I’m half Panda

Part panda, part yellow Keshond. ALL PROSH, PEOPLE! [Kiddin’ on the Puh-puh-puh-puh panda part]


[singsong] ear-to-head ratioooo! sender-inner Kung Foodie and Char Richards—well done.



  1. DavidBoBavid says:

    haha.. what a goofy looking guy. first, too! 😀

  2. DavidBoBavid says:

    haha.. what a goofy looking guy. first, too! 😀

  3. A thinker says:

    Um, well, it’s very panda-ish. And fuzzy.

  4. DavidBoBavid says:

    double post.. sorry! 😦

  5. Aww, prosh puppy-panda paws! Very cute.

  6. Holy Wookiee cubs!

  7. it’s very…odd
    muzzle of a wolf, ears of a koala, eyes of a china doll.
    very strange eyes. not expressive AT ALL.

  8. AAAA! Run from the overgrown hamster!!!!

  9. Theo…Wookie – hmm…perhaps more ewok in his DNA?

  10. foxy bingo says:

    Whatever it is, I want to squaaawntch round its head and never let go

  11. brownamazon says:

    When i was a kid, one of our neighbours had Keehonds. Ridiculously cute and floofy–but not nice dogs at all, personality-wise. Snarly and snappy. I thought maybe it was just his dogs (he was kind of a jerk), but every KH I’ve met has been like that,and I’m told the breed is known for its dominant temperament (although I’m sure there are exceptions.) Anyway, just a warning to not to be fooled by the innocuous-looking fluff, people! Keep fingers away from snout.

  12. Is a Siamese puppeh and a wookie one at that.

  13. misskitka says:

    Poopsie’s doing what my cat rosie does when she is concentrating VERY HARD on something that scares or fascinates her. Her mouth gets set in an upsidedown T that looks vaguely disapproving and very, very concerned…

    If rosie were a fictional character she would be Garth Algar…she fears change

  14. awww, he looks kinda sad. i need to hug him. now.

    it’s strange how this site turns mostly sane people into militant snorgle-ers

  15. Totally an ewok. I want it to start talking the little woodga-goodga ewok talk now. (how would really described ewokian?).

    Anyhoo…the PAWS people. The paws. And Brownamazon, don’t tell me they aren’t nice. That breaks my heart.

  16. omg hes … just floof about him! if you shave him there might be nothing left! love it!

  17. I met two Keeshonds not too long ago, at a tag sale. Sadly, they weren’t for sale. They were very floofy, and polite, and a little bit aloof with strangers. Fine dogs.

  18. Denita TwoDragons says:

    This dog is doing an amusingly accurate impression of your average boy during School Photo Day! *ROFL!*


  19. D2D,

    that is right on target! at first I thought “meh”, but after your visualization I’m giggling.

  20. I wanna hug him real bad.

  21. LOL – I think he’s trying to look tough, but only ends up looking anerable and snorgable.

  22. awww. sweet! but he doesn’t look happy. maybe he’s camera shy.

  23. Wayne’s World reference! Party on, miss kitka!

  24. *sings*
    Yub nub
    ee chop yub nub
    toe mee toe peechy keen g’noop dock fling oh ahh
    Yah wah
    ee chop yah wah
    toe mee toe peechy keen g’noop dock fling oh ahhhh

    Yes I knew that off the top of my head. 🙂

  25. So cute, it hurts!

  26. LOL – I think he’s trying to look tough, but only ends up looking anerable and snorgleable.

  27. LOL – I think he’s trying to look tough, but only ends up looking anerable and snorgleable.

  28. brownamazon says:

    Sorry, jenn 🙂 But we all know that indiscriminate, promiscuous snorgling can lead to bodily harm. Be careful out there, little cuteologists!

  29. misskitka says:

    party on Laurie C


    (knew someone must be as old as me…)

  30. Any of you guys accept cash? I’m feeling saucy…

  31. cha-CHING

  32. Any time I see the word “panda” I invariably get “Sexual Harrasment Panda” from South Park stuck in my brain. *So* not good.

    Aubrey — BBQ or honey-garlic sauce?

  33. Hey – no fair. I sent in pictures of my Keeshond pup first – and he’s must cuter that that one!

  34. misskitka, I got it! (the reference)

    C’mon! In the last thread we were discussing toys from the 80’s! I think there are a quorum of “not-children” here. Or, as I like to call them, “my peers”.

    I agree with D2D that this dude looks like a boy on picture day, but I also got the impression of my grandpa doing a “hrumph” face when I would use slang. Kind of a combo of “I do not approve of this jive talk” and “what in the world did she just say?” confusion.

  35. LC:

    Honey-garlic, I think. Send it to L.A. via plane, train or flying…saucer.

  36. Aubrey, you nearly owed me a new keyboard. I was this close to a mouthful of couscous flying all over mine when I read “saucer”.

  37. Brownamazon – it was your friend – this breed is really good natured.

    Wanna see some really cute pictures of these guys?





