Motor schnozzles

Snarfing up greenery faster than you can say: "Rule Eighteen", these buns  are GOING TO TOWN!

Way to gerhe, Jeff A.!



  1. Carolyn J. says:

    *whispers* The horror….the horror

  2. soylent green is PEOPLE!!!!

  3. I.can’t.breath.

  4. I’m speechless. flabbergasted. asploding.

  5. hehehehehehehehehehehehe!
    I just watched this after listening to part of GWB’s press conference. I turned that off to hear the delightful munching sounds.

    Oh, the adorableness!!!!! Eep!

  6. you can’t help but giggle when you watch this.


  7. Oh my God, synchronized munching!

  8. Tiny buns on a slippery floor, people!

  9. kelalakine says:

    eeeeeeee—heeeheeeeheeee!!! SO CUTE!!!! Hold me, it’s so cute!! IT HURTS THE BRAIN!! (*≧▽≦)

  10. Nibblers! Adorable nibblers!

  11. Dori,

    I think they are actually on a slippery table. anerable.

  12. In MHO, Meg should definitely begin to offer bumper stickers that read:

    I’m the proud parent of a Cat/Dog/Hamster/Bunny/Horse/Hedgehog/Etc.

    The possibilities are endless!

  13. I can just see them mentally counting the number of times they chewed before swallowing, “…15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20!”

  14. I’m glad they chew their food thoroughly before swallowing.

  15. MaggieBelle says:

    I love how the one bun keeps sliding, but that doesn’t stop him from gettin his grub on!

  16. Overwhelmed says:

    Ahhhhhh! The cuteness!! Thanks for salvaging a bit of my Monday!!!

  17. Eeeh that’s smashing!

    I just got a baby dwarf-lop last week (he’s called Niles) and his own particular brand of snarfing is almost too prosh to cope with.

  18. Oh! The nibblling sounds are just too adorable! <33

  19. chunkstyle says:

    Fine, I’ll have a salad today…Greens never looked cuter!

  20. Meow House says:

    That is positively adorable. The slippy-sliding on the floor, to get closer to the delicious nibbles!

  21. Exactly what is in that bowl? Bun-nip?

  22. Wait. Rule 18? Little tails? Where?

  23. Stephanie says:

    I love the way they look right at the camera while chewing

  24. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhahahahah!

    SO PROSH!!!!

  25. They just look like the nuggets you’re supposed to feed baby buns. They can’t eat veggies when they’re that little.

  26. does rule 18 really apply here? even though you know the tiny tail is there, you can’t see it… besides, i think the best part of the movie is the way the front leg of the tan rabbit keeps slipping…a+++

  27. Ohh… mos’ def’ the best YouTube bun video I’ve seen in quite some time.

    they chew fast when they’re all grown up, too…

    ( )
    ” “

  28. So cute! OMG! Now where can you find places that sell these cute bunnies? I want to get one (or two) but recently found out they don’t sell at Petco.

  29. Rule 11, maybe?

    Too, too, too, too cute! I love the way they look into the camera while eating…. and if you listen closely, you can hear the photog (Jeff?) exhale slowly, perhaps repressing a laugh?

    I think I’ll go back and watch it a 6th time!

  30. Thats cute and funny

  31. jen,

    please check your local shelter; they may a bun-rab you could adopt, and if not, they’ll direct you to a good source. and please, if possible, consider adopting from the shelter. I’ll thank you, the bunnehs thank you.

  32. Bunny chewing in stereo! DIES!

  33. Yep.

    He’s laughing.

    You can her him if you put on headphones. A little feedback from the camera machinery, too.

    And their near-synchronised, rapid-fire, conscientous nibbling will give u a massive case of the giggles!

  34. fawn lust says:

    honey bunnies!

  35. This video reminds me of myself at lunchtime. And no one points a camera at ME.

    Buns a’ lunch – it cheered me right up, though.

  36. Stephanie S. says:

    I love the sliding paw!

