International Snorglé

Zees monkées was captured on feelm! Snorglink!

Eeee! Look at dees!

Look at dee monnkee!


Jonathan S. Suggests we start: "Snorgles Around teh World." WHAT SAY YOU ALL! (I say yay.)



  1. Yes! International snorgles! Elly-fants, jee-raffes. MORE!


  2. Them baby’s ears is GINORMOUS.

  3. Denita TwoDragons says:

    That baby stole my Grandma’s neck and ears! @.@


  4. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Yay, international snorgling!
    I say Yea.


  6. Err… stretchy.

    “Snorrrrrgle ‘cross the water (water),
    “Snorrrrrgle ‘cross the sky-y-y…”

  7. TwoDragons, you took the words right out of my mouth. The baby looks just like Nana!

  8. “We are the Snorg,
    we are the future!”

  9. Just Snorg It!!!!

  10. I love mama’s hairpiece, too.

  11. Snorgalicious, baby!

  12. I say yay! to snorgles around teh world.

    Also, I used to babysit a baby boy who looked just like that little monkey.

  13. “I’d like to teach the world to snorg, with perfect furbert-y. With muzzlepuffs, and lots of fluff and pudding par-ar-ties.”

  14. Oh, that should totally be “we are the children”. It’s been a while since I heard “We are the World” (and the creepy thing is that Michael Jackson sings that line…).

  15. Am I the only one who thinks monkeys are ugly? Too much on a par with humans to be cute. And yes, I hate babies too!

  16. Snorgles International! YAY! I loves me the unusual aminals…the cuter the better!

  17. ew those things are terrifying. not cute. not cute at all. gross. they are going to scratch your eyes out.

  18. lurkertype says:

    Yeah, I’m not too keen on the monkeys either. But International House of Snorgles sounds like a fine idea! (with boysenberry syrup) Exotic aminals, yes.

    (BTW the TuxKits are eating crunchies like there’s no tomorrow)

  19. Me no likey monkeys, ick… but I’m all for the ellyfunks and jyeraffs!

    The darling baby holding his mother’s faaaaace!

  21. I can’t stay away today… I love the look mama has goin’ on. The FarrahFawcettesque hair, the blue eyeshadow… It all screams 1977.

  22. I say yay!! Yay!!

  23. Oh, and i love monkeys!! monkeys, monkeys monkeys. I love that name.

  24. I believe we have crossed the line from snorgles to smoochies….And I’m perfectly okay with that. In fact, I’m in favor.

    Of course it is possible to combine the snorgle with the smoochy for a lurve fest. lurve fests by monkeys are always cute even if monkeys in and of themselves are not. (see stop and smell the roses). (i’m unable to link…I know, I know.)

  25. Alexis:

    I remember the 1970’s well. And when you were there, NO ONE could hear you scream.

  26. what!? I can’t hear you over the Disco.

    disco…disco duck…

  27. Mariser: Did you say ‘duck’? Was it just cleaned?

    Anyway: Disco. Platform shoes. Dispair. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Seventies.


  29. ahem,

    don’t forget: casual sex
    the Seventies invented it.

  30. Aubrey- The only way I know I lived through the Seventies is that I don’t remember any of it 😉

  31. Oh my god – did I have casual sex?

  32. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Yup, that’s right–the ’70s were nowhere near as fun as people try to make them out to be. The ’70s were a time of terror, shag carpeting, and really ugly clothes.

  33. gogo boots
    sideburns [pokes out mind’s eye here]
    big zippers [pokes out real eyes here]

    Baby boon!!

  34. JP: I bought a pair of go-go boots in the ’80s becuase I wished it was the ’60’s and I was trying to forget the ’70’s.

    However, in Junior High I did own a pair of hot pants.

  35. hot pants!!
    bell bottoms!!
    hip huggers!!

  36. Monkey loooooove!!

    And now, people like me who didn’t live through the ’70s, buy ’70s vintage clothes. Ironic, eh?

  37. roach clips!!
    …uh, ‘scuse me…where was I?

  38. Thinkster:

    So do I – which makes the whole thing even more bizarre.

    Speaking of bizarre – is Jaypo tripping?

  39. My mom saved the 1974 JCPenney catalog because it was full of “gawdawful double-knit polyester in hideous colors”. She pulled it out a few years ago and I flipped through it in shock and awe. (Shudders).

  40. Look at the Mom’s crazy toupee, on the very top of her head.

  41. polyester!!

    ok, I’ll stop.

  42. Aubs: everything goes ’round in a circle, doesn’t it.

    And yes, I think Jaypo must be on something good, there…

  43. hey
    Polly Esther is a great gal. no speaking badly of her.

  44. hrh.squeak says:


  45. I just got sucked into this whirling psychedelic funnel of time and plunked smack dab in the middle of a mall food court in the 1970s and it was a vision of hideous fashion faux pas. Which yes, are now being repeated with different names and ever so slight tweakings to make them fit mucho better.

