Little Jedi warrior Kinoko has passed to the great Hamster Beyond™. I have been informed by his owner, Cat.


Kinoko hanging out with best pal (And sugarglider) Ringo…


And, looking anerable beyond words. Adieu, Kinoko! Adieu, lil’ Buddy!


Baroooooooooooooooooooooo, Cat.



  1. FIRST!! sorry couldn’t help myself.

    ohhh the pair are so cute! is this the first sugarglider?? they’re adorable

  2. oh nooooes!

    Good night sweet jedi prince.
    And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

    (((((hugs))))) to Cat.

  3. good by, Kinoko. You’ll always be our standard for the :poit:fect hammie.

  4. cowsharky says:


    Not fair.

    Fight well in the afterlife, fuzzy padawan.

  5. oh and sorry to hear Cat!! much love sweetie.

  6. i.e., “goodbyE”

  7. Its so hard to lose a loved pet even its a wee cute hamster. So much love in a little package….

  8. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about Kinoko. It is the saddest thing about loving pocket pets, the short life span. Condolences to Cat.

  9. Sadness… but I can see a little glowy-green hamster sitting next to Yoda and Obi-Wan and Anakin at the party on Endor.

    Kinoko is one with The Force.

  10. We’ll miss him so much. Thank you, Kinoko, for all the joy and laughter you brought us.

  11. Kinoko, meet Baruchito and Flan. They arrived before you and will show you all the fun things to play with in Hammie Heaven.

    So sad for you, Cat.

  12. *sniffle* Poor little HammiePants. He’s gone to that great big Hamster Wheel in the sky…

  13. *sniff*

  14. A thinker says:

    The *real* question is, why can’t all pets live as long as us. It would prevent much sadness…

    Sorry, Cat, about your hammie. He has brought a lot of us joy in his capacity as Teh Qute Jedi Warrior…

  15. The loss of a loved one is always too unbearable.

    Too bad we can’t make a duplicate of Kinoko.

    Anyone ever read “The Loved One”? We need a ‘Happier Hunting Ground’.

  16. I just read “The Loved One” recently. I was flabbergasted. and speechless. and laughing hysterically. outloud. and mad for not having read it sooner.

    we sure need a HHG

  17. Hope you rest in peace in the great Hamster Beyond, Kinoko.

  18. Aubrey, mariser, is that a novel?

    Cat, your wee hammie is *still* there with you, don’t worry. These little creatures evoke such big love in us and vice versa. That’s the beauty of our relationship to them.

  19. jayp,

    ’tis is. is by Evelyn Vaughn.
    is very very dark. black humor of the greatest caliber.
    some of dialogue beg to be spoken outloud.
    I think there have been one or two movie versions, but I haven’t seen them.

  20. oops.
    Evelyn *Waugh*


  21. Liberace was in the 1965 movie.

    It’s a great book.

  22. Interspecies snuggling!! Yay! Couldn’t we get a subcategory for that?
    Too bad for little sugarglider, and of course for Cat.

    (Confession: when I was 11, my beloved hammie RatTrap stuffed his cheeks one last time and plotzed. My mom made me bury him and I was so mad, because I’d wanted my uncle–a taxidermist–to turn RatTrap into a “bear rug” for my dollhouse, so I could keep him around. Is that weird?)

  23. Redzilla — yes. Yes, that is in fact weird.
    Welcome home. 😉

  24. Thanks for the times
    That you’ve given me
    The memories are all in my mind …
    And now that we’ve come
    To the end of our rainbow
    Theres something I must say out loud…

    You’re once
    Three times a hammie…

    And I love you…

  25. That is an *awesome* idea, Redzilla. Wish I’d thought of that back when I had hammies and a dollhouse (although I probably wouldn’t have been allowed to do it either).

    Happy travels into hamster heaven, lil’ jedi.

  26. Cat, so sorry about the passing of your little poofball. I’ll have to give my six extra snuggles tonight.

  27. I feel a disturbance in the Force, as if a tiny voice cried out and was suddenly silenced. Force be with you, tineh hammers.

  28. Redzilla – weird, yes. But awesome too. But everyone thinks I’m strange, though, ’cause I cremated my guinea pig. He’s in a little cedar box with a bronze plaque that reads “Zippy”. I keep him in my night stand. (And he didn’t die when I was 11. I was 27, peeps.)