  37. So very cute. Reminds me of the many guinea pigs I’ve had and their constant chewchewchewchewchewing. It’s also fun to watch little lagomorph and rodents eat single blades of grass. They just get sucked right into the munching mechanism.

  38. Yeah, that should be plural (“lagomorphs”). Whoops.

  39. Oh
    The munchage! Is that for REAL?? *squee!* If those were my buns they would be the fattest buns evar [wait, my buns ARE pretty fat… oh wait… wrong buns] because I would never stop feeding them so I could lay on the floor in front of them and watch them munch!! I can’t even believe how cute that is!!!

  40. Awww! Those adorable snarfling buns! Looks like they’re eating rabbit pellets, which are often heavily laced with molasses. Rabbits have a notorious sweet tooth and look soooooo cute and happy when they munch. This can lead to trouble and excessive plumpage. Who can resist a begging bun?



  42. Can’t… stop… watching…!
    Bunny Snarfing Powers too STRONG!

    At first I thought it was in fast-motion because they are muching so … animatedly!

  43. Gold medal for syncronized munching! Darling!

  44. I kept waiting to hear a teeny tiny little bunny belch. DO bunnies belch?

  45. LOL! The soft munches are to die for!

  46. Okay I’ve watched it three times today. I’ll be setting up a salad bar here on my desk if any buns want to stop by and munchabunch.

  47. What’s the bpm (bites per minute) here? It’s gotta be a world record…

  48. *picks self up off of floor*

    I fainted from the cuteness! Those little jowls moving so fast! Too cute!

  49. fridgedicebunny says:

    They look like straight up timothy or alfalfa pellets with a little hay mixed in. Trust me, buns don’t need drugs or sugar to be that enthusiastic about food…

    Biggest. Gluttons. Ever.


  50. I want these two on my office desk, right now, please. (In the Cute Overload Dream Office, they would eat my @$*&#^! paperwork … )

  51. Synchronized munchage!


    (And Heidi, as bunnies don’t vomit, I doubt they belch either–tho the *idea* is very cute).

  52. Hehehehe….I was trying to say nawmnawmnawm as fast as they were nawming. Can’t be done.
    Done bun can’t be undone.

    So extremely cute! And Niles is adorable, too!

    One should approach the camera at the end for a “Do I have lettuce in my teeth” shot!

  53. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but the NOSE ACTION is killing me! Snifsnifsnifsnifsnifsnifsnif!

  54. bunnies don’t belch, but they do fart. Just a little poot.

  55. love this. love it so much.

  56. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Bun buns even dine adoreably!!!!!!!!!
    Those look like fully grown Netherland Dwarf rabbits to me.

  57. Good lord, it gives one pause for thought, does it not, to contemplate a farting rabbit?

    My goats are like amazing methane blast machines. You don’t hear them, but when they are tromping around you, all excited about getting a treat, look out…you may run out of breathable air!

    But, bunnies….cute little poots….haha!!!

  58. awww look at them munch! i can hear them aswell! grey bun say*its my food!* brown bun says *get off!mine!*
    hey did you mentio my name in a post recently? on the preonce post with the cat? What will be our fate!? smothered by muzzlepuff, Adela G.??!


  59. Hmmm… now I was thinking that they were possibly *young* Netherland Dwarf rabs.

    jen – if you really, really, really want to get a bun, follow mariser’s advice. I’d also suggest some research on them, starting with There are many misconceptions about bunnies (what they should eat, how they act, etc.) – it’s wise to learn about them before getting one…

  60. Oops!


  61. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    E.C. Mine was that size fully grown…I’m just sayin’.

  62. Bunny poots????

    Good grief. The things I miss when I get busy doing other things.

    And here I was all proud & pleased about how thoughtful & mature we CO peeps were, from the Sunday Night Post comments.


  63. Theo –

    A Pootin’ bunneh! Too cute! I laughed so hard I knocked the shelf-sittin’ kitty off!

  64. Now there’s a “Poot” and a “Woot”!

  65. this needs to be watched with REALLY fast music playing in the background. I learned this accidentally, but laughed for a good minute.

