This Sqwerl is Tewtelly KNOCKED OUT.

Senor Squirrely Pants here is sleeping just long enough while he decides if he’s gonna scratch your eyes clean out.


Well do ya feel lucky, Kate B.?



  1. smokeyJoe says:

    cute…in a scary way.

  2. Squirrel compact! Aww!

  3. omfg. what a fold. I’d never guess skerls were so, so, so… angular.
    looks like right-side triangle covered in fur.

  4. Awww. Too cute. But I’m biased, all squirrels are cute to me. What a pretty little tail.

  5. BACK, Finn!
    [gets all fierce & protective-like]

  6. How Teeny!!

  7. Look closely; here we have a perfect example of what naturalists have referred to as ‘The Squirrel Curl’.

  8. Squrl

  9. Mmmm, a little cute… a little evil… I like eeet.

  10. It’s definitely time for a “fabulous manicures” category, especially if they’re natural!

  11. awwwwwwwwwww its soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute can’t stop staring

  12. awwwwwwwwwww its soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute can’t stop staring

  13. T: Phooey. My Ironic Spelling meter is off today.

  14. That’s why I’m here.
    [hums James Taylor tune]

  15. My son pronounced it “Squeerell” when he was little.

    I didn’t know they had such CLAWS! eek! I’m a little scared of squeerels now!

    I actually just now almost ran over a squeerel as I was coming back from my lunch hour. He stopped in front of me and I did a little swerve but he started running and I heard a clunk.. looked in my rear view and saw Mr. Squeerel still hot-footin it across the street.. so I hope he’s okay.. maybe just a little nogginache..

  16. Ack! Squirrels are evil… EVIL, I TELL YOU!

  17. firefinch says:
  18. My boyfriend and I saved an orphaned baby squirrel several years ago. We kept it overnight…picked the fleas off it, fed it, set it up in a hamster cage on top of a heating pad. It loved to be stroked, and was so tame. We took it to a nearby wildlife rescue place the next day, and they raised it and released it. It looked just like this little baby!

    Love the little claws!

  19. TKO = Total Kute Overload!

  20. Ahhh, be still my skwerly heart! ♥

    One of my tiny peeps is having a tiny nap! Rest up, lil’ dood…you’ll need your energy for packin’ nuts!

  21. Oh, great, firefinch– those plague-ridden little bastards are in MY sector of the Cuteologist map.

    See? Evil, I tell you! EVILEVILEVIL!

  22. It’s official. I don’t think any of the pictures posted for the last three days were cute.

  23. SKWERLS RULE! I feed baby bunnies and skwerls at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, and the skwerls are funny and entertaining (well, to me at least). The bunbuns are completely anerable, but the skwerls have personality to boot!

    BTW – anyone out in Cuteland live in the Twin Cities? Want to volunteer at the WRC? PULEEZE? We’re desperate for volunteers.

  24. Donna, seriously? Not even the fluffy wee bun? No claws, no spikes, no offensive parts, just fluff.

  25. A thinker says:

    Hey, I think it’s the cousin of the foldy pocket bunny:

  26. it is a sad day when not even CO is safe anymore.

    Jenne — I Wish This Would Happen More Often.

  27. Heather S. says:
  28. athink,

    yup. perfectly symmetric.
    odd, it seems I heard that nature abhors symmetry. or is it a vacuum?

  29. My kitty had a squirrel friend once. She’d come and hang out with my kitty on my kitchen table. It was precious!

    PS “evil” sheeshe. Looks like we have a troll here.

  30. Tony James says:

    Skwerly Pretzel!! 🙂

  31. thinkie, right you are. Imagine them both in your hands.

    mariser, it’s a vacuum nature abhors. Me too–on a nice breezy Saturday when my bike is callin’…no way.

  32. Aw, Zelda, I wish I lived near you. I spent a day last year volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary and had such fun feeding tiny squirrels (I also got to hang out with a *vulture*!). Unfortunately they’re over 2 hours away and I don’t have the $$ (or time, really) to drive out there as regularly as they want their volunteers to. 😦

  33. Cattie, no troll. Just JBo. Doesn’t like squirrels.

  34. brownamazon says:

    I love the tail-as-blanket. Sometimes I wish I had a fluffy tail I could cuddle myself with…

  35. *stuffs a folded-up skwerl in Donna’s mouf*

    They’re cuter when you nawhm nawhm on them.