  38. LC:

    Well, EX-COUS me!

  39. misskitka says:

    yes, must admit I suspected I was among peers here at CO…which is why i lurve it so much…that and the out of control cuteness…and occasional *amusing* commentroversy

    oh, and make my sauce BBQ!!!11!!!

  40. People, people,

    If you WILL have food at the computer, CO cannot be held responsible for the resulting damage.


    Couscous? You must be farther east than I am, it’s still coffee time here.

    (Carefully sipped while unfortunately venerable computer loads — sort of like listening to grandpa talk “ok, it’s coming, just wait for it….”)

    Oh, and no one’s mentioned beady BIG eyes, does they count?

    And whispy beard hairs!
    I love this chin.
    Though I think I’d be a little intimidated in person by the slightly stern air.

  41. does they = do they

    loading too quickly today — coffee still in cup

  42. Pup:”I know I’m cute, I don’t need to pose to prove it!”

  43. Maymee, are you fluent or just a conversational speaker?

    I’ve decided that Siobhan’s dogs officially ROCK. Your puppy is snorgolicious 🙂

    Another food fight? Well, if you insist….I’ll have sweet n sour.

  44. well, if we’re being saucy. . .. . Here in TX we eat ranch on everything. Pizza, any kind of taters, popcorn, chicken, . . . you name it.

  45. well, if we’re being saucy. . .. . Here in TX we eat ranch on everything. Pizza, any kind of taters, popcorn, chicken, . . . you name it.

  46. Does ranch count as dressing or sauce? I’m thinking that as they are similar in consistancy and overall BEF (Bon Eating Factor), ranch should be allowed.

    Ranch dressing and french fried potatoes (D2D?). Yes indeed.

  47. sorry about the double post!

  48. ranch as sauce vs. ranch as dressing….it’s sort of a philosophical question.

    Though I will be the first to admit, I LOVE ranch dressing with pizza crusts. Nothing says fat like ranch and pizza. mmmmm.

  49. Keeshonds are awesome dogs — friendly puppies all their lives. And like all dogs, if the owner is a bad egg . . . . you know the rest.

  50. the email address for submissions seems to be cuteoverloaded. my submission got bounced back.

  51. Jenn, you might call it a con-yum-yum-drum, but on the other hand, maybe you shouldn’t.

    This little keeshond dude has a white soul patch. I mean. For goodness’ sake.

  52. i’m hungwy again now…

  53. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Ranch dressing and cajun fries! Ranch dressing and pizza! Ranch dressing and chocolate pudding! (OK maybe that last one is a but un-yummy…*grin*)

    Yep, I reckon Ah’m a gin-you-wine 100% USDA-Prime Grade-A Corn-Fed Free-Range Texan. I even have the accent! 😉


  54. That’s so cute and disgruntled. Cheese-Hound!

  55. DTD: ultimate guilty pleasure: cheese fries, bacon bits, jalepenos, and hidden valley ranch dip made with sour cream. best served with cold Shiner.

  56. HEY. All I’m having for lunch today is a tofu salad. STOP TORMENTING ME!

  57. A puppeh with a soul patch. I’ve seen it all.

  58. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Ah, tofu salad…harvested from the steaming carcass of a freshly-killed Tofudebeest… *runs away really fast*

    (Oh Gary Larson, wherefore art thou…*sigh*)


  59. Hahahaha, tofudebeest. Gary is the weirdest and the bestest!

  60. lurkertype says:

    What about gravy? Is it considered a sauce? I sometimes think it’s a beverage.

    (thank goodness Maymee beat me to posting the “Yub Nub” song!)

  61. gravy: in da South it is a beverage. you can find the two-liter bottles at the Piggly-Wiggly.

  62. oh for EWWWWWW!!!

  63. oh don’t you go “EWWWWWWWWW!!” on us. you guys eat *Lutefisk*

    /listens to APHC

  64. coffeeboss says:

    My! That puppy has large talons!

  65. acelightning says:

    I think I’ve just been floofed to death…

  66. re:Lutefisk — double EWWWWW (X, Y, and Z).

  67. That does sorta look like a panda. How cute. ^_^

  68. lurkertype says:

    Thanks for the gravy confirmation, Mariser!

  69. awww, a Keeshond! We had one years ago — it was right after Star Wars came out, and she looked so wookiesh that we named her Chewy, after Chewbaca. She was pretty good natured for a Keeshond.

    This one is darling, even if she looks a little serious about the whole thing.

  70. Keeshond Keeshond Keeshond! I have one. Best. Dog. Ever. brownamazon, Keeshonden usually have excellent temperments; friendly and good with kids. A Keeshond that snaps and growls is definitely a bad egg. I don’t even think my dog knows how to snap.

  71. Did I see lutefisk up there?!
    [ptooie ptooie wipes tongue with sleeve]

  72. chet's momma says:

    mariser-tee hee you said Piggly Wiggly!

