And I thought my scoliosis was bad

Paws are like, tewtelly up!

This cat is named: "Blanket Michael Jackson", which is ALMOST reason alone to post him. But if you look at the Paws Uptitude™ then you know there is that extra push it takes to get on C.O.


Curled and loving it, Jules I-W!



  1. omfg.

    its giant baby gays!
    how proshious.

  2. shtripey!

  3. Tony James says:

    Premiere Poste!!
    (sorry Teh-0)
    Another in the series “Cats As Pretzels” or “The Persistent Absence of Spine”.

  4. it’s a reverse skunk!

  5. Tony James says:

    Ok, apparently I wasn’t 🙂

  6. omg lol my cat Baldrick does this so much, usually with his head squished against the back of the chair rofl… also he falls off stuff alot… maby hes just strange rofl

  7. “The Persistence of Floofinesh”

  8. that’s OK Teej [pats shoulder]

    but if you think you are safe from the rage of Mr. T., you are a foo’

  9. Not to mention that that cat is a total Showgirl!

  10. Whoa. WHOA.
    Behold the power of:

    1) teh FLOOF
    3) The deep, deep midnight blue couch! (OK, some might call it black)

    PS — TJ, instant karma’s gonna get ya.

  11. A thinker says:

    It’s ultra-bendy cat.

  12. A thinker says:

    Plus, his white stripe makes an extremely loverly curve, there.

  13. MJ looks like my Yankee!! Laurie C, doesn’t he look like Yankee? The black-and-whites are cookie cats. Pretty noses look *extra* pink in all the B&W floof.

  14. Lezlee — Spot on! That’s hilarious.

  15. Denita TwoDragons says:

    I wish *MY* back was that flexible…

    (Shaddap, ya pervs, mm’kay?)


  16. That looks almost just like my kitteh!

  17. Lezlee,

    LOL. but blanket is prettier. and sexier. and most likely smarter.
    ya know, I caught the last 20 minutes or so of “Showgirls” on cable and I was mesmerized.
    Rarely do wooden acting, (unintentionally) hilarious dialogue, and redonkolous script come together in such a way. it was a Perfect Storm.

  18. jaypo, you’re right about Yankee. As you are right in all things.

  19. The one thing I’ve always admired about cats is their ability to sleep anywhere, anytime, in any position and make it look totally comfortable! Wish I could do that!

  20. you see Showgirl; i see Ben & Jerry’s twisted flavor ice cream. (w/2 marshmallow dabs.)


  21. Awww! It looks like that white stripe in his belly is tie-dyed on! Totally cute.

  22. puffyperson says:

    the cat is cute 🙂 whoever wants to see three nutcases fighting go to the chihuahua one at the bottom. britanica and ava are scaring mee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Sure, puffy.
    (I think we now have a quadrilateral.)

  24. KarenInToronto says:

    Oh, I am SO going down to the Toronto Humane Society tonight and get me another boy tuxedo kitty. I had one years ago — his name was Tuk, not Tux. Also I think a geriatric lady, since the THS has a real overflow problem right now.

  25. minnie mouse says:

    hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi.

  26. TJ,

    hasn’t 2SJ warned you about your insistence on seeing pretzels where croissants is the proper reference?
    thread gently, m’boy: you are *this* close to lose your British passport.

  27. Yay, Karen! People who will adopt older cats are golden.

  28. Karen,

    you are the best! adult cats are awesome.

  29. Double that YAY for Karen! The oldies are so grateful for anything that comes their way.

  30. I say we remake Showgirls starring Blanket Michael Jackson and a cast of kitties. It would probably be more interesting, and WAY cuter. It could be the start of a whole new YouTube trend.

  31. blueberries4me says:

    Aww, he looks just like my cat Jakespeare. Pink nose, pawsitude and all. The only thing is he isn’t as clean as Blanket.

  32. [singsong]
    sounds like baathtime for

  33. Cute for sure, but the paws up phraseology is sketchy. To some people, “paws up” means a four legged critter is daid, as in “Millie went paws up.” (George Bush the first) Is the double-entendre based on one of the cuteness rules?

