Rule #7 Conga Dance

It’s Rule num-ber Seh-ven! [starting conga line]

It’s Rule num-ber Seh-ven! [out into the street]

It’s Rule num-ber Seh-ven! [Picking up people along the way]


Jenn P.—The duplicate eye coloring is the BEST PART!

P.S. Is it it just me, or is that dog ready for his own ‘Dogs who look like Hitler site"?



  1. AngelDawn says:

    wow, what creepy looking eyes 🙂

  2. chicken1mama says:

    They look sad poor things

  3. AngelDawn says:

    Hey, it looks like I got my first first!!!

  4. wow, what a remarkably faithful reproduction 🙂

  5. Barroo??? Conjointed Twins?

  6. Denita TwoDragons says:

    The eyes….the eyes…they scaaaare meeee!!


  7. It’s not just you, Meg. That dog looks more like Hitler than Hitler did.

    This is a sweet picture!

    However, my friend has one of these boxers, white with two different colored eyes and omg, she is the sweetest nicest dog, but when she gets up and looks you right in the face I feel like I am looking into a gargoyle face, or a demon. So ugly, it’s cute!

  8. Crazy eyes! But even crazier toes! Look at the paws on mamadog!! They’re like scary witch hands!

  9. WOW!
    Are these Boxers, or American Bulldogs (ya know, like PETEY on Our Gang)?

  10. Meg’s drunk again. Prolly gettin ready for the sneak preview of Snakes on a Plane.


  11. Awwww… I think they’re adorable, not scary at all. And the little guy is in a peculiar position…

  12. Oh law. I wanna puppy SO badly… but we just moved, and need to settle in first. 🙂

  13. “Yes . . . hello there . . . we are dogs with two different colored eyes . . . and we want to eat your face . . . because we can . . . and because we have power over you earthlings.”

  14. You peeps just *HAVE* to see the wc flushing cat!

  15. Tiia, I was just looking at that a little while ago! One of my cats is also obsessed with the toilet (I’m glad he hasn’t learned how to flush it). There’s a great toilet-obsessed dog on YouTube too.

  16. I was going to say, “A face that only a mother could love,” but I fear that would imply that these puppies are my love-children, er, love-puppies.

  17. Looks like white boxers. I had one and she was deaf. Very sweet dogs though.

  18. !yay!

    Arvay is back! how be Bunn E. Bun (etc) Esq. and the rest of the family?

    peeps sez you went and moved to Alaska. how’s all that going?

  19. OMG! The flushing cat video is too hilarious! I could not stop laughing – holy cow that is one DETERMINED kitteh! And the people “Our water bill’s going to be huge!!” LOL

  20. Alaska, Arvay? Whereabouts? I used to live in the southeast (Haines, to be precise). I’m really missing it these days, what with us hitting 103 yesterday and all.

    Alexis – that’s *exactly* what I was thinking! Scary fingers!

  21. What? Left paw on Green…? Who doesn’t love Twister?!?!

  22. lurkertype says:

    Oh dear. The flushing cat looks remarkably like the grown-up version of the biggest TuxKit! Hee! Those people must have insane water bills.

    Since dog on the right looks like Hitler, and dog on left is identical, it’s obvy a “Boys From Brazil” scenario we have here.

  23. lurkertype says:

    Oh… so I don’t look like a TOTAL dork, please note that I watched WC kitty without sound, so I didn’t hear the people commentary. I’m too busy watching TuxKits eat. This is the first day they’ve chomped food in daylight and I am enchanted.

  24. Oh lurkertype, you must watch it again with the sound on – it’s EVEN funnier! It sounds like two guys, and they don’t talk too much, but a few of their comments are great! And the cat keeps looking at them like “Well what are you two doing?! Aren’t you the least bit interested in this whole water situation thingey?!!”

  25. “Then we howl, howl, right in der Fuehrer’s face…”

  26. …Aubrey Demento.
    With a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke.

