Sthunday Night Post

"Hello Meg,

I thought I’d tell you about something that happened to me a few weeks ago that you and the community might find amusing. I ended up in the hospital for severe depression and had to stay in the psych ward for about five days. It was quite an interesting experience to say the least, but I found the environment very positive and healing. It can get quite boring after a while just walking around with nothing much to do. On the first day in the eating area I noticed a writing board on the wall with a marker on top. I had missed my daily dose of so I thought, "Why not advertise it in the psych ward? I must spread the joy of the Cute(tm)." Luckily there was nobody around so I quickly wrote out: "Visit the best web site ever! Get your cute on!" I wondered how long it would stay there before someone erased it. To my surprise, it lasted four days. One of the psych nurses walked in and suddenly stopped in front of the board, looking a bit confused as she read the message. I explained the web site to her and she thought it sounded really good and she said she’d check it out. I asked if she wanted me to erase it but she was really kind and said to keep it up. One other patients made fun of though. A friend I made humorlessly asked if it was "one of those fetish web sites". I explained to them the nature of the web site, but the guy who made fun of it seemed a bit perplexed. (He probably thought I was crazy. But I was in a psych ward for goodness sake, so who cares?) I told them them that I consider visiting the web site Cute Therapy.  I visit it about two or three times a day and the rush of cuteness that flows through my body is a powerful sedative for my depression and anxieties. Unfortunately, around the fifth day, a new nurse came onto the ward and told me that patients are not supposed to use the board. The next morning I woke up to find it erased and the marker taken away.

Thank you for providing such an uplifting web site. I’d be interested in hearing other spreading the Word of the Cute stories. It might be difficult to beat mine. Have you considered selling stickers advertising the site? They’d be a great way to quickly stick on objects.

Please keep my name, e-mail address and location anonymous. I don’t want to get sent back to the psych ward for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCCOD).

Feeling better,

PS: Feel free to edit the message for grammatical errors, etc.



  1. I hope you are feeling better, Anon. I know how you feel, I’ve suffered severe depression for most of my life.

  2. Glad to hear you’re doing better! Been there, done that, got the T-shirt (shortly after they gave me my belt and shoelaces back.) I wish Cuteoverload had been around then!

  3. Aw! That’s the best!

    Between this website and dancing til my feet hurt, my heart lifts up & over anything that obstructs my path. *sooo* good.

    Keep smiling, Mr/s. Anonymous!

  4. awww. Sweet story.

  5. OCCOD? what a cute word!

  6. May I suggest fuzzy hamster stickers to advertise? What about Spiky hedgie “stick” ers. Heh. heh.

  7. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Hi Anonymous glad your feeling better. I have been there too ( still on the tablets) I wish cute overload had been around when I was at my lowest. I agree about the stickers to Spread The Word.

  8. I’m really glad that Cuteoverload helped Anon. I know how you feel, doing the trudge of depression myself at the mo and I love this site, it makes me smile too.

    Good story, glad you are feeling better.


  9. I work with kids in a residential treatment facility. I have often wished there were computers on site so I could share the cuteness with my girls. Thanks for sharing this story, and here’s hoping that C.O. helps you through the tough times as well as adding to your joy in other times.

  10. I’ve never been hospitalized (at least not yet), but I’ve been battling depression for most of my adult life. Cute Overload – or CuteO, as me and my friends like to call it – is very often one of the brightest stars in an otherwise dark and gloomy everyday existance. It proves that some people have it in their hearts to celebrate – even venerate! – joy, and beauty, and fuzzy sweetness for no other reason than just being there and making people smile. Now if only the good doctors could find a way to put it into tablets…

  11. Anon –

    Cute therapy can’t be beat. I’m so happy you’re another example of its power to heal. Cheers to you!

    As for stickers, I suggest a marmalade kitteh to deliciously spread the word.

  12. Maybe I just feel a connection with you because I’ve been hospitalized before for depression as well.. that was way back in ’04 though. There were computers at the psych ward I was in. Maybe next time I go (uh, actually I hope I’ll never have to go again, even though I did like the boringness of the ward :P) I’ll set the homepages to C.O.

  13. CO™ a powerful force for goodness and joy, indeed.

  14. Casey – spiky stickers? I dunno WHERE you could buy those…

  15. Anon – really hope you’re doing ok. Psych ward is no fun, i know. I’ve been in for mania and would have been talking ten to the dozen about the cute to anyone with ears (actually ears optional when i’m manic) if it had existed.

    Again, cute therapy is my saviour. I visit the boards at frequently and have spread the gospel of cute there.

  16. cuteness is the ultimate panacea. curing cancer & depression with the potency of cocaine!

  17. Hey Anon,

    I hope you’re doing better too. I’ve been on some pretty hard core pills myself, but dang, CuteO REALLY does help! Weren’t there some posts sometime in the past about scientific PROOF that tiny cat feets sticking out from the couch totally like, WORK? I’m living proof.

    get better!

  18. I’ve done my time with severe depression, but thankfully it’s been under control for some time now.

    Recently, though, I’ve developed a fairly large (and ferociously painful) bone spur in my spine. I’m currently on a combination of four painkillers, and while we’ve mostly managed to get them all balanced, I’ve had many a sleepless night in serious agony.

    While sitting up on these long nights, I discovered Cute Overload, and spent quite a while going through the archives. The intense cuteidtude didn’t cure the bone spur, but it really did make me feel better. It made sitting up all night in pain tolerable, and that’s really all I could ask for.

  19. Anonie Moose says:

    You’re not alone, I suffer from depression also.

    C.O. and Stuff on My are 2 sure ways to cheer up everyday! 🙂

  20. I believe in cute therapy too. I suspect it’s like the way pet therapy can help old people in nursing homes — you know, when they bring cats and dogs to visit old folks for a while. There must be some neurotransmitter whose production gets stimulated by this sort of thing.