  46. I just happy that the 80’s are so happenin’ right now. I still have all my Esprit and my Tretorns and my black leggings!

  47. Its a rule #7 and check out the ears on that behbeh!

    I have a nephew who had ears like that when he was a baby….

  48. me doesnt like monekeys too.. but they look “clean”

  49. It’s 1977. Me and my girlfriend Robin are in Guadalajara.

    On second thought, forget it.

  50. c’mon, Aubrey, don’t do that to us…

  51. Ok, it’s 1973. Me and my friend Bobbie are in Denmark…

  52. Denita TwoDragons says:

    It’s 1976. Me and my dolly are in training pants…


  53. This picture puts paid to the lie of animals as unfeeling brutes. It’s such a tender moment, that it’s difficult to look at.

  54. It’s 1974. Most of the people I work with now are still fetuses…

  55. It’s 1977. I’m seeing Star Wars at an impressionable young age. I now work in the film industry. Coincidence? I think not.

  56. It’s summer of 1976. I’m chasing a stray chicken around my neighborhood and trying to catch it with a box trap….

  57. Re: Snorgles ’round the World:
    Yay! Yay! Snorgle away!

  58. We should *definately* have a “snorgles” category.

  59. I think ‘snorgle’, ‘the tendancy to snorgle’ and ‘the capability of snorgling’ is inherent in each of Meg’s posts. There should be an entire Snorgle Glossary, with examples of past, present and future snorgles, the presence of as well as the lack of snorgles.

    Oh, and it’s 1914. Franz Ferdinand was being driven through the streets of Sarajevo when suddenly…

  60. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Its 1974 I am on the hippie trail and I am standing by the Stupa at the monkey temple Katmandu, there’s loads of these buggers crapping all over the place. Ah fond memories I was thin and hadn’t started to grey. Och well.

  61. The ’70s???? Ugh. Horrible decade. You want proof? Check out James Lilek’s book “Interior Desecrations: Hideous Homes from the Horrible Seventies” and be afraid. Be very afraid. He has one comment that says it all: “Sweet smoking Jesus, what were these people thinking?!” DEATH BEFORE DISCO!

  62. But as far as international snorgling goes, YEAH! Let’s go for it! I can just hear millions of baby monkeys saying “Mommy, geeev me a keees!”

  63. Aub,

    how’s about “snorgability”?
    or after Stephen Colbert, “snorgabliness”

  64. A thinker says:

    It’s 1979. I was conceived…

    That was the extent of my participation in the seventies (other than wearing the clothes 😉

  65. It was November of 1969 in Dayton, OH. Some rebellious Catholic high-school girl and her frisky boy weren’t thinking terribly far ahead…

  66. December 8 1980. an infamous day in history.

  67. hmmmmm….[wheels a crankin’]

  68. A thinker says:

    Wow, Teho, sounds intriguing. Hence…you?

  69. definitely a story there, t-o.

  70. minnie mouse says:

    monkeys r kinda scary. Once i watched this show about this zookeeper who went in the monkey cage to feed them and all three monkeys attacked him so he died..or did he…:)

  71. …it’s what I assume happened. Speculative fiction. My sister & I were adopted kids (Catholic Charities, now Catholic Social Services). Maybe I was a product of a post-Woodstock fling, who knows?

    Anyway, I turned out OK. (Even if I’m only Catholic on my birth cert.)

  72. “Anyway, I turned out OK. “

    Yes, we peeps can attest to that.

  73. whoa. that is some story.
    adoption rulez

  74. A thinker says:

    Cool story, T.

    And we’re glad you’re here!

  75. It’s 1976… I’m in my Terrible Twos.

    Love 70’s music, stillcan’t quite understand the bell bottm pants, shudder at the colour choices. AYIII!!!! Brown suit jackets with different coloured elbow patches! EEE!

    (leaves cut-out impression as she dashes through a wall, a-la Sesame Street…)

  76. T, it’s always great to get a little *peep* into our collective self on CO. You turned out A+.

  77. Wow, T.

    ‘What a long, strange trip it’s been…’

  78. Totally, Aubrey. I’ve wondered more than once about what might’ve contributed to my short attention span…

  79. OMG … BIG ears. Me thinks this monkey has a bit of elephant in him…

    On the side … nice to have you around, Theo.

  80. 😉

  81. Thanks for sharing, Theo. I decided a long time ago that someday I’ll be a foster and adopting parent, whether or not I actually end up having/birthing my own. Your personal story is further validation. It certainly is nice to have you around. 🙂

  82. Macaques remind me of Star Wars…

  83. What is with all the 70’s action?

  84. Stephanie S. says:

    I’m sorry.. but I don’t like monkeys. I feel like if they wanted to, they could tear me apart and eat me.