  27. These must be American bulldogs or even pits, ’cause their faces aren’t squishy enough for boxers. I think they’re sweet! Nothing more precious than a puppy using Mama as a jungle gym.

    Speaking of American bulldogs, in the paper here the other day was a blurb saying that some creep tried to kidnap a 15-year-old girl in Seldovia (Alaska–I’m from Anchorage). Unfortunately for him, she was walking her American bulldog, Tank (is that a great name for one of these big guys or what?) at the time. Tank let the guy know what he thought of some pervert trying to steal his gal. Last I heard, the police were looking for a dark-haired guy with a hunk missing from his arm. Go, Tank! Next time, aim lower!

  28. SammyBeBop says:

    They are Boxers fo’sho’. I have one myself although not white and his face isn’t nearly as floppy as others I have seen.

  29. Yup, I’m back. How warming to know I was missed. Just moved to Fairbanks with the three fuzzy doofi (Mr. Grumphus Bumfus Bunn B. Doofus, Esq., Miss Millie B. Doofus, Esq., and Dan, my reluctant SO). We live just outside of town on wooded property, where we are frequented by giant meeses. I saw my first meese on the drive up, including a wee fuzzy baby moose with looooong, gangly moose legs and big knobby moose knees. Cute! The campus also has musk oxen and reindeer that I can ogle. No hugging though. Sheesh.

  30. oh cool. good to hear back from you.
    Mr. Grumphus Bumfus Bunn B. Doofus, Esq. still makes occassional apppearances in my nightmares (what with the ginormous teeths and the loving attitude).
    giant meeses. to go along with the giant skeeters this time of the year, I believe.
    in re: wee fuzzy moose with knobby moosey knees. see:

  31. My dog sits on me like that. He’s weird. Likes to have his heinie in the air a little I guess.

  32. OMIGOD, American Bulldogs!!!

    The recognition brings tears to my eyes (unless everyone commented on how ugly they are).

    This is my bullie, Riley:

  33. hahaha, cute doggies! and the do look like hitler!

  34. Riley’s all “Where’s the beef Julie?”
    He looks sooooooo serious! Totally anerable as well 🙂

  35. ::melt::

  36. Theo: Bwaaahahahah! GOT ME!
    There are MFin’ Badgers on the MFin’ PLANE!!!

  37. That Weebl dude owes me ad revenue. Seriously.

  38. lurkertype says:

    What does Bun E. Bunn think of the meese?

  39. lurkertype says:

    Sorry, I meant Bun B. Bunn, Esq. Now he’ll sue me!

  40. or bite you. seriously, those are some MFin’ teeths!

  41. Dog splay!

    And wow. It’s a nearly identical smaller thing.

  42. kittyluv: thanks! yup, riley’s looking at a hunk of tri-tip, saying “drop eeeeet…drop eet right NOW…”

    American Bulldogs are definitely an acquired taste, I’ve discovered, especially since they grow up to be about 100 pounds. And they always look sad or confused, and they drool. But they are SWEET! And Riley is really good with my son, mostly because any kind of baby or toddler torture doesn’t even register in his mind. They are kinda insensate.

  43. Straaaange eyes, yeppie.

    Teho, that was really sneaky, y’know!! Making us go on that link and hearing the badger song again. I just got it out of my mind from the last time you did that (was it April?)

  44. [throws real banana phone in T’s general direction]

  45. Welcome back, Arvay!

  46. ROFL, howl howl right in der fuhrer’s face…I remember THAT song!….er sorta.

    Ya know, I WAS thinking they had less smushy faces than boxers. So, American Bulldog makes sense. But…..wait, I just looked again, they have docked tails! ABs don’t have docked tails……that I know of.

    We have an Am. Bulldogs next door up north and she is a total sweetheart. Her name is Denali.

  47. Awww I lurve American Bulldogs.. Their coloring makes them look kind of like Dogo Argentinos too. But anyhoo, they’re really cute and I love the exact same mismatched eye color action going on.

    And I’m LOLing at !!