  34. A thinker says:

    YAY Karen!!

    THS is near my old stomping grounds; say “hi” to the neighbourhood for me…

  35. That might be the bestest name for a cat ever. EVER.

    Oh, and he’s cute.

  36. KarenInToronto says:

    I’ll try to get some good matches for Bwai and Gril, my two THS sisters from 2001. Gril is a sleek black lady with energy to burn. Bwai is long-haired and is, shall we say, big-boned. Not only does she have an udder that dangles almost to the floor, she has twelve (yes, twelve) nipples, which you can only see just after her annual shave. Sigh.

  37. PuffyPerson — just changing your screen name doesn’t make you someone else, y’know?

    Lezlee — that, I’d watch. FYI, I like Google Video better than YouTube. 😉

    Ajax — “Paws Up” does not equal “Belly Up.” Feel free to inform Teh Shrub.

  38. Beauregard says:

    Blanket Michael Jackson?!!?!? Are you effing kidding me? That is the best name ever. EVER!!!

  39. blueberries4me says:

    That’s my Jakespeare. As you can see he’s trying hard to imitate Blanket Michael Jackson here. I also adopted him from the Toronto Humane Society three years ago. He says ‘bless you’ or ‘Weow-weow’after we sneeze.

  40. Why is he being oh-so-coy with his paw pads??

  41. beezie687 says:

    I luvs me the tuxedo kittehs. And his back piddy-paws are scrunched up like what my mom used to call “bunny paws”, usually achieved by rubbing just under the pads. BMJ has scored a bunny-paw/snorgle belly combo!

  42. …gotta keep SOMETHING in reserve, SarahK.

  43. martha in mobile says:

    A breathtakingly sinuous curve! And such clean paws! I would snorgle, but such impertinence would result in a cat turban, accessorized by rabbit kicks in one ear and teeth in the other. So a reverent distance will be maintained.

  44. BBs4me–Jakespeare is BMJ’s double! And the talking is high-larious. Check this out if you haven’t already:

  45. blueberries4me says:

    SarahK – are you referring to jakespeare? I think it’s because his previous owners declawed him. He’s a little sensitive about that.

  46. This tux is a Gothic capital letter just waiting to happen.

    I seem to discern a ‘Y’ shape – should there ever be an animal version of the Village People’s “YMCA”, again, this tux would be invaluable.

    ‘Morning, peeps.

  47. jaypo, that video is hilarious. The last cat is actually a little scary. He sounds like he’s possessed! I kept waiting for his head to spin around.

  48. foxy bingo says:

    Fur chunks on the belly! I *heart* fur chunks!

  49. blueberries4me says:

    Jaypo – I’ve seen that video b4 but I never get sick of it!

  50. ‘mornin’ Aubs!

  51. Oh. My. God.

    Sooooo prosh. Sooooo beautiful. Sooooo fluffy. Soooo warm. Soooo cute…

    The paws. The belly. The pink nose!

    Can’t… take… this… anym… *faints*

  52. Rich black + pure white + MAJOR floofitude + teeny pink nosey = Tewtally Gorgeous.

  53. “Put your paws up in the aiiir/Shake it like you just don’t caaaaare!”

    Wooot wooot!

  54. My tuxedo cat does this all the time, but don’t let that appeallingly exposed white belly fool you: if a hand so much as approaches the fluffy tummy, it’s like ninja time – teeth and claws quickly mangle the foolish human.

  55. My tuxedo gray does this entirely to be petted. Sees me coming, throw himself on the floor and turns all his white bits heavenward so I’ll scritch him.

  56. (btw… very cool artwork, MLeiv.)

  57. mleiv,

    yep. I believe this behavior is not limited to tuxies.
    is almost like they are teasing you.

  58. So what *do* kitties use for spines? It’s like BMJ is auditioning for Frieda’s Boneless Cat Faron ({eantus cartoon, can’t find an image:-().

  59. >>I would snorgle, but such impertinence would result in a cat turban, accessorized by rabbit kicks in one ear and teeth in the other. So a reverent distance will be maintained.< <

    Hah! That is hilarious, MiM!