  29. The author of “The Loved One” is Evelyn Waugh, not Evelyn Vaughan.

    Evelyn Waugh (a dude, BTW) was an extremely talented acerbic British writer, who first encountered LA culture during a stint as a screenwriter in the 30s and 40s. “The Loved One” is a hilarious satire of LA life in the 40s, *and* the cemetery biz, and a lot of it still holds true. (LA’s my home town. I’m one of the six natives!)

    The other Waugh book you might have heard of is “Brideshead Revisited”. He really is a top-notch writer.

    Get thee to a library! Thou wons’t be disappointed.

  30. If anyone wants to read a good non-fiction investigative look into the practices of the cemetery biz, “The American Way of Death” by Jessica Mitford, another Brit, is also great. Decades old now, but still a good read.

  31. CatFreak:

    My other favorite Waugh book is ‘Vile Bodies’. Yes, I do like ’em dry.

    I’ll have mine on wry, please!

    (I’m also an L.A. local!)

  32. Neighborhood Kitty Haven says:

    Cat – my utmost condolences to you on the loss of Kinoko. I was wondering if any of you wonderful pet lovers have any good ideas on comforting one who has lost pets. A friend of mine recently lost her three children/pets in a house fire. I would love to do something to memorialize her beloved Snoop Dog (Black & Tan Coon Hound), Reese (Boxer), and Pook Bear (Macaw). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  33. Good night sweet hammeh… you will be missed. His “Jedi” pic is my wallpaper for a few days in memoriam….sniffle :o(
    very sorry about your loss Cat….

  34. I am sorry that cute little Kinoko had to pass on … the Jedi post was my fav of the website and his cuteness has cheered me up many times. Thank you Kinoko and my condolences to Cat. I have lost hamsters before and it can hurt just as bad as if they were people.

  35. So sorry to hear about your loss, Cat. Take comfort in the memories of your beloved pet. A big hug.

  36. The loss of a pet is indeed quite painful. They are not ‘just animals’. We share moments, time and affection. These are creatures who depend on us for their well-being, and return the favor with comapanionship. We often get more in return than we give.

    Condolences for your loss, Cat.

  37. Kitty Haven, did she lose three pets she thought of as children or three children *and* three pets? Because while one is terrible, the other is just unthinkable.

    If you have pictures of her fuzzy ones, make copies for her, put them in a nice album, maybe.

  38. kittyhaven,

    kudos to you for realizing that your friend’s grievance for her pets is deep and real.

    I’d second Laurie C’s idea. another nice thing would be a small donation to the local Humane/Rescue society in Snoop Dog, Reese, and Pook Bear.

  39. er,

    “…in Snoop Dog, Reese, and Pook Bear names.”

  40. Eeeeeeeeee!

    That picture is too cute!

    R.I.P. Kinoko.

  41. Neighborhood Kitty Haven says:

    Laurie C. – she considered her pets her children. She has no human children.

    Mariser – Thank you for the Humane Society idea. I may do that. Unfortunately I have no photos of her pets. Any photos she had were destroyed in the fire. I should check with her brother and mother, maybe they might have some photos.

  42. KittyHaven,

    Yes, a donation is a wonderful idea. They (ASPCA, HSUS, HSUS-L.A. – I’m not sure which one) used to give you little x-mas tree stars engraved with your pet’s name – I don’t know if they still do that.

    Also, I have a teeny frame with a photo of our departed kitty Pandora – and my mom somehow fashioned it into an x-mas tree ornament. These are all fine if you celebrate Christmas!

    I would also suggest that you go to the local animal resuce society and get three more pets. There is no better therapy.

  43. Kitty Haven –

    If she has a yard/garden, maybe you could make a stepping stone for each pet, with their names or nicknames – craft stores sell kits like these.

  44. A donation to a humane society is a great idea–when two of my bebes passed on within months of each other, a friend who is an animal communicator really helped out alot. When I wanted to pay her, she just said to give a donation to HSUS. I’ve been a member ever since. Whereas new fuzzcompanions is a good idea, not everyone is ready to welcome that–highly individual. I’m just beginning to even think about new fuzzes and my honeys died a year ago.

  45. oh, here’s a place she can “virtually” visit in their memory:

  46. jenna-chan says:

    I’m that way too- my animals are my childeren too-

    Kat- I’m so sorry for your loss of your hammie, He will be greatly missed.

  47. Forgot to add that – new fuzz friends only when you’re READY.

    Good luck, KH.

  48. hrh.squeak says:

    Cat – a hug for every time dear Kinoko made me smile. That’s a lot of hugs!

  49. 😥 so sorry…

  50. Farewell, Kinoko.

    I’m sorry for your loss, Cat.

