Lil’ ho

I burst out laughing looking at this marvelous sight—so prosh! LOVE the feets put together.


It’s from Emma L., the ‘not tech savvy’ sender-inner, from Oz Horse Sales.



  1. Noooooooooo! TOO cute. Our NEIGH-bors have both big and little horsies in their pasture but never have they looked THIS kyoot.

  2. A big thing!
    With a smaller version of the thing!
    Wearing covering things!

    (erm… sorry, habit. HOOVZZZZZ!!!!)

  3. That is a *very* fetching blue frock on our little friend.

  4. nightbird says:

    OMG!!!tooooooo cute! teensie tinsie horse next to big ol’ clydesdale horse…looks like me next to a guy i used to date…lol (i’m 5’2″ he was 6’7″)

  5. I need a wee horse for my back yard! Wee wee wee!


  7. ilovermont says:

    And they are color-coordinated!!!!!! OOPs — my head just exploded.

  8. It’s like a lap pony! He’s so tiny I just want to plop down on the couch with him and watch movies while feeding him chips. Lethally cute!

  9. Veddy, veddy cute.

    A Clydesdale and a mini…

  10. This is tooo funny! (And very sweet as well…)

  11. So cute!!!!, but I think it would be even cuter if there was a monkey riding the big horse & a chihuahua riding the mini-me.

    But, that’s just me.

  12. “Ho” makes it less cute.

  13. lurkertype says:

    It’s like a horse with his pet horse! I want that lil’ guy for my backyard too.


  14. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    I totally agree about the feet being together… that’s about the first thing I noticed and it makes the picture, imo!

  15. oh! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!



    air… I… need… air!

  16. Does anyone else feel a draft in here?

    I love me my big horsies.

  17. Nice one, Aubrey! It actually is a little drafty around here.

  18. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegads that is cute. Muy proshioso!

  19. But wait do my eyes deceive me
    An object best described as teeny
    Wearing a blue tres chic blankie
    A squee-inducing TINY HORSIE!!!

  20. Is that a watchamacallit? A Fabella? They use those as guide-ponies apparently… Because a dog isn’t unique enough I guess…

  21. This is too cute!

    They match.

  22. Eeeeeee size contrast!

  23. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Eeee! CLYDESDALE!! I just LOVE Clydes!! So cute!


  24. R.Moore, no, I think it’s just a plain ol’ Miniature Horse. (Fallabella is what you’re thinking though!) Correct me if I’m mistaken.

    Love that bald-faced Clyde. And the fact that the little guy only comes up to the hocks. 😀 Eee!

  25. Eenie meenie *miney* mo…No… eenie meenie miney *mo*… Wait a minute, make mine a draft! With a little treat on the side.

  26. Other treats on the side:

  27. it’’’s like the big clyde is presenting the little one for the first time. Check the back hoofie, poised to curtsy.

    I love how their heads are in the same position.

    Lurve the ponehs, ‘specially the extremes – big, big horsie, teeny tiny horsie!

  28. JP:


    Is Summer over yet?

  29. Aw..all I can say is Aw Aw Aw!!!
    What beautiful critters!

    The Cloverdale babies…omg. When my goats pass on….miniature horses???

  30. ahem Cloverminis that is…it’s gettin’ late.

  31. As for guide ponies, they need less expensive food than dogs, and they live something like 20 years. Depending on the breed, there’s 12-15 working years in a guide dog.

    I have a friend who seriously considered getting a guide pony… and then worried she might not out live the pony.

  32. PS….ho’ stands for “horses”, eh???

  33. Love big horses with fuzzy feet….

    If that little character needs to be shod, the farrier will have to use a jewelers’ eyepiece to do it…. (Anybody else remember Norman Thelwell’s cartoon, “Putting shoes on for you lot is playing Old Harry with my eyesight!”? Though my favorite was the smirking pony coming back alone with brambles in its mane to a woman standing on the front steps saying, “What have you done with her THIS time?”)

  34. off the scales cute

    How do these pals scritch each other’s withers, tho?

  35. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Michelle: A stepladder certainly figures in there, somewhere…


  36. Such a bonny little horsie! Wait…Bonny and Clyde!

  37. Bud clydesdale in training!! OMG!! Too sweet. Can he pull the wagon?

  38. Oh my god!!! This has to be my favorite photo on Cuteoverload ever! I’m a horse-lover with all my heart, the combo of Mr.Big meeting this little cutie, both dressed up – looks so posh!

  39. Gary Fixler says:

    The little one is what’s known in horse circles as a “stepping horse.” They’re mainly bred as footholds for stepping up onto bigger horses. There’s also a rig design that can strap two of them to either side of the rear end of a normal horse, to be used as “training horses” for young riders who are always losing their balance and tipping their horses over.

  40. misscrisp says:

    giggle fest. giggle giggle giggle. scroll up, giggle again.
    (I’ve often wanted to get a teeny kitten for my catten, but this size ratio just can’t be beat).

  41. eeeee! and they are wearing horsie jackets!

  42. (teeny tiny voice)
    HEY! Who you callin a HO, bitch!

    Oh, and to answer why miniature guide horses instead of just dogs, the reason is that teeny horsies live longer than dogs, and for someone who’s lost a guide dog, it’s really hard to get another knowing in 10 years or so he’ll be gone – Cuddles herself is supposed to live more like 20 years.

    Just a little fun fact! 🙂

  43. clydesdale & shetland pony… BOTH SCOTTISH! coincidence? i think not

  44. Meg, did you name that photo *bebeh ho ho*? Too funny. I think of the Little Debbie dessert *HoHo*. Hee heeeeeee. SO prosh!

  45. Upon seeing this picture, I actually made a sound like “Awwww! Mue mue mue…”

    His mane is so poofy!

  46. My Little Ponies, My Little Ponies!! (Cue the earworm music) “Now with matching, reversible Blankies!!”

    I want to brush their tailses, especially the little one – looks like he just woke up!

  47. Gary Fixler and Mlle. X — big grins & gold stars.

    Aubrey — Bonny & Clyde… big groans & gold stars.

    Morning, all!

  48. Good mornin’ good mornin’!
    I DO so love this picture I am back for mo’.

    My youngest son moves out today *sob* < ----that's a sincere cry, I'm not calling him names!

    I’m gonna miss the bugger. So…what better to fill the empty nest than ponies, draft horses, kitties and bunnies???

  49. Aubrey the Kueen of Pundom, I bow to your ingenuity! [sounds of scraping knees on floor as I exit backwards]

    Get a load of this bouncing bebeh:

  50. Gary, I have never heard of a steppin’ horse before. Wouldn’t the little bugger get smushed if someone stepped on him to climb up onto the big guy?

  51. ‘Morning, Teho et all y’all.

    [hands a tissue to Lauri]
    ‘s ok…

  52. OMG, jaypo, I did not squee or awwww at that beautiful bebeh running….I screamed!!!!! Gorgeous picccc!!!

    And, *honk* thanks for the tissue!

    My son will be here often, though, he is restoring a ’69 Mustang in our garage. Ve have vays of keeping you visiting ….muhahahaha….

  53. Lauri,the next pict under that joyous bebequine…who knew that minidonks could pptthththt?! I’m enlightened.

  54. A thinker says:

    Michelle, I think teh little guy must get the itchies on the big guy’s legs, instead.

    and dwine, wee guy there is a mini, not a Shetland…Shetlands are considerably taller than that, tho still small.

  55. Anyone else have the urge to sing the “My Little Pony” theme song? JOIN ME!

    “My little pony, my little pony
    What will today’s adventure be?
    My little pony, my little pony
    Will there be exciting sights to see?
    Where will we wonder? Hither and yonder?
    Letting your heart be your guide!
    My little pony, my little pony.
    I’ll be there right by your side!”

    Is it sad that I remember the lyrics?

  56. Heh heh … “Lil’ Ho'”… heh heh…

    I still have my “My Little Ponies” (well, my mom stores them at her house). I remember my first one, Butterscotch. Got her when I was 6 or 7 way back in the early 80s. In fact, she kinda looked liked the lil’ ho’ here.

  57. Good Morning, peepsters.

    The drafties are another reason to go to the fair. You can walk through the stables and their gentle, noble faces are watching you from the stalls – not always petable, but always irrestistible.

  58. Rose – Look at my post from 4:56 AM today! Lol! Not sad at all!

  59. Rose – I used to LOVE my little pony.

    That said …


    [Demented. Tewtally.]

  60. I would like a wee horse and a british giant rabbit in my yard. Imagine the neighborhood stoners catatonic stares as they try to wrap their fried minds around that.

  61. At this point I’m reminded of that Seinfeld episode where he insults his Polish immmigrant great-aunt (or some such relation) about ponies. That was a good one.


  63. “_I_ had a pony! Back in Poland we all had pony! What’s wrong with having a pony?!”

    Love that episode, jaypo.

  64. Okay, peoples. It’s time to blow rainbow chunks. Here is the official My Little Pony web site, complete with mew-zack. Make sure your speakers are on!

  65. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, to your left you will see the fuzzy little pony that all little girls long for. And on your right, you will see the majestic warhorse ridden by the knight in shining armor that all little girls dream of.

  66. Buhahaha, DH….blowing rainbow chunks for shoo-re!

    And, jaypo and alexis, who WOULDN’T love a pony? Who wouldn’t love a person who HAD a pony?

    And greenighs…oh what a GREAT thought…mini horses and giant bunnies. The poor poor stoners! rofl!

    Those minidonks are very prosh, too….I want the entire ZOO!!

  67. Alexis, Lauri–
    Seinfeld never fails to remind me of the absurdity of being human, not that there’s anything wrong with that. (How was I to know she had a pony?!)

    I’m sorry but those things have a weird reptilian, bug-like, somethin’ non-mammal thing goin’ on that’s just plain freaky.

  68. jaypo- I know they are freakin’ ugly but little girls still collect them these days. A neighbor’s daughter (who is in first grade) has quite a few “My Little Ponies”, as do her buddies in her class. They like to trade them back and forth.

    No Disney standards in that design – they DO look like lizards! eeee-yuck.

    That being said . . . they come in pretty colors!

  69. 🙂

    Have you noticed how CO peeps always end the posts on a positive note?


  70. (sheepishly aware of my own non-compliance with that generality)

  71. Not to worry, Theo . . . your delightfully dry comedic undertones are as entertaining as they are informative. ; )

  72. Yeah, what DH said, Theo!

  73. awwww! that is very adorable! cute little mini shetland next to cyldesdale! awwwww cuteness! xx

  74. awww! toooooo cute bless the lil’ pony!

  75. megan thomson says:

    is the little fabella for sale cause i would take good care of it