We’re a little Paw-centric around here


It’s all we talk about.

Are they UP? Are they down? What are these things? [say in Seinfeld voice]


Raymi and Kiddeh "Cid" report from NYC, that there is sufficent Pawsitude goin’ down thar.



  1. Looks like Cid’s found the PURRfect cool private space with a view…

  2. Who is this behind the curtain? Paw-lonius?

  3. they look almost edible. like almond roca. or cookies.

  4. Heavens, Aubrey! You have a gift …

    Made me blow coffee out my nose.

    Lovely kiddeh-hands in the pic. Makes me want to see the rest of the kiddeh. Ah, mystery …

  5. The paws ! I can never resist a good paw. Ballou is surprisingly patient about letting me play with them. Great photo.

  6. “You can’t seeeee meeeee….”

  7. [coaxing]

    Here, kitty kitty kitty. Nice paws, now c’mon out and show us some cattitude. Thaaat’s right … come on out … I’m friendly …

  8. oo.

    they are velvety and tiger striped!

  9. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Gives me paws for thought.

  10. Let us all ‘paws’ for a moment of cuteness…

    These feet look like the feet of my kitty (except she is normally in the bathtub, not behind a curtain)!

  11. Pay no attention to the kitty behind the curtain! 😉

  12. Such beautiful brown paws! Here’s my kitty’s paw:

  13. Oh noes! THOSE AREN’T REALLY PAWS! Look behind you!!!111!

    Don’t be taken in by the decoy fake paws (imagine them ending at the elbows with popsicle sticks and felt sticking out on the ends) becuase the cat is using them to DISTRACT you while he sneaks up behind you and… AERIAL ATTACK! Rowr!

  14. Cid looks like he’s playing at being the feline version of “Thing” from the Addams Family.

    Ozz, a cat I had before I got married, would hide like this (behind curtains, under chairs, etc.) whenever he wanted to play ‘cat-boxing’, otherwise known as ‘swat-the-hand’.

  15. Is that it? Where’s the rest of the cat? Oh no…

  16. I think there’s a good reason why the word “pwned” shares so many letters with “pawed”.

  17. nycat,

    awesome pics! thanks for sharing.

  18. So beyond cute!!! It’s just TOO MUCH!!!

    Thanks for making my day, Meg!

  19. He’s gonna have coooold little pawsicles if he keeps them over that AC vent.

  20. Tony James says:

    If they are on the AC vent, are these the paws that refresh(es)?

  21. awww the kiddeh-on-da-windowsill trick. Mine’s a fan.
    Sittin’ in the sun, sleepin.
    so cute. must snorgle.

  22. A thinker says:

    Just paws! Aww.

  23. Amber does the “kiddeh on the windowsill” thing. That way, she can police the entire street and let us know if anything she disapproves of is afoot (e.g. someone walking a … *DOG*!)

    We don’t have AC (live near enough to the beach that we don’t need it), so she sits (or lies, sleeping) on the sill of the open window and le-e-e-eans on the screen. It’s all bulged out and torn in places, thanks to 17 years of that behavior. Looks grotty; doesn’t keep the flies out; we can’t bring ourselves to fix it yet ’cause it’s cute.

  24. A thinker says:

    CatFreak: hope she doesn’t fall out one of these days when the screen gives way.

    That happened to a friend’s cat (three stories up). He was fine but *very* sore in the hind end for a few days.

  25. You good little kitten,
    You washed your mittens,
    And you shall have some pie.

  26. thinker, I had that happen with a mostly feral foster kitten, froma second story window (not a boxcar cat, this was a few years ago). She was afraid of people, didn’t know her name, and certainly wouldn’t come when called. We only located her by papering the neighborhood with flyers ASAP, then one man opened his curtains from his second-story bedroom, and saw her up a tree, very scared. Luckily, she only had a scratch on her nose.

  27. Are these “PAWpsicles”?

  28. TJ:

    Possibly, but there is danger here too. We must do what we can to purr-vent any sudden blast of cool air. It made MMonroe famous, but I think it would cheese off any self-respecting cat!

  29. ultimate chunkster paws. I wanna hold them in my palm.

  30. i want to give those paws a firm handshake.

  31. Such sweet cat feet!

    My furry princes, MacDuff and Samson, won’t let anyone touch their royal little paws.

