We’re at a stage RED Neck Roll Alert, People

Oh, we’re BEYOND ‘Guarded’, People. This is a class A, Severe Risk of Neck Rolls Alert for ALL Persons. You have been warned…


BUT WAIT, there’s more. GAH!


Stick THAT in your mouth, Raymi!

Redonkulous submission, Jen L.!



  1. It’s like a little custard cup! Just wanna snarf him up!

  2. eye capsules! But even better – *tocks*!!

  3. Wow! A dog made entirely of bread dough!

  4. When a puppy is all loose folds and rolls and all soft like this one my friends and I call it “puppy velvet”. This little guy is all puppy velvet!

  5. What kind of dog is that? I NEEEEEEEED it!! Does he get bigger?

  6. yeah, he be cute, and happy, and safe and secure and knowin’ it’s all about the puppy love.

    Is that a frenchie? love those doggies, so loyal and all about the you love me, I love you type stuff.

  7. A thinker says:


    It kills.

  8. Looks like a frenchie to me, yeah… God, they’re so sweet.

  9. MaggieBelle says:

    Those legs look too short to carry around that little chubby ball of fluff.

    Like his little tummy would brush the ground. So sweet.

  10. don’t you wish you were that person in the first pic that he’s sleeping on? how sweet. i lurve it when my kittehs fall asleep on me. i sometimes go numb from not wanting to move and disturb them. >^..^<

  11. Lip rolls, too! Lovely slumptious lip rolls!

  12. I’d just like to let the owner of Cuteoverload.com know that despite how much I love her site, until she resolves the issues between her and the use of Akagami’s photo without permission, my friends and I are not going to support Cuteoverload.com. It is shameful that Meg would steal a piece of photographic art and offer no compensation to the photographer.

    Please view Akagami’s story and updated flickr.com here (http://www.flickr.com/photos/akagami/221963191/in/set-143873/).

  13. Yep, that’s a fawn French bulldog. Snufflywonderfulness. The dog that truly snorgles YOU back!

  14. pugmamatimestwo says:

    Uhm, party pooper? See above.

    This Frenchie, ZOMG, the round face, the round belly (squee!!), the round feets. Absolutely killer. You made my day 😀

  15. I wanna roll ’em over and rub that belly!!

  16. redonk omgbbq!!! I’m toast.

  17. Kris, in New England says:

    O.M.G. where do you start?

    Tocks, Pet Feet, Soft Belly, even Softer Fur, Contented Face….

    I’m done for the day.

  18. http://www.flickr.com/photos/akagami/221963191/in/set-143873/

    Better link above. Sounds kinda serious…like copyright serious…

  19. beezie687 says:

    tail NUBBIN– tew kewt!

  20. littlelizard says:

    I guess we should wait for Meg to comment before jumping to conclusions, but that is a bit harsh, especially if she’s making money out of tees with an image on that she doesn’t own.

  21. It’s a one-eared beast!

  22. 1st pic: lapful of butterscotch puddin’ puppy

    2nd pic: what butterscotch lapful looks like when you stand up suddenly…shplup…

  23. I love his drumsticks!

  24. swayt Jaysus, peeps–does that puppeh have a roll of chub on his NOSE?

  25. 😦 I hope the controversy is resolved. I love this site/blog/cuteness doses but not a fan of stealing intellectual property.

    I remember when I made a foray into design and a firm bought one from me (for what was, to me, a decent price) and the minute the contract was signed they laughed about how much money they would make off of it, about how now that they’ve seen (part) of my portfolio they just have to tweak things to take it and I have no rights, etc. That one little check in essence was to take my whole line of designs.

    They then went on to offer me a 9$ an hour job as a receptionist as they laughed and laughed about how they screw people over.

    I’m sure Meg isn’t like that, but I feel for everyone that’s seen their designs marketed w/out any say. If compensation is due, it’s due. So is notification and the collection of rights before marketing begins.

  26. Not to hold up the flow of cute, but I have a question or two for the pondering.

    1. Has anyone else noticed that Christine B. has posted her message regarding Akagami’s photo on the three newest pictures today – the Hamsters, the marmie cat and the puppy?