  21. Ditto on the hope you’re feeling better, Anon. I understand perfectly how you feel about this site. Cute Overload, and PostSecret too, always make my day a lot better. Hang in there! xx

  22. Woods Walker says:

    Anybody that cute therapy can’t help is beyond any kind of treatment. Maybe the nurse who erased the board should be admitted.-Woods Walker

  23. aw, that’s such a cool story! bravo for spreading the word, and best wishes with the recovery. 😀

  24. Hoorah for your courage, Anonymous, and warmest regards and prayers (hope you don’t mind!) coming your way. I agree that frequent visits to the site remind me what makes me happy and calm–and that my marauding cats and dog are sometimes as cute as the photos!

    Take good care of yourself; and may you see the good you do for others–you seem like the type of person that can see the humor and absurdity even while hurting–that’s a very good thing!

  25. YAY for Anonymous for spreading the love about CO! And even bigger yays for CO… this site has been my saving grace at times. On some days, the only thing that gets me through the day is a hug from my partner and knowing there’ll be a fresh dose of cuteness waiting for me when I get home… 🙂

  26. I deal with angry people for a living- this takes the edge off!

    Keep on trucking AnonEmous! We’re pulling for you!

  27. Boy howdy, I think The Cute can definitely help heal and uplift spirits.

    Seriously, Port A Snorg should be required therapy. I think healing would be enhanced!

  28. The last time I ended up locked in ‘for my own good’ due to depression, my boyfriend used to come and visit me with our siberian dwarf hamster in his pocket (he never entered the ward, of course, since people can be allergic and hamsters can flee and start biting on cables or get hurt).
    Speediest revocery evvah!

    Small, furry animals ftw!

  29. as sweet and supportive as the site visitors are, let’s keep the very inpriting stories between you and whomever sends them toyou. one o the best thingsabout the content at cuteoverload is it’s pure and we can pretend it’s only our crappy day they erase without getting the detritus of someone else’s crappy day on us. we have the whole rest of the internet to remind us how much things can Truly Suck.

  30. marcus,

    I’d suggest you stay out of the comments and stick to the pretty pictures if you prefer to not see “the very inspiring stories”.

    keep it pure. regards

  31. Pffff, b** (in a nice way of course) that is that new nurse, why’d she had to take the marker away?

    Anyway, I hope you got better dear anonymous. Remember the positiv, take the negative out, don’t feed it, it’s bad for health ^^. Maybe a lot of people told you that already, but I’m trying as much as I can to follow that as well, so that’s why I’m telling it to you. Take care of you, real good care, you diserve it. You do!

    Now, I must say I wouldn’t want Cute Overload to be Overloaded by a bunch of people who won’t take care of it. So much people could come here only because it’s “cool” to do so, just for the fashion you now. They wouldn’t care about it really. And I’m scared for that to happen, I don’t want people to make pictures just to appear on C.O., and go into the wasteful process and meaningless act of consumption. They wouldn’t care about the animals, no respect, no love, no protection… I can’t take this. So please C.O. don’t become marketed, industrial, and… well I don’t know how to say this actually but don’t become… unlovable. Stay true.

  32. I’ve gone thorgh and still expirence some of the same as above. Finding that so much of life is about where I put my attantion and knowing the intertubes and the people on it can be so negative, I stick to Cute Overload and other such seritonan regulating web sites. Cute Overload, you make my day and remind me that there are people in the world that value kindness and simple love to always taking the low road. THANKS!

  33. PS: Stickers, even if only for personal use, would be a wonderful way for us to support the site! I vote for hedges and buns.

  34. thats nice to hear that! cuteoverloa can do anything including healing peoples problems emotionally! CONGRATULATIONS!

  35. I too have been hospitalized for depression in my lifetime, but THIS YEAR Cute Overload is helping me get through cancer; surgery, chemotherapy, the whole nine yards. Every day I check the site and it lifts my spirits when they’re lagging. The effects are profound and significant. Thank you so much for the opportunity to just say THANK YOU and to connect with other people for whom the site is not so much a dalliance as a safe haven and a moment out of life to lay down and rest a while or sit on a park bench
    and just say “Hello” to THE MOST ANERABLE CUTENESS EVAR.

  36. poor violet says:

    Hi Anon,

    Obviously you’re not alone. I too have spent time in the ward, and I too rely on the simple joy of cute overload to help me through my days.

    I get such a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that the little kitty toes, etc. that let me smile, that give me some endorphins, are helping dozens (if not hundreds) of others all around the world.

    Big hugs to all of you out there – this site is proof that life in all its simple, simple beauty is worth hanging around for.

  37. Awesome – I will remember cute therapy when I run therapy groups (I’m a social worker).

  38. Ebichu – you’re so lucky to have a compact little hamster (and a boyfriend that understands its healing powers). I wish kitties could fit in pockets, too…

    (I’m recovering from a bike/car accident, and while I was at the hospital, my boyfriend was seriously considering smuggling our cat into the ward to greet me. It sounded like a great idea then, but it’s probably for the best that he never tried… if you were worried about a Siberian dwarf hamster can wreak havoc in a psych ward, I don’t even want to think about a PO’d adolescent tabby trashing the ER…)

    Anyways, said kitty has had plenty of time to help me recover after I got home from the hospital.

    Anonymous, you so did the right thing, exposing your fellow patients to the Healing Cute. Three cheers!

  39. See, *this* is why I get all snarky & puffed up & protective when trolls show up & start slagging Teh Qte™. To me, this place is more than just fuzzy photos and funny captions.

    PS — LexBe — no worries. Cute Overload isn’t about to go “industrial.” Count on any future C.O. commercial offerings to be worthwhile enhancements.

    (And honestly, I do think Meg could stand to offer a lot more T-shirts & C.O. merch, but then I haven’t exactly been sending her any print-ready designs; we got those Day Jobs, y’know.)

  40. “Cute Overload, you make my day and remind me that there are people in the world that value kindness and simple love to always taking the low road. THANKS!”

