The Pre-Pounce

CAPTURED perfectly on film!

Run for your LIIIIFE!


Couldn’t get away fast enough. Yelp!


What will be our fate!? smothered by muzzlepuff, Adela G.??!



  1. Wow. Look at the color of those eyes!

    no wammy no wammy no wammy! *crosses fingers*

  2. [glowers]
    …but yeah, those eyes are almost kitten-blue.

  3. apophis16 says:

    such a pretty nose! better than doujinshi X]

  4. first picture made me LOL. rather goofy face. she *almost* looks crosseyed.

    pretty little thing. the coloring is unusual. don’t think I’ve ever seen a siamese with a white muzzlepuff.

  5. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    NOO!! Smothered by cuteness!! AH!!

  6. Could be a cross with something else mariser, it does make for one cute kitty. After watching paws for nearly two days, its great tohave a anorable face to go with the paw-paw action!

    Wait a sec, I can’t see its paws, oh, oh….RUUUN!!!!

  7. Denise Santangelo says:

    Bluuuuuuuuuuuuuueee eyes! Widdo pink nosie! White muzzleiciousness! Crazed look in eyes! So many levels of cute-i-tude!! ACK!

  8. bees on pie says:

    Cute, even though it looks like it’s trying to scan somebody!

  9. musicchick2 says:

    ACK!! My secret alias got out!! Noooooooooooooo…….

  10. Raf,

    yeah, she (I don’t know why I think is a she) is likely a mutt. which makes her an evah bettah kitteh!
    and the smudge under the nose. anerable.
    actually, I’d love to see her paws. I bet they are unusual too.

  11. You *can* see one secret paw in the second pic, lower right.

  12. Jackie from Michigan says:

    *to the tune of that 60s tune, “Green Eyed Lady”*

    Blue eyed kitty,
    Cute-sy kitty…
    Ex-treme closeup,
    What a fe-line!

  13. oh, that’s a *paw*? I thought they were marks on her neck/shoulder.

  14. Got a few stills for you peeps…

    “One of these things is not like the others…”

    “WTF?” – “OMG!” – yeemyeemyeem

    Momcat discovers her “namesake”


    …Zzzzzzzzzzzz. (may have posted this one before; you’ll cope)

  15. ShelleyTambo says:

    Methinks she’s a snowshoe, not a mix.

  16. Shelley,

    I think you are right on. the pic you posted looks like this bebeh’s big sister.
    heh. I’d never heard of a snowshoe. I guess the white muzzlepuff may be a breed trait; makes then look like they dove straight into a dish of cream.

  17. doonces!!!!

  18. ShelleyTambo says:

    mariser–I’d never heard of them until a few months ago when one showed up at my shelter. We’ve had one more since then, and literally within minutes after they’re posted online we’ve got rescues and adopters practically fighting over them. Gorgeous kitties, usually very friendly.

  19. “One of these things is not like the others…”
    true dat. two of them are not a demon straight from the deepest bowels of hell.
    “WTF?” – “OMG!” – yeemyeemyeem”
    I’m blind!!!
    Momcat discovers her “namesake”
    I hadn’t seen those cookies for ages. I guess is true what they say about MN.
    luvs the mirror-image doonces
    gree-eyed doonce. and kitteh tongue!
    …Zzzzzzzzzzzz. (may have posted this one before; you’ll cope)
    yeppers. but good things bear repeating.

  20. Yes, it is a paw!

    Snowshoe:”I’m looking at YOU!”

  21. Theo:

    That bunny looks like he watching over his eveil charges. He must be the Eveil Bunny Overlord!

  22. Shell,

    8-( because they show up at the shelter
    😎 because they get homes right away. which happens to all kittehs, right? right?

    btw, thanks again for all the work you do. shelters are awesome. peeps running the shelters are even bettah!

  23. ShelleyTambo says:
  24. Raf,

    something tells me that Willow “da Pillow” is EBO of the entire Theo household…

  25. ShelleyTambo says:

    mariser–um, yeah, sure, they all do. Every single one.

