Mini Ed McMahon

Chris W. looks like a really nice guy. The best part is he has a mini Ed McMahon side-kick, who laughs at ALL jokes. It’s his budgie pal "Kiwi" the "co-pilot". I lerrrve the look on the budgie’s face, he’s all: "Baroo?" [head tilt]


Gracias, Chris W.



  1. took me a minute to find the bird! I was like “huh??”

  2. I lurv budgies so much! Little clowns of the birdie world. I’ve had many and they are best chortle buddies.

  3. btw, Chris looks pretty *nice* too.

  4. that is great. Wish I could bring a budgie to work. Darn bureaucracy and rules…

  5. John Park says:

    Uh, what’s with that hair!?!?

  6. seems like nice hair.
    is Chris W. a radio guy? ‘cos I would tewtally listen to “The Chris and Kiwi Show”. if only to hear Kiwi’s laughter.

    so what’s Budgie for Baroo?

  7. “so what’s Budgie for Baroo?”

    How about “chiroo?” from “chirp”

  8. Had a budgie for 10.5 yrs, she was just adorable, now I have a lurvbird, she is very fiesty.

    how about “Beeroo” for “Beep”

  9. One my budgies would sit on my shoulder and peck at the phone while I talked. Then he started going through this fuzzy litany of phrases and noises which I recognized as how conversation sounded from his side of the phone. He was cute. 🙂

  10. A thinker says:

    Yellow shirt, yellow bird. Good match.

    This reminds me of a wonderful sight the other day: a big, burly, mustachioed, leather-clad biker on a Harley, roaring down the street with a GIANT (I kid you not) parrot perched on the back. One of those red, blue and yellow flamboyant deals…it was fo’ su’ a double-take moment.

  11. Birds are so cool… Wednesday must be cool animal day!

    I used to birdsit for a parrot. He (or she – they haven’t had him/her sexed) lurved me for some inexplicable reason and when I left he got very upset. He was like an obnoxious, noisy two-year-old. But cute!!

  12. The dude looks like actor Timothy Olyphant, he of “Go”, “Rockstar” etc. fame. I loves me some Timothy Olyphant. The bird is cute too, I guess.

  13. Does that dewd have a mullet?

  14. reminds me – vaguely – of Chris, the dj from Nothern Exposure. John Corbett – mmmmhmmm!

  15. you guys r silly says:

    *YAY* for BUDGIES!!!
    I was JUST thinking to myself the other day…
    “Self: Why are there no PARRAKEETS on CO?????”
    And then today, looky here!

  16. I had a budgie when I was little, named Misty (my brother’s was named Party Girl) – they were quite delicate and required alot of attention; and of course their care needed a considerable budge-it.

    But really, we did have budgies.

  17. Awwwwww! I can tell from Lil’ Kiwi’s pose that he’s about to let loose with an ear piercing CHIZZZZIRP!!! The “For all the birdies OUTSIDE!” kind, if you have keets, you know what I’m talking about!

    I had an awesome little dude named Badger who’s fave thing to say, besides “Badger! NO!!!”, that is, was a wolf whistle – which he would only do if you were in some state of undress.

    Seriously – I have witnesses!

  18. you guys r silly says:

    “Inside birdies” LOVE conversing with the “Outside birdies”!!!
    I had a conure who evidently spoke FLUENT Blue Jay. Whenever any Jays were outside, my conure (George)& the Jays would communicate with EAR SPLITTING shrieks back and forth, back and forth.
    I (sadly…) would think sometimes that she (my conure) was REALLY calling them for help, and giving them detailed instructions on how to get into the apartment & open her cage door…&:o(

  19. Kiwi-
    thanks for great picture of fuzzy friend — so cute!

  20. Ahh…reminds my of my birdies, Mick and Sly. I miss them. 😦

  21. hmmmmm…kiwi has quite a handsome *ahem* perch (eyebrows raised)

  22. John Lennon wrote a poem about budgies…

    “I have a little Budgie,
    he is my very pal.
    I take him walks in London.
    I hope I always shall.”

  23. Yay! Every day I’m like, Cute Overload needs more budgies. Tonight I can sleep contentedly…

  24. My dad saw one of these li’l birdies eating with the cows one day. He was determined to catch it, to the point of enlisting my mom’s help. Mom had eye surgery that day and was wearing a patch over one eye, sitting on the back of the four-wheeler (big ATV) with a fishing a net while my dad drove around the barn chasing the bird. They didn’t get it, but one of the kids that helps milk finally got it before the barn cats did.

    The bird now lives with my parents and is named “Barney”, because they found him in the barn. Clever folks I have.

  25. Da boid is quite cute. If my beagle wasn’t fond of feasting on our fine feathered friends, I’d have a boid of my own.

    Da perch could be too, with a little shave and a haircut.