    2. Although I can accept that Christine B. is taking a moral stand on an issue that she feels strongly about, wouldn’t it be more appropriate if she contacted Meg directly?

    I’m seriously asking here for what the accepted standard of curtious behavior on-line is.

    Thanks for bearing with me.

    You may now resume absorbing the cute.

  27. This is ridiculous. How can anything this cute be legal??? It’s like, murder with a lethal weapon of cuteness! I had to be resuscitated after seeing these pics. This is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!

  28. Dear gawd, the Pillsbury Doughboy fathered a French Bulldog!!

  29. Zees Frawnsh bool dogge, I sink hee ees maykink mee crayzee! Zee neque rowles, zee moozle pooffe, zee earss, et zee frogue legges weel evennshooallee keel mee! Mon head weel essplode frrom zee joie et zee happeeness.

    Mon dieu!

  30. Since we are in Code Red Cuteness Alert, should all French Bulldogs be referred to as Freedom Bulldogs?

  31. Beauregard says:

    DRUMSTICKS! What a perfect way to describe! Those are the total cutest.

  32. JuliaJellicoe says:

    Should Flat Bunnylike Back Legs be a category of its own, or is it just a Tocks subsidiary?

  33. belly belly belly

  34. I Lurrrrve him so!!! Tewtally CHUB!!

  35. AuntieMame says:

    Absolutely, rpennefe.

    And it would be even *more* appropriate for AKAGAMI to contact Meg directly, rather than for friends to make snide insinuations in the comment threads for non-Akagami photos.

    If Akagami has an issue with Meg, this public forum is NOT the place to fight it out.

  36. AuntieM,

    hear, hear!

  37. AUGH! GAWD! I love fat buppies!

  38. They are TEWTALLY drumsticks! That was the first thing I thought of! Very cute Frenchie.

    Since AuntieMame has already been seconded in her suggestion, I’ll third her.

  39. i think akagami DID try to contact meg. . .but he may have only posted in a comment thread instead of e-mailing her. in the original t-shirt thread she mentions that he gave her permission to use the photo. . . .but later on in the thread he asks if she sent the t-shirts to him, yet because he hadn’t received them. hmmmm. it’s too bad. i would hate to think of one of my photos being exploited that way.

    and the photo was altered, photoshopped to make it cartoony. . .so that probably affects whatever copyright issues are in question.

  40. Yes, and it seems that Madame Meg has thanked a one “Jen L.” Perhaps this “Jen L.” should be admonished and not the site’s owner, because all Ms. Frost has done is thanked who she *thought* was the correct owner.

    I mean, I’m all for giving credit to the appropriate person, but on-line it’s very difficult to do. I’m merely assuming that “Jen L.” saved the photo from “Akagami’s” Flickr site and accidentally garnered the credit for the photo by passing it on to Madame Meg.

    Accidents happen. Let’s all be fwends again.

    PS why do I have 2 names.

  41. Thanks AuntieM!

  42. First of all: squee, puppy drumsticks!

    Second of all: According to the timeline that Akagami posted, he has attempted to contact Meg via Flickr, posting in a comment thread, and finally sending an e-mail to her directly. He reports that he has had no response whatsoever.

    Let’s hope that this can be sorted out between the two individuals involved!

  43. OMG a Charpe Pancake! Clonk (Hits head on desk)

  44. “Do you like my latest? I call it: Prosh Puppy on Polka-Dots.”

  45. By the way, JP:

    You mentioned earlier in this thread, somewhere up in the clouds, that you were ‘toast’. If you still are, I suggest you visit the marmalade kitteh for a delicious breakfast treat.

  46. I want to nibble that little ear!! He is toooo cute! Bite that little butt!

  47. Sorry about the horrible spelling that should be:
    Shar Pei Puppy. What’s that matter with librarian’s these days Can’t they spell? Sheesh!

  48. Yeppie, Aubs, I’m rubbin’ it on now.

    Kaye, you librarian?