    It is good that they get homes. We generally don’t have a problem with the purebreds. It stinks to see people pass by the tabbies and tuxes to go straight for the exotics and purebreds because they look pretty, though. Every purebred adopted frees up space for the others, but still…

  26. Shell,

    know what you mean. thanks. I truly get puzzled by the purebred thing. I guess folks feel is such a deal to get one for the shelter fees rather than having to pay the breeder charges.
    I don’t have too many rules, but two that have been very serviceable are:
    1. get your animal companions from the shelter
    2. you can’t go wrong with a mutt aka street breed.

    …doesn’t mean I don’t occassional daydream about sharing the house with a Bengal cat…

  27. I’ve heard those Bengals are kinda the retrievers of the feline world — that is, they stay puppies long after they’re full-grown. Best for large houses with no breakables.

    But yeah, I want one too. (Bounce & Spot are getting kinda chubby again & could use a good daily chase… and Willow just does NOT oblige.)

  28. ShelleyTambo says:

    mariser–Bengals are gorgeous.

    You’re right that people often just don’t want to pay breeder fees–and people who are looking for a certain breed because they have experience with that breed don’t bother me. It’s the people who turn in–or return–the Siamese because it’s too talkative or the Persian because it’s too much maintenance who get to me. The number of Persians/long hairs we get that have to be shaved is really obscene. Although, funny thing, if they don’t mind the buzz of the clippers, they usually like being shaved. I guess it’s like kitty magic fingers.

    I’ll step off the soapbox now. Can you tell I spent a stressful day at the shelter?

  29. Checking this out I could just yell out AWWWW…too cute for words!!! My son is sitting by me and he thinks I am nuts! Love the kitten..I wish i could adopt another one, but I have three cats and my husband would be out the door. Then again..kittys or the husband? One must ponder this…!!!

  30. lurkertype says:

    It was inevitable.

    Since we are going to be out of town for a week and were planning to be all organized and busy and packing tomorrow…

    … of course we decided an hour ago that our favorite TuxKit must come inside to live with us forever!

    Sigh. But we were afraid that they’d all get past the point of no return while we were gone.

    HRTortieness is Most Royally Pissed Off.

    TuxMom and the other kits haven’t noticed one’s missing, but they think the wet food we put out is yummy. (Not a terribly close family, I guess)

    Our new kitters is now hiding in the bathroom with a dish of food, a cat box, and a soft n fluffy bed if he ever comes out of the corner. He’s over 8 wks. so we gave him about 3/4 of a dose of Advantage as he is aswarm with fleas.

    We shall be pondering a name for him over the next 10 days.

    T-O, lof the Doonses pix! Mirror kitties! PINK TONGUE! Supervisory rabbit! You have done a fine job raising them and getting them used to situations.

    There is a kitteh in my ‘hood who looks like the one in this post, but with longer fur. Bea-u-ti-ful cat, with the same blue eyes. I haven’t read her nametag but we call her “Snowshoe” amongst ourselves.

  31. Yay for adopted kittehs! It would be so nice to one day have a shortage of adoptable kittehs, instead of a shortage of space for unwanted ones…

  32. Lurker – Keep us posted on the pending house-sharing of the Tuxkit and HRT. I keep thinking about bringing another kitteh in teh house to keep Elvis company but he’s such a momma’s boy that I’m not sure he’d be too pleased.

    Looking forward to updates!

  33. AmyH,

    a silent prayer for that.


    aha! we figured that was coming. congrats on babylurkerT.
    btw, I vote to name him “Lurk”
    P.S.: want to get a pool going as to which doonce will get to stay with T.?


    a hard decision. hubster, kitteh, kitteh, hubster…


    ((((hugs)))). I hope being here, in Fort CO, provides comfort and relief so you can continue the good fight.

    Bengals, I understand, routinely get to the 20-lb range. drop-dead gorgeous and smart. but, as AmyH stated, as long as there are unwanted kittehs, they are the way to go.