  36. I wish I had those claws to scratch my own back. [ahhhhh…!]

  37. *shivers*

    that’s just crazy talk now, jaypo.

    u never turn your back on skwerl.

  38. CATS RULE…

    but SQWERLZ….are COOL!!!!!

  39. Kris, in New England says:

    Something about those paws is very “Harry Potter-ish”. Makes me think of the 3 headed dog in the Sorcerer’s Stone…

    Looks sweet and harmless when sleeping, but eeeee when it wakes up…

    And I don’t think a magical harp will protect anyone from this little varmint. I’ve seen baby squirrels in my backyard – Tasmanian Devils should be so calm.

  40. O My God. Heather S. I so would love to have a pile o’ skwerls on my head. Lucky ducky.

  41. Laurie C – don’t waste too much typing. It seems as though 99.9% of Donna’s comments disparage the pics.

    In my quest for less stress in my life, I just turn that around and say “how much more fun the rest of have by enjoying the cute and not being so judgemental.”

    However, it does make me wonder why someone would bother checking out the site if they rarely like what’s on it…

  42. nightbird1962 says:

    I raised the question of “Why, when squirrelies are two steps from the edge of the road, do they insist upon running across the road in front of you?” and it was explained and makes lots of sense that instead of just getting off the road, squirrels go to the tree thsy know….

  43. AmyH, I wonder that too. I mean if I consistently visited and thought, “Not cute,” I guess I’d visit a lot less. I like to think that CO is broadening my cute appreciation horizons. For inst: never ever thought much of snails until I saw Snailio Iglesias.

  44. Redzki:

    I come here for the pix and my peeps. For the news, views and photos of little animals…in shoes. Or big ones in zoos. For vids of the Doones.

    I visit CO daily. Hourly. Minute…ly.

  45. lurkertype says:

    We have Cute or Sad, this sqwerl should go into Cute or Evil. He is an equilateral triangle of potential horror.

  46. lurkerT, some of us have been angling for a Cute or Evil category for *ages* now. Thank you for your support.

  47. New idea for a tee: a picture of whatever we vote for and on the back it says something like, “I’m a peep” or “Are you a peep?”

    Aubrey, minutely, hourly, it’s one of the best vices I have. And it’s not a time-waster, TIME. It’s *essential*

  48. Agree with jaypo. It keeps my wits sharp, keeping up with the peeps.

    Next time CO gets lauded in print, I’d love for them to say part (even a small part) of the reason the site rocks is the whole other world below the surface in the comments.

  49. “Hi. My name is AmyH and I’m a Cute-aholic.”

    If there’s a 12-step program to sober me up from my CO fix, I want no part of it!

    I used to visit just for the pics but the wit and wisdom of all the peeps sucked me in. I second jaypo – it’s essential!

  50. I volunteered for a few years at a wildlife haven where my summer work primarily consisted of bottle feeding baby animals – birds, opossums, foxes, rabbits, racoons and squirrels. ALL of them were wonderful and adorable (yes, even the opossums), and the squirrels were SO darned cute. They’d grip onto my hand with all four feet, then suck the formula so fast and strenuously that it foamed up all over their tiny faces until all I could see were whiskers and eyes. Yes, they’re a little manic, especially as babies, but they’re so curious, intelligent and full of fun that I’ve often thought, if I had to come back as a critter, I’d choose to be a squirrel. So, yes, I’m very pro-squirrel and think this little guy is luscious and lovely.

  51. brownamazon says:

    Is it possible to feel fondness and affection for peeps you’ve never even met? Because I sure like my CO peeps! For moi, it’s mos’ def’ not just about “ooo, what cute critter has Meg scrounged up for us today,” but also “what madcap silliness are Theo/Aubrey/jaypo/Tony James/et al. up to now?”

  52. Heather S. says:

    lemura, that pic was taken soooo long ago! I was like 10… I miss them, they used to crawl up on to the bar ‘tween our kit. and livingroom and jump on us as we were walking by. You’d be walking along and *BAM* squirels ALL over you.

  53. Those are some nasty claws, but then again, you need those to climb over powerlines and trees. While I was in MI, I spend countless hours watching squirrels and rabbits going to and fro. Verely cute, says I!