  49. Or is that a french bull terrier? I think I’ll quietly go sit in the corner now. (Slunks off)

  50. …er, didn’t mean that to sound so suggestive…it’s just that marmalade anything is best in big doses.

  51. Yep, I’m a librarian went for a degree and they gave it to me! Amazingly really.

  52. I love puppies and that one is the cutest I have ever seen

  53. asahishimbun says:

    Librarians should know better than to pluralize with the apostrophe! It’s a bloody epidemic.

  54. Sniff…now see..sniff..just because a person is a librarian doesn’t mean they can spell or they have good grammer. Personally, I can’t spell worth a darn without spell-check.

  55. geezo pete… just ‘cuz one is good at spelling and grammar, does not give one the right to go around insulting others. chill, peeps! :o)

  56. If only I could trade my neck-roll pillow for this little guy…

  57. Stolen hamster photos and now grammar/spelling drama?

    Lordi, I want to be snuggling with the frenchie pup right now.

    Or snorgling with my kitty at home!! (she’s just learning how to snorgle, it’s too cute, I often end up with a paw up my nose)

  58. No, JP – reading that comment out of context made my morning!

  59. A Fine Morsel says:

    Gahh!! Must knead him like dough!! *Knead…knead…knead*

  60. Why doesn’t this Akagami person put a freakin’ watermark on his/her photos if he/she is so darn touchy about their use?

    Now, back to cuteness…

  61. jenni joon says:

    Oh_ma_gawd… TELL me that isn’t a Frenchie.. say it ain’t so! What-evs. Thing is so freakin’ CUTE!!! I just about got an instant case of acute diabetes. HOLY bat-eared, tail-nubbed, neck-panus’d, chubby-pupper!! I tetwelly wuvs him! Thanks for making my day, C.O. and submitter-person-type!

  62. I’m sure that after this I’ll be persona non grata around here, but I feel strongly enough on this issue that I think it’s fair to respond to the discussion.

    Here’s a pretty decent machine translation of K.Akagami’s Japanese post on the flickr photo in question:

    In a meaning in protest against Cuteoverload, I changed an exhibition of a ham image in a private (a friend exhibition). Because this former image was carried by cuteoverload(http://cuteoverload.com/), order of a thing begins. And I became candidate design of “a cuteoverload original T-shirt”, and the cause and the T-shirt which did it produced this image, and this image and several points other images were sold as a result of vote of a site visitor. mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/03/announcing_our_…. At this stage, I did not have communication at all. “Your T-shirt won the championship at a design contest” from meg which was 5/6, a manager of a site. A flickr email came when I showed an address because I wanted to send a T-shirt. Tell it about an address although not being really satisfied with that I have been considered to be quotient materials without an agreement and waited for arrival of a T-shirt, but a thing does not yet (as of 8/22) reach it at hand. It is a flickr email to 8/9, and it is comment to a T-shirt entry of cuteoverload to 8/17, and I did an inquiry in direct e-mail to 8/19, but an answer is totally not. Because I show a photograph in a net, I do not feel a problem in doing a share of a photograph at all. I have you reprint it steadily, and it is OK unless it feigns an origin of reproduction, and it feigns an owner of a photograph. However, how will about making the photograph quotient materials without an agreement? How will about it is assumed that I hand it over of 100 steps and the reason “is because I send a sample” and approved it after the fact, and there not being even an answer after it and an action, a promised sample at all? I protest cuteoverload.

  63. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Why has the Akagami image just NOW become an issue, anyways? Meg hasn’t sold the tees in months, and held a VERY public contest when she DID sell them, and they were a limited-edition item. So why the sudden kerfluffel NOW…?

    And why, after all this time, do we suddenly have the “Professionally-Indignant Morality Squad” prancing through waving their protest signs in everyone’s faces? Either stay off the site if it bothers you that much, or find somewhere else to screech amongst yourselves. No need to whizz in everyone else’s coffee just because YOU don’t like the barista.

    This is getting ridiculous!

    BTW–bebeh Frenchie is soooooo snuggleable! I could just nibble thise puppy-scented rolls!