  48. *

    Excuse me.

  49. Theo – OMG Badgers On a Plane ROFLMFAO

    Can’t see, crying from laughing soooooo hard

  50. hrh.squeak says:

    Julie: oooooo how can you resist Riley when he wants anything at all, what a soulful sweetiepie.

    Hey Arvay!! Someday I will learn to use a camera and you will see the Ratties!! Best to all the Doofi –

  51. Welcome back, Arvay–I hope you’re settled and comfy in your new digs!

  52. LurkerT,

    you are being awfully stingy with Tuxkit pictures of lately.

    [taps foot]
    we have *needs*, you know!

  53. If you’ll pardon me, I’ll just be over here, nibbling on those tender ears. Tender, carbon-copy ears.

  54. The big one is all like, um, can you get this thing offa me?

  55. lurkertype says:

    Oh, Mariser, there are new TuxKit pix as of yesterday, but Mr. L hasn’t uploaded them and I don’t know how to do it myself! I have tewtelly wanted to show more off. Hopefully tomorrow.

    Just snorgled one of ’em and got him to purr again before he Almighty Squirmed (TM) and launched himself several feet both away and down to escape.

  56. Love the David Bowie eyes!

  57. “…launched himself several feet…”

    So the kit’s paws could be called Launching Pads?

  58. Or ejector feets.

  59. “Almighty Squirmed” – hee.

    Just keep getting those purrs where you can, lurkerT. Socialize, socialize, socialize those tuxkits! It’s good for them.

  60. lurkertype says:

    I’m so hoping my snorgling will lead to good homes.

    I calls it a tie between Aubrey and jaypo as to appropriate names!

  61. Separated at birth?

    I can’t believe no one else had this first impression of the doggies…

    Rock is deader than dead, yo. Bark.

  62. Denita TwoDragons says:

    DAMMIT, Sarcasta!! We were thinking the SAME THING!

    Glad someone finally found a pic of Mr. Warner and his mismatched contacts! Bwaahah!


  63. brownamazon says:

    Theo–ROTFL, I’m seriously, seriously hyperventilating from “Badgers on a Plane.” All it needs is my man Samuel L. saying “we’ve been pwned, m-f-ers!!”

    The puppy looks very boxer-ish; the grownup less so. Have we confirmed what they are?

  64. This is sooo cute , reminds me of my dogs,

    I have found a great article on Pool safety on

    This would apply to dogs as well!

  65. warrior rabbit says:

    Sure ya did, Stacey (whose URL also just *happens* to be

  66. My American Bulldog has the same Brown eye, Blue eye…big black nose action too.

  67. Awww, they don’t look like Hitler. They’re too cute! More like Charlie Chaplin, I think.

  68. Villeline says:

    Ops, wrong site – I thought this was

  69. peeps/folks/romans,

    don’t you *hate* having to go all over the Internets searching for annoying earworm songs and little ditties?
    now, for your convenience, all in one place:

  70. Mariser — pls chk link tvm.

  71. tvm?

    sowry if inappropriate. mods please remove if so.

    /veddy veddy sowry

  72. …eh? Does “TVM” have another meaning beyond Thanks Very Much?? I just meant your link doesn’t work. I think it tries to take me to *your* GMail.

  73. well, I don’t know all the alternative TLAs in teh world. just wanted to make sure.

    ooops. sowry. it worked on mine, but of course, my gmail is open.


    can it be removed? I’ll try to correct it and repost it.

  74. M, it doesn’t *ACTUALLY* open your GMail, y’know. It has me log into mine, and then of course it doesn’t find the message. So no worries; just find the right link & post that. (Pretty curious about what it is, now…)

  75. working on it right now. don’t get your hopes up. is just some of the silly songs featured here all in a convenient place

  76. puffyperson says:

    sorry to be a party pooper, but i just dont think this dog is cute at all. First of all their eyes are freaky and they look like gargoyles or something, and also they look like they are sick. Look closely at their face (particularly the little one) and you can see that its eyes and nose are a little red and it looks sad.:(

  77. of course, I am doing it in between bouts of the-work-they-actually-pay-me-to-do


  78. T.,

    here it is, corrected:

    btw, they *all* begin playing when first loading. so turn down/off your volume at first.


