All folded up

I’m fine. I’m fine just sleepin’ here on this slab of a floor, don’t mind moi. [Readjusts paws]


Sender-inner Irene L. Don’t you think we’re posting ENOUGH Marmelade kittehs lately? OK, OK, what’s another prosh specimen?



  1. Tony James says:

    Marmalade KITTEH!!! Paws UP!

  2. you can never have too many marmalade kittens.

  3. fat paws in the mornin, almost as good as caffiene for a pick me up.
    *snorgles monitor*

  4. aaaahhhh…the paws that refreshes.

  5. Can today be Marmalade day? Puh-leeeeeeeese???

    I used to not like orange kitties. Even since CO came into my life I now call them dreamcicles!

  6. Hee hee… lookit the big smile!
    I wish I could touch his big ol’ paws.

  7. What I wouldn’t give to curl up on that slab floor with him . . .

  8. pendlerpiken says:

    mwargh. I just want to eat him, he’s so comfy and adorable.

  9. Diem, how about “dreamkitcles”?

  10. GARFIELD!!!

  11. Doodalalala says:

    eeeheeeheehee chubby mc cutestuffs

  12. Doodalalala says:

    Also, plus a zillion points for the uber fuzziness

  13. A thinker says:


    And *jest* a hint of very snorglable stomach. Delish.

  14. Definitely Garfield!

    Seriously, peeps, when I first started visiting CO and squeeing and reading the comments, I did not understand many peoples comments about the urge to put cute stuff in their mouth. And NOW ….I want to nawm nawm on HIM.

    I know!!! It’s the snorgling. First it’s an innocent snorgle, which after awhile becomes so deeply ingrained that it progresses to fullfledged scarfing of the cute. I am an ADDICT.

  15. life’s hard, huh?

  16. Oh good grief… it’s Mr. Bounce Lite™. Where are the lip freckles, though?

    (I bet that floor has embedded radiant heat.)

  17. Paws and whiskers!! What cuteness!

  18. herpantsness says:

    *deep breath in*
    *face to belly*

    from A Midsummer’s Night’s Zerbert

  19. A thinker says:

    Also, gotta love the impeccably content Kitteh Smile. Cats are the masters of soft sleepy happiness…

  20. When my cat does that, I call it bunnyfeet. When she does it, she just KNOWS how cute she is. It’s evil.

  21. Denita TwoDragons says:

    So close you can practically SMELL the belly fur! I wanna bury my face in that fluffy belly and go “waggawaggawagga!”

    (And then stagger off to take my inhaler, but so what? *grin*)


  22. MOOSEFEETS!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Meow House says:

    I think there’s a big fat squeezable belly hiding under those paws.

  24. Getting sleepy… must nap with kitteh… zzzz

  25. ShelleyTambo says:

    If it is Marmie day (and at mariser’s request for pics), here’s my contribution:

    I know cage = so not cute, but I promise he was adopted so he’s not in a cage anymore.

    (mariser–I’ve only gotten around to uploading a few–have to slog through months’ worth and have to pack for vacation Friday!)

  26. Shelley T! He is awesome! And those Fangs of Delight!!! Muuwah!

  27. I’d just like to let the owner of know that despite how much I love her site, until she resolves the issues between her and the use of Akagami’s photo without permission, my friends and I are not going to support It is shameful that Meg would steal a piece of photographic art and offer no compensation to the photographer.

    Please view Akagami’s updated here (

  28. Kris, in New England says:

    Oh man, the paws, the smile and check out that spread of whiskas!!!

    He knows he’s gorgeous, and he doesn’t mind flaunting it does he.

    You go with your big bad self, lovely marmy kitteh.

  29. ShelleyT, coldness of cage is obliterated by the irresistable kitteh! What a sweet-thing…

  30. ShelleyTambo says:

    Lauri, jaypo–He was a sweetie. My favorite parts of the photo are the “missing ears” and the chipmunk cheeks.

    Christine B.–not to get involved in a commentroversy, but:

    1. Your link doesn’t work.
    2. To my knowledge (which admittedly could be mistaken), Akagami has never complained about Meg’s use of the photos–at least not on the CO website. I’m sure if Meg had received complaints she wouldn’t post them anymore.
    3. The whole point of Flickr is to share photos. If a person don’t want his/her photos to be public, he/she can change the Flickr settings to restrict access. Copyright, blah blah (I work in publishing, so I’m familiar with copyright issues)–but Akagami’s photos are much more in the nature of a blog than photographic art.

  31. bunnajenny says:

    Paws of proshness to both mahmahlahde kittehs. My day is unfolding like a Dilbert comic and teh kittehs are brilliant antidote.

    ps…we must issue directive to all shelter kitties to put their paws up, immediately!

