Listen People, I am not messing around here. This is the best kitten video of all time. Yes, I’m talking this up, it’s really that good. Enjoy.

// I don’t know if we Overloaded the servers, but we’re BACK People, with thanks to Google Video.//


Sender-inner Jennifer S., you really topped all kitten videos. >^.^<



  1. Yes I agree with you.
    This is a very good kitten video that makes my day,
    Thank you for sharing this cool video with me !

  2. i am unimpressed. we like it when the kitten actually falls asleep. worst kitten video ever.

  3. OMG!!! TEH PAWS!$!

  4. Beauregard says:

    Meg, how did you not reference The Continental here? You know, the disembodied arm and all. Hmmmm. Ok, maybe that’s not funny. Maybe that’s why you make the SNL references and I don’t. Carry on!

  5. hmmm…no can open.

  6. 😦 The video doesn’t work for me. All I get is “Page Cannot Be Found”

  7. I can’t open it either…that makes me sad!

  8. Same here. I want to see it, but “page can not be found”. rats!

  9. that is cute. It is relly cute

  10. mmmmk, this is odd. I can’t play this. there is no play button, tried clicking on it and nuthin. what gives?
    I’m in FF if that helps.

  11. this makes me feel kind of dirty.

  12. Doesn’t load for me either.

    …will try again later

    (oh… and Jesse? You’re not exactly impressing *me* either.)

  13. Here’s the direct URL at Google Video for the vid. The other link was just fronting the google vid anyway.

  14. It’s not working! 😦

  15. Count me also among the expectations-appropriately-raised, no-video crowd.

    But even the still is cute.

  16. the video doesn’t work here neither and boo jesse! all kitties are cute! that’s the definition of a kitty!

  17. ben c,

    thanks! those claws! those meeps! that yawn! those exclamation points!!!

    but…where is the other link? I never saw a link in Meg’s original post.

  18. yeah – this video doesn’t like me either…any other way to get it?

  19. aaaawwww just saw the clip, what a cute little kitty, makes me want to go and snug mine

  20. Frank Ueker says:

    Farked, in a manner of speaking.

  21. Tony James says:

    It’s Happy Claw Stretch time! YAY! 🙂

  22. Video wasn’t working for me either, so I tried ben compton’s link. Thanks, Ben!

    Kitten is so awfully kewt. Adorable. He wants to kill us all.

  23. Denita TwoDragons says:

    It no open! Waah!


  24. Thanks Ben, now I want a kitty. Thanks.

  25. can’t open it!!! 😦

  26. Teughcats says:

    Methinks I spy a challenge! Love the kute kitty but not so sure this is the best vid ever. I know I have a couple adorable kitters, and we all know Theo has the Doones – who else is in?

    (Now if I can just figure out how to take video and upload it…)

  27. awwww… marmalade kitteh!

    Do you guys have *any* idea how *long* it takes to catch up on five days of CO??? Glad to be back!

  28. Thank you Ben.

    The kitten seems to be all “Yo, I’m trying to sleep here, do we have to do the patting NOW?”

    The tiny, tiny meeps are the best.

  29. Chantelle says:

    Aww, he reminds me of my cat. My cat is basically mute and always makes those cute little soundless meows.

  30. — Thank you Ben!!!

    Wonderful kitten.

    — Flippy, *no one* is as perfectly clean as this kitten.
    One must simply worship the perfect white fluffiness of kitten, but not reflect too much on one’s own failure to also be soft, fuzzy, and utterly pristine.
    That’s what kitten bellies are for.

    The meeps!
    I’m sure he has more voice than that; it’s just that’s the only sound appropriate to being flat, warm, and patted by a hand about the same size you are.

    But I think that the paw hugging his own head is what finally did me in.

    Do you think kitten’s people would agree to just follow him around with the camera all day?
    As a service to the kittenless among us?

  31. Cutie cute cute!

  32. Ok, I finally got it to work. I, um…don’t get it. Did I miss something? I mean, the kitten was cute enough, but I don’t get what’s so special about someone petting a kitten.