  80. !yay!
    expected effect: achieved!

  81. By all the powers at my command, I vow that I will have my REVENGE!
    [lightning crashes]

    (ahem… or at least, my turn.)

  82. Good thing Junior’s been spared the Furher ‘stache.

  83. I can’t tell if they’re white Boxers or American Bulldogs. The baby looks more Boxer-ish, but the mama is kind of iffy. But I think they’re both gorgeous, either way.

  84. OMG! It’s Ghostmutt and Ghostmutt JR!

    These two belong to a great friend of mine, to whom I sent a CO rule #7 link months ago!!!

    They are unrelated – Jeff has had Ghostmutt for years, and just got Jr. recently…at which point we all completely lost it in paroxysms of glee.

    Trust me on this – in person they own you. There is no denying them.

    Rule #7 Tour de force!

    Also, their dad should be on cute overload for humans…

  85. Fresh out of an RCA ad

  86. American Bulldogs come in 2 major varieties: the out-nose and the in-nose. Big Ghostdog has an outtie-nose (“Scott” type if I recall correctly), and little Ghostdog has a more “bully” crumple-zone nose (“Johnson” type).

  87. but but butt…I don’t mean to be a stickler, but….the ADs have tails and these two don’t have TAILS *getting all whiny and fretty*

  88. Oh, whew….nevermind!!! Here is a bit from the ABA standard…sorry for the earlier tantrum, folks!

    “Tail: Set low, thick at the root, tapering to a point. Tail should not curl over back. Docked or undocked.”

  89. Lol, mariser, YAY on the annoying song collection! I lurve da llama song expeshially!

  90. hey Lauri, glad you likey!

    don’t play it too much though. it can eat your brain…

  91. Well, these days, the “dog days of summer” as it were, the Annoyey Song Collection would find pretty slim pickens if it tried to eat MY brain! 🙂

    Off to make tomatobasilfettucini with homemade tomaters and beergrilled chicken….*wipes drool off keyboard.*

    *slurps some of the beer first*

  92. who remembers the 80s? they were such good times..

  93. Color me skeptical. *I* remember the 80s, and not entirely fondly. How about those 90s, tho?

  94. The 80s. Now *they* had some great clothes, as well. You gotta be selective, but.

  95. Good grief … am I the only friggin’ post-adolescent here???

  96. Uh…how post is post, SBE?

  97. American Bulldogs come in three “recognized” types. Johnson (bully) – smashed faces, large framed structure and powerful yet not quite as able to perform as the others.

    Scott (standard) – is a lighter frame, more performance based and more stamina and their faces do not have the smashed appearance.

    “Hybrid” (scott x johnson) typically produces a heavier framed stardard with the predisposition to perform better/outlast a johnson yet have the appearance of a working dog with serious attributes.

    Tail docking as well as some ear cropping has/is done depending on breeder.

    Either way you look at it the dogs are poor examples of the Boxer or standard American Bulldog. The blue eye is a fault and white tends to produce deafness so they are also not desired as much.

    Cute dogs. I would classify them as a Boxer or Boxer mix though.

  98. how awful for the poor thing… Looking just like Hitler! Maybe if you put a bowler hat on him he would look more like Charlie Chaplin, and he wouldn’t keep having that “Baaaad Human! Oh! No! Don’t you daaaaare annex Poland! NO! Take that Sudetenland OUT OF YOUR MOUTH and — Here’s a Neville Chamberlain Squeakie Toy! Go kill!” nightmare…

    Seriously, though, Hitler — but with David Bowie’s EYES… Maybe visions of Swastikas in his head? Plans for everyone? It’s in the [something] of his eyes…. Whoa-oh-oh-ohhhhh-ohhhhh, Little China Girl!