  32. Isn’t it interesting how the pawpaw fruit has kitty claw shapes inside it:


  33. “Who is this behind the curtain? Paw-lonius?”

    HAHAHA! Am I the only one who got that? >^_^<

  34. hrh.squeak says:

    Good Lord, what a clever bunch of peeps. Who knew about the pawpaw fruit?? Thanks, Jaypo, for the Continuing Ed class.

    I loves me the kittypaws and none of my kittehs will let me play. And Boober’s got the cutest big ol’ snowshoe-with-tufts-of-fur feets, too. (sulks)

  35. A thinker says:

    Lauri C: that must have been scary. Good thing you found her…

    My friend’s cat was an indoor cat who never went outside. He very cleverly crept to his own backyard through the alleyway from the front of the house, and hid in the shed, where he was finally found after a long search, very traumatized. Poor catty.

  36. DARNIT Jay Fry beat me to the Wizard of Oz quote!

  37. Sincere thanks for the heads-up about cats falling out of windows! It’s something every cat lover should know.

    But in our case, if the screen gave way, Amber-kiddeh-in-the-window would fall about two feet, into a nest of mashed-down long grass where she likes to sleep anyway. I wouldn’t let a cat do “kiddeh-in-an-open-window” except on the ground floor.

    (Yes, I know … she’s indoor/outdoor and that’s bad, especially at her age and with her terminal kidney disease. But long ago we made the mental-health vs. physical-safety tradeoff. Indoor-only works very well for a lot of cats, but not for this one. She gets depressed and whiny if she can’t lie out on the walk and let the sun cook her fur now and then. She is also the worst hunter in the entire world (has caught two things in her entire life, and made my husband finish them off for her, once they were mortally wounded), so it’s not like she’s depleting local populations of anything except cans of Hill’s K/D.

  38. Nope, Erm, I got the “Paw-lonius/curtain” thing, too. And it made me forcibly expel coffee out my nasal passages.

    (For victims of the past one or two decades of U.S. public education: It’s from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. A character named Polonius is killed, hiding behind a curtain. So not only is Aubrey funny, Aubrey is all classy-like and edumacated!)

  39. Mighty CO peeps, I’m off cottaging for the weekend, where there will be no cats, only chipmunks. I will feed them many peanuts and watch them closely through the binocs from the deck (if I can’t lure them over). Have good weekends, all y’all.

  40. Tony James says:

    There was a study a while ago conducted (I think) by a vet in NYC, which found that cats suffering from High Rise Cat Syndrome were more likely to survive falls of 9 storeys or more than cats who fell shorter distances. One can only surmise that they were flinging cats out of various windows in apartment buildings and cat-aloguing the results.

  41. “Paw-lonius” yes, I’m there alright! And with the curtains even–who knows what may have inspired the Bard…meaning Aubrey, of course.

  42. Byeee, Laurie Cee. We’ll miss you.

  43. TJ-

    I’m SURE the results were a statistical analysis of accidents and NOT experimentally based.

    Well, almost sure.

    Anyway, otherwise it would be a cat-astrophe.

  44. Mmm, this kitty’s all toasty and warm, I’ll bet.

  45. Hahahaha….TJ, the paws that refreshes!
    And edumacated…loves doze wordz.

    El Cid has very handsome feets!

  46. Laurie C…! No!! Altoids! Feed them Altoids! – and we want video!!


  47. TJ and Lau,

    the results of the experiment make sense if you consider that the *higher* the altitude a cat falls from, the *higher* the likelihood of the cat being able to land on her feets.

    //isn’t she wonderful?

  48. Tony James says:

    Mariser – it makes sense, but I’m curious as to whether the evidence is anecdotal or whether there were experiments conducted to determine this. “April 14 – test subject: Fluffy – 27lbs. 14th floor. No injuries detected, although subject shows signs of having briefly woken…
    April 15 – test subject: Fluffy – 27lbs. 24th floor. No injuries detected, although subject shows signs of getting really PO’d at this experiment.”
    You need to keep using the same cat for control purposes.

  49. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    The paws that refreshes?

  50. There are so many awful things that really do happen in this world, that using cats for an experiment like that wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Blech.

  51. I’m going to guess/hope it was statistical analysis of reported ‘cat fall’ incidents.

    incidentally, this reminds me of a zen koan:

    given that falling buttered toast *always* lands on the buttered side
    given that a falling cat *always* lands on her feets

    what would happen if a falling cat’s backside is buttered?

    meditate among yourselves

  52. Tony James says:

    The American Institute of Veterinary Scientists & Kitty-Hurlers would like to assure members of the public that no cats were harmed during this experiment (well, maybe just the one who got an owie on his paw, but he’s better now).

  53. ‘I’m off cottaging for the weekend…’

    I’m one of the few people who like cottage cheese, so I envy you quite a bit…I think.

    Anyways, have a great time and do use Altoids, because we want to keep our woodland friends Curiously Strong.

  54. Tony James says:

    And kissable, Aubrey – let’s not forget that.

  55. A thinker says:

    Teej: LOL!

    I, too, have heard of that experiment.

    And have a wonderful weekend cottaging, Lauri C. And Altoids, yes! But not to the chippies…find a skwerl…

  56. Tony James says:
  57. omfg, I *almost* ruined my monitor…


  58. A thinker says:

    Wow. And whoever said Wikipedia wasn’t useful…

  59. Rofl…there really is everything on the net!

    and convert it into direct kinetic energy. Though this would prove hard to do, it is possible.

    From Wiki

    “Another response is that the cat will land on its feet and immediately roll over. This, however, means that the cat’s original attempt to land on its feet was stronger than the toast’s buttered side’s attraction to the ground, but once on the ground the toast overpowered the cat. “

  60. Aubrey, I just had a bowl of cottage cheese. So, since there are only two of us who like it, they sure make a lot of it!

  61. A thinker says:

    Hey, me likes it–and takes a lot of ribbing for it…

  62. Found on the Wikipedia “Buttered Cat” page:


    Worth it for the sound effects alone.

  63. TJ, Thinker, Lauri, Mariser, Wolf, etc… I give to you, the punchline:


  64. Okay, I admit, I have a cat foot fetish!

  65. Tony James says:

    A buttered-cat array would be a vast improvement on the current NYC Subway System – straphangers could snorgle while commuting, which would be a step up from having someone’s hand on your butt for 30 minutes and not having enough space to turn around to slap the individual concerned.

  66. Kids, if it has the word ‘cheese’ in it, and if it can be considered edible, it has to be good.

    Has the safety of this effect been established? In addition to the ‘Anti-Gravity Effect’, I’ve also heard of the ‘IV Effect’, referring to how long the scientiest will have to be hooked to an IV machine after the buttered kit lets his displeasure known.

  67. lurkertype says:

    I want to grab both of these paws in my hand!

    No, not even in NYC do they fling cats out windows — they took a survey of the vets who treated kitters who fell.

    Also, I firmly believe that (as stated above), the cat would land on its feet, then flop over so the buttered toast would touch the floor. Cats have much more control over gravity than toast does. They experiment with it all the time, you know, pushing our things off shelves onto the floor. They’re not being annoying, just scientific!

    If LC actually managed to get video of a sqwerl eating an Altoid, it would be comedy gold.

  68. that’s pawfect.

  69. Tony James says:

    As Spokespurr-son for the Campaign To Promote Toast And Sundry Toasted & Grilled Bread Products, I should like to request that Lurkertype withdraws his/her statement that “Cats have much more control over gravity than toast does”. For too long we at the CPTSTGBP have put up with slurs and stereotypes about our clients, and we believe that the time has come to put some of these straight. The idea that cats have more control over gravity than toast does is both unfounded and wholly untrue. Indeed, we recently sponsored an event whereat a number of the world’s most highly respected physicists proved beyond question that a cat’s control over gravity is in fact less than that of a piece of toasted and buttered 5-grain bread. We request that Lurkertype cease and desist from this libellous behaviour forthwith or we shall be obliged to refer this matter to our legal counsel, Scone, Muffin & Teacake, PC.

    Yours brown and crispily

    B. Agel (Ms.)

  70. Awww. I wanna squish them. squish-squish-squish.

  71. Potato chips and cottage cheese! Yummmmmmmm.

  72. Pretty cat paws! I want to “beep” them…my word for gently touching irresistibly cute cat paws with my index finger. Often results in kitty curling up paw under chest.

  73. lurkertype says:

    LOL @Teej!