  33. He’s so sweet! Don’t we all wish that we could have a personal masseuse like he does? 😉

  34. Oh what adorable feetses. :oD Kitty belly fur!

  35. Don’t miss it, there’s another Fenno video on Google, too!

  36. Uhm. . . This was just kitty porn, someone stroking a pretty kitty.

    While I love the yawn, best kitteh video ever? nah, sorry.

    And thanks for the direct link ben!

  37. Surrogate kitten petting-I knew this whole web thingy had potential. Too cute.

  38. thanks for the link my peeps! I giggled all the way through this. What a precious baby … and somebody looooooooves him.

  39. What negativity. Isn’t every marmalade kitty video the best video EVAH!

    How could they not . . . they are way 2 stinken cute!

  40. broken treasures says:

    I can’t see it – just get a message about page not being found.

  41. Ben C — thanks for posting the Google Vid link!

    The eyes-queezes!
    The happy-paws!
    The contented mews!
    The stretch!
    The yawn!
    The “Yes… yes… ADORE me” marmitude!

  42. Move over slashdot, we’re Cute Overloading sites!

  43. Hooray, it worked for me! (Thanks for the links.)
    I’m in love – Oh lordy, those big paws, the big stretch, the teeny “mew”!!

  44. ZOMG, the little squeaks! Thanks for the link, ben!

  45. ginettissima says:

    Alright, what was with the little silent/squeeky cheep cheep things?! It’s clear to me that the kitty had a mission, and that was to make certain of us veiwers drop dead. It took everything in me not to submit, up to the very last paw-curled-up-to-the-head moments. I very nearly gave in…

  46. Thank you, Ben!

  47. I love the tiny little “Meow’s”…so the best part was the big stretch/yawn at the end! I lurve it!

  48. When..the paw…curled up to…the little head… ohhhhh SQWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee *pop* (my brain explodes with the sheer cuteness of the kittycat)

  49. Not the best. Maybe one of the sweetest. But not the best. I’ve got a bazillion pictures of my pups doing the same thing.

  50. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Oh, man! What a pretty, sweet kitty!
    Thanks for Ben and Shawn for the links to the vids!

  51. Super cuteness. I love the finale.

  52. I’m sorry, but what in that video is NOT cute!?! After the Biiiiiig Stretch, the paw curled under the head is a Top Ten Cute moment!


  53. This is everything that makes a kitteh the BESTEST, most expressive and appreciative little friend around!

    And the tenderness in the petting hand is *so* sweet. You can just see how much that guy loves his kitten.

  54. KittyKins says:

    Check out the cyclops kitty at the end of the comments teehee >^.^<

  55. I liked the second one too. That pesky tail!

  56. Thanks Ben!

    Thanks Shawn!

    “This was just kitty porn, someone stroking a pretty kitty.”

    v1ctorya – wouldn’t that be “someone stroking a pretty pussy?”


    Too much?

    *hangs head and blushes in shame*

  57. Definitely kitteh porn. Unknown man hand lingeringly stroking kitty body at granny’s cottage (note the pattern on coverlet). Appropriately grainy. Ah, I feel dirty.
    But the meeps! The meeps! Overides my guilt!

  58. Hi, i’m the webmaster of, we are currently trying to recover from the cute OVERLOAD our server is experiencing. we have problems accessing our server and are working hard to resolve the problem. It seems that this site has driven an insane amount of traffic to our site. please check back a little later 🙂

  59. cute kitty, but huh? what’s the big deal? the video’s not *that* cute. boo hoo! i’ve been misled by meg!

  60. It’s just a guy petting a cute kitten. Nothing spectacular about this video.

  61. oh no! Is it the slepping cat again?!?

  62. Sorry about the overload, Antonio. Maybe you should upload to YouTube or one of the other video hosting sites. I’m disappointed that I haven’t been able to see the “Best Kitten Video Evar” yet. Similar to being “slashdotted” ( ), you’ve been Cute Overloaded.