  64. yes, this is my french bulldog puppy and he’s the best. he loves to sleep obviously. i was insanely jealous when he slept most of the car ride home, then when we switched drivers, he sat on my boyfriends lap most of the way home. he’s champion of the drumstick legs, and chubby rolls. thanks for all the wonderful comments. 🙂

    and to AngelaAngela, this is definitely my photo. i think the other comments are referring to another photo and another situation.

  65. D2D, I resent the implication that I’m a member of the PIMS, as you put it. I responded to a number of questions in the thread with a direct quote of K.Akagami, which I believe outlines pretty clearly why it’s an issue now. It’s an issue now because he made it one due to a lack of response from Meg.

    Heaven forbid anyone should try to address the questions being raised.

  66. Again, maybe we need a link on the left for ALL copyright issues you people have. I’m not against or for any one persons comments or anything, but the purpose of this site is to expose all cuteness until the world explodes. Can we PUH-LEASE contain copyright issues to a minimum?

    Let’s here it for cute!

  67. Wrinkly puppy! So lovable!

  68. Christine B says:

    The hamster photo became an issue when it came to light that Meg has not compensated the photographer for making a profit off their intellectual property.

    Oh, and to “rpennefe”: I have e-mailed Meg in protest to this issue. I posted in 3 places because think it’s important that everyone knows about what’s going on between her and K.Akagami.

    Also Meg knows full well that the photo belongs to K.Akagami — there’s a link to her flickr on the front page of cuteoverload.com.

  69. Beauregard says:

    I didn’t even KNOW babel fish sucked that hard.

  70. We come for the cuteness, if we wanna read whining and complaining, we go to Craigslist

  71. milkpanzer says:

    I am killed dead by the NUBTAIL.

  72. Christine B. –

    Thank you for letting me know that you have contacted Meg regarding this issue.

    If you take a moment to reflect, you might be able to see things from my point of view: your messages in the posts only stated that you would be boycotting CO and the reasons why. Your messages did not indicate that you were taking any further action – contacting Meg, for example.

    I fully realize that when communicating in this medium, it is sometimes difficult to truly read “tone”, but I feel that your most recent post was hostile, not only towards this situation, but towards myself for asking the questions that I did.

    I can appreciate that you are frustrated. If I had taken a stand on such an issue, only to have a collection of people either question my methods or ignore my message altogether, I would be frustrated as well.

    However, I don’t appreciate having you take your anger out on me or any of the other people who come to CO to enjoy pictures of animals. Just as it is your right to boycott this website, it is my right to continue to enjoy the pictures here, no matter what copyright issues there may be.


  73. AWEEE that is so cute!!

  74. Mut and gut?

    Well someone had to start it…don’t hurt me!

  75. Redzilla, he DOES have a nose chub. Thanks for pointing it out, I woulda missed it! Tragedy!!!

  76. kim heggen says:

    Okay, I can’t help it, and the following comment is SOOO not cute… but the “aerial” view of the puppy coupled with all of the drumsticks comments makes me think of some of the “carving” diagrams in my antique cookbooks. Especially the instructions for carving roast suckling pig!!

    Poor doggie, I hope no one tells him what I was thinking.

  77. Oh and…I think anyone who doesn’t like the protesters should just ignore them…if you ignore something at times it goes away…

    Meg’s a big girl and she can hadle herself…not like it really need to be posted…unless there is a lawyer on this thread the protesting stuff it just dribble anyways.

    Enjoy your day…enjoy the puppy…ignore the protesters!

  78. John Park says:

    As the biased owner of TWO frenchies, I can only say: scrumptious squared. Incidentally, the pose in the second pic is known as the “flying frog.”

  79. holy crapola

  80. “unless there is a lawyer on this thread…”

    I suspect that Meg will be hearing from a lawyer very soon. Which is definitely not cute.

  81. chubby puppy baby, aaaah, will be too heavy to carry and quietly snorgle in lips and drumsticks.

  82. OH MY GOOOOOODDDD…. *squeeees* I want a Frenchie SO bad!! And this just makes me want one more! SO CUTE!! I just wanna squeesh eett!! They’re so freakin expensive though 😦

  83. Kris, in New England says:

    If it’s on the Internet, isn’t it considered public domain? Unless someone copyrights the image with a watermark or other statement on their site.