  32. kim heggen says:

    If you follow the regular link to Akagami’s hamster page (on the left sidebar), it does appear that there is something going on and some hard feelings. Oh, dear… perhaps it is all a big misunderstanding. I am sure that no harm was ever intended, though, and I would go stark raving mad without my daily dose of fuzzy things that I can get here.

  33. Shelley, the link doesn’t work because of punctuation. You can see pretty easily if you look at it how to remove it.

    And frankly, I’ll wait for both sides of the story, but if K. Akagami’s side of it is right, it’s a very sad day.

    Regarding publicity on flickr, you need to read the page you said you couldn’t see before you comment. Flickr is not permission to sell merchandise using one’s posted photographs.

  34. ShTambo: Upside-down marmie is too much. Love his holding his head with both paws (oy! am I ‘dorable!) Lovable goofiness.

  35. ShelleyTambo says:

    My bad, peeps. I forgot about the world peace hamster shirt since I hadn’t discovered CO by that point.

  36. Could someone please tell me in what language those comments are, on Akagami’s Flickr?

    If I knew what language, then I could use an online translator.

  37. Making a photo public does not mean anyone has permission to use it, especially for profit. Copyright still belongs to the person who took the picture and is implied. Just read the fine print of Flikr.

  38. “Material available on or through other web sites may be protected by copyright and the intellectual property laws of the United States and/or other countries”

  39. Shell,

    thankyouthankyouthankyou. Spiro is cuteness and beyoooond. love the paws-over-ears, ” I have a horrendous headache; please be a dear and get me two Advil wrapped in a tuna steak”.
    also love ‘dazed and Confused’. your captions are high-lay-rius.
    and what if is not marmie day on CO? we’ll make our own in the comments, so PPPPBBBFFFTTTHH! here is my humble contribution:

    Shell, have a glorious vacation!

  40. Skwerly, the language is Japanese. Cute kittersmat, smiley face, chubby tummy.

  41. ShelleyTambo says:

    mariser–“Dazed and Confused”–aka Sumner–had been at the shelter for more than two months at that point and was starting to go a little cage crazy. Someone adopted him a few days after the pic was taken (and recently came back to get him a friend). The pic wouldn’t be so funny without the eye beams. 🙂

  42. Marmalade in the morning is always good. And an all-marmie Tuesday certainly has its possibilities. We could call it The Chronicles of Marmie-a.

  43. Brilliant, Aubrey!

  44. The Chroni-What!-les of Marmie, if you’d like them delivered in hiphop.

    re: Sumner’s (pretty name! eyebeams: “yeemyeemyeemyeem”
    he looks totally stoned.

  45. I love marmalade kitties!

    This one was a link from the last video… But they’re BABIES!!! Eeeeek!

  46. ooooh, we’ve seen dem babehs before, I think! wobbow, wobbow, tippee, tippee….

  47. Laurie C~ “dreamkitcles” I LOVE IT!!! SQUEEEEEE!

  48. Maybe there needs to be a side link for everyone that has comments about copyright and stealing pictures and reserve these spaces for what is important on this site.


  49. A thinker says:

    “The Chronicles of Marmie-a”!

    Brilliant, Aubs! Tho I don’t normally go in for the puns, meself, that one is fantastic. I second or third a vote for it.

  50. Katherine says:
  51. Charles Barilleaux says:

    Orange Kittes are the Best!

    Here is Maggie, and her not-so-orange housemate, Eddy:

  52. Great pic, Charles B!! Love sittin in the sunshine!

    Someday I will load all my babehs’ pictures to show you guys my marmelades (and others)!

  53. awe that looks like my fat kitty! it is sooo cute!

  54. Oh my Paws and Whiskers!

  55. Love every one of the kitty pics.

  56. Aw, he just looks so comferbles. *leans cheek against fluffiness* Ahhhh, now THAT’S some quality snorgling.

  57. Baobao! Of fer crying out loud… He has a whole set dedicated to his sleeping habits; “Baobao’s superdeluxe sleeping collection – When it comes to sleeping, he’s the playa with skillz”:
    Good stuffs.

    His little buddy Beibei (a ‘munchkin’!) is all kinds of adorabuls too:
    Check out the little legs!

  58. Gryt — never mind the sleeping collection… here’s BaoBaoZilla!

  59. Oh dear sweet mother of marmie, here’s another one…

  60. Lauowolf:

    What a happy reference – as sure as ferrets are ferets!

  61. misskitka says:

    i think i’m in love with baobao….is that wrong?

    in *my* world there is nothing cuter than a sleeping cat…the little smile, the awkward positions, the little snoring sounds….makes me weak just thinking about

  62. LOL BaoBao is teh King! *genuflects*

  63. Brak_Silverbone says:

    That is one El Grande Gato!

  64. Thanks to CO, I now see every pussykitty through ginger-colored glasses! (And must fight a searing urge to adopt a redheaded fuzzer of my own, thereby violating my lease and having all of us wind up living in a fridge box.) The nose! Oh Bast in heaven, the intense red nose!