    Bring on the lawyers — I’ll eat ’em for lunch! (literally)

    Lisa, I do that too.

  74. lurkertype:

    I don’t think I’d taste very good. I’m kind of bitter.

  75. Frankly, I don’t think I’d be a very interesting dish. I’m a little dill.

  76. Naa,
    Cat would just de-butter toast on the way down

  77. Rofl, TJ! Brown and crispily indeed!
    And, great reading, Theo, I am going to have to quit my job…it’s taking way too much time away from the internet!

  78. lurkertype says:

    No, no, only the lawyers referenced in TJ’s post. I’ve no interest in going nawm nawm on the rest of y’all.

    BTW, the line about the humming of UFOs actually being purring tabbies has been one of my favorite things on teh intarweb since I read it some years ago.

  79. I’m a teensy bit bipolar, so I guess I am sweet and sour.

  80. Back to teh fake paws comments (I know it’s somewhere up there) – I once had a creepy toy that looked like the front leg of a marmalade kitteh. At the end that should have been attached to a cat, was a lever and a bell. When you squeezed the lever, the paw would curl like a real cat’s. It was a riot and to this day I have no idea what happened to it. Good times! (All man-made materials, mind you, it wasn’t THAT creepy.)

  81. YOU are in on the plot, AmyH!!!

  82. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Paws O’Mystery!

  83. This is a job for Inspector Purr-ot! I read about it in ‘Murder In The Meows’!

  84. Coming in the next version of Clue: “It was Toodles the Cat in the library with a Disembodied Cat-Paw Toy”.

  85. Three Blind Mice by Agatha Whiskery!!!

  86. nightbird says:

    Just wanted to say that I found all the wiki stuff hiss-terical. My little sweetie zhu-zhu will hold hands with me. I place the end of my index finger between her little pawpad and she will curl her paw around my finger….sweet sweet sweet.

  87. LOL, T-O!!

    Particularly at: “or removing some of the cat’s limbs, allowing descent.”

    Brings up some very hilarious mental images (not, I hasten to add, that I would remove any cat limbs or parts thereof in support of any scientific experiment).

  88. lurkertype says:

    TuxKit daily report:

    TWO beasties snorgled just now! (separately) A minor *hiss*spit* from the little girl, then satisfactory skritching.

    Bonus short skritch to the boy who again squirmed and used his Launch Pads to exit my arms.

    Other boy had himself dug in better that an entire battalion (or cattalion) at war. I think maybe he was increasing his own gravity, b/c I should be able to pick up a 2 month old kitten!

    Mr. L hopes to snorgle a kit or two over the weekend.

    Her Royal Tortieness is ignoring me now for Consorting With The Enemy.

  89. AmyH, Laurie,

    you’ve been exposed to Aubreonite. I regret to tell you is always fatal. death by groaning.


    luvs the tuxkit report. I hope Mr. L has undergone intensive training as to avoid last week’s debacle.
    wish I could advise on how to deal with HRT; alas, torties are immune to coaxing/begging/threatening.
    the only thing that may work are abundant tuna steak offerings.

  90. Mariser,

    People have always considered me cryptic. No surprise, because as a young girl I was exposed to cryptic-ite.

  91. LurkerT,

    Two kits – separate snorgles? That’s good. Commendable, in fact. But for a
    21-tartlet salute – sweet or savory, it’s the honoree’s choice – we need to see a Simultaneous Snorgle. Yes, LT, that is correct – two kits, one ball of floofiness, one snorgle. It can be done, but you will positively need to have a medic in attendance. I’ve seen so many snorgle soldiers become cat-ualties.

    I make the suggestion, I take no blame.

  92. {channeling Bing Clawsby}

    Mew’ve got to ac-centuate the paws-itive
    Squee!liminate the neg-cat-ive
    Latch on to the af-fur-mative
    Don’t mess with Mister In-Between-the-curtains!

    ;^ D

  93. lurkertype says:

    You’re TRYING to kill me, aren’t you, Aubrey? I shall bring my bleeding wounds to your doorstep next week on my vacation in the Southland. Would you settle for Mr. L and I simultaneously snorgling two of the kits?