  34. AmyH,

    I didn’t want to say anything before, but Elvis (same as his late lamented namesake) could use to… ahem…(how to say this)…lose a few ounces.
    a new kitteh would be an excellent exercise/chasing/napping partner.
    also, I have to believe a cat as sweet-looking as Elvis would be happy to share you.

  35. lurkertype says:

    Doesn’t everyone think a kitteh named Elvis should have other cats working for him? Like his namesake had a posse?

    We are taking all names under advisement. We are leaning towards those evoking formal wear, B&W movies, or the quality of being mathematically equal and/or opposite as his widdle nose is half black and half white down the length of it (except at the tip, where of course it becomes half black and half pink). You find me a movie in which Fred Astaire played a mathematician and we might have a winner. 😉

    I think Theo should keep that gray Doone with the tongue! Keep Mr. B on his toes.

  36. ShelleyTambo says:

    AmyH–hear hear!

    LurkerT–starting down a slippery slope. First one, then another…:)

    Merri–My suggestion: go to a shelter and find the most pathetic cat there, the one no one else will want to adopt. Who can say no? A staff member at my shelter has 12 cats (some are “fosters”). Her husband finally put his foot down and said absolutely no more. So she brought home a three-legged kitten (hit by car, right rear leg amputated) and now hubby’s gaga for her.

    mariser–hugs are always appreciated, and we will continue to fight the good fight. I keep meaning to send in some kitty pics from the shelter but it seems that the CO mailbox is always full. 😦 Anyway, no matter how frustrating, it’s always worth it. One of our favorite successes was brought back for a visit today. This rottie was 75 lbs underweight and had been used as bait to train fighting dogs. When he was brought in, his right ear _fell off_ because it was torn so badly. Now all the wounds have healed and he weighs more than I do. Anyway, on that semi-cheerful note, I’m off to bed to hopefully sweet dreams of a land where there’s a cat shortage (but no corresponding mouse overpopulation).

  37. LT,

    other names:
    “Cary” after Cary Grant
    “Topper” from the movie
    “Isoceles” after the triangle
    “Clark” after Clark Gable, who also had an *unique* nose. and ears, but that’s not relevant.

  38. Shell,

    “…and had been used as bait to train fighting dogs.”
    I think I’m going to be sick
    get thee to bed and very sweet dreams.
    a suggestion: you can do what a lot of us (me) do and post the pics to the thread(s). as you know, we are an appreciative audience.

  39. Mariser – Yes, Elvis is, like his namesake, in his old and fat years. My ex had him for years 4-8 and when I finally got him back he was a chub. He was miserable with my ex and his wife, (the divorce lawyer – yes THE), and her cat. He’s now 12 and we’re working on it. He’s actually down a few pounds from his high of 14.

    Elvis and I are still in discussions about adding to our cozy home. First on my mind is trying to figure out who will take care of him for 2.5 weeks when I’m out of the country this winter. After that, we’ll think seriously about a new friend.

  40. Amy,

    I didn’t realize Elvis was that old. he must have really missed you. and you him.
    glad you are back together. [singsong] reunited and it feels so good…

  41. lurkertype says:

    mariser, Mr. L LURVED that movie “Pi”, although it was too weird and sad for me, plus said kitten isn’t round.

    AmyH, yes, you should wait to get Elvis a friend till after you get back. Or, as you say, maybe not get another. Sounds like he’s been through enough. Poor dewd.

    Shelley, you’re doing such good work. I wouldn’t be able to stand it. Please do post pix.

  42. Shelley – I wouldn’t be able to bear it at the shelter. Thank you for all you do.

    The day I got Elvis back, he hid under a chair in my living room for hours. I left so he could have time to himself and I was so worried that he wouldn’t remember me after four years apart. When I came back, he had been checking out his new home and his smell memory must have kicked in. He sauntered right up to me and plopped over so I could rub his belly (a scene that has since happened every time I come home).

    That night, I woke up to a paw pushing gently on my face. When I cracked open a sleepy eye, Elv was right there purring like a lawnmower as if to say – “Mom, are you awake, I love you!”, “Yes, Elvis, I love you too, let Mommy sleep”. This went on all night and for a few nights after that.

