Das Hammen

Das Hammen, mit das WHISKAARS!


YA, sender-inner Denise R.!

Rock und Roll, Photographer Claudia L.!



  1. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Das is good, ya

  2. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Einer first post is being vergutt

  3. oh. my. god.

  4. oh… see this is cute… oh… the cuteness *pop*

  5. fridgedicebunny says:

    Look at his little lip!

  6. Das Moozlepoof!! Zeir Gutte! Der Schlaffen Hammen :)) The cutest thing ever…

  7. (Heidi Klum voice) Oh, you are sach a bed, bed boy!

    toooooo prosh! pink paws!!!!

  8. Absolutely no way to look at these without smiling. Can’t be done.

  9. Christ, Meg. Are you really trying to kill everyone, here?

  10. i’m not sure what’s cuter here: the hamsters or your german (actually, i’m not even sure if it’s supposed to be german oO).
    if it is, the correct version would be “der hamster, mit den schnurrhaaren”, but your’s sounds better anyways ^^

  11. As a hamster lover (and keeper), may I just remark that “Hamster” is really a German word? “Hammen” sounds like some weird sort of verb, only it isn’t….
    How about “Hamsterchen”?

  12. “Hamsti” is good too….

  13. I’ll have a double whiskery, please. With a Hamstel Light chaser.

  14. Zonk squared! And it looks like they’re frogging out, too! Coochie coo, little furballs!

  15. It’s sooo strang seeing that you seem to consider German cute… . I thought everybody said German would sound like “Kill Kill Kill” all the time. I’m German myself and I know it can be cute, though 🙂
    So I offer you the “Hamsterli” which is the same as a “Hamsterchen” and tell you they’ve got extremely cute “Hamsterschnäuzelchen”.

  16. I love HAMPUPPIES!

  17. it’s not german itself i consider cute, it’s just the horribly wrong way it’s being used here. but as i’m austrian myself, it doesn’t sound like “kill kill kill” to me either ,)

  18. Das ist Bezaubernd. Sehr reizende Pfoten!
    (That’s cute. What charming paws!)

  19. Euer Deutsch ist eine Katastrophe! 😀 Very cute little „Hamster“. Greetings from Germany!

  20. This site is so awesome. Where else can the world come together for the cuteness?

  21. Sehr Bezaubernd (to quote Kaye)!

    Cara, what does what exactly does “Hamsterschnauzelchen” mean? I think it’s my new favorite word. And I apologize for not being able to figure out how to do umlauts on my new computer (w00t!). Can any Mac users help me out?

  22. You can drop that first “what does” – I was typing, paused, and then resumed. Must not be distracted from teh cute anymore!!!

  23. They look like they’re in a hamster-sized disco or something. With tecno-pop blaring. That could be a mirror ball in the background.

    Oh, and “schnurrhaaren” is my new favorite word.

  24. The noses! The whiskers! The lips! The xtreme fluffy muzzlepuff! I love it!

  25. Ich would like zome hammietaschen while I lukat ze pretty bebehs.

  26. A thinker says:

    MAGNIFICENT whiskers. Whisker spray.

  27. my pudding and dumpling (http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/04/sand_trap.html) and now sushi and tofu have been on cute overload. 😀 …but they seem to be owned by phantoms every time. specklet took the photo from my set (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jade/148120927/in/set-72057594075161501/), he did acknowledge that in the comments later.

    this was sushi and tofu when they were peanut sized babies at three weeks old snoozing under their wheel in the tank. not a disco ball 😉 just the flash on the glass tank. heh.

  28. Claudia — nice hammies…
    Just a technical pointer though: When pasting URLs into comments, leave a little whitespace immediately after; otherwise they won’t work when folks click on them.

    These will work:
    (http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/04/sand_trap.html )
    (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jade/148120927/in/set-72057594075161501/ ),

  29. Huh…they look exactly like I did yesterday after my first day back to classes. *gently petpets the little hammiekins*

  30. Claudia,

    sushi and tofu. I love it!
    I remember pudding and dumpling from back in the day.
    you not only have wonderful hammies but also have a great way with names.


  31. And now is the time on Sprockets for WHISKAARS UP!!!

  32. Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance,…..

  33. Do you want to pet my monkey, ceebs?

  34. Tony James says:

    These widdle guys are small enough to fit in a pocket – thus they might be referred to in German as Hamm-in-taschen, except…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamantaschen

  35. LOL Michelle, touch it! love it!
    Now I’m as happy as a little gurl!


  37. Na ja, jetz mussen wir die HAMMIES petten und kissen und so weiter!

  38. All this German talk brings me back to my high school German classes mit die Frau. If only ich mich erinnern koennte how to say the word “cute” auf Deutsch.