  63. I agree with those that said its um… cat porn or something. ROFL! Cute kitty, yes… I love the sudden flop and paw-on-head… Big yawn is cute… but yeah, I agree, a little bit… weird. And I’m totally a cat person, even. I think the bunnies win though…! 😀

  64. rpennefe, glad to know there are more of us who just have to push it across the line! : )

    And I love that has been OVERLOADed by the cute. Well done.

    And another thing I love? Marmalade kitten meeps.

  65. People here who are dissing cuteness of this kit need a few lessons in the fine art of The Critique. When you line up your reasons for your displeasure, DON’T use reasons which explain why this might be the cutest petting session ever!!! People, it just doesn’t work! You can’t win!

  66. Oh, no! Not the slepping cat again! I didn’t bother checking Lohan Roberto’s link. Sheesh, “Rpberto” isn’t exactly the most clever way to disguise a name.

  67. This kitty is obscenely relaxed.

  68. Hi ceejoe, the video is already hosted at google video, the problem is not the video itselfe, its a strange problem with our server, it should be able to handle a lot more requests but somehow its giving up already. We are still investigating the issue and will be back soon hopefully 🙂 as someone other mentioned, you can still watch the video at google video directly:

    Personaly, i’m glad so many people show their interest in our site and cats in general. Picato mainly focuses on pictures of cats and kittens, so if you like them, check back later 🙂

  69. Tiny squeakley chirps! Toe-spread action! Bonus shark-toothed kitten yawn!


  70. Teughcats says:

    Lohan – Atreyu is *very* cute. Love the little smudgy nose!

  71. Aww…tiny little mews! Adoring eyes, stretching toes. Very sweet.

    The Continental! LOL! I can see it. Those are the some of the best SNL skits.

  72. Welcome and thanks, Antonio! We’ll try to take turns checking out the kittehs, as to not cause any further cute-crazed servers crashes.

    As for Lohan, there is that dubious distinction of being the target of the Great Pudding War of 2006 (if I remember correctly). As I recall, we started on the march with torches and pitchforks and ended with us flinging pudding and other tasties at each other. Good times!

  73. Yes, Atreyu is cute, and thanks for getting the Neverending Story theme music looping in my brain.

    But can anything outcute (or out kitteh porn) this:


  74. My kitty acts the same way when she’s in a good mood and I’m petting her… but omg the squeeking that kitty makes! That’s absolutely adorable! I love vocal cats… and those squeeks are just precious.

  75. Oooooh, v1ctorya – not in a million years. I think you win!

    I just watched the vid again, and I have to say – although the meeps are completely adorable, that kitten was rather chintzy with the purring…at least, *I* didn’t hear any purring. All that love and affection being lavished on him, and he couldn’t even grant us one, little purr?

    Some kittehs! They think they are the center of the universe.

  76. I could hardly hold it together when he finally got a “meep” out. So cute.

  77. simply divine!!

  78. Just looking at him makes me relax.

  79. moggie_cat says:

    OMG…sooo cute!
    What a baaaaaaby! Little meeps, little paws, little yawn…s/he’s someone’s little baby!

    And I think the person petting is an older woman. It looks like my grandmother’s hands!

  80. KittyKins says:

    This cute little dude’s making me cruise YouTube for kitteh vids:

  81. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Hey… anyone know why it would open a search page when I click on the picture? I wanna see the cuteness!

  82. Deven Werthman says:

    I can’t open it either. I was all psyched up, too.

  83. so sweet. it’s the best video because it perfectly captures that moment between human and kitty. no pointless SQUEEEEIng and murmuring.

    just. . .”hey man, i like to pet you.”

    and. . .”that’s cool, i like to be petted. go ahead.”

    awesome. makes me wish i had a kitty.


  84. You idiots. Someone posted the google vid link in the commments. You use that now, and stop complaining!

    Kitty gets pet by big knobby knuckled brutish hand.
    That is the video

  85. Oh. My. Goodness.

    I am going to DIE. Of the cute. And of un-kittenness.


  86. Try this video, it’s also very niiiiiiiiiice and has nice paw action…

  87. Awwwwwwwwww. XTREME Qt!

    Snorgletum in the air. Soooo tie tie. Complete stretchitude…belly rubbing…mews, mews…soooo tie tie….tiny meeps…sleepy eyedroops…strrrrrrretch, dainty yawn…peep peep.

    Da END.

  88. Erk, I left out the most important! ……tiny white paw-curl….

  89. teh skweeks…teh paws…

    This is what Tiger looked like when he was a kitten. This is going to be one loooong cat when it grows up.

  90. that is so cute! I too had to follow the link here though or the dreaded “page not displayed” curses I tell thee! but it was worth coming here and getting the link that is 1 appreciative kitty cuddling sesh 🙂

  91. I can’t get it to display, it just says “page cannot be displayed”. What do I do, I want teh cute!!!

  92. I agree with the person who said this was kitty porn. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but I made extra sure I only watched the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th times when no one was around to see.

  93. Awwwww….I saw this from the link provided by Ben…very sweet. For some reason, this makes me think this would be good for allergy sufferers…kind of like a vicarious petting.

  94. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Ben’s link doesn’t work for me either–I can see the page for a split second, then it gives me that annoying error page. I wanna see! Kitty looks so cute!

  95. That is one decedant little dewd. Flexing is paws, arching and trilling all at the same time? HE MUST BE STOPPED!!

  96. The Spahetti Kitteh!

  97. little gator says:

    My Rudy Patootie looked a lot like that as a baby. He never did grow into his paws, which were still huge for his entire all too short life. He died of cancer at 8 1/2.

    That baby is almost as cute as Rudy was on his worst day as an adult cat. And i feel disloyal saying so, but the baby has prettier markings, but just varely.

  98. KittyKins- is the tail on that little guy for real, or is he just really pouffed out from being “scared” by the balloon? Wow.

  99. one of my cats is a squeaky meow-er like this lil’ guy. i think they’re part mouse. 😉

  100. My sister’s cat is like that too- makes the meow move but barely any sound comes out. The only time you can hear her is when she’s in her carry-case on the way to the vet’s. Then she’ll blast out your eardrums.

  101. poor violet says:

    OMG! That’s exactly how *I* sound when I yawn!

    My inner child is a kitten!

  102. Thanks Ben for the link!
    So cute.. the baby sleepy peeps.. the little pink toes.. I want to snorgle him!

  103. Thanks Ben for the link!
    So cute.. the baby sleepy peeps.. the little pink toes.. I want to snorgle him!

  104. ‘Tis true, ’tis verreh verreh cute…

    …but vagely pr0nish in its execution.

  105. Meh….no biggie *shrug*

  106. No go! Can’t view! No see! Does not work!

  107. There’s…. a video?

  108. cant open video really want to

  109. Wow, um, not to be a downer, but geez. That was the best kitten video ever? I think I may need to take a few days off from CO. Maybe my standards have gotten too high.

  110. awwww it’s Fenno! He’s my favorite!

  111. Wow, some people are jaded… what would make that cute enough for the naysayers? Do they have a scientific, objective Cuteometer device that Meg should be running things through to satisfy them?
    I liked it all the more because it was so simple, natural and understated. Fenno is a lovely kitten!

  112. AuntieMame says:

    Well, I thought it was adorable. The little squeaks. The tiny paw curled around the kitty cheek. The luxurious stretch and the sleepy eyes. Precious!

  113. it didnt work for me!! what is happening! help! i must see the cutest kitten video EVAR!

  114. I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE!!!!


  115. ADORABLE! Love the little squeaks. My blood pressure lowered instantly. Kitties are the BEST!

  116. could be server overload

  117. OMG that could soooo be my Princess when she was a baby……. Ahhh but they grow up so fast (wistful look on face)

  118. jenandcleo says:

    Agreed. The best kitten video evar.

  119. misscrisp says:

    Furst of all, a whole new meaning for Cute OVERLOAD. LOL!
    This vid definitely got me good…you know…the inappropriate squealing while in office environment…people looking quizzically over…what’s HER problem? It’s the killing me softly with kitten paws doing “starfish” like crazy, and the tiny meeeps, and the PAW clutching head motion (my favorite!).
    phew. I’m all steamed up by cuteness.

  120. misscrisp says:

    Furst of all, a whole new meaning for Cute OVERLOAD. LOL!
    This vid definitely got me good…you know…the inappropriate squealing while in office environment…people looking quizzically over…what’s HER problem? It’s the killing me softly with kitten paws doing “starfish” like crazy, and the tiny meeeps, and the PAW clutching head motion (my favorite!).
    phew. I’m all steamed up by cuteness.

  121. misscrisp says:

    Sorry for the double-up. And I forgot to say HOORAY for “The Continental” I think about it often and most people wonder what I’m blathering about. This vid is IT.

  122. Piggalette says:

    Wow. Just wow. I had to get my husband to watch that one. Too effing cute.

  123. i’m depressed T_T i cant watch the clip!


  124. hmm. maybe I was missing something b/c I don’t have audio on this computer. cutest ever? hardly.

  125. Teeny sqeaky toy! And so sleepy – he’s not on Fenno-barbitol, is he?


  127. Oh Em Gee. I’m sitting here at my desk in the Catcave, and three of the Doones have CLAW-SCRAMBLED UP MY LEGS (wearing jeans, thank heavens), the better to explore the desktop.

    Aiiiiiiighe!!! TEH KLAWZ!!!

    Somebody’s still down on the floor, too, undoing my shoelaces.

  128. Brinke Guthrie says:

    page not found. oh well.

  129. What if you just went to and then did a search for fenno – kitten?

    Oh, and T: seems like you’re getting the claw/gnaw treatment. Embrace it.

  130. musicchick2 says:

    Thanks for the link Ben. VERRRY cute, but the best kitten video EVER??? Nah….

  131. ceci n’est pas un video

  132. oh, that is just SO sweet…tiny sleepy chirps…paw curled just so by eye… luxurious and stripey stretching…that was just plain lovely 🙂

  133. aaaaaaaagggghhhh!
    Orange & white kitties! Kill me!!!
    This looks like the little cat that was stalking my dog the other day. Mini-meeps & all…..oh it’s so hard not to steal them!!
    *clunk* [dies]

  134. Why oh Why can’t I watch this clip. Bummer big time.

  135. Denita TwoDragons says:

    YAY! I got to see Fenno in action at last! Soooooo cutie!


  136. oh my hell. that made my crappy day into the best of nights! haha 😀

  137. Snarftakular says:

    AH! Complete with hand to pet the darling thing for the viewer. Oi, the squeals!

  138. Nice, but not the best… much cuter kitties out there:

  139. omg that is fantastic. when it closed its eyes on that first stroke i nearly squeaked. adorabibble!

  140. How cute, the kittie’s too small to properly meow, he just squeeks. I love the baby kitty squeek noise. Also, nothing cuter than floppy kitty phenomenon. You know, when kitties are so sleepy and happy they get limp and floppy, like they’re paralized with cuteness.

  141. Put that m**********n’ kitten on my m**********n’ bed!

    – Samuel L. Jackson

  142. Oh man, this is adorable! Made me all clucky! That tiny pristine white belly. The teeny squeeky meep sound! I wanna kitten baby!

  143. If you click on the link, you’ll see there’s another Fenno kitten video on the right hand column. It’s even CUTER! He chases his widdw taiw! Awwwwwww…

  144. oh man, that video that katzandogz linked to, of the kitten pingu, is way cute too! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – there’s nothing in the whole wide world like kittens!
    right, Theo?

  145. Cool! The Pingu video just had my cat coming up off my lap to stare intently at the screen. He recognized it was a kitten bouncing around and went right up to it. It probably helped that it’s a high contrast kitty.

  146. oh my god, I love it! So squeaky!

  147. The meeps were very cute. But I like the other video from these people with the same kitten… That video includes a tail attack!

  148. That’s the squeak of a kitten that knows it’s loved! So cute!

  149. That’s the squeak of a kitten that knows it’s loved! So cute!

  150. m in athens says:

    aww– this too much little vid manages to succinctly document the adorableness of kittendom!

  151. I’d just like to let the owner of know that despite how much I love her site, until she resolves the issues between her and the use of Akagami’s photo without permission, my friends and I are not going to support It is shameful that Meg would steal a piece of photographic art and offer no compensation to the photographer.

    Please view Akagami’s updated here ( ).

  152. The yawn!! Oh my goodness the yawn!!

    *head explodes from all the cuteness*

  153. valeriejeans says:

    big fat tiny tough guy paws

  154. Well, Meg, you got 144 comments so far. I wonder if you’ll even read mine.

    I couldn’t get the audio, but I did get the video. Just watching it lowered my blood pressure at least 10 points.

    I think you should always attribute the source.

  155. kitty kat says:

    omg, stretchy paws AND a big yawn, that’s too much.. :-)It’s so cute the way everytime mommy pets her she want a kitty

  156. Hi to all cat lovers 🙂 At the risk of beeing cute overloaded again, i’d like to point out that our site is online again! It might be better to keep that link to google tough hehe. So if you want to check our cat & kitten pictures: i’d also like to say thanks to the team for linking to us and reacting to the overload.

  157. OMG…I’m melting…my heart is aching…must go home & pet my kitties now…

  158. It makes me want to go home and pet my “kittehs” RIGHT NOW!

  159. charlotte says:

    oh my god did you hear the little squeak it makes when it yawns??

  160. Boring. Made ME yawn!!!!

  161. ahhhh…he makin’ biscuits wi hims paws!!!! *dies*

  162. misschelley says:

    meg, you are getting trashed right and left! i love the vid. i felt my blood pressure dropping just watching it, it is a good vid. i’ve not ever found a pic on CO that left me cold, its always the warm fuzzies for me, so keep up the good work!

  163. ooji booji boo… *scratches kitten’s head* its sooooo kyoot (cute)

  164. This is the perfect virtual kitten!

  165. These videos made me cry, they reminded me so much of my precious little Tiki cat who’s waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge–especially with her silent meows and squeaks. God, I miss her.

  166. what’s up with the kitten snuff flick? this video is scary. in a jon benet kind of way.

  167. ya mine just said this vdeo is not available at this time… so sad!

  168. When Fenno changes position and puts his paw against his head and stretches, it’s like he’s saying, “man, this just keeps getting better.”

    Very cute. He’s fun.

    Those of you who didn’t think it was cute… I don’t get you.

  169. Villeline says:

    Squeaky, creaky, stretchin’ kitten! *purrs*

  170. Hey…uh…does anyone want to introduce me to the guy who’s doing the filming…? 🙂 He seems to be well versed in the art of extracting a purr. haha! 🙂

  171. chippedMonk says:

    most. overhyped. kittyvid. ever. omg! 😛

  172. Ooooooooootoooookeyooot*clunk**thud*

    !!!EEEeeEEeeEEeeEEee \sound of siren, squealing brakes, slamming doors, rapid footsteps

    sorry this poster has OD’ed on cuteness. this video will be confiscated as having exceeded the legal cute limit. let this be a warning to all you kitten addicts!

  173. Very happy sweet fuzzy video.

  174. The soft, sweet little moments that make life worth living in an otherwise ugly world.

  175. Holy crap! That’s my kitten! Someone I work with sent me this link and I was doubtful, but there’s my boy. I’m glad you all like it, and yes, I acknowledge that the hand is a little creepy. But he was sooo tired. And for the record, he has only ever meeped. He doesn’t meow.