    We are SOOOO happy to be together. That’s why I’m hesitant to get another kitty – I want him to be the King for as long as possible. 🙂

  43. lurkertype says:

    Awwww… perhaps you should hold off until Elvis Has Left The Building.

  44. Lurker – that’s probably the best plan. He’s my guy and is pretty special. Once he’s ‘left the building’, then I’m going to provide a safe and loving home for a pair of senior cats.

    Thanks to you and mariser both for the kitty support group. Or as Elv would say, “Thankyouverymuch!”

  45. Aw, a snowshoe. They’re pretty kitties.

    I have one purebred and one mutt, myself. I find that the experience is about equal. The nice thing about purebreds is that you have some idea about what type of personality to expect – my Abyssinian is extremely clever (I had to change the light switch – I used to have one you pressed, instead of flipped, but she figured out how it worked and would turn the lights on and off for the hell of it) and likes people. And of course you know the appearance, so I knew from the start that she’d be seriously eartacular. And the fun thing about mutts is that you don’t know much at all – my little adopted stray turned out to be the most ladylike cat I’ve ever met, but I never would have guessed from the chirpy little kitten she was.

  46. acelightning says:

    Oh, the “snowshoe” markings are beyond gorgeous! Points, socks/mitts, nose patch, *AND* blue eyes! (It must be great to be a cat with a built-in fashion sense!)

  47. Ker-aaaazy eyes!!!

    I love those moments when their little kitty eyes just seem to spin around in their heads, right before you are leapt upon …

  48. oh AmyH,

    you are right. Elvis looks so happy and serene in the pics I had no idea he (and you) had been through so much. he def gets to be “The One and Only King”. and much like that other Elvis, he gets to have is beloved mom to himself.
    I must confess I was teary-eyed reading your 9:41 post

    and on that note, I shall bid you all a good night. I shall go join to the hub and my own personal feline-lawnmower hybrid, Steven E.

  49. and btw Amy H,

    I don’t know where you and Elvis make your cozy home, but if it is anywhere nearish to Lexington, Kentucky, I’d be honored to provide for his wellbeing during your upcoming Winter trip.

  50. Mike, (ITS MY KITTEN) says:



    Well, well, what else have we here?

    “One of these things is not like the others…”

    VERY cute, but still looks like a Reet-reet-reet going on there …

    “”WTF?” – “OMG!” – yeemyeemyeem…”

    Good grief – did MomCat swallow your BigGreenGoob while it was ON???

    “Momcat discovers her “namesake”…”

    Eh? Thought ‘Lorna Doone’ was a book, not a cookie. Anyway …

    (As far as *I’m* concerned, American Cookie = Oreo. Capisce?)

    “…Zzzzzzzzzzzz. (may have posted this one before; you’ll cope)”

    Qweet. I can almost *feel* the bliss. Encore!!!

  52. omg mikekittenness is so adorabubble !!!!!! i want it iwantitiwantit !!! such profound cutefuzzle im amazed *flumps face into nearby cat for snorgeling therapy*

  53. ShelleyTambo says:

    It’s possible for one litter of kittens to have more than one daddy, so it’s not unusual to have one or two kittens that don’t look like the rest of the litter. I assume mom wasn’t a snowshoe–so dad could have been, and kitten just resembles one parent.

    Will try to post pics. Maybe not before vacation, though, which starts Friday.

    (Curses to foster cat for waking me up so *@#$% early on a Sunday.)

  54. chet's momma says:

    she looks like a character from a chinese opera or painting! and i mean that in the cutest overloadest way!

  55. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Oh Em Gee…those pics bring back fond memories of my late great Claudia-kitty. The coloring is called “Snowshoe”, but if it’s fuzzier then they’re called “Ragdoll”. Claudia was a ragdoll, and the only survivor of a stray cat’s litter that had been born during a VERY HOT Texas summer. She was also psychotic and not very pettable–like Mike’s cat!–not that that stopped me from loving her anyways…


  56. Brak_Silverbone says:

    That’s one crazed kitty in the first photo! What do you bet the little butt was wiggling, too?

