Bebeh Flammels

The geni over at Sea World have done it again. This time, they hatched a McChick in the early morning hours of Tuesday, August 8, and snapped a rebar-legged parental unit nuzzle.





  1. we share a birthday. pretty bird, pretty bird.

  2. KarenInToronto says:

    Umm, not so much cute as cooked lobster-coloured.

  3. A thinker says:


  4. fuzz fuzz fuzz
    I love fuzz.

  5. Look at how fuzzy!!! I just want to snuggle the little sweetie!!!!

  6. Flamingoes are, to me, the most fabulous creatures ever. I have more flamingo stuffed animals and plastic lawn ornaments than one human being should. It’s about time they made it to the CO world! This just made my day 🙂

  7. Ooooh. I love. look at all the little fuzzy roles.

  8. *rolls

  9. warrior rabbit says:

    Rebar-legged! lol But so true…

  10. OMG I love that picture!! it’s cute and my favorite animal! furry. cows go moo

  11. Rebar-legged.. LOL!

  12. fuzzzzeeeeee babeeeee!

    We love Meg We love Meg We love Meg …
    [roar of crowd}
    Keep da kewt coming!!!

  13. When I sit and simply think about the diversity of life….how many different and strange creatures there are….and how can something like this, or a manatee, or a rhino, or a giraffe exist…well, peeps, it makes my mind go *poit*.

  14. The bebe beak is really crazy looking! And how cute are the useless little wings?

  15. I lurv fuzz too! this is a cutie patootie!

  16. Flamfuzz! Wiggly and wings too big. Very sweet!

  17. Mum’s feets are too big! They take the baby for a tour of Sea World! Love it!

  18. brownamazon says:

    I just saw flamingos at the Bermuda Aquarium in June. They were so bizarre and hilarious; I watched them, mezmerized, for, like, a whole hour. They looked like a bunch of gangly blushing supermodels. And they make the funniest noise: halfway between a goose and a parrot. Keep rockin’ the pink, little buddies!

  19. Redonkulus. Simply simply redonkulus. I had no idea baby flamingoses were born with such wee little legs, and such floofy white feathers!

  20. firefinch says:
  21. Morgan, my mother would challenge you for that title, down to her flamingo cutting board and flamingo-decorated-within-an-inch-of-its-proverbial-life-bathroom! LOL I’ve honestly never seen a baby flamingo before, so cute and fuzzly!

  22. I love the little one’s “Does my butt look big?” pose!

    And also like that it was my first send-in that got posted!! Thanks, Meg!

  23. Beauregard says:

    It’s like the mated a peach and a cornish game hen. (Ok, so I think it’s cute, WHATEVER!)

  24. Want one.

  25. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I would like to rub my face against the baby flamingo’s fuzziliciousness.

    Years ago National Geographic had an article (about Louisiana, I think) with a photo of 2 baby pelicans, before they got their baby fuzz. They looked just like baby dinosaurs!

  26. i’ve seen baby flamingos in the zoo in nassau, the bahamas. when they’re a little bigger, they sit on their backwards knees!

  27. Denita TwoDragons says:

    I’ve been sitting here all this time, trying to figure out what it was about that bebeh flammie that seemed so familiar…and I just realized what it is! My husband’s favorite blankie is covered with fuzz just like that adorable rebar-legged cutie-pie. I think the fabric is called “Vellux” or something like that. So every time I look at that bebeh, I think of my hubby snoring away contentedly, wrapped in the same kind of fuzzy softness…*LOL*


  28. AuntieMame says:

    I don’t know why, but the phrase “my husband’s favorite blankie” just makes me giggle.

    *pictures big, muscular manly-man, wrapped in fuzzy blankie with beatific smile on his face*

    The only thing that is keeping me from rolling on the floor in hysterics is the fact that it’s not pink, like the parental flam.

  29. Denita TwoDragons says:

    “*pictures big, muscular manly-man, wrapped in fuzzy blankie with beatific smile on his face*”

    You just about pegged it, AuntieM! Beatific smile and all! 😉

    And alas, no, the blankie in question is a fetching shade of baby-flamingo cream-white. (Well, except for the spot where one of his Breathe-Right strips got stuck to it and pulled off the flocking…)


  30. Adorable floppy-winged chickie!!! And it’ll grow up to be a pretty minger, too.

    How fortunate that they have two distinct phases of pretty!

  31. I have come to the conclusion that no matter the speices you are only (mostly) cute when you are a bebe!

  32. Anne, I’m quite sure your mother and I would be great pals – My bathroom is the same way. It hasn’t spilled over into the kitchen, but instead to my bedroom lol

  33. AWWWWWWWWW!!! Fuzzy Flamingo Floppage!!!

    (Whoa! That’s an alliteration right there.)

  34. Meg, your captions never fail to dissolve me into fits of giggles, especially when I’m by myself and feel utterly silly with no one but my dog to share my mirth. Rebar-legged parental unit. Redic. HI-larious. You made my day.