    Way to go JOHNNY! What I thought! *thumbs up*

    To CO: if you ever do stickers (or else), don’t forget the Europeans (I’m from Belgium) with no credit card ;).

  41. LexBe — I think you might mean “if you ever do stickers (or ANYTHING else)…” but I kinda like it your way better.

  42. Thanks Theo ^^. And good luck with the day job.

  43. lex-be sez,
    “you ever do stickers (or else), don’t forget the Europeans (I’m from Belgium) with no credit card ;).”

    oh, I think that can be arranged. possibly in exchange for pretty Belgian stamps (or stickers) 😉

    threadjack: lex-be, I’ve always had a soft spot for Belgium even though I never been there . maybe I can deliver your CO merchandise in person!

  44. oops, didn’t see your message at the moment. Thanks again, and sorry for my english mistakes. Don’t see much differences between the two but it might be grammatical only.
    Anyway, I’d be honored to wear a “Cute Overload” t-shirt and show my pride of cuteness and simple true feelings, shared with other people in the world (animals melts the human hearts… I’m glad they do).

  45. Wishing you all the best for recovery, Anon. Just keep coming back when you’re up OR down and life will just look a whole lot more bearable.

    Meg’s work here provides a shining beacon of joytitude to everyone who visits. I’m convinced that her inspirations have an impact on people’s lives she never imagined when she started and that they serve a critically important antidote to any darkness in our hearts. Here’s to MeggieMoo and her guiding Muse.

  46. ..or perhaps that would be “guiding Moose.”

  47. Bless your heart, sweety! I spent many hours in the psych ward, visiting my mother when I was young. She too suffered from depression. Nowadays, the anti-depressants they have seem to work for me and my sisters (who all inherited the disease), but for my mother, sometimes the psych ward was the only solution. I imagine for the uninitiated, the psych ward is a scary place – but my mom made lots of lasting friendships there, and found comfort and respite there.

    Yes, Cute Overload is definitely therapeutic – I love a good chuckle, or to get the warm fuzzies. This place is a real gem!

  48. I think that the mental health associations of the world should seriously study ‘Cute Therapy’. I’m serious. If the picture of cute horsies can make me feel better no matter how depressed I am, then there is something truely magical about the Power of Cute.

    To anon, I give my sincerest best wishes and prayers for your recovery. 🙂

  49. That’s awesome! Rock on Girl!

  50. JayP sez,

    I’m partial to “joytiness” meself. (Colbert fan, don’tcha know).

    your English is fine. please be aware that shen visiting here you’ll be exposed to, ahem, less-than-standard English. ask anytime.

    what to say. we all know you are the Puff Dragon guarding the doors to the kingdom.

  51. Ok, what about a SHEET of stickers? Like they have in the greeting card section at Hallmark, with maybe a dozen little Cute(tm) animals & 2-3 stickers that have “” as the text or what-not.

    I’d love a sticker of the monkey & kitty; one of the German bunnie & deer; the puppy & kitten gettin’ it on (puppy looking SO busted!) .. any number of the hamsters are hamtastic; a froggie or two; and ABSOLUTELY a cute little sticker of that box of sloths (with stenciled on the box.)

    Surely SOMEone out there has the ‘shop skills to work up a set of stickers that would fit on one of those little sheets….

  52. Big Thanks Mariser! Very nice of you. Hope you wouldn’t be to much disapointed once in “Be.” (b-e) 🙂

    And you know what? I’m gonna try to make a cross stitched bookmark or something like that with the logo of CO. Could be great. :-p

  53. Hey Great idea Sheilagh! *thumbs up* !!! I love stickers, so… 😀 woohoo!
    A cross stitch kit could be great too… *thinking*

  54. Lex-be

    oooh, a cross-stitch kit would be awesome. so would the stickers, Sheilagh.

    love to see all this creative ideas.

  55. The cuteness I bring into my daily life has helped me with my depression alot. is a little part of that. I am 34 suffer from depression and then some and I love cute, it’s the only thing that makes me smile. =)

  56. Yes, Becka, Joy is simple after all ^^. I luuuv simple things, like looking at my dog sleeping… and snoring (love it!). I cherish those moments, believe me.

    Mariser, (and others (or “anything” others, for Theo ;-p ) my email is there.

  57. Denita TwoDragons says:

    It’s great to see the healing power of Cuteness in action! I sincerely hope that Anonymous continues to recover with flying colors. Us manic-depressives also understand the medicinal aspects of Meg’s site!

    Bipolars in da Hizzouse, Represent, yo!


  58. Everyone of you peeps above (ok, was there one exception?) said it all SO well.

    The Cute Heals.

    And, for those who don’t like the comments….just look at the piktoors!

    *Big Hugs to every ONE of you*

    Life is a difficult trudge (love that word, trinny) and it takes all the positive forces we have to keep going.

    So, on with the stickers, t-shirts, picnics, pudding fights, portasnorgs! Hey, what about tattoos…let’s get CO tattoos…..!!!
    And bumperstickers…

  59. D2D…YO! 🙂

  60. akisawana says:

    There are no safe psych wards around here, else I’d be in one. I read Cute Overload daily instead. It does work for me, at least.

  61. Anon makes a really good point. I visit this site though out the day and send pictures to friends at work to cheer everyone up. And its ALWAYS works.
    You can not stay in a bad mood after seeing the close up a kitty nose, feet or some kitten cuddling a dog. You just can’t!

  62. Anon, take care of yourself and please make sure you stick with whatever treatment is most helpful.

    You deserve nothing but to feel healthy.

    god bless.

  63. D2D — [light dawns]
    …do I now understand the reasoning behind the “Two Dragons?” Or am I reading too much into that?

  64. I’m glad she’s doing better.

    Wonder why she was severely depressed to the point of hospitalization, considering was visting C.O. two to three times a day. Hmmm… Maybe a “fix” isn’t the be all & end all.

    May she find lasting healing and happiness.

