago. Me and the other students in my group thought chameleons were great and cute and we caught them and played with them whenever possible. We very soon came to realize that the Africans would avoid us whenever we were in possession of one of these funnily cute creatures. They thought chameleons were ugly and emanated the “evil eye.” What a different perspective.

  57. A thinker says:

    Good one, Jaypo!

  58. Mitten hands!!!

    If he were mine I would name him Squiggy!

  59. From the Ballet des Reptiles:
    ‘Poit’ Cinque Positions des

  60. now that IS cute!!!!! there is so much cute stuff today! it made me very happy thank you meg 😀 xx

  61. Oh man, that little guy is so tiny! Look at him stay on top of those blades of grass like he’s walking with snow shoes! SO CUTE! Curly-Q tail helps too.

  62. He really does have that elaborately casual air that means somewhere behind him is some serious mischief.

    (“Nothin’ to look at back there, folks.
    I’m just a-walkin’ away, whistling. Those loud crashes behing me mean nothin’,
    La la la la la….”)

    I only wonder what chameleons DO to get into trouble?
    Were this my cat, there’d be a little tip of rodent tail hanging out one corner of his mouth.

  63. Looks like he is standing on his tippy toes!! I think it is cute!

  64. The eyes are cute, the tail is cute, the feet are cute, and I love the subtle and delicate green-and-pink colouration!

  65. proof that smallness can convert almost anything to adorability.

    i had a baby ratsnake once that would curl around my wrist like a bracelet – the BOMB!

  66. Heehee!! It looks like he’s hovering OVER the grass. He could be some sort of grass fairy…lol.

  67. Yeah, this wee ’tile is way grumpy. I can totally see him muttering, “Goldurn no-good kids…I told them to keep off my lawn…”

    The coolest thing about these little guys is watching them walk around. They wobble on purpose, mimicking the fluttering of leaves and branches.

  68. A guy with a gecko walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Hey, you have a gecko on your shoulder.”

    The guy says, “Yeah, his name is Tiny”

    “Really, why is his name Tiny?”

    “Because he’s my newt.”

    (May need to say punch-line out loud…)

  69. AmyH, should I hit you now, or later? Your choice.

  70. Aub,

    just because someone *finally* scored a point in the Punnic Wars, now you threaten violence?

    tsk, tsk.

  71. HAHAHA! A pun to make even Aubrey groan. And people thought it couldn’t be done!

    Feel free to use it with all of your friends. They’ll LOVE you! Trust me!

  72. A thinker says:

    “my newt”

    AHAHAHAHAHA! Aubrey, finally bested at the Punnic wars…

  73. That is the most perfectly curly tail in the history of tail curls.

  74. Hahaha, AmyH! But I fear there may be black smoke a-billowing from the Punnic battlefield. Hammiebal Barka will soon trudge a herd of baby elephants over the treacherous Yalps.

  75. Aubrey seems to have larger punnery stores. I’m more of a pun-for-hire. I’d best make my hasty retreat and rely on strategic pun-lobbing.

  76. Ok this is completely off topic, but I just heard this joke yesterday, and AmyH’s joke made me think of it…

    Did you hear what the yogi said to the NYC hotdog vendor?

    Make me one with everything.

  77. I do love the visuals, jaypo!

  78. Still and all, AmyH, nicely done. And it had to happen; I newt.

  79. haven’t read every comment so don’t know if someone else said this, but this little dewd appears to be of the sort i saw on “the jeff corwin experience” and is thus the smallest lizard species on yon planet and fits on one’s finger. i could be wrong, however. i love his kermit the frog-ish arms. 😀

  80. Thanks, Aubrey! As they say, all’s fair in cute and war.

  81. Jeff Corwin is a maniac. Love him to death.

  82. Piggalette says:

    /teenage girl

    Jeff Corwin is totally hott!

    /end teenage girl

    (but, really, yeah he’s good lookin’.)

  83. acelightning says:

    Ceejoe – the hot dog vendor does, and the yogi hands him a $20. he waits a moment, and then says, “but where’s my change?” And the hot dog vendor says, “Change must come from within!”