    And, um, Star Cat, Timothy Olyphant is MY BOYFRIEND. Back up, beeyotch! He is eversohot every Sunday night on “Deadwood.” I just loves me some sheriff with a ‘tude.


  26. brownamazon says:

    AmyH: OMG, your parents should have their own sitcom. Seriously.

  27. AmyH – great story! Barney… I love it!

  28. AmyH, LOL :-PSounds like a Green Acres episode!

  29. Brownamazon – Seriously! This is actually pretty normal behavior for my family, although this one really takes the cake. Someday, I’m going to compile all the animal-induced hijinks in a memior.

    Any time I call home and hear “We had some excitement here today”, there are animals involved. Last winter I got a good play by play review of the wild turkeys v. Canada geese rumble behind my parents’ house.

  30. okaasan59 says:

    Perhaps I’m being an alarmist, but the running ceiling fan in the picture disturbs me. I know that lots of these birds have their wings clipped, but they can still fly short distances, right?

  31. “wild turkeys v. Canada geese rumble”

    Oh, AmyH, if only there were video! Those Canada geese are tough dudes.

  32. That is *such* the budgie face! And the sounds that come out of their little birdy beaks – my 10.5 year old Charlie Parker learned to make computer boot up noises (back when there were such things). Budgies are the absolute cutest!!

  33. ach, so gorgeous! both of them. rawr.

  34. No doubt! Pa Goose really knocked around the six upstart turks harrassing him and Ma Goose. I guess it was quite the show.

  35. Mmmm, took me a minute to get past cute birdperch to actual budgie, but awwwww, such a sweet little birdroo!

    Hahahaa….AmyH, your family sounds like my family….nothing but animal excitement at our house. And always a story.

    Ooo, me likes Deadwood, too….Timothy strides around there with that intense glower….wOOt!

  36. Skerly, dewd….Olyphant in “Go”…sweatpants, no shirt and santa hat. Hawt. Yum on a spork! Oh yeah, and the bird, cute. (on topic!)

  37. My brother and I had a pair of budgies–Chipper and Perky. (Seriously. We were 10 and 6. Those were hip names.) They absolutely ADORED the opening credits to The Price Is Right, or any other time the crowd would go wild. They’d screech along and flap like they were there. It was a hoot.

  38. Lemur, I am killing myself laughing at the image you just gave us.

  39. If they’re clipped right, they can fly out and down, but not up. Enough to get them out of precarious situations, but not enough to get into a ceiling fan. That being said, unclipped birds = no ceiling fan.

    Our little poopers sit on our shoulders and pick at our shirt collars. They’re so cute I just let them do whatever the want.

  40. I gots a bird story.
    I had two lovebirds. My daughter was cleaning their cage (for some reason, outside, and managed to leave it open)…kids :P. Birds flew away.
    One bird stayed in tree. After hours he came back down and got back in his cage. Other bird panicked and flew away.
    A friend who lives three miles away called me that evening. “I was out on my deck and a lovebird landed on my head. I know you have two, would you like another?”
    Yep, it was our bird. Weird!

  41. I love how his shirt is color cordinated with the budgie.the budgie looks like my Cheeko ;P.He’s saying”what was that flash ?”

  42. stagewench says:

    Call me a dork, but I’d really like to see what game that cutie’s playing…because Counter-Strike with a ‘keet calling tactics for you would rock so hard.

  43. YESSSS! I finally got my 15 minutes of fame by having my submission on Cute Overload! I can now die a happy man.

    Kiwi is one of the best companions in my life (as the wife says, “What about me?”… she’s the best life-mate!). He’s quite the character too, as you can see. I actually was making a music vid starring Kiwi, but the raw files were lost in a dreadful accident. Alas, he said he’ll help me with more scenes!

    I’m thanking you all here for all the wonderful comments. It means a lot. I’ll submit another sometime; next time more pet, less owner. Again, I thank you all.

  44. Heeh, The ‘meh?’ expression is cute.

    I don’t know, though… I’ve always felt that there was something wrong with domesticating birds (at least this one’s not stuck in a cage). I mean, the very thing that is so wonderful about being a bird is the awesome ability to fly. Wouldn’t you want to fly if you were born with such a gift? To lock a bird in a cage, or to clip its wings, it just seems so very ignorant and cruel to me. I’d rather people enjoy birds living natural lives rather than trying to make cats out of them.

    My 2 cents.

  45. It’s Sargeant Dan From “Forrest Gump”! Gosh that guy looks like Gary Sinise!

  46. kitty kat says:

    I have to say i dont like budgies, because when I worked at PJ’s , i got bitten really hard by one, which made me bitter towards budgies, but this one’s cute with his little head tilt! I like “chiroo” Laura C. When i say “Baroo?” to my beagle, she tilts her head. lol. Let the cuteness live on..