  65. A thinker says:

    Qute Therapy (TM).

    Works for me too.

  66. I’m so with you all about the cuteness brightening up my day…I save it like chocolate for when I need a hit…that would be cuteaddicted I guess.
    Gotta have buns and hammies on the stickers, and I’m just waiting for “snorgle” to be a word recognised in the dictionary next year :>)

  67. Denita TwoDragons says:

    *LOL* @ Theo: Sorta… It was the convergence of several concepts, culminating in an image tattoed between my shoulder blades several years ago. It’s my own design; two dragons flying in an oval about to snap at each other’s tails, but with their left wings interlocked.

    And thus, the nick was born. And that, as they say, is history… 😉


  68. herpantsness says:

    Sometimes there’s nothing like a 10 cc shot of cute overload, 5x per diem to help you out of the bad place. And best wishes to you, Anonymous.

  69. Sounds beauty, D2D.

  70. you guys r silly says:

    Anon : You are SO very not alone here!
    Not only is *teh cute* a healing force unto itself, BUT – I’m thinking that when we all *SHARE* it here, it’s power is *MULTIPLIED* many times over and becomes even GREATER!!!

  71. Okay peeps, I will add my two cents’ worth if it’s OK. I don’t remember how or when I discovered CO, but I have been telling people about it and getting blank stares and snickers ever since. My husband sometimes thinks I’m crazy (well, he softened when I told him there is mention of Deadwood, SlashDot and many cool things, not just kitties!) It does help heal my soul, and part of that is what I read in the comments. I lurked for a long while, but then thought WTF, I want to be part of the peeps too. The letter from Anon. brought tears to my eyes. We never know the pain people are carrying around until we listen and reach out. I lost my 19-yr.old daughter, my only child, nearly 5 years ago. I don’t know if I will ever be completely healed, but I decided I had to try. I met the love of my life 2 years ago, and we were married in June. He is bi-polar, and it can be difficult sometimes, but I think the power of love is stronger. Keep up the hard healing work, Anon., and everyone out there struggling with their own issues! I thank Meg and all of you who care about CO and each other, and know the power of Cute. Thanks for listening!

    g-lo, DQ (doctor of Qtology)

  72. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Just damn, G-Lo, I’m so sorry about your little girl…the very thought of something bad happening to my precious little boy leaves me sleepless at times. To have it actually HAPPEN… You are stronger than you think, hon, and you have my bottomless respect for that.

    I’m reading all these stories of Meg’s site being such a powerful healing force, and it just warms my heart to know that it’s working so well, for so many people. Truly therapeutic!


  73. My best wishes to both Anons and g-lo for sharing their stories with us, and my sincere hopes things continue to get better.

    All of these wonderful folks prove the healing power of teh kewt!

  74. oh g-lo, I’m so so sorry. can’t imagine losing a child.

    you are very very strong and we are lucky to count you in Teh Qte Peeps Brigade.

  75. Isn’t the reason of CO beeing so great the same as when humor is great? At least I find humor without a serious background quite boring.

    CO has got a serious background filled with love. It can’t get more serious than that, can it?

    – Sunny greetings from Sweden

  76. D2D – indeed we do. I think we need cuteness to make up for what our neurotransmitters put us through. In fact i think wabbits and otters should be standard issue.

    G-lo – i can imagine being married to a bp is tough. I’m one too and I’d hate to be married to me. But I’m glad you seem to enjoy it. gives me hope!! Direct him to for bper support if needs be.

  77. In a world overloaded with insanity, cute overload does indeed help keep us sane.

    I’ve been in the psych ward, too. Most of the patients are far saner than the people you meet every day on the streets, just a bit more sensitive to the madness of the world.

  78. Wendy, your story could be my story. The faboo cute pictures are a wonderful way to de-stress and know the world isn’t all about war and death and political wrangling. In addition to the pictures, though, I find reading the comments to be a comfort. There ARE others like me in the world! Peace, all.

  79. The comments are a community. And feeling you’re part of a community, even a virtual one, is a good feeling.

  80. Thank you so much, D2D, Lilith, mariser, lilie – hope I didn’t scare anyone away. Just wanted to say how much CO means to me. (And I know my daughter would have l-o-v-e-d it. She was all about the cute.) So keep on keeping on, and I vote Yeah for the bumper sticker idea! (Kittehs all the way)

  81. THANKS!
    This story made me feel much better!
    I keep the cute in my bookmarks- I work with victims of domestic violence and this work, while I love it, can be overwhelming.
    There are many times when I’m on the phone and will pull up the cute just to know it’s not all bad.
    Solidarity sister- and thanks for sharing anonymous!

  82. Anon, g-lo, may the force of cute be with you. 🙂 Keep on going strong!

    Sneaking pets to hospitals is always a good idea, just don’t get caught… 😉

  83. Dang, I’m getting all sniffly here. Love to Anon and all the rest of you. Our plans for world domination are obvy working if the warm fuzzies have spread to Belgium and beyond.

  84. Am I the only one who read about the nurse erasing the board and thought of Nurse Ratchet?

  85. I wouldn’t say I’ve *enjoyed* this thread, but it has been uplifting and warming to hear folks’ struggles and overcomings. thank y’all for sharing.
    also, it is nice to see all the new faces (erm, names) here in teh comments; is good to see you, pull up a chair and stay awhile.

  86. omigod Li! I tewtally thought of Nurse Ratchet!!! With her perky little white hat and grimace…

  87. Suddenly I’m a girl of few words.

    Hugs to EVERYONE here.

    That’s all I can manage.

  88. The only thing more wonderful than Cute Overload is the commentary provided by posters. You all — and this site — are balm to our souls.

    So are bun and bee butts, BTW. :0)

    – xoxoxoxoxoxo to all, most especially anon, g-lo and the others healing –

  89. Marcus, the reason I don’t agree with you is this. If you’ve spent time in a psych ward, it is very easy to feel alone, isolated and like you are the only loser in the world who has done. It never ever occured to me that so many of the people who post on here and come here are in the same position as me. Suddenly, I feel less isolated, less alone and like there are people in the world who maybe feel as marginal as I do, when surrounded by people who don’t want to hear about it because they’ve never been there and are very dismissive. Maybe you’ve been there too, I don’t know, but on this ONE post out of the several hundred on this site, please let us provide support for anon and show him/her that he/she isn’t alone.

  90. I’m in total agreement with anon about Cute Therapy. I’m in a residential treatment program for eating disorders, and I visit CO about a million times a day to lift my spirits. The other residents and most of the staff are onto it now… it really does help.

  91. Good luck in your recovery, Anon, and thanks for sharing your story.

  92. i think it makes sense that so many of us have had similar experiences regarding mental health issues. we are caring, compassionate, loving, empathetic souls — we cannot help but be strongly affected by modern life and the pain it can engender. we’re sensitive individuals…

    i, too, have been dealing with depression for over 20 years — and it hasn’t been getting easier (i’m just as likely to be suicidal now as i was in my 20’s).

    as we’ve all seen and experienced, critters (either in person, or even in photos!) are therapeutic. i’d encourage those of you who have suffered depression before to consider instigating your own cute therapy programs in your local communities. hospitals and mental health facilities are MUCH more open to pet therapy visits (where you take your own dog, cat, bunny, hammie, whatever! — and visit with the patients) than ever before. go online to learn more about pet therapy, and help spread the love!! (believe me, it does JUST as much good for the pet therapist as for the patient! there’s nothing like seeing a sick child’s eyes light up, or the veil of depression lift from a patient’s eyes at the sight of your best friend).

    to all the wounded souls who gather here…you have my best wishes and my thanks for having the courage to share your stories and inspire others. together, we can all make it through.

    C.O. is balm for my soul and a sure-fire mood elevator. meg, i hope you’re drinking this all in — in a world that’s crazy and oftentimes seemingly hopeless, you have created a worldwide community where people can share their love of critters, and their sorrows and fears. many, many thanks to you.

  93. Dear Whomever You Are,

    I have suffered repeated bouts of depression for the last 15 years (probably for the next 15 too). I don’t really know why, but my Mom suffered for most of her life as well. I, too, have found that CuteOverload to be quite a blessing, especialy on those really dark days. Thank you so very much for sharing your story, and please always remember that there are so many others like you out here. *HUG*

  94. Wow.
    Really, honestly impressed & pleased with the CO commenting community, today. You peeps make this real, and it makes me happy to be some small part of it. I mean this most sincerely… I’m OK with the silliness & the snarkiness, but this is real substance. I’m humbled.

  95. A Fine Morsel says:

    Thank you everyone for sharing. Nothing like plump bun-tocks and moist nosicles to elevate the seratonin daily!

  96. Good luck and best wishes to everyone who is suffering and fighting the good fight. Always remember that you really aren’t alone and help is there. And also – the world is a better place with you in it.

  97. I hope you are doing better Anon. I suffer depression and 2 siblings have required admits for same. I am sorry that the nurse was a crank! Ican say that because I am a nurse and deal with psych patients in my ER daily. We in the ER love this site. I am sorry to hear though the term crazy being still used–it just not so. Depression is a MEDICAL problem! A diagnosis with treatments–an illness with genetic basis.
    Maybe you could adopt a little live cutie intoyour life and send us a picture or two to smile at. 🙂
    I wish you peace.

  98. Glad you’re feeling better – sending healing vibes your way

  99. This comment is really beautiful.

  100. Wow, I had no idea there were so many of us out there! I have anxiety disorder, and take serotonin-reuptake-inhibitors to stave off the panic attacks, though they don’t seem to be working very well lately… I seem to have developed an addiction to the CO community to help make the “trudging” a little easier.

    Anxiety disorder, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder are different manifestations of the same neuro-chemical problems. There seems to be a genetic predispostion. Makes me wonder how my ancestors coped without drugs and/or understanding. For instance, I heard that my great-grandmother had “a breakdown” after having 5 children in 7 years. I bet people talked badly about her, and she felt like a failure. So sad.

    My most sincere wishes for serenity and joy to everyone here, and thanks for all the encouragement and laughter. Especial thanks to people like Theo, (who is a natural healer, don’t you think?); you really make a big difference in my life, even if I only know you as words on a screen.

  101. Lilie – Ihaven’t been through the psych ward, but I can assure you I’ve had my share of burdens, none of which I’ll elaborate on here. Bu this is not the sole locale or even close to the best one can find commiseration and companionship for that experience, but it is the best place to find cute. I’m obviously way outvoted and misunderstood, so I wouldn’t worry about my comment making any difference at all in the CO runs. It’s just one less safe place to go to be away for me, and for others who feel like me, but have the good sense not top post it lest they be branded the jerkface who doesn’t care about humans at CO, which is not true, but I’m alsonot into fighting in the land of thecute and willing to take whatever aspersions I’ve opened myself to by posting.

  102. marcus, I didn’t see anyone cast aspersions at you. You thought anonymous’s story should not be posted here, others disagreed with you. You may not find the support you seek for your burdens here, excellent for you if you find it elsewhere. I think we’ve seen in the comments today that others with troubles do feel supported by the CO community, or feel at least some respite in the pictures, so no harm, no foul. To each their own. People get their needs met where they must. It sounds like you get your cute needs met here, at least, so good for that. No one wishes you ill, they only ask that you not seek to impose one particular standard for all. If you have suggestions for where others can find support you found helpful, I’m sure those suggestions would be welcome.

    All best to you.

  103. Marcus – Best of luck to you in fighting your demons.

    CO can be whatever you need it to be – just cute pics to see, smile and feel warm and fuzzy. For others who go to the comments, it’s a community. For others, it’s just plain ol’ entertainment.

    Rx: Use as needed and in a dosage suitable for you.

    Take care out there.

  104. *delurks*

    I know what you’re talking about Anon. I have been in a psych ward too and am still battling with depression. Sometimes I think the only thing that keeps me alive are my kitties (and the foster kitties). Yeah for the cute!

    And I’m from Belgium too, Lex-Be.


  105. persimmontree says:

    wow! thanks to anon for writing, thanks a jillion to meg for posting this letter (let alone the whole site!), thanks to all you co folks for creating such a kind, funny, loving community! i knew i wasn’t the only one coming here for a little holistic mental health treatment, but i had no idea how many others there were.
    i guess this is a “me, too” post, but what the hell. not feeling alone rocks like bun ‘tocks.

  106. kittygirl says:

    This site helped me through one of the worst years of my life- don’t ever stop!

  107. That’s what I’m talking about. The fuzzy little faces heal us. Anytime I’m down, my big kitty boy’s soft fur and purring (and love) help me like nothing else. Today, I personally found myself healed by the little speckled cat nose and the swimming hedgie. They’ll tide me over until I can get home and kiss the cat’s nose for real.

  108. fridgedicebunny says:

    I’ve found this site to be similarly helpful… It’s amazing what a bit of involuntary/unexpected joy like that can do. I strongly suspect it triggers endorphins.

  109. Gee whiz… my comment didn’t get through. So, here goes again!

    Anon and g-lo, thanks for sharing your stories. I’ve struggled with clinical depression since I was 25, and it looks as though I’m sure not alone.

    Sites like CO are truly a balm – not only because of the lovely, anerable pictures and hilarious captions, but for the sense of community it gives us. By reading other people’s posts, we come to realize that in this oftentimes hellish world there are others who hold the same interests and values as you do, who can sympathize and empathize and laugh with you. Damn, that’s important!

  110. Marcus – i didn’t call you a jerkface and certainly never thought it, I just set out reasons why I thought you were wrong, the same as you set out reasons why you thought this shouldn’t be posted. In answering you, I didn’t think it was an attack.

    I’m not trying to row, or to cast aspersions, i just think that an amazing thing has happened here in that people from all over the world have found a shared experience in a bit of a guilty pleasure (i mean c’mon i find it a bit embarrassing that I luv de wittle bunnikins soooo much 🙂 specially when caught by my boss)

    No-one is treating it as therapy, we are all just saying we understand. It won’t last, tomorrow there will be commentroversy over a kitten that looks like stalin, theo will be blasting first posters and TJ will be being CO’s answer to Monty Python…

    I’m sorry if you thought I was being offensive. Promise I wasn’t… 🙂

  111. g-lo,
    I turned into a giant goosebump when I read your post.
    You are full of live and love and it’s grand that you haven’t given up in the most horrible of circumstances.

    And, everyone else….it’s so true. Isolation is an all too common feeling in this life. It’s good to connect with the good things!

  112. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Anon, I too suffer from depression, as does my father and brother. You’re braver and stronger than you know, and I’ll just add my very best wishes to everyone else’s.

    yours, heavily medicated,

  113. Anon,

    Of all the sites circulating through the Internet, you will find that CO to be the most
    thera-cute-ic. Trust me.

  114. Nice Aubrey. How long you been thinking up that pun??? (ducks quickly)

  115. What a great story! I have told friends about CO before and they are usually perplexed, too… but once they stop by, they are instantly hooked!! I would most certainly buy a sticker, pin, shirt, anything to help spread the word of CO!!

  116. Lilie:

    It was naughty of me, I know.

  117. Aubrey – My dad is king of puns, but after your “pawlonius” the other day, he may be about to lose the crown.

  118. How nice that people can come together and help someone with words of wisdom when all they have in common is How wonderful to see all the words of encouragement. I needed this, my puppy Chewie drowned in our pool on Friday evening and cuteoverload made me smile this morning! Thank you Meg for doing more than you ever intended.

  119. Meg, your gift for exploring teh cute has ‘sploded–again–in another delicious and unexpected manner. That this site can hold fuzzy marmalades and pudding in one hand and deep compassion in the other shouldn’t be surprising to me but I’m glad it is. Thanks all you peeps for your lovely comments.

    Anon, thank you for giving us this opportunity to come together. Be well.

  120. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Oh no, Angela! **HUGS**


  121. Oh Angela. I am SO sorry. The things that happen in this life are so difficult. Please hang in there.

    Brak, it does seem to be shared in families, too. Unfortunately!

    But, while here, it’s cuddles and warm fuzzies!

  122. Another depressive here vouching for the healing and spirit raising powers of CO!

    Aubrey: I’m loving “thera-cute-ic”, sheer genius in a pun!

  123. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Lauri–the worst part is that my brother refuses to do anything about it. Dad and I are both on meds (different ones each), but big brother is too macho. Sigh.

    Angela–so very sorry. The hardest thing about being human is outliving our furchildren.

    Fuzzy-faced pups, kittens, bunnies, ferrets, hedgehogs and parakeets for everyone!!

  124. Aubrey, you are truly gifted, girl.



  125. Oh my….I don’t want to get too far off the course, but…well, maybe it’s not.

    My doc, when I told him about the “black pits” I was sinking into had a wonderful analogy.

    He said, if you have a lung dysfunction (asthma) you take medication. If you have diabetes, a pancreas dysfunction, you take medication. If you have a brain dysfunction (which carries a stigma), you can take medication to get it back in balance.

    He was so good at explaining it…chemical imbalance…whatever it is…try something to help it.

    Eeek…gotta go look at bunnies chewing! Quick!!!

  126. FuzzyPinkSlippers says:

    Hey Anon, I hope you’re feeling better soon! I’ve never spent time in a psych ward, but only because my anxiety disorders have prevented me from seeking treatment when it was most needed. I admire people like you who are able to admit that they need a little extra help to get them through the darkest days. I have various psych disorders and come here for my daily shot of theracute. I can also attest to its healing power.

    I want a Cute Overloard bumper sticker! With a hammie 🙂 The hammie tewtally rulez.

  127. *HUGS* to all the peeps out there..
    I’ve just read thru this thread & am now sitting at my desk fighting back the tears, to find that there are so many others out there in my fave cyber-community that I can relate to & empathise with is a little bit overwelming in a way.
    Positive thoughts & all good things going out to all of you from a fellow sufferer.

  128. BenPanced says:

    Hi, my name is Andy and I’ve suffered from bouts of clinical depression. Never serious enough to be hospitalized (braise Jeebus), but I had an aunt who had been a couple times. To the Anons and the rest of us on the board, take joy in the silly things. Especially hammies stuffing their faces with corn. Keep your sense of humor because when you’ve lost that, you’ve lost too much..

  129. BenPanced,
    Your name alone is all it takes to get me to laugh!


  130. (chorus of people saying)

    “Hi, Andy…”

  131. Another one here chiming in to say that selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors are my friends too!

    Back in the day before Cute Overload I used to use Weird Al Yankovic when I was way down there, his music having much the same effect, though on the silly rather than cute side.

    This place is truly very healing, and is a great force for good in this world.

  132. Piggalette says:

    /agree with other posters.

    The cute is very healing. It has gotten me through a couple of deaths in the family as well as run of the mill blues.

    Meg, thank you.

  133. Jackie from Michigan says:

    This letter is proof that supreme cuteness can bust even the crappiest of moods!

  134. I think stickers to spread the word are a GREAT idea! I would buy tons.

  135. Honestly, when i’ve had a terrible day, I come to and it makes me feel better.

  136. I am astounded by how many of us have been in your position, Anon. I was in a residential program for severe depression for a while, and CO and my little bunny got me through it. Keep spreading the cute!

  137. Yeah I like the line “balm to the soul” btts. I have been there too. I tell all my friends about this site. Of course they are too “busy”. So I send them my favorite pictures. I use them for my background also. Yes more Webby Awards in the future!

  138. I agree, this site helps me with my depression…small bursts of happiness!

  139. Hey Juniper and Thalia (and others maybe, couldn’t read all the last posts from yesterday :p ) , let’s say I think I’m from your group too. Taking a little med myself, a bit social phobia for me. And yeah, genetic predisposition is true, and if your folks don’t help you gain self confidence…

    And BenPanced is so right “take joy in the silly things. Especially hammies stuffing their faces with corn. Keep your sense of humor because when you’ve lost that, you’ve lost too much..”
    Humor is one of the best weapon against negativity.

    And to Bubbles, yeah, it’s even there in Belgium.
    It’s great to see people who like me (and a friend of mine) go crazy at the sight of a paw, even the curling paw (I soo love when my dog do that!) etc.

    Thank you Meg for the site.

  140. Touching story.

    I’m glad to hear it makes you feel better, even if I don’t know you.

    Yay for Webbies!

  141. Here’s to all of us. Keep on going. Thanks to CuteOverload for the respite that muzzlepuffs provide. Love to All.

  142. Thank you to the well wishers about me losing Chewie…….You are all great!

  143. I’ve also been hosptialized for what turned out to be clinical depression. Unfortunatly, I didn’t know about ‘cute therapy’ at the time. Neither did they. The counseler tried to turn me into a bitch, though, saying I was too nice…:( Never go to a mental hospital in Georgia…that is all I can say.

    I really don’t know what I would do without my Overload. My cat can’t do it all, you know:) It’s conforted me on many a sleepless night and got a smile out of me when it seemed like I couldn’t find a reason to smile.

  144. I love cute therapy. One of my friends just dissed me, and nothing-crying or talking about it, or thinking of reasons why i never liked her in the first place-nothing helped but watching the cute bunny and kitty videos that were posted today. I feel so much better.

  145. YES! the world is catching on! cute therapy rules the school and it’s super easy to find now that we have C.O. up in the house. it has truly changed my life, and it’s awesome to hear other people’s stories about their own personal experience with cute. it’s HUGE. not everyone cares about or understands how important cute is. this site has really helped many people open up to the cuteness and see how easily it can make a bad day better, a bad mood turn to good, a boring day into a fun one, etc.. i am not a religious person, but if cute was a religion i would be a disciple.

  146. Dear anon, I hope you will keep on getting better; it seems to me that at no point you lost your sense of humour and that makes me feel good for you!

  147. Damn, Meg, I knew by about my third visit that Cute Overload was probably going to eventually save the world. It begins……

  148. FilteryWater says:

    So um, how do we nominate people for the Nobel Peace Prize? I think the CO team soooooo supertotally NEEDS this after helping so many people and aminals and all that schiznit! I’m thinking it should be awarded for medicine, but maybe literature would be more appropriate as pictures are worth a minimum of 1000 words each. I think we have a substantial piece of writing here which has clearly aided MANY in re-establishing a safe state of mind.

    What say you?

  149. Thus begins Teh Noble Cute Prize!

  150. This site is also what makes me stop in the middle of the rush of the everyday world and stop and say, ‘Awww’.

    I cannot even begin to tell you how PISSED I am that the new web filters at work block this site. No matter how stressful or awful a day is, whenever I would click here (multiple times a day) I instantly felt calmed.

    This site is a good thing and you are a great person for keeping up with it!

  151. My mother has also been in a clinic, and until I go to uni next year I suppose I’ll have to try and help her through it, though it’s not often easy. Praise be to little folded paws and ridiculous snorgly noses. Thanks CO.

  152. what an awesome trip reading this thread has been! another sometimes depressed- always an animal lover taking the pledge of life-long fan!

  153. Robert Kamper says:

    why not Cute Overload Obsessive Compulsive Occasional Overdosage Syndrome (COOCOOS) ?
    or is that too cutesy an acronym?

  154. I’ve spent the whole day crying. Now, I come here and see this post and don’t feel so alone. I often come to CO to get a little lift & see something to make me smile. I’m so grateful for this website.