  57. Just yesterday I shared a bit of my grilled cheese sandwich with Psycho (she’s a stray tabby with a permanent scowl and lots of scars, who always hangs out at our college eat-out and scares the bejeezus out of everyone there.)

    I had NO idea that cats loved molten gooey cheese.

  58. GAAHHHHHH! TEHO!! Frootloops all over keyboard! Love the upside downie blue eyes and the yeemyeems–spooooky indeed. :-p

  59. SqueeB–
    Kitty love! Exept yoghurt. My kitty begged for yoghurt every time but as soon as she tasted it would shake her head, stare at the offensive blob a few seconds then slink away as if it spoke evil words to her. *Very* bizarre.

    “Costello” is only name that could go with “Elvis” and satisfy your criteria! And as for leaving your dear boy behind while you’re gone, I highly recommend that you explain to him (yes, talk…) that you’re going away and will be back. Start telling him right away. Talk about your trip to him. It may sound silly, but he will understand what you’re saying, and it will make a difference. Animals get upset when their peeps leave because we overlook their capacity for comprehension on a level we have very little contact with. Open that door a little and he’ll appreciate it very much. Trust me…:-)

  60. ShelleyTambo says:

    jaypo–yes, kitty love–except what kitty love can also give kitty major diarrhea in large quantites. My kitty loves yogurt, too, depending on the flavor (vanilla yes, lemon no).

    On your advice, I’ve started explaining to foster cat that although I love him, he will have to be boarded while I’m on vacation. 😦

    We recently had a cat named Costello at the shelter. Came in with another named Abbott because they were so silly. We wanted them to go together. They didn’t but they both went to good homes.

    AmyH–Getting a second kitty might not be a bad idea if you can find one that’s used to being submissive. There’s a book called Cat vs. Cat by Pam Johnson-Bennett (feline behaviorist) that might help. Doesn’t “feline behaviorist” sound like the bestest job ever? Studying kittes and the silly stuff they do all day?

  61. Tony James says:

    Lofs da kitteh! In the “pre” pik even his ear-fluffs are alert!

  62. hey Mike F.,

    your kitteh is wonderful! and yeah, not all cats are cuddlers. but you may be surprised: as he gets older he may become a bit more sedate and affectionate. btw, what is his name? and if I’m correct, this is his 2nd appearance in Cute Overload; I remember him from the 4th of July post,
    and as Shelley said, is likely that the litter had multiple “baby daddys”

  63. What a beautiful kitty! Too cute.

  64. ShelleyT, sorry if I got your stories mixed up! So many threads and converses in one place, my ADD mind ‘splodes and mooshes them together.

  65. Candymarl says:

    The kitten got me. Got me I tells ya! Watta wonnerful way ta go!

  66. Craaaaaazeeee eyes!

  67. ShelleyTambo says:

    jaypo–Nah, you didn’t get mixed up. I just copped your advice for AmyH for my situation.

  68. Mariser – Thanks so very very much for the offer, but Elvis and I are out in Phoenix. My usual cat-sitter was unexpectedly unreliable last time I was gone so I’m checking out other friends. I’ll have it figured out by January.

    Jaypo – I’ve been explaining my upcoming vacation to him and assured him he didn’t have to go on a plane again. He seems pretty cool with it so far. Thanks for the tip!

    Shelley – good idea. However, a cat more submissive than Elvis would probably need to be a stuffed toy. 🙂

    Mike – the kitty is PRECIOUS! Too bad he’s not more friendly, but that’s why he’s so cute – it’s a survival mechanism.

  69. lurkertype says:

    It’s like having a human baby in the house. I got awakened every 2 hours last night by piteous, continuous “mew! mew!” He’s going off this afternoon for his shots, checkup and boarding while we’re gone. I expect he’ll be completely insane by the time we get back, but it seemed the lesser of the evils. All the TuxKits are ranging farther, getting more exploratory, hiding better, and I just couldn’t leave him out there in the big scary world full of cars.