    And isn’t Flickr a public site???

  84. Lisa –
    french bulldogs for *adoption* on petfinder.com
    Adopt, adopt, adopt – not buy!

  85. Smuuuuuuuuuuuuushy face!!! Neck rolls! Pudgy tum! Splayed legs! Teeny tiny tails!



  86. Lisa – why not rescue a squeezable pup! Such as through

    Cheaper, yah! and you have to transcendant pleasure of saving a life. If you do buy one please avoid the hellaciously noncute puppymills!

  87. In a word Kris – no, just because something is placed on the web, by you or someone else, does not place it in the public domain with free usage.

    There is still intellectual property laws in play, they’re just harder to enforce and easier to rationalize the stealing of when it’s on the web.

    Not that I’m for or against anyone here, but I so hate seeing others getting screwed. Ebaum’s is notorious for stealing other peoples artwork and profiting off of it, and it pisses me off to think that someone can work so hard and see others steal it and profit from it.

    Again, I don’t know the whole story here, but don’t assume just because you saw it on the net you can print it out and sell it in your store.

  88. pugmamatimestwo says:

    I had to come look at him again! So prosh it hurts! I want one!

  89. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Saska, the statement was not directed to you. Go cuddle something furry and calm down.


  90. AuntieMame says:

    As v1ctorya says, posting something on the internet is not an open invitation to everyone else to help themselves freely. Copyright laws still apply, and it is not necessary to “watermark” something to show that it’s your property.

    However, that is not the issue here. The issue is whether this is the appropriate forum for dealing with copyright infringement issues.

    It is not.

    And spamming the forums with protests is not the way to handle it, either.

    Meg has shown in the past that she is willing to respond to people who feel that their work has been used unfairly or illegally.

    It is a private issue and it does not need to be dragged out here.

  91. To everybody who’s still spinning their wheels about the K.Akagami hamster issue:

    Meg is now aware of it, and is addressing the situation. My strong suggestion would be to let the appropriate folks deal with it now, and move on to other topics, ourselves. We’ve got kittens and puppies and ‘mingoes to see.

    Okie dokes?

  92. …jinx, AuntieM. 😉

  93. AuntieMame says:


  94. That pup is without question a perfect example of a Fatty Boombalatty.

  95. Puppy Tuchus!

  96. Hi all,

    Sparkster, aka Meg’s hubby, here. I’d like to request everyone just be patient. This site has been a labor of love for her and she barely makes squat off Cute Overload. Meg has a day job, a very demanding one at that, and has no “employees,” so it will take her a bit of time to figure this all out and respond. Rest assured, she will and will do the right thing.


  97. Everlovin’ sweet sleepin’ ‘tocks!

  98. Thank you, Sparkster. If I may speak for the Peeps (that’s okay with all y’all, right?), we have NO DOUBT that Meg is righteous and ethical and will do the right thing– whatever that entails– when all is sorted out.

    We appreciate your post.


  99. I haven’t heard the phrase “Fatty Boombalatty” in forever! It’s perfect for this guy.

    And thanks, Theo and Sparkster, for the sanity and the update.

  100. Hi Sparky Mark, thanks for the note which one hopes will settle all these peeps down so we can enjoy the site and not obsess amongst ourselves in an unconstructive way. Sounds to me like there was just a communication problem and I’m sure Meg will do her best to settle up promptly with Akagami-san. Free the hamsters!

  101. Beauregard says:

    Jen, is Raymi, the pooch’s name? Is it a girl or a boy? Inquiring minds want to know!

  102. Sweepy widdle snugglies! Just so danged cute! I want to pinch those cute widdle tocks!

  103. J. Bo, you said it.

  104. Thanks, J. Bo, you may speak for this peep at any time. 🙂

  105. I do believe that “Raymi” is a reference to someone who keeps sending cute dog pics to Meg… A couple have been published here.

    but there’s a search engine for the site, so you can find ’em your own self. 😉

  106. Alexis, do you remember the name of the stand-up comic who created the term “fatty boombalatty”? ‘Cause I can’t, and it’s making me nuts…

  107. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Thanks, Mr. Sparkster, sir…!