  60. My Cat Molly Pickle and this cutie must have been seperated at birth! The same poses and everything!

  61. This reminds me of the poor long-suffering Penelope Pussycat, except the white stripe is on her tummy, not her back.

    Pepe le Pew: Quel es? … Ahhh … la belle femme skunk fatale!! Tch-tch.

    Penelope: Le purrrr. Le purrrr.. Le…(sniff sniff)!!!

    Pepe: Ah, c’est l’amour…Ahhh, c’est toujours!

  62. Awake or asleep, clearly this kit can do anything! We’re in the ’70’s again – it’s Blanket Michael ‘Action Jackson’!

  63. I love Tux kitties, esp. with curly paws!

  64. I will only say this once:

    PINK NOSE!!!!

    Carry on….


  65. Uhmmmmmm… I feel kind of stupid now…. here I’ve been lamenting that I do not have a “tux cat” because I thought that all “tux cats” were shorthair, a la lurker’s photos…. of course my Danté (named after Clerks because he is black and white) looks just like the floofermuffin here (and could be Jakespeare’s stunt double). So I guess my secret wish to own a “tux cat” has been magically fulfilled. [hangs head in sheepishness, then hugglemuffins the Danté belleh… he lets me do that, because I am his mommy and he has no choice.]

  66. Cute Overload:
    Where Wishes Come True ™

  67. Another boneless wonder. This is why I like cats – they’re like living cartoons.

  68. Sarahk-

    If my cats are any guide, I think he waited to show paw pads until just after the picture was taken, flashed the paw pads, then flipped around to a more normal back curve before the next picture could be snapped.

    I am always amazed and awestruck by the kitty photos — my collection seems to be entirely half a second after the perfect shot.

  69. As the person who took the photo of BMJ the cat, I must let you all know that more photos of his plushness can be found on Flickr.

  70. Sarcasta — another excellent B/W Dante can be found in these archives…

  71. hrh.squeak says:

    Hello Bat Guano,

    My goodness, BMJ is Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing the Beautiful Boneless Wonder!!!


    😉 to Mariser.

  73. nija kitteh!!!


  74. That is a great photo (BMJ in bushes). Especially the hyper-sharp focus on the foliage in front. Makes BMJ more spooky/shadowy in back.

  75. Bat Guano says:

    Thanks for all the complements. If BMJ could understand, he’d be too snotty to deal with for the rest of the day. He’s already attempted to steal my computer seat in the past hour.

    Here’s his nemesis, Little Baby Zorak:

  76. BMJ and Baby Zorak are cutiful, with real Cattitude.. thanks for showing the photos.

  77. BG- I LOVE this one:

    You’ve got adorable cats!

  78. Bat Guano – Your cats are fabulous, and your photostreams and commentary are brilliant!

    I’m not hip to the internet lingo all the peeps use so I’ll be old school and say – I’m laughing my arse off.

  79. hrh.squeak says:


    Best Ninja Kitteh Evar!!

  80. He’s kinda like a big fluffy punctuation mark; one that indicates the reader should pause to consider the pawsitude.

  81. Sarcasta, what a magical thing CO is!!

    Ohohoh, there are two adult and two baby Sandhill Cranes outside my front window. They are feeding less than 100 feet from the house.

    EEEEEEEEEk and a spider just walked over my mouse hand. GEEzus the wildlife is getting restless around here.

  82. The “ninja” photo is AWESOME!

  83. Lauri, aren’t you fortunate…! 🙂

  84. ‘EEEEEEEEEk and a spider just walked over my mouse hand…’

    And you’re still conscious? You haven’t turned into a pillar of salt, or anything? No running amok? No rending of garments?

    Nice about the cranes, though…

  85. Bat Guano, your kitties are adorable and the pics on flickr are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  86. I recognize that cat! That name! I am glad to see he is still the most pampered cat ever! ^^

  87. Hahaha! Twisty Kitty!

    Here is another one!

  88. No kidding, Aubrey, luckily it was quite a small spider, cuz if it had been large and hairy I probably would have knocked a few furniture pieces over and had to change my drawers! (wait, I mean pants!…er, trousers…whatev).
    That is first time a dang spidey has had the nerve to walk right over my hand whilst I was spending quality time on my ‘puter.