  66. Heeeheee…PootWoot Bunoote!
    Love it!

  67. omg dont exert yrselves too much, little ones! i dont want you losing too much bunny weight!

  68. Darkflame says:

    Oh god, I could watch this alllll day, and be very happy! <3

    *turns up the volume to hear the munchies!!*

  69. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Now I know what to do with those overly ripe green beans…feed them to the proshilicious bunnies and put it on camera!!

  70. Jackie from M., buns can get *extremely* ill from eating beans – it’s one of those things that might be cute in one’s head, but in practice – not so much.

    but watching the magic disappearing hay, cilantro, parsley, lettuce (etc. al.) *is* part of the fun with buns. I love to watch mine eat. (She seems to return the favor, being all eyes and ears while I’m chomping on Fudgesicles, cereal or what have you – as if looking could make it so.)

  71. weemonkey says:

    dueling munching bunners!
    look at their whishkers go!
    can it get more adorable?

  72. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Hire them out as lawnmowers!

  73. Yes! Buns make awesome lawnmowers! You should see my bun go at my herb garden. Two minutes and everything looks like I gave it a buzz cut with a shaver. With loose greenery it’s even funnier–giant leaves disappearing rapidly into this tiny puffball of a weed-eater. So cute!

  74. valeriejeans says:

    we’re hungry hungry bun-buns we’re in an eating race.


  75. Watching this with no sound, I was reminded of the old Cadbury Egg bunny commercial. I kept hearing those bunnies making “buk buk buk buk!” sounds as they ate…

  76. It’s rush week at the Beta Upsilon Nu Fraternity.

    Pledge Fluffy and pledge Floofy are undergoing a traditional hazing ritual.

    Can’t you hear the tiny voices of the BUN brothers egging them on.

    “Go on you pledge scum! Crunch, crunch, crunch!”

  77. Oh, bu EricaE, buns need *no* encouragement to chomp – unless they’re pretty sick.

    Somewhere I read that buns chew up to 100 times per minute. Pretty amazin’, no?

  78. Ark! That was supposed to be “but.”

  79. watch this and listen to the distillers. it totally works

  80. EC

    And frat pledges don’t have to be “encouraged” to drink obscene amounts of beer either. ;o)

  81. Aww, I want the little fluffy bunnies!

  82. Ah, EricaE, but rabbits *do* stop eating when they’ve had enough 😉

  83. vroooooom….. VROOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!



  84. kim heggen says:

    must have watched this 9 or 10 times at work yesterday….

  85. EC

    Fair enough but you are missing the point. *holds up joke sign* :oD

  86. Perhaps… and perhaps not.
    You might want to take a look at a previous post, though:

    Kinda more like frat boyz, doncha think? 😉


  88. NewtS,

    I’m trying to see your BRRV, but something is wrong…is being *Loading* for five minutes [cries]
    and is even worse, ‘cos the commenters say is high-lay-rioos.

    I’ll keep on trying

  89. NewtS,

    saw your video. disturbing AND cute. great work!

  90. These buns are in the wrong category! They are not kittehs.

  91. This is not a kitten video, and thus does not belong in the Kittens section… Not that these aren’t the best complimentary contrasting pair of adorable animals evar! ^_^

  92. NewtS, heee….!!! Ah luvs eet!

    BTW, baby rabbits are called “kittens” (or “kits,” for short).

    ( )
    ” “

  93. it’s all “watch us be kyoot!!!” “we eat fast for you!!!” sorry… its just sooo super

  94. oh man… the crunching sounds are what gets me. i had no idea any fluffy lil bunny could be in such a hurry!

  95. i was just waiting for something to jump out at me and go “RRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” or something.. zomg.. hahaha

  96. OMG!!!OMG!!!SOOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUYT!i love it when they move there mouthies at the same time!!!!

  97. that was the cutest thing i have ever seen and if you have another video like that send it to my email address

  98. ScorpioSpirit says:

    It took me a while to work it out, but what these buns are doing is…
    That’s right, another random smooshette of words compiled by me, this time consisting of chomping and nibbling and snuffling.