    (said in “yes, Officer” voice 😉 )


  108. “Sometimes it’s hard to reun a website
    Giving all your love to all the peeps
    Oh, you have bad scenes,
    and controversies
    Coz copyrights are hard to understand

    Stand by your Moo…”

  109. I never would have thunk it possible, but, Aubrey, you done done it…

  110. This is my first Cuteoverload post and I really hate to start it off snarky, but I can’t get this out of my head. I’ve got several things I want to say. I’ll just go ahead and snark first: Posting and then replying to at least three different CO posts doesn’t exactly qualify as “boycotting/not supporting”. I’m guessing nobody boycotting here is supporting financially CO in any event.

    This brings me to my second point, and this is to Sparkster. I want Meg to be solvent with CO. I would personally love to see her make enough money from this to be able to quit her job. Think of how much more CUTE would be possible! The forums recently have suggested several marketable ideas and I say full steam ahead. I love the thought of fat rolls of cash funding CO.

    However, it does seem that this particular issue with the hamster T’s boils down to money (under the guise of copyright). Meg will obviously work this issue out, but I think it ultimately boils down to the sender-inners 😉 to give credit where credit is due and to admit it if they don’t know where their pics come from. Seriously, is Meg supposed to clean up after everybody? Let’s each take a little responsibility, eh, and cut Meg some slack. /soapbox.

  111. ewolfe, you’re not going to get any argument from the Peeps here. See Sparkster’s post above.

  112. chet's momma says:

    thanks sparkster! we love you, too!

  113. Kittens, and Puppies, and ‘Mingos!
    Oh My!

  114. Mario over at StuffOnCats uses some of the photo submissions for calendars, etc. Before you send in a pic, you have to read a whole page about it “becoming the property of Stuff On Cats,” yada yada. You might check with him, re: copyrights.

    I think it would be extremely hard to hunt down the true photo owner of every photo sent in. As long as no money is being made off the image, I think it falls under “fair use,” but I’m not a legal expert.

    I’m a writer/photographer. If I don’t want someone to use one of my works, I don’t put it on the Internet. Period.

    I love this site, by the way! I need a daily dose of cute, even though I have four cats and three rats who do a pretty darn good job of being cute.

  115. Does anyone know whether Da Bebe here will grow into his extra skin rolls, or whether he’ll stay permanently rumpled-looking?
    (I don’t know from doggies at all, but this is one snuggly puppy.)

  116. J. Bo, I can’t remember who originated the phrase, but something in me is screaming “Rosie O’Donnell.”

  117. (And I don’t really enjoy things in me screaming “Rosie O’Donnell”, so there must be a reason…)

  118. SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! I loves Frenchies!

  119. Thanks, Alexis, but you can stop the internal Rosie screaming without fear– what little I remember is that it was a guy talking about his nephew who had no filter on his (loud) observation of a hefty person at a pool. The comic then went on to talk about how descriptive the term was, and how doctors should use it, etc.

    Anyone? Anyone?

  120. Maybe I’m thinking of a comedian on that show she used to host (it was either on Comedy Central or VH1) called “Stand-Up Spotlight” and that’s why Rosie is invading my thoughts. On that note, I’m off….

  121. I’m not a lawyer or anything, but I believe that if you take a photograph and create a drawing of likeness of the photograph yourself, then use THAT image on merchandise, you are not actually violating any copyrights. The photograph was not actually used on the t-shirts, a likeness of it was.

    Sorry to continue the “discussion,” but it’s a valid point that I haven’t seen brought up yet.