  84. A thinker says:

    Since nobody else said it…

    The obligatory *groan* @ ceejoe…

  85. A thinker says:

    …as well as to acelightning…

  86. Ooh, are there punnic turfwars going on in here??
    [settles back]
    [plops giant popcorn tub onto lap]
    [sips from 164-oz. bucket of diet cola]

  87. LOL….you GUUUYS, are so funny. The thought of this adorable little grumplet singing in a raspy streetcleaner’s voice, “tiptoe tru da tulips..”…oh man oh man.
    And AmyH, I lurve that joke!!!
    …and…Aubrey’s reaction to it! Aub, you’re being punsessive!

    ceejoe….what’s the one that goes with it? The guy takes his hot dogs and asks for his change.
    The hotdog vendor replies “I can’t give you change. Change comes from within.”

  88. Dammit! Sorry, acelightning, I didn’t read far enough down! LOL….gotta love yoga jokes! Few though they may be! 😉

  89. Here is a food joke I heard just yesterday.

    Two muffins were sitting in an oven. One says “Holy sh*t, I’m burning up!” The other one says, “Holy sh*t, a talking muffin!”

  90. LOL… change must come from within… a talking muffin…

    Man, I lurve you peeps!

  91. AHAHAHA – Lauri! I’m sooo using that one.
    [Off to find a co-worker who will still talk to me after the newt joke.]

    How do you circumcise a whale?

    You send down four skin divers.

  92. I can’t bear Yogi jokes.

    But a talking muffin bakes my day.

  93. *shrieks* ….four skin divers!!!

    wait wait….what’s the one about the submarine being full of seamen…..

  94. AHAHAHAH can’t bear yogi jokes…

  95. falnfenix says:


  96. AuntieMame says:

    Oh, stop with all the jokes! It’s hard enough to look like I’m seriously working when I’m not giggling like an idiot.

    (Can’t bear Yogi jokes…)

    And Jeff Corwin is totally hot. You don’t have to be a teenager to appreciate that! The episode on the river where he had his shirt off…oh my…

    The little lizard grumpus is awfully cute, too.

  97. What I really like about J. Corwin is that he really is completely insane.

    When he was trying to talk to those giant river otters…

  98. Heather S. says:

    I just wanted to share this video for Denita TwoDragons, this guy is just to funny snatching his prey up…

  99. A Fine Morsel says:

    What cute feet!

  100. 100th!

  101. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Heather S.: Thanks! It’s so amazing to watch them flick that tongue out and snap up bugs. It’s literally so fast that you have to have a high-speed camera to catch it!

    I wonder how they do it…*dashes off to Wikipedia to research*


  102. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Yay! Question answered!

    Did’ja know they’re stone deaf, too…?

    Wow! What an amazing critter!


  103. Mein gott!! Does this mean zat if zey ate puddink, zey would haf ein puddinkpault in ze tumtum?

  104. Hannah Jane Back says:

    I WANT ONE!!!!!!!

  105. Yeah, yeah, Fritzie. The ‘pudding’ will be in the tumtum. ‘Pudding’ – that’s a cipher for Berlin, eh? Eh? and what about ‘tumtum’? And what about that hamster t-shirt you’re wearing? So the guns are coming in from Hamburg? Ah, hell – she’s not talking. Biggles! Get her out of here! We’ll continue the interrogation later. And is my Yorkshire pudding ready yet?

  106. kitty kat says:

    hehehe, my friend had one of those, they’re so cool, their eyes are wicked, its funny when u see them looking in 2 opposite directions at the same time

  107. “He’s man enough to wear pink.
    And he’s got that curley tail.
    I’m in love!”
    — my 17 year-old daughter.

    Should I be worried???

  108. You should maybe just explain that someone like the guy we’re seeing above would be likely to change from day to day – possibly from minute to minute!

  109. And then there’s the complicated smoochin’ to consider.
    Think about it.

  110. chet's momma says:

    he’s thinking, “does this grass make my ‘tocks look big?”

  111. A thinker says:

    Man, would he give some *really* good tongue 😉

  112. lauwolf,

    your daughter is adorable! (but you already know that). I can totally agree on the ‘man enough to wear pink’, but, erm, I’m not quite *sure* that a ‘curley tail’ is in my list of requirements, but hey…


    tsk, tsk, tsk.

  113. A thinker says:

    I know :/ Couldn’t resist.

  114. *snort* Thinky! If ya like the Marty Feldman type! 😉

    Ya know the more I look at those prongs he’s standing on, it looks like any second he’s going to go *sproing* straight up into the air and out of teh picture!

  115. lauowolf, your daughter is awesome! She has excellent taste!

  116. [Deep bow to AmyH, Audrey, A Thinker, Jeff Corwin and Lauowolf’s daughter]

    [Tries to straighten up … Ouch.]

    …Happens when you bow too low too many.

    [Ouch again]

    [Creaking sound]

    Ah. Am straight again.

    Chameleonine cuteness!!!! EEEEEE!!!

  117. [Deep bow to AmyH, Audrey, A Thinker, Jeff Corwin and Lauowolf’s daughter]

    [Tries to straighten up … Ouch.]

    …Happens when you bow too low too many.

    [Ouch again]

    [Creaking sound]

    Ah. Am straight again.

    Chameleonine cuteness!!!! EEEEEE!!!

  118. [Deep bow to AmyH, Audrey, A Thinker, Jeff Corwin and Lauowolf’s daughter]

    [Tries to straighten up … Ouch.]

    …Happens when you bow too low too many.

    [Ouch again]

    [Creaking sound]

    Ah. Am straight again.

    Chameleonine cuteness!!!! EEEEEE!!!

  119. Erm … I meant “straight” as in “erect”.

  120. Damn, I didn’t mean “erect” as in “erect” for Chrissakes – I meant … oh, you know what I meant. My back is straight again.


  121. SubH, [snort] I can see us getting on a fifth-grade rampage if we’re not careful. Er…I didn’t mean “gettin’ on” as in “get IT on” honest, I meant it more like… you know…

  122. I’ve warned her that, sensitive as he might seem, he’s really cold-blooded underneath.

  123. Subhangi:

    For those aching joints, and to soothe the skin, may I suggest some camo-leon lotion?

  124. I’ve warned her that, sensitive as he might seem, he’s really cold-blooded underneath.

  125. And Aubrey makes the usual grand entrance on a spectacular pun! Morning, Aubrey.

  126. Puns and coffee. A great CO way to start the day!

  127. Good morning, kids. Bagel with cream cheese and coffee, for me, please.

  128. I’ve warned her that, sensitive as he might seem, he’s really cold-blooded underneath.

  129. Hmmmm.
    I seem to be double-posting at random…
    Think of it as a computer stutter.
    (I’ll go restart, and other random ghostbusting techniques)

  130. If I were to ever seriously trouble-shoot my computer, it would involve a shotgun.

    Actually, Lauowolf, maybe your computer isn’t ready to face the day. Give it some quiet time.

  131. Maybe nice hot coffee on some vital spot would rouse it.

  132. [suddenly reminded of a video game]

  133. Lauowolf:

    Taken out of context…

  134. Chet’s Momma:
    The most sensitive scientific instruments have detected NO ‘tocks on this beautiful creature. Zero. Maybe it’s a lizardy thing?
    P.S. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that their hands looked like pot holders! (AKA “oven mitts”)

  135. Chet’s Mom-
    maybe no ‘tocks, but there’s the faux fur look of the belly.

    that’s NOT what I meant.
    (and I’d think hot coffee would have an opposite effect anyway)

  136. I only walks on me tippytoes!

  137. *Laugh* Susan, when I read your post I could envision a leprechaun walking this chameleon on a leash.

  138. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Is this little guy raising an eyebrow dubiously at us?

  139. Brak_Silverbone says:

    And I didn’t much care for Jeff Corwin until I saw him on an episode of PLANET’S FUNNIEST ANIMALS where he’s being slapped around by an orangutan, and he starts begging the orang to stop, who just keeps blithely (more or less gently) slapping Jeff upside the head. The best part was when Jeff said, “Please, in the name of all the primates hold holy, please stop!” or something like that.

    Hey, a cute guy with a great bod and a great sense of humor who likes animals? What’s not to like?

  140. I bet ya “eyeballage” isn’t in the glossary, nyther! 🙂

    Haha, and JC is all right!

  141. I think they swivel on eyeball bearings!

  142. Jeez it just doesn’t STOP, around here. ‘Scuse me while I turn a little green around the gills.

  143. I just can’t look at this little fellow without thinking how very Lilly Pulitzer he is! His pink and green coloring is very Palm Beach chic! I ‘specially love the little lipstick line. He’s rocking that Elizabeth Arden Pink Vibrations.

  144. cute.

  145. hrh.squeak says:

    All I can think about is ballet dancers. The pose! The ribs! The stickthin arms! Tippietoes!
    (At SF Ballet we actually had a deaf ballet dance student; she would dance to the vibration of the music she could feel through the floor. Wow. As if learning to be a professional ballet dancer wasn’t difficult *enough*.)

  146. Damn that lizard looks tence, he/she needs a drink or get laid or something. =)

  147. …or maybe just needs to step off the ElectroTurf.