    Meanwhile, his mommy and siblings DO NOT CARE that he’s gone. They seem to think “more food for me!”

    HRTortieness is sitting on the other side of the door, staring under it. When other cats are over, she likes to stare at them for hours on end, but she can’t see this one!
    I don’t think he ate last night, but the lil’ guy did poop in the litter box, so yay.

  70. lurkertype says:

    Mike — at least you can look at a pretty cat, even if he’s mean. I’m glad you put up with his meanness.

    Subh: HRTortieness lurves Taco Bell Nacho Sauce. It is a melted cheese-like substance and she can’t get enough of it.

  71. LT–Yay for pooping in the litterbox! How *do* they know these things?!

  72. lurkertype says:

    jaypo: first off, Mommy teaches them; secondly, I had put a litterbox outside near Tuxedo Junction about a week ago, which they’ve been using. Yay me.


  73. lurkerT,

    cool pic. he looks like he *may* forgive you in, oh, a decade or two.
    I understand what you mean about his nose now. veddy unusual.
    gots a name yet? or still under debate.

    P.S.: you should mos’def setup a conference call between HRTortieness and Mr. Bounce; they can bond and conmiserate over their humans’ eccentricities.

  74. Yay, Tuxkit! He’ll adjust soon enough. By the time you get back, HRT and Tuxer TBN (to be named) will be getting along wonderfully. Or at the very least – here’s hoping!

  75. lurkertype says:

    In above pic, obvy the widdo kitteh is hiding. Rest assured his throat, chest, tummy, and all paws are also white. But I wanted you guys to see his distinctive face.

    Here’s all 3 of ’em at the Junction:

    And here’s Mom and a coupla bebes:

  76. lurkertype says:

    Sadly, Mariser, for reasons too long to go into, HRT thinks all marmies are her Mortal Enemies, so she wouldn’t get on with Mr. Bounce at all.

    I can hear Tux Boy yowling from the other room. Quite a set of lungs on that kid.

    We’re calling him “Equal” (for the nose) till a better name comes along. We don’t want anything too ordinary for him. Often our kitters have science fiction names (and no, we’ve ruled out that old Star Trek ep with the B&W people already!)

  77. “Equal” is good. also see “Equilateral”

    in re: HRTortieness. heh. torties tend to have a larger share of Mortal Enemies than other breeds. and the MEs can include inanimate objects such as garden rakes, hats, galoshes.
    however, she may still be able to communicate with Mr. B. ; it’d be a conference call, not a *video* conference call.
    of course, HRT may be able to recognize marmies by tonal quality…

  78. lurkertype says:

    Oh, and poor little Tuxerboy is going to be spending the next 8 days at the vet’s, in the boarding area (not the icky “vetty” parts). He’s going to get all cleaned up and vaccinated and then have to live there (I know, I know, I am a meanie) till we get back. We want him and HRTortie to meet under strict supervision, not all by themselves for over a week. Plus, I want him to have all his shots and tests before he mingles with HRT, who’s never been outside in her life.

    THEN, we also have to catch the rest of the Tuxes to get them fixed, or homed, or something. But I’ll worry about that then.

    HRT is kneading on me. Yes, little tortie, you are still #1 kitty.

  79. lurkertype says:

    Funny, Mariser, I just called the tux “Equilateral” a little while ago. Also “Isoceles”.

    Yes, HRT has many many Mortal Enemies, living and not. Everything from MomTux to static electricity. Marmies have distinctive voices so she prolly wouldn’t like Mr. B. That and she doesn’t care about the phone even when it’s her beloved Daddy on the other end. She’s beautiful but stooooooooopid.

  80. AuntieMame says:

    “Mr. L LURVED that movie “Pi”, although it was too weird and sad for me, plus said kitten isn’t round.”

    Then “pi” is a perfect name because, after all, pi are square. Aren’t they? 😉

  81. What about calling said TuxKit “Ender”, after Andrew Wiggin in Ender’s Game.

    Best sci-fi book ever (IMHO).

  82. Thinker — that’s a classic, and Ender’s a good cat name… but I gotta stick by my Dune. How about Lisan?

  83. That would work. My bf just read Ender’s Game and still swears by Dune as well…

  84. By the way… was just snoozing a bit. Late summer afternoon nap, windows open, etc.
    Wasn’t alone, either:

    (1024×768 for TEH LUVZ.)

  85. Hi, Peeps,

    Back from the cottage and catching up with you guys.

    T-O: loves the Doones pix. Esp the sleepy kitty. That is painfully cute.

    lurkerT: thanks so much for the Tux photos. And YAY bigtime to you and Mr lurkerT for adopting one.

    AmyH: re catsitters: check at your vets’, they may have knowledge of someone in your area who will come feed your cat in your home so he won’t have the stress of being in a kennel.

    On my end: I had a chipmunk taking peanuts out of my hand on the cottage deck, came home to hear from my trapping partner that 3 more boxcar kittens have made their appearance out of their nest(i.e. 3 more to catch, but no photos yet, sorry). Oh, and two of the cats who gave birth this summer already are preggers AGAIN. Those calicos!

    Since arriving home 3 hours ago, I’ve now fed boxcar cats, ex’s cats who I’m catsitting, and my cats. Must now feed me.


  87. Mike… dude… unlock your Caps Lock key. We’ll hear you just fine.

    I do know about the hand-wrestling kitten thing, tho, from these fuzzmonkeys:

    (…w00t! Was just *very* lucky to catch all six fosters in that shot, moments before Lorna went back to the food dish & everybody woke up & started in with the meeping again. This photo is only a couple of minutes old.)

  88. Good thing those kittens untangle themselves, Theo. Otherwise, it’d be like a Chinese puzzle.

  89. T.,

    we started a pool upthread as to which one of the Doonces will join your household on a permanent basis. so far,
    is in the lead.

  90. Mike IMK — Oh.. my.. gosh! I think you are a zen master kitteh photog! Those are such adorable pics of Mun-keee.

    Teho…I’m torn — Dune…Ender…Dune…Ender…hmmmm.
    Suffice it to say, I’ve never quoted Ender in church…I have quoted Dune.

    (BTW – just got it.. doones, dune’s, there’s a double meaning in that..)

  91. lurkertype says:

    Theo! Wuvs the tie-tie kitteh and the pile o’catness. Cuuuuute. You are SO going to miss the Doonses (if you let them all go, heh heh).

    LC, welcome back to the daily round of cat servitude. Slutty calicos! Stop them before they breed AGAIN and AGAIN. I’m hoping MomTux doesn’t get knocked up before I can get her.

    We have pre-paid the expenses and left Equal at the vet’s. He is the most expensive free kitten I’ve ever gotten, way over and above HRTortie. Boarding is NOT cheap, but I knew that when we decided to take him in now. If only MomTux could have waited 2 weeks later to fall for the blandishments of the big tomcat!

    When he returns, he’ll have had a bath and gotten his claws trimmed.

    He will have to go back to the vet’s at least twice more, to get more shots, and to get his little fuzzy balls removed. The vet says they aren’t fully descended.

    By then he will be TKFKA= (The Kitten Formerly Known As Equal).

  92. TKFKAE – A kitteh by any other name would be as sweet (and not artificially!)

  93. Ooo, I am personally voting for Lorna to stay. She looks like a doll baby with her own babies and she seems so SWEET!

  94. Oh, Theo…teh sleeping baby is so so anerable.

  95. sooooooooo cute

  96. sooooooooo cute

  97. Elizabeth says:

    My pug does the same look! I call it “The Calm Before the Storm.”


  98. Hahah….that is exactly what I thought when I read the title “Prepounce”…as the page loaded, I saw the ears, head, then the dilated pupils…….aaaaah, doom! heehee…it is so cute.

  99. Seriously, what kind of cat is that? Do those dark markings appear on the legs and tail?