  73. momma,

    sowry. I should have called it what the natives do: “The Pig”

  74. My ex was a *real* foodie and when I wanted to get to him I called (French) sauces “gravy.” [hee hee–me naughty]

  75. jayP

    butbutbutbut…they are gravy. or “le gravy” if you must.

  76. Well, in the mind and mouth of the appreciative beholder, they’re the same–they kind of do the same thing. But technically, in the kitchen, a sauce t’aint necessarily a gravy, though a gravy is a type of sauce.

  77. I am reminded of the episode in the second (?) season of
    “The Sopranos” where Tony and the gang were in Italy and the Italians were making fun of Paulie Walnuts ‘cos he asked for “more gravy” for his pasta.

    /uncivilized Amurricans

  78. Denita TwoDragons says:

    The only difference between a “sauce” and a “gravy” is the price listed on the menu. 😉


  79. Mariser, there’s a BBQ place close to where I live (and flourish) called ‘The Pig’ – it serves deep fried sweet pickle slices, with a spicy remoulade sauce. I really don’t think anything more needs to be said here.

  80. and fried pickles and ranch! LOL. . . .

  81. Mais oui, D2D! But ze chef, he would ask you to leave, s’il vous plait, eef you call his sauce a gravy!

    Aubs, I just saw Mark DeCarlo on tv showing how they make fried pickles. I mean, really, *why* would you even bother?!

  82. JP:

    If you fry it, I’ll buy it.

    I love my fried foods. I don’t EAT them, mind, but they’re pleasant to think about, on a warm August evening, while discussing the things that matter with my peeps on CO.

  83. Aubrey, I’m headed to L.A. on a vacation soon. And I am somewhat more frightened by the sound of a place called “The Pig” selling deep-fried pickles than I am of snakes, badgers or anything on a plane. Even plane food.

  84. LC – where in L.A.??? Trust me, there are places FAR more frightening than ‘The Pig’. I heard it had suddenly become quite trendy…but that was a week ago, so things might have changed.

  85. Aubrey, the friends I’m staying with are in Burbank, but we’ll be touristing around some. Not the trashy Hollywood places (okay, maybe the Harry Potter exhibit at Warner Bros), but museums and stuff. Got suggestions what to see?

  86. Farmer’s Market, at 3rd & Fairfax. Once there, eat at Phil’s Diner, The Gumbo Pot, and that crepe place (forgot the name) – in that order.

    Do your vintage shopping on Melrose Ave. On Sundays there’s an excellent flea market at Fairfax High School, on Melrose & Fairfax.

    There’s also The Hollywood Museum – I’ve never been there, but was always curious:


    I’m not one for modern art, so I stay away from MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), but I’m a member of the L.A. County Museum of Art, which is sometimes quite passable. They had some Klimt works a couple of months ago.


    Will you go to the beach? It’s about 1 1/2 hours away. If you do, go to the city of Ventura – they have buckets of antique shops there. Then have dinner at 71 Palm – it’s an Arts & Crafts house located at…71 Palm.

    Also Burbank – on Magnolia, I think – has a string of antique shops.

    Does this help at all, or does it frighten you even more?

  87. Thank you, Aubrey, you’re a gem. I’m not an antiquer, but those other suggestions sound great. My friend will also be big on the vintage and the flea market for sure.

  88. Forgot to say: Mmmm, crepes.

  89. aw, makes me miss my keshond

  90. Heck, haul my hiney to the Hirschorn, the Walker, MOMA, MOCA (with a mocha) and all the freshly-manufactured art & humor they like to display. (Not keen on Koons… but I’m a pro-Gehry guy.)

    New or old, just gimme the good stuff.

  91. I wanna go.

  92. me too.
    Aub says we can crash at her boyfriends’ friend beach house.

    road trip!

  93. puffyperson says:

    omg! its soo..poofy. i love it! it looks so huggable

  94. omg cute!!!

  95. hrh.squeak says:

    What I miss in LA is the Museum of Miniatures. They had the most beautiful monkeys (not real, sculpted) in 18th-century full court dress you’d ever want to see. Plus, tiny=cute, we all know that.

    I had to go to Burbank a lot. I always made a point of eating at the Bob’s Big Boy on Riverside, just because they still had Bob on the roof. wOOt!

  96. Go to Bob’s on Fridays and check out the vintage cars – you’ll have to pancake one to get a parking spot!

    Also, I forgot to mention: La Brea Tar Pits, baby!

  97. Au Breya Car Cakes… meh.
    I got nuthin.

  98. Awww, cute fluffy face!

  99. What part of cute don’t you understand??? I am soooo cute, you just gotta love me. Isn’t that what you think he’s saying?

  100. what type of dog is this?

  101. BrownAmazona..Keeshonds are absolutely not known for being dominant. They’re very loving loyal dogs. From the breed standard “The Keeshond is neither timid nor aggressive but, instead, is outgoing and friendly with both people and other dogs. The Keeshond is a lively, intelligent, alert and affectionate companion”