  54. I love those slice-and-dice claws! So very Nos-fur-atu!

  55. I hate to burst peeps’ bubbles, but buns have nails, too – baby nails are *very* sharp. Buns also can’t be “declawed” without serious physical damage. I’m not saying this to discourage anyone from lovin’ da bunZ, just to make it clear that you have to love the whole package. (It’s so much fun to watch buns when they’re digging, for example…)

    As for J. Bo, I think she’s been spending too much time wathcing that “Skwerlz are Evul” movie on a site that a lot of C.O. peeps have seen. (Can’t think of the name, but Meg has linked to it in previous skwerl pic posts.)

    Hee, J. Bo….

  56. The little buggers can be destructive (had one in sunroom roof once until I chased it out and fixed hole, many have dropped items toward my head) but they are so darn cute! Can’t resist – I’ll feed them just to watch the cuteness.

    Once at a college lunch hour I fed fresh blueberries to a tame campus squirrel. It held the berry like an ear of corn and spun it, ripping off and spitting out the blue skin – then ate the perfect, peeled, white berry. SO CUTE and it knew just what to do with a berry that it probably had not eaten before.

  57. When my grandparents were in Florida, Gramps would strategically place peanuts along the outside of the patio window to watch the sqwerls come get the nuts. He also had an alligator statue and he’d put a nut right on the tip of its nose. It was a riot to watch the sqwerls decide if they wanted to chance it and go for the nut, and were often beat out by a braver bird.

    It’s hard to top animals for their entertainment value.

  58. “Troll”? Moi? Mais, non! I’m just the tragic victim of Squirrel Harrassment: One of those nasty, black-furred Toronto squirrels, TOTALLY unprovoked, assaulted me with ungodly screeching (and very poor grammar, by the way) and rude and threatening gestures… on my own back porch (well, okay, my boyfriend’s porch, but I was an invited guest with my own key). I had to hide in the kitchen until it went away, so sure was I that it was going to leap upon me and claw my face right off.

    It was awful. I’ve never viewed the little beasts the same way since.

    (However, later, in Queen’s Park, I fed one of the same type of squirrel an Altoid; it was hilarious.)

  59. Truly awesome titanium werewolf claws at that there sqwerl.

  60. Oh… and take out one of those extra “r”s in “harassment.”

  61. Yup, buns have sharp nails, and sharp teeth, too! I got bit by one last week in the mammal nursery, but it didn’t break the skin. Jeebus, he hung onto my hand for dear life, and it hurt like hell! Oh well… he was just scared, is all, ‘cos we were giving him fluids subcutaneously (he was dehydrated).

    Skwerlies need those claws, folks! Look at ’em climbing up and down trees – it’s almost magical!

  62. brownamazon –
    I second that!

    Although…since I mostly lurk…is it even possible for me to be a peep?

  63. ROFL about feeding a squeerel an Altoid! *snort* … That’s probably a mean thing to do, huh?

  64. rpennefe, we’re all peeps if we believe in the Cute.

  65. rpennefe,

    sure! just raise your right hand and repeat after me:

    I pledge allegiance to the cute
    and to MeggieMoo, ruler
    of all that is cute
    (tho some folks disagree)
    with sqees! and snorgles for all.

    there! you are a peep. congrats!.
    LurkerT will be along soon to instruct you in the secret handshake. it *may* have something to do with pretending to hold squirming tuxkits. maybe.

  66. J.Bo sez,

    “…an Altoid; it was hilarious.”

    if you think you can get away with that tease you are wrong.
    we need details! sound effects! pics/video if possible.

  67. B’zon — I would have to say yes. Yes indeed.

  68. Mariser — don’t you have to do the “I dub thee Sir Peep” thing, then one touch on each shoulder with Henrietta the Sexy Chicken? Anyway, that’s how *I* remember it.

  69. Teughcats says:

    I agree – the “whole other world beneath the surface in the comments” (great phrase!) is definitely why I come back again and again. Meg is our queen but the rest of us (I use the term loosely since I lurk more than I post) have helped to create a kingdom!

  70. Well, Jenne and mariser, I can’t say I had love in my heart when I did it. But after the first nibble, he rapidly shook his little head a couple of times, made a few little sneezy noises, paused, looked around, and… went right ahead nibbling the mint.