  122. Jess — it has, actually… just not in the CO public comments, fer cryin out loud.

  123. Denise in Nebraska says:

    To all C.O. viewers: Spare tire around my entire middle that pudges out when lying down = pinch my cute existance, please!! I will not mind. I love doggie treats, and all of you! Love, the dog in the photo

  124. jenni joon says:

    Ohhhhhh…… why, oh WHY can we not just let Meg et al BE. For the LOVE! WHat a wonderful (did I say wondeful yet?) website this is. We surely all know how busy and insane life can be with a full-time j-o-b, etc. Yet, she still finds the time/effort/extra ATPs to do this… no?? I only came into this whole copyright issue halfway but if Meg is in some sort of legal issue over any byproduct of C.O.? Then I am sick to my stomach over it. She doesn’t deserve it and WTH???

    Ok. I am just a little “over-tired” now (as my mom used to say to me when I was a kid). Just hate to think of Meg being in any sort of… dilemma. Too bad I am a pharmacist and not a lawyer.

  125. jenni joon-

    I think we could actually use a good pharmacist around here right now

  126. The puppy is lop-sided! Must have been some good eatin’!

  127. This is the best puppy-tocks picture EVAH.

  128. [ . . . ignoring all talk of hammy hamsters}

    I think I just might squeeze two fingers holds out of my monitor,
    those legs look sooo yummmy! . . . in the cute sense, not the edible sense.

    Oh, what they hey. I would take a chomp. Or two.

  129. AuntieMame says:

    Oh, and did anyone else read the caption as “Redneck roll alert”?

    It made me wonder what was so cute about redneck rolls. 🙂

  130. OOOOO the round lil tummy… *faints*

  131. DH sez,
    “Oh, what they hey. I would take a chomp. Or two”

    ahh, the ‘urge to stuff cute things in my mouf’ claims yet another (willing) victim.

  132. “I’m not a lawyer or anything, but I believe that if you take a photograph and create a drawing of likeness of the photograph yourself, then use THAT image on merchandise, you are not actually violating any copyrights.”

    This is totally false. Manipulating the image doesn’t automatically nullify the copyright. In some instances, for example a parody, you would be protected by fair use laws, but I don’t think that would apply here since the image didn’t substantially change on the t-shirt.

    Maybe Meg needs to institute a policy that if the submitter can’t prove they have rights to the image, she won’t post it. It would be a pain, but it would protect her from being hassled/sued, and it would prevent pissed off photographers from clogging the boards.

  133. A thinker says:

    LOL @ AuntieMame–“redneck rolls”, indeed.

    NOT a cute mental image.

  134. Oh Noes! We think there’s been a misunderstanding here. Everyone should know we’re in touch with K. Akagami and getting everything straightened out. All of our Cute Overload fans and contributors are important to us, and we appreciate your concern and support for all involved.

  135. PUPPEH!!!!


  136. thanks for the update, Meg!

    we have not doubt that everything will be solved satisfactorily.

  137. A thinker says:

    Yay Meg!!

  138. for the inquiring minds:
    the puppah’s name is wyatt and he will grow into his body rolls somewhat. frenchies keep the face folds as adults and tend to mush into a pile when sleeping so his folds will be ever changing. 🙂

  139. oh yeah…and he’s a boy.

  140. EGADS! I think the cuteness measurer just imploded. meg you exceeded yourself!!!!!!!!!!1

  141. jenni joon says:

    hey, g-lo! Jenni joon, one registered pharmacist here, at chure service, yo! LOL. Happy to help w/ any p’ceutical-type question and also vewry happy that all is a-ok with C.O. re: legal beagal stuff. Yay, Meg! We tewtelly wuvs you and don’t want any sort of nasty legal embroilments to come your way. (yes, I *am* part Hallmark-mush-ball)

  142. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Let’s show that first photo to all the Cranky World Leaders. I think it would make them melt into helpless puddles of goo. That’s what it did to me. What a contented-looking little pupster.

    And I’m probably not the only person to point this out–and I apologize for repetition–but the second photo? His coloring reminds me of a perfectly baked loaf of fresh bread! AND THE LITTLE TURNED-UP BACK TOES!!!!!


    (head explodage)

  143. But where is his tail? Oh dear!

  144. hrh.squeak says:

    Hey, John Park, love the “flying frog” description – but I think this is a “Flying Fatty Boombalatty Frog”! Sooo cute, can’t stand it. *poit*