    Mariser, no worries about Mr. L, thanks. HRT is insane and does not like tuna. She is strictly a poultry girl. She will snorfle all over Mr. L when he arrives. I am only The Provider of Food to both her and MomTux. I wuvs her anyway. Like Mrs. Rumpole, HRT is She Who Must Be Obeyed.

    Also, white wine is fun! *hic*

  94. LT, this is called ‘tough love’. However. We’ll take it on advisement.

    With a glass of chilled Reisling.

  95. lurkertype says:

    What about all 3 kitters held by the two of us?

    A sleepy MomTux let me get within 3 feet of her this afternoon, a new record.

    You shall not get MY riesling, however, Aubrey.

  96. Wait – LT…you’re coming to the Southland; to Los Angeles? That would be thrilling!

    Just make sure you’re stitched up before you come down.

  97. lurkertype says:

    Briefly to the LA, Aubs, then unto the Land of the Mouse God for Worldcon.

    I’d deliver you a TuxKit except your landlord would object, no?

  98. LT, he’s a nice guy, but he would throw me out of my apartment. Absolutely.

    By the way, how does one buy tix for a tux – and could he travel de-lux? Would it cost a million bux?

  99. This is so random, but I have to post it. And it is so not cute, but ohsoveryfunny, so I like it (and it’s a kitty).
    Peter the Kitty, from the Museum of Bad Art (motto: Art too bad to be ignored)

  100. lurkertype says:

    I don’t know, o punny Aubrey — and I’m driving anyway.

    They aren’t even allowing liquids on planes; I doubt they’d allow tuxes!

  101. LOL @ MOBA, AmyH!
    But…this dog is miles worse than that cat!!!

    yeesh!!! yeti dog!

  102. Love the dog, “part ski resort and wolf puppy”. This is one of my favorite sites whenever I need a good laugh. Disclaimer: CO is my favorite site in the history of ever!

    There’s also the suicidal cow:

  103. There was a portrait of an evil clown, but I’m just not going to inflict that on CO. Especially late at night.

  104. Tony, the study was conducted by the Animal Medical Center in NYC and, no, they didn’t fling any cats out of windows. Unfortunately, they had more than enough cats who had managed to fall out of windows on their own. What they discovered was that, as you mentioned, the cats who fell longer distances suffered fewer injuries and it turns out that those cats had more time to position themselves to fall in such a way that they weren’t hurt as badly as the ones who fell shorter distances. On the face of it, it would appear counter-intuitive, but it made sense once it was explained.

  105. Ceebs!! I am going off to work singing….and will be squeeliminating the neg-cat-ive all day! That is just excellent!

    And, I lurve all da puns! I used to come up with a lot more of them…I swear my brain is taking a holiday while all the kids move off to apartments and college!

    Have a snorgleful day, all!

  106. Oh my gosh! LOL-ing @ MOBA! What an absolutely *wonderful* site. I think I have discovered my new time-waster…er…time requisitioning agent…

  107. LOL @ “In the Cat’s Mouth” or whatever it was called. I actually kinda like that one! I didn’t get thru all the “awash with bad art ones” I did see that evil clown one, though. It was one of those things that sends your chair back a foot or so when you jolt back in it! (this couldn’t come at a more appropriate time, this MOBA site…I was just considering taking my 2nd oil painting workshop even though what I produced from the previous one could be some serious “still life” contenders for MOBA!)

  108. oops, I guess it was “unseen forces” I didn’t get thru last night, I thought the awash ones were different.

    Glad you liked my song, Lauri! 😀

  109. Ahahahaha(≧∇≦)/

  110. Tony James says:

    Has anyone else seen this site – it’s PROSH!! 🙂

  111. TJ — I’m going to assume you’re being silly… since that’s been link #3 under “More! More! More!” for many months now (longer than the Glossary, I think)…

  112. Tony James says:

    Has it? I’m sorry, someone just sent it to me and I’d not seen it before. Apologies 😦

  113. His paws look like mine!!!
    Do I have a twin?

  114. Teughcats says:

    OK, I wasn’t around much yesterday so I’m just catching up. And spitting water all over my keyboard at the cat vs buttered toast discussion! Where do you all FIND this stuff?

  115. 2Cats — it’s teh Weird, Wild, Wonderful INTARNETS! Dot Com.

  116. lurkertype says:

    The World’s Largest Possum was eating the kitten crunchies last night out of a new feeder thingie we were experimenting with.