    Who knows? Maybe he suffered from terrible squirrel breath and had just been hoping someone would come along with some Dentyne or a Certs or something…

  71. First time commenting here though I have a serious C.O. addiction. Couldn’t resist sharing a true squirrely tale. Not long ago friends from France were visiting us here in the Upper Midwest. They LOVED the squirrels! Were utterly fascinated with them. Watched a bunch of squirrels for what seemed like hours and took about a bazillion photos of them. Nothing we thought of as “special”, just typical urban grey squirrels. Though apparently they don’t have squirrels like these in Paris. Who knew? I generally agree w/ the cute but evil classification for squirrels. But baby squirrels? Curled up sleeping in your hand? ALWAYS cute! Oh, and a former boyfriend used to feed Milk Duds to aggressive campus squirrels. You think Altoids are hilarious…

  72. T.,

    could be, could be… ‘cept it’d be “dub thee Lady Peep” I reckon. memory gets fuzzy, what with the drinking of the dozen ceremonial margaritas.

  73. Theo and mariser– aren’t you leaving out the Sacred Dab of Pudding on the Forehead? That was MY favorite part of the Peep Ceremony.

  74. [slaps forehead]

    thanks J.! I can’t believe I forgot that part.
    -the loading of the Holy PuddinPult
    – the oh-so careful aiming (by arbed; Aubrey was removed for licking the pudding
    – and the chants provided by the CO trio: T., Teej and NTMTOM

  75. Hey – my initiation didn’t involve a pledge hand-over-heart, or being tapped on the shoulders with a sword, there was no masonic handshake either. No kitties were involved. I was not wearing an ornately embroidered kimono.

    All I remember was a paddle, 100 shot glasses of tequila…wait, maybe I’m thinking of something else.

  76. J.Bo,

    that is funny. it EXACTLY Princess Hank’s behavior when faced with a platter of Kamikaze wings.
    (and yes, she does eat’em)

  77. J. Bo — my gosh, you’re right!

    [reaches offscreen]
    [comes back clutching the end of a rope]
    [rope appears to disappear overhead]
    [all eyes turn skyward]
    […following the line of the rope to where it loops over a block-and-tackle]
    […to where stops, beneath an improbably large cauldron of flan which tilts precariously upon a hinge, chocked into place by a small wooden wedge… with the *rope* attached]
    [cauldron makes a noise like “bloop”]
    [all eyes return downward, to where new initiates stand in a giant cartoonish red-and-white target pattern, painted onto the raised throne platform]

    [eyes return to Teho]
    [the very PICTURE of innocence]


    [fiddles with rope]

  78. Hmmm… maybe we better let Aubrey coordinate the new initiations.

  79. (ahem) …AFTER I get my kimono back.

  80. Mariser:

    Previously unknown to you – as your back was turned to address the assembled Hopeful Peeps, I was able to scoop a fistful of puddin’ before I was most unceremoniously dragged away.


    Part of the ceremony should involve a sing-along, as we Sing The Praises of Pants.

    And sing the praises of Aubrey, and how good she looks in a kimono.

  81. “with sqees! and snorgles for all.”

    I also pledged:
    “and biting sarcasm for trolls”

    Anybody else?

  82. T.,

    Aub sez,
    “I was not wearing an ornately embroidered kimono.”

    so you must point your FFoB in another direction.

  83. PS… I believe I’m beginning to notice an interesting pattern in Mariser’s feline wards:

    “Steven Elizabeth” (ice cream)
    “Princess Hank” (hot wings)
    “His Royal Trucking Magnificence Condoleeza the Eighth” (bourbon petits-fours)

  84. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    T.J. Are you living in the U.S. at present or something? I mean – you see something croisant shaped and you think of pretzels – you be careful m’boy – you sound as if you’re going native. And that’s even more worrying if you’re here in Blighty! You’ll be mispelling words with ‘our’ in them before you know it!! Oh hi J.Bo! 😉

  85. T. sez,

    “His Royal Trucking Magnificence Condoleeza the Eighth” (bourbon petits-fours)”

    whaaa? methinks *someone* has been indulging on too many bourbon petit-fours (minus the petit-fours.

  86. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    T.J. (Read in b&w film WWII wing commander voice) Are you living in the U.S. at present or something chappie? I mean – you see something pasty shaped and you think of pretzels – you be careful m’boy – you sound as if you’re going native. And that’s even more worrying if you’re here in Blighty! You’ll be mispelling words with ‘our’ in them before you know it!! Oh hi J.Bo! 😉

  87. man, I’ve been dropping )s all over the place. has anyone seen them?

  88. 2SJ,

    in my mind, your ;b&w film WWII wing commander voice’ sounds just like the old rooster in “Chicken Run”.

  89. (Hi back atcha, Two Sheds, you whack-arse Brit, you!)

  90. Mariser, if you don’t mind, could you please stand over here for a sec? Yeah, right there in the circles. I, uh, