Mo’ hedges, mo’ problems

Ruhmember when the world ignited on fire after we posted the Hedgehog swimming in the bathtub photo? I do—it was a powerful, powerful moment. Well, I thought it was time to check in on lil’ Bam-Bam the Hedge and see what was happeningk.



All I can say is, Bam-Bam is still swimmin’, and Christopher Guest, I give you your next mockumentary topic:


The Hedge Party. ABSOLUTE GENIUS, Amy at Deepcity.



  1. Brak_Silverbone says:

    (singing) In the town, where I was born, lived a hedgehog who sailed to sea…

  2. Jeepers, does he have a RAFT in the first photo?!

  3. Oh good lord, these are awesome. Look at BamBam’s little leg extended underwater, teensy foot pulling forward.

    And the Hedge Party!! In my area a group of bunny owners would get together once a month for dinner out. Everyone pulled out pictures of their bunnies and caught up on news with the bunny world. It was super fun. It was the only time we saw each other too!

  4. “like hedgehogs which/ Lie tumbling in my barefoot way and mount/ Their pricks at my footfall . . .”

    Dude, watch your step in that tub! It’s cuter than a sea-urchin, but more spinedy!

  5. lurkertype says:

    I thot hedgies were solitary critters? Bet they don’t enjoy the party as much as their people do.

    (+1 to Meg for the C. Guest reference)

  6. In sports caster voice: Yes, Jaypo – look at that extension! And check out that determined look…that no-holds-barred is what makes BamBam the reigning favorite in the world of Hedgehog Olympics!

  7. lurkertype says:

    Oh and that’s a big bath towel the Bamster has in the tub, to provide him with a spot to rest.

  8. I never realized how cute hedgehogs are. Now I want one.

  9. WOW!! ABRAHAM LINCOLN thinks hedgehogs are cute!

    (…is it just me or does the guy on the front left look JUST like Ol’ Abe?)

  10. He’s so sweet doing his swim it reminded me of a hamster swimming, but when I tried to e-mail it in I can’t! Sob.

  11. Eeeeeeeeeee! That first post had slightly cuter photos (in my opinion) but MY GOSH, is that thing cute!

    (Do you think the hedgehogs get along at those parties?)

  12. Mook– :-p

  13. Susan,


    I must see that picture!!!
    if you have it hosted could you please post the link here in the comments? pleeeaaseee?

  14. lurkertype says:

    I love the diversity of people in the last pic. Hedgies bringing folks together. Worth looking at all of Bam-Bam’s photos.

    CO has greatly widened my boundaries of Teh Qute.

    (TuxKit wild and captive pix in “Pre-Pounce” comments)

  15. Congrats.

    You win hedgehog = cute.

  16. Hooray for hedgies!!!

  17. +1 to Lurker T for the Mod Parent Up.
    Oh, and look at the third pic again, back row far left — it looks to me like Christopher Guest is already on the case.

  18. Heh. BYOH.

  19. Ohhhh – hedger! [swoons]

    I’ve been longing for new hedgepics, but have been looking (on my own) in vain… Thank you, Meg!

  20. Hedgie class photo: say cheese!

  21. “This Is Spiney Tap”

  22. [APPLAUSE]
    Nice, Aubrey.

  23. > “This is Spiney Tap”


    Damn you, you too-clever-by-half whippersnapper.

  24. Aubrey! Everyone knows that dill-flavoured lawyers are not the clever ones… You’re breaking the rules!

    PS: Does the guy on the far right look like he is proposing to the girl on his right with a hedgehog ring?

  25. Yes! And she’s looking out at us as if to say, “I was expecting a table-cut canary diamond, but he’s given me instead a rather surprised-looking hedgehog! And he’s chosen a meeting of the ‘Hedging Your Pets Society’ to propose! What should I do? What do you, the CO audience, think?”

  26. Well, Aubrey… my first instinct is to shout “Keep the hedgie, lose the schlub,” of course… but then I think his proposal choices make it clear that he’s got a good head on his shoulders, and a good heart in his chest. (Er… that’s “clever and romantic,” in other words.)

    Anyone else?

  27. Hey….I thought hedgehogs were illegal to own in the US!!! I want one …how does one “get” one??? They are too prosh!

  28. Deckard Canine says:

    Too bad Guest says he’s through with mockumentaries.

  29. interesting to note that the hedgies are all being held by the women at the party. are the guys afraid they’ll get stuck by a quill or something?

  30. Deckard K9 – There’s still one Guest mockumentary not out yet we still have to look forward to: “For Your Consideration” – spoofing the Oscar races.

    Aubrey – I’d keep the hedgie and the guy. A guy who appreciates the Cute is a guy worth having. And me, I’m not into rocks.

  31. A thinker says:

    Teho, I think any guy who must love his hedgie and his girl like that guy’s body posture indicates he does, must be worth keeping. My 2c.

  32. Hedgies!

  33. The guy is wearing a clean t-shirt as well – definitely keep him.

  34. karen, I’m guessing the women just won’t give the hedgies up to the guys.

    “One more minute, it’s still my turn!” or
    “You don’t know how to hold him right!”

    You know, stuff like that.

  35. Aub,
    hey, the other guys there are wearing clean t-shirts too! (I fervently hope).
    however, the hedgies all seem to be pantless. how disgraceful!

  36. oooo yes. Christopher Guest MUST do a movie about adorable leetle hedgums.