    And, yes, indeedy I am very fortunate to have those cranes in my yard! It’s an amazing sight!

  89. Lol…look at Zorak yawning! He’s adorable…and his tongue should be an amusement park ride!

  90. Bat Guano- until I realized that isn’t my chair he’s sprawled on, I honestly thought that someone had swiped a pic of the Black Cat from my own flickr account to send C.O. Do you by any chance live in northern california? I think our fuzzmasters must be long-lost siblings…

  91. lurkertype says:



    I lurrrrve this kitteh.

    He looks warm enough to act as a blanket, not just in name.

    Now, for those of you who prefer short-haired tuxedos, have I got a deal for you… anywhere from 1 to 4 of them! 🙂

    (No new TuxKit pics. Mr. L didn’t get home in time. He is working many extra hours to get things set before we go on vacation next week.)

  92. Is EVERYONE going on vacation next week? This place’ll be BOOOORRRRING.

  93. Sarcasta – it may be you and me holding down the fort. Hmmm… Fort CO, with puddinkpult armaments, vats of flaming creme brulee at the ready to pour over the marauding tribe of Notcuteenoughingham.

    (Happy hour is not coming soon enough this Friday…)

  94. Holy cow! That’s impressive!

  95. Oh noes AmyH! I’m going on vacation too! Have fun here aloooone [echoes] alone…lone…oone….

  96. Brak_Silverbone says:

    GORGEOUS FLUFFY TUXEDO CAT with a PINK NOSE! In perfect snorgling position, yet!

    My tuxedo cat, Moxie (who’s a shorthair), likes to show off his belly too. If he sees me watching him, he’ll flop over onto his back and look at me as if to say, “Wouldn’t you like to rub my fluffy white belly?” What a flirt.

  97. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Oh, and BatGuano–you are TOTALLY my hero for naming a cat Zorak!

  98. Oh, my. Methinks I shall call for reinforcements. Anyone?
    Not That Mike The Other Mike?
    (Looks around nervously)

  99. even though I have not been called, I respond (how rude of me!!)

    well, someone has to defend Fort CO from the Notcuteenoughinghammers.

    avast, ye scurvy Notcuteenoughinghammers! you’ll never get us alive!!!

  100. Oh, mariser! My hero! All is not lost at Fort CO – we will be victorious over the Notcuteenoughinghammers.

    A long seige may be in store until the vacationers return. The fort has been stocked with provisions: Port-A-Snorgs (check), maximum floofitude (check)…

  101. I’ll bring in a truckload of moist nosicles! I’ll still be here next week, too! We can do it YES WE CAN!!! Ack, Bob the Builder ala my nephew!

  102. Well, I will have fun storming the castle, invite or no! Why should I?

    Because I can insult efficiently, with or without an out-raaaaaaaaa-geous French accent and the Tapioca is on the simmer!

  103. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I’ll be around next week too, so I can offer (im)moral support. 😀

  104. apophis16 says:

    He has a Question mark on his belly! with the paw as a dot! =^___^=


  105. lurkertype says:

    But it’s upside down — he is at the beginning of a question in Espanol!

    The answer, however, is FLOOF.

  106. Hey, I’ll be here too…for what it’s worth.

  107. Darkflame says:

    You see, cats do not actually *have* spines. Tis merely some rubber band contraption going on back there.


  108. chet's momma says:

    blanket…shnork, snicker,,,that is so weird! cute lil tux guy!

  109. Kitten update…

    I have napped with the Dooneses this evening. One of them crawled up inside my shirt. Of course, when the others saw something *MOVING* under the cloth… anyways, I might be a bit more clawed and scrabbled than usual.

    [ssssiiiiiigh] *so* wubs dem. And they’ll be going back to the Humane Society soon, because they’re nearly reached their adoptable age.

    Oh, and Mr. Bounce has now met Moop Doone. They were both curious, but Le Mewp was more sleepy & Bounce was more puzzled. He actually hopped off the couch after a while when Moop wouldn’t JUST SIT STILL.