  155. R. Kamper — too “cutesy” for a blog called “Cute Overload”?
    Here, skim this; then decide for yourself…

  156. lissa, sorry to hear you had a sad day.
    ((virtual hug))

  157. I <3 all of this.

    Making connections is so very hard, and even though these are all virtual, it’s exactly what we all need. It’s really heartening to read all the heartfelt posts and realize that the folks that joke about pudding-paults and pugzlemuffs have their demons too – just like me, ya know?

    Keep on keepin’ on, my peeps.

    (I’m going to go snorgle my kitteh now and tell her CO lurves her too)

  158. I have so much I’d like to say here that I’m afraid I cannot bring myself to say any of it. So, I’ll just stick with “Peace, love, and hugs to all”.


  159. arbed,

    and we will be here whenever you want to say it.

    /peace out!

    P.S.: the same goes for the rest of you wonderful peeps! and lurkers (we know you are there).


  160. My husband recently went into a facility for suicide/depression and he loves cute overload. Prior to entering the facility we would go on the site and find cute pics, especially pups and print one out and he would carry it in his pocket for moments of bliss. We have 2 pups of our own as well and as the saying goes “happiness is a warm puppy”. He’ll still say “what’s the daily cuteness” and we’ll check the email or go onto the site. It really is a fabulous way to find joy and thank you so much for making this website. :o)

  161. I’ve always been a generally happy person, but CuteOverload really helped me out last winter when I was stressed out and anxious and lonely and miserable. I say we petition psych researchers to study the healing power of cuteness.

  162. Aw that’s so nice! Yes I studied Occupational Therapy and pet therapy is a proven moodlifter :o)
    I also have suffered from depression twice and would have loved to have the new treats of cuteness on cuteoverload, had I been enlightened! The internet is so good if u r feeling a bit reclusive too, so I think the stickers would be great for the cuteness appreciation. Maybe they could be at local Dr’s waiting rooms (if we can convince them, but when they see the site – they’ll love it!).

  163. This is a wonderful story. I think the hardest part of living with depression (for me) is forgetting about the beautiful things in the world. I’ve known of this site for about a year and I make myself look at it during those rough patches. It really helps. I’m glad to know others have discovered this, as well.

  164. I can’t tell you how much this posting meant to me. I have been battling depression for over a year now, and I’m so touched to find people like me who also use C.O. as a pick me up. I can’t wait until I am ready for my own pet, but ’till I can give it the care it needs, C.O. is the next best thing. Bless all of you!

  165. Yep. Thanks for posting this letter. I guess alot of us are kindreds in that sense. Hodgehogs seem to eliminate my anxiety.

  166. Dear Anonymous,

    This website was a search result and I couldn’t believe my eyes when
    I read your letter, because the period you described matches with an
    experience of my own last year. Here’s the story;

    3 years ago I’ve met a woman and I’m trying to find her again.
    During the short time I saw her (only 4 days) I suddenly fell
    in love with her. I still remember that Friday when I wanted
    to get away from that place as soon as possible because
    these feelings were tearing me apart.

    She came running towards the elevator and I thought she needed to catch
    her train (she told she came by train).
    The doors of the elevator closed, she didn’t look at me and she acted like
    there was something wrong but at that time it was all very confusing to me.
    How I loved her, how I wanted her, how I longed for her, how my heart
    broke in millions of pieces when I told her goodbye. I walked to the station
    like a zombie with tears in his eyes. How I wanted to ask her out, but in those
    days it was too difficult because I had to deal with my own problems.
    I still hoped to see her at the station that Friday, but she didn’t show up.

    This woman became my new muse and last year around July – August
    I went through a very strange event that really turned me upside down.

    Last year I suddenly felt the same strong emotions and love again for
    her just like in 2004. This was something new to me, falling in love
    with the same person for the second time. But this time the feeling
    was also mixed with worries about her, like she was going through
    something difficult, a struggle of her own.
    These emotions were so strong that it made me ill real bad.
    I couldn’t eat anymore for weeks and the strange thing about it all
    (it might sound crazy) is that something told me that she felt the
    same way, like some kind of telepathic emotional connection.

    Then there is something else; I think I saw her a couple of times in the
    street where I live in. I’ll describe one time I’m the most certain of it was
    her. One time this girl was walking down my street with a guy and a dog.
    The guy walked on and the girl stopped and turned towards my view,
    (I was working on my car and I was too far away from the street to
    recognize a face clearly) she stared at me and then walked further.

    It seemed impossible this was the woman I met 3 years ago because she lived
    in another city and there are some girls in my street who look like her. I presumed
    it was one of these girls, maybe together with a kind of imagination, like me wanting
    to believe it was she. Strangely enough, before this woman walked by, I had such
    an enormous feeling she was in my neighborhood and then suddenly this
    happened. The girls in my street who look like her wouldn’t act this way and I
    realize now she possibly knows where I live, but why then not say something?
    That she suffers from depression could explain this. I understand, because
    I know very well how it feels like!

    I’ve missed and I’ve loved her so much and these last years have been very hard.
    Normally I love working on my projects, but she’s still on my mind and that
    makes it difficult. Just to see her again, would mean a lot.

    Only that specific woman can recognize the situations I have been describing
    in this letter and I hope she will contact me.

    Real love made me search for her and if you are the person I have been
    looking for and if you felt it too 3 years ago and last year, this is truly unique.
    It could absolutely be that I was the only one who felt it and that she never
    even thought about me. If this is the case, you accept it and move on with
    your life. Not knowing anything (where and how is she?) feels like torture.

    Thanks for reading my story.

    With kind regards,


  167. Artist — dude. In the immortal words of Waylon Jennings, you’re looking for love in all the wrong places. Nobody but me is likely to read a Cute Overload post from almost a year ago, and trust me, I’m not the chick you’re looking for. You might try actually getting to know someone. And lose the “telepathy” noise; that won’t do you any good. Seriously.