    Needless to say, experiment over. The vile marsupial didn’t leave when I turned on the light and yelled at it; I actually had to go outside.

    MomTux and the Kits (band name?) were nearby looking quite upset at this intruder. I refilled the usual bowl and MomCat immediately ate, followed soon by kittens.

    HRT missed the whole thing, being occupied in the other room with shedding upon Mr. L’s laundry.

  117. Oh, those evil opossums! We had one up on our platform birdfeeder at about midnight one night. My hubby went out and went “Go away”…it just peered out of it’s teeny beady eyes and kept munching birdseed. So, hubby took a broom, and went out and kind of nudged Mr. Possumface with the end of the broomstick. Mr. P kind of grunted at us, while STILL filling his face. Never even moved. Well, neither of us is antivarmint in any way, so at this point we just shrugged, laughed and said, if he wants it that bad, let him have it.

    Lol…go HRT! Shedding is thee thing to doooo!

  118. lurkertype says:

    If it was a bird feeder, Lauri, I wouldn’t have minded. But I will NOT stand for anything eating food for the TuxKits! Those lil’ guys need their crunchies. This possum looked like it could use a bit less food anyway. Yeah, yeah, possums can be cute, but NOT at the expense of my beloved TuxKits.

  119. misschelley says:

    this pictue and the ensuing conversation is paw-some, or is that , poss-sum? the paw-lonius comment nearly did me in, taco bell all over the keyboard, and i’m at work!

  120. lurker, the only thing more evil than a sqirrel is… a stupid, ugly, nasty, FREAKIN’ POSSUM! ACK!

  121. (I’m so upset at the thought of a hateful possum I misspelled “squirrel.” That’s some serious upset…)

  122. misscrisp says:

    OK people, I personally am dying for some fresh CO on this sunny Saturday. I humbly submit a paw shot of Ruble, the shelter cat who made good.

    of course there are many in the set that fit the rules of cuteness…but I’ll let you all decide.

  123. oh, yes, misscrisp, Ruble is quite stunning and elegant!

  124. Oooooo, I can hear the rumble as that Big Paw hits the floor.

    It is quite impressive!

    My Sandhill Crane family is still in residence. They spend all afternoon and evening strolling thru the front yard (front yard is approx. 3 acres), feeding. I went out to grill yesterday and I was not even 100 feet away from them. They just eyeballed me and kept on stabbing those incredible bills into the ground finding yummies. 🙂

  125. misscrisp says:

    okay, I can only imagine the crane-cuteness.

  126. misscrisp says:

    theo , don’t you taunt me
    okay, my paw secret might just be out.
    but I sWaaaeewerrrwww I know not how to share with WAL (WorldAtLarge)

  127. ruble is gorgeous. is s/he a Russian Blue?

  128. misscrisp says:

    Ruble is so much MORE than pawsitude.
    but I got nothin more to say

  129. MissCrisp — I just hope Lorna’s little greys grow up to be that pretty. (And they attack my camera strap too.)

  130. With a name like “Ruble,” s/he’d darn well better be a Russian Blue.

    (And, Theo, your camera strap is well-known for being uproarious and in need of subduing, just like your rowdy shoelaces…)

  131. J. Bo — well-known for who in the what now?

  132. misscrisp says:

    Theo- your last pic cracks me up.
    J.Bo- you are very perceptive. Alexandrovitch, Cossack and Yevgeny just didn’t stick.
    Mariser- My darling Ruble is a “Brooklyn shelter Russian Blue” which means he’s an orphan of unknown parentage who looks an awful lot like the aforementioned beautiful breed. He was very well-behaved on the plane flight from NY to Lost Angels. Ruble has the interesting quality of seeming to love his paws as much as I do. Finally, one of these days I’ll photo one of our walks, Ruble proudly strolling down the sidewalk in his wee little harness.

  133. lurkertype says:

    misscrisp, I had a marmalade Coon who went for walks amongst his kingdom, allowing the peasants to see him.

  134. misscrisp says:

    LT- totally! Cats have a very regal way about them when prowling the domain. Purple velvet all the way.

  135. The pic of Ruble grooming his paws is totally amazing!

    And the camera strap looks perfectly tame to me.

  136. that is cool but sortof weerd. i mean is funny but werd!