  110. lurkertype says:

    Awwwww, Theo! I was just going to ask what Mr. B thought of the Dooneses. May I offer you something in a Neosporin?

    (My latest TuxKit update, illogically, under “Pawcentric” post. D’oh!)

  111. Actually that chilled Reisling sounds pretty good… I’ll have Lorna head-bonk and prrrt Aubrey into gooey submission; you grab the bottle.

  112. lurkertype says:

    It’s a deal!

  113. (yeah… and then I can use it as an antiseptic.)

  114. A-Tink, Aubrey, Brak and every other peep at their CO post next week: We shall prevail! Let some of our peepage take their leave of us for a short while. Carry on we must – the cute, the fuzzeh, the snorgalischous depend on us.

    And Think – it means a lot.
    Bring it on, Notcuteenoughinghams!

  115. How about “Nuffinghams” for… er… shorter?

  116. T – you take that bottle of Reisling away from me, you’ll be NEEDING that antiseptic, I’ll tell you what.

    Still. Nice update. You somehow bring it all alive for us, don’t you?

    Amy – Anyone else hear the theme to ‘The Great Escape’ being played?

    And what about just ‘Nottinghams’?

  117. Dear me. I meant ‘AmyH’, of course.

  118. Good call, Theo. Perhaps 6+ syllables (+ if you inlcude “ham-ERS”) is a bit too much for a real incite-ful battle cry.

  119. Aubrey – it’s always good to have our own theme music. The more I think about it (2 seconds v. nonewhatsoever), perhaps we should use “Banana Phone” instead. That would drive our enemies away without having to deploy any pudding.

  120. All the same, we should neglect no weapon in our arsenal. (Puddins is FUN.)

    And with that bellicose thought, I’m off… to BED! CHAAAAAAAARRRGE!

  121. AmyH:

    Pudding can have a sticky consistency which would make crossing the battlefield difficult. Let it be used by the rear flank – certainly after the tanks have passed.

    I believe that jams and marmalades (in keeping with our Marmalade Cat standard) should be used by the CO soldiers in the firing line. They would attack at ‘jamming speed’.

  122. Aubrey:

    Brilliant, as usual! The Marmalade Division of the in-fur-try will make first attack, under cover from the heavy artillery pudding barrage of the cow-itzers.

  123. I vote for Nuffinghams…

  124. hrh.squeak says:

    I’m with Thinker, Nuffinghams is *cuter*. (Of course, in the best Brit tradition, it must be pronounced Nuffams.)

    I will be away for the first three days of next week, but not, alas, on vacay. I’m off to the horrible Table for union negotiations. Please send puddins, Port-a-Snorgs, and good thoughts to San Francisco c/o Sad’n’Squeaky.

  125. lurkertype says:

    Should we send PortASnorg to everyone involved so they’ll be in a better mood to negotiate?

  126. there’s something very gorey edwardian about this cat.

  127. hrh.squeak says:

    Lurker – Yes, please, PortASnorgs for everyone!! (I spent all day shopping for Professional-Looking-Dammit-Take -Me-Seriously-Despite-the-Fact -that-I’m-a-GIRL clothes, and now I have a headache.) Gonna go snorgle cats and rats and husband. wOOt!

  128. hrh.,

    gah. I hate shopping for clothes. particularly PLDTMSDtFtIaGcs. I take this is related to the upcoming negotiations?

  129. OMFG..its an adoreable fuzzikinz! I just wanna bury my nose in that bellykin!
    ps I once read in Smithsonian Magazine that all black and white cats arrived here on the ships from Holland waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when………..

  130. The tag for that one just brought on a case of inappropriate sniggering at work (ISAW), indicating to all and sundry that I am slacking off. Jeez.

  131. CUTIE PIE!!! I want another b&w so BAAAAAAAAAD, can I have him puleeeeeeez? prrr prrr

  132. that is relly freacky

  133. wow my baby girl ‘Takara’ looks exactly like that kitty. Mine has a floofy (nm me, crazy adoring mommy human lol) white tipped tail though.