    Aber, die ist eine schoene Katze.

    (But that is a beautiful cat.)

  39. er…not cat…Hamster.

    I meant to say Hamster.

    Curse you cuteoverload! You’ve made my brain melt!

  40. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Soft, tickly Teutonic whiskers!! Hee!


  41. awwwww! such a cute pair of muzzlepuffs. i love how hammies can get so flat and boneless.

    all the “german-esque” cracks me up too, jah!

  42. thanks theo — i typically use a href to do links, but i didn’t know if html was allowed here. i’ll keep that useful pointer in mind 😀

    thanks mariser too. my hamsters love the love 🙂

  43. Ah the Kings of Whiskerage!

  44. anyone who has ever had mice in their house (cough) will not think these are cute. YUCK!

  45. I’d just like to let the owner of Cuteoverload.com know that despite how much I love her site, until she resolves the issues between her and the use of Akagami’s photo without permission, my friends and I are not going to support Cuteoverload.com. It is shameful that Meg would steal a piece of photographic art and offer no compensation to the photographer.

    Please view Akagami’s updated flickr.com here (http://www.flickr.com/photos/akagami/221963191/in/set-143873/).

  46. Christine B. says:
  47. Christine B, what took you so long to object?

  48. Look at those whiskers!!!!

  49. Teej,

    I *loves* Hamentaschen. yum
    loves Hammientaschen
    *not* together. *not* at once. they’re *not* the same thing, Sam-I-Am.

  50. There’s some serious sniffle-age going on here. I think this is the first installment of CO – Cute Odor-ama.

  51. A Fine Morsel says:

    Hammie sandwich, please. With extra lettuce.

  52. that is so cute!

  53. Christina B, I’m wondering why Akagami can’t address the issue with Meg himself/herself, and why you’ve chosen to make a comment in this manner, rather than write Meg an email.

    That said, Meg dear, as much as I wish I had, I didn’t actually take the viskaars photograph. It was the wonderful jade_c: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jade. I simply borrowed the pic from her Flickr account to put into my set. Incidentally, I myself neglected to give her credit initially, but she was very gracious about it, as you can see in the comments here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/specklet/210282316/in/set-72157594204828139

    Thanks, and keep up the lovely work!

  54. I loved looking at ALL your pics, Specklet! Among my favorites were the teeny limpet and the teeny snail. But I love EVERYTHING teeny! Well….just about everything….

  55. When you take away finger, their heads slooowly fall forward until they moosh out flat….take a deep breath and snorgle through nose…ahhhhh, too cute.

  56. Holy crapmonkeys! Those whiskars are goingk to take ovar dee world!!

  57. A “Hamsterschnäuzelchen” is my very own translation of “tiny hammie muzzle puff”. Mind you, use it with caution, might not always work 🙂
    And “cute” would be either “Süß” or “niedlich” or plain and simple the international oooooooooh!*sighs*

  58. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Little soft tickly pink noses…

  59. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Oooh–Claudia, you have the cutest hammies! Sorry–I am the one who submitted this photo to Meg, and I told her I found it on Specklet’s Flickr site (which is true—I didn’t know about yours, and just happened upon Specklet’s). Thanks for being kind in sharing their adorableness, with us. On that note, C.O. audience….does anyone else find it horribly ironic that the Akagami “World Peace hamster” has pretty much caused World War III, on this Website??? Hmmmm. Let’s try to join together in the true spirit of tiny, cute animal love in an attempt to purge away the spirits of cranky Scroogeness. Shall we??? :^) Yah. Das all goot!

  60. 😛 no problem Denise. my hamsters are honoured to be on cute overload and have this much attention showered upon them too, though they had some kind of identity crisis back there 😉 i’ll still regularly upload hamster photos in an attempt to make everyone fall in love with hamsters 😛

  61. Look at the back feets, soft, pink and in ultra relaxed position.

  62. Ha..he or she keeps doing that and you will have a bitten off finger, hamsters are grouchy if you wake them up.

  63. Lol, Denise. Well, irony always does make me laugh. Or snort.

    Better than cryin’.

    Peace Hamstahs to all.

  64. muffalatta says:

    So, so sweet. They look so comfortable I wish I could be real tiny and just snuggle in between them and take a nap under the waving wiskas.

  65. i wish my hamsters would sleep like that… i take them out of their house any they are all like VRRROOOOOOOOOMMMM across the coffee table… maybe it has something to do with the word coffee? *scratches head*

  66. Those hamies are soooooo CUTE!!!

  67. sehr sehr süß… ich möchte auch einen hamster haben… 😦

    (very very cute…. i want to have a hamster as well… :()