    Why can’t hammies – and all animals – live as long as humans?? It’s so unfair.

  51. Heaven Couldn’t wait!?!?

    My condolence to you, Cat. Little Kinoko, you will be missed

  52. chunkstyle says:

    I can only hope that one as in tune with the force as Kinoko was will be my spirit guide on the other side…Farewell sweet hammie, and say hello to Baru for us!

  53. What a cute fella! Sorry to hear about him. He will be missed. =(

  54. Neighborhood Kitty Haven says:

    g-lo – I like the stone idea.
    jaypo – The Rainbows Bridge site made me cry & I didn’t even look very far into it!
    Aubrey – With ya on the new pet thing. My husband wants to do that for her, but I am leary. She is very devastated, so I keep praying some poor little homeless pet will find her & she then could not resist. Also, that way it would not be like replacing them, it would be she has to help the poor little homeless baby. 🙂 Thanks to all for your heartfelt suggestions.

  55. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Awe… the cuteness…

    ::Hugs to Cat:: May the little’s rest in peace.

  56. Oh no!

    My sympathies. That was hands down the cutest Hamster I’ve ever seen.

  57. Piggalette says:

    What an adorable guy. My sincere condolences. I am firm in the opinion that all pets should live as long as their beloved owners.

  58. Thanks to everyone who commented. Kinoko was totally the best hamster I have ever had, and I have had maaaaannnnyyy. I hate to choose favorites over the others, but Kinoko had a personality totally unlike any other pet I’ve owned. Hah, sometimes I’d even prefer the company of his furry face than my boyfriend when I was upset! The pet store I bought him from thought he was “special” in a -maybe he’s a little slow- way, but that makes no difference, he was THE. BEST. HAMSTER. EVER.
    PLUS, He’s a little jedi. Nobody can deny the coolness of having a jedi hamster.
    Ahh, Kinoko, how I miss you. Although I love Ringo (the sugar glider) a lot too, you’ll always be my #1.
    Have fun in hamster heaven twirling around with your light saber. ;_;

  59. Happy trails to you Hami-wan…many awws & squees to us you gave hmm?… yes wee Jedi.

    Kitty Haven: When our Swee’ Pea (a wee pretty parakeet) died we made a donation in her name to a no-kill, all species shelter called Best Friends:

    And after our beloved 3-legged kitty died, we received a letter from the Cornell Feline Health Center saying our Vet for many years, had made a donation in our kitty’s name – we were very touched by that.

  60. I’m so sorry to hear about little Knoko! Not.Fair. 😦

  61. Woods Walker says:

    So there is another death in this little family that streaches wherever love can. Farewell kinoko may the hands of the eternal one protect you in your new home. Cat it is time to dry the tears and go on. kinoko would want it that way.-Woods Walker

  62. sniff

  63. lurkertype says:

    See, Jedi or no, this is a reason I don’t get pocket pets. I cannot get my heart broken that often.

    He lives on in the CO archives, at his Forceful best.

  64. Hey, Cat…
    *hugs* “Pets” are more than just that… they are truly our children… No matter what species they belong to, they still love and feel. I cried when I read about this… Some people can be so light-hearted about it, but in all truth… this is just as tragic as a human death. I send you my sincerest condolences… *hugs*

  65. Darkflame says:

    God bless and godspeed little one. And say hello to my little darling Vicious the hamster, won’t you? ;_;

  66. Rest in peace, Kinoko 😦

  67. Kinoko, do not go gentle into that Jedi knight…

  68. I lost my pet gerbil yesterday too. They can be grouchy, but so cute.

  69. Cat
    Huge hugs, at least be consoled he is on the express route with the amout of pure joy he has given to not only you but us, an extra comfy bed and the best wheel ever ready and waiting.

  70. Ahhh… lil’ Hami-Wan Kinoko was loved by a lot of CO peeps. I’m so sorry to hear that he’s gone.

    Aubrey, yer leeterarry alllooshuns are gettin’ ta meee! 😉 (Espcially the Dylan Thomas…)

  71. E.C. — more like Dylan Lucas. 😉

    (rage, rage against the dialog & romance shite)

  72. There’s nothin’ about going gentle in that good night there, though – but I agree completely on the “rage” part, teho. 😉 (Like: he shouldn’t have made the newer movies. Seriously.)


    I’m sad.

  74. Hi
    I was so sorry to hear about hammie-wan.
    I live in fear of the day my ratties are no more.
    Thinking of you

  75. aweeee that is soooooo cute.