Macro mania

Dewds, YOU MUST CHILL with the MACRO ACTION! You’re O.O.C.

Still, here’s ANOTHER one, this time, it’s smooshed-face-central with ‘Molly’  Pup:


GAH!!! I know, right, Bridgette?



  1. Hey, I got first post!!! What a smooshy nose!!!!

  2. And he has the most anerable eyes!! They’re saying “You KNOW you want to pet me, spoil me, and make me your life…”

    What a cutie!!

  3. Pugzlemuff.
    [eyes cross]

  4. [wonders if that was an intentional “Say Anything” quote, on Meg’s part…]

  5. apophis16 says:

    I adore the blue tint on the eye. *stares in wonder*

  6. [molly] “no one loves me. no one understands me. I’m gonna go paint my fingernails black and then I’m gonna go listen to Linkin Park”

    totally emo.

  7. *kisses* on that smooshy muzzlepuff!

  8. hrh.squeak says:

    “Oh sooo saaaaaad, no-one’s kissed my muzzlepuff for at least five minutes!!!” Awww. Here’s a smooch for you, puppypuff –

  9. Eh?

    Where’s the face?

    [Sees blue tint]
    [Realisation dawns]


    Good grief.

    [Having located eye, tries to locate muzzle…]


    [Gives up]

    Nice doggie. [Pats on head]

    (I think I need glasses.)

  10. AWWWW, what a lovely thing to see at 520 am! I haven’t really understood when people have wanted to put the “cute” stuff in thier mouth, but this pugglezmuff and the closeup on the pouncer make me want to “nawm nawm nawm” on them!
    *tingling teeth*
    *peels back lips*
    *zooms in for a macro nawm nawm*

  11. Aww, being that cute is obviously hard work she obviously exhausted.
    Come and have a nap on me whilst I give you big cuddle little puggy!

  12. *Makes note to self to check posts for missing letters before posting next time*

  13. We love pups named Molly, they remind Conan of his girlfriend. Next door. She’s a Molly too. And he fits right in her mouth.

  14. Brak_Silverbone says:

    She looks like she’s thinking dreamy thoughts after having spent the last hour looking through a celebrity-photos magazine.

  15. I think she’s dreaming dreamy thoughts about her photo shoot which will appear in the next celeb rag.

  16. I lurve older puppies with hints of grey on the muzzlepuff – she is well-loved!

  17. omg. i had a dog just like that but we had to give him away because of the cat. I wonder if its the same dog…..hmmmmmm. Does anyone know if this dog is a girl/boy and who owns him?

  18. Awwww. Where’s the love for Molly? Only 18 posts? This sweet face turns me into jelly. The crinkled grey muzzle is almost too much.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Oh meh gosh. SO SO sweet.

  20. Issy,

    I’d guess with a name like *Molly* is likely a girl. not making any assumptions, just going by odds.

  21. what is it? a seal?

  22. Grizzle muzzle!

    And eye boogers!!

  23. squished!

  24. Am I seeing a reflection of the photographer in the pup’s eye? I’m having a Van Eyck moment here…

  25. squishy face! i want to squeeeeze eeeet!!

  26. Such a sweet little quiet contented face. Muwaaaaah. Big kiss for her.

  27. Must….Snorgle….Nozie

  28. Issy, my Mollie is definitely a girl. I adopted her from the Human Society about 7 years ago. She’s a sweet girl who usually naps with her brother, Ollie (a doxie). The rhymy name thing happened by chance. I’m not that cheesy!

    I’m glad ya’ll think Mollie is as cute and snuggable as I do!


    P.S. Sabrina, Mollie is a pug although I can totally see why you might have thought she was a seal. 😉

  29. Bridgette — by “doxie” do you mean Dachshund? Sounds like a fun household.

  30. Theo – yes! We have two Pomeranians, too.

  31. Molly’s grizzled muzzlepuff looks soooo soft. I think a family shot of the pug + dachs + 2 poms is in order?

  32. I have to say if I started snorgling with this guy, I would never let him go. Precious should be his name.