  47. BenPanced says:

    We had a cockatiel that liked to eat chicken. Srsly.

  48. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Budgies have “baroo” expressions quite a bit, actually. When I was 10, I used to own one that looked exactly like the one pictured (same coloring, etc.)…he had a sweet little song. I think he may have also had sleep apnea or some odd form of narcolepsy, too….almost every night, he would be trying to sleep and would fall off his perch, then be frightened by falling off (who wouldn’t??). He would then proceed to fly recklessly all over his cage, until he was fully awakened. This picture brings back memories of my little guy. :^)

  49. cwaorgh! forget the bird look at that HUNK for perch jammy bird what id give to grip his shoulders with me feet LOL

  50. When I was younger, my mom had an albino parakeet named Jasmine. That bird would sit on the edge of my mom’s plate and eat her spaghetti. She drank Pepsi and Coffee to. Then one day she was trying to eat spaghetti out of the sink. Only she ended up falling in the spaghetti bowl filled with water and was tinted orange for the next several weeks. Jasmine even gave kisses when asked. She was one of the coolest birds ever!!

  51. AWWWWWWW. Wuvubbul wuvboid.

  52. Eeesh … did I just type THAT?

  53. you guys r silly says:

    Denise in Nebraska:
    That’s called “Night Fright”. And it’s not uncommon either, unfortunately. We had birds that had the same thing happen, poor babies…
    Budgies are *WONDERFUL* little friends, aren’t they??? Silly little things!
    P.S. LOVEBIRDS are funny little characters, TOO!

  54. Denise in Nebraska says:

    You guys r silly: Are you serious? This is a well-known phenomenon?? Do tell–what causes it? The psyche or personality of the bird? Was my budgie slightly neurotic?? He was a sweet little friend, like you said. I taught him to do tricks. He could shake hands, kiss, and do relay races on my bed. I loved him. (kissing budgie, in my imagination…..) He died of a crop infection several years later. Sad. My veterinarian inadvertantly killed him whe he squeezed his torso too hard. I was a mess, for a long time after. :^(

  55. Heather S. says:

    Holy Mullet Batman!!!
    Cute bird.

  56. “Mullet Batman”
    …and now I’m tempted to start myself a new webcoming.
    The part of Robin will be played by Kiwi the Budgie. Of course.

  57. duhrrr… that’d be “webcomiC”

  58. T. – don’t bite off more than you can chew (witness Lucy). I’d mullet over, first.

  59. My own personal budgie when I was growing up was called Billy Boy. Every afternoon he sang along with my favorite TV show: M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! He had a near-death experience which is very big in the family history annals. My late grandma lived with us and she occasionally liked to have a glass of beer. Well, Billy Boy was flying around the house one day, landed on the edge of her glass and started drinking. After a few swallows he apparently “lost his grip” and ended up head down in the glass. Instead of rescuing the bird, Grandma just sat there and laughed until she was crying, at which point my mom came to investigate. Fortunately she was able to rescue Billy Boy, who lived to sing the Mickey Mouse Club theme song the very next day and for some time to come.

    (takes a small bow)

    Next budgie story???

  60. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Is Kiwi gonna bust out with a big, hearty “Heeeeyooooo!” cause it looks like he just might.

    I’ve never had a budgie, but my best friend in middle school owned a pair years before I met her. Her brother named them Humshit and Dumbshit. I kid you not.

  61. Denise, sorry about your wee budgie…:-( That must have been really hard to go through.

    I had a parrot who, when I left for work, would call “Byeee, I love you!” I’d say “I love you too…” and close the door. He talked all the time and was *quite* the attention hog.

  62. I am VERY tempted to get a budgie. Having had cockatiel and lovebirds, leery..but tempted.

  63. strawberrygoldie says:

    Chris is yummers.


  64. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Jaypo: Thanks for the sentiments….like I said, I was in the 10-12 years range when I had my birdie, and it’s amazing how my love for this bird has carried over to my love for birds, now that I am an adult. Birds remain my favorite animal!! Your story about your parrot saying “I love you” is too much!!! So sweet. I always wanted a talking bird! Thanks for sharing! :^)

  65. Is he flighted? If he is — watch out for that ceiling fan! Aiee!

  66. hrh.squeak says:

    I had a friend with a conyer named Virgil. He had picked up her roommate’s distinctive laugh – “HA-ha-haaaaa!!” Well, my husband came over with me one night, and Margaret said “Don’t stick your finger in the cage”, so of course he did, and of course Virgil bit him, hard. He then sat back, tilted his head, and *laughted* and *laughed*. That bird was so blatantly pleased with himself! Was very kyoot.

  67. aww…I have two budgies, one named kiwi and looks exactly like the one in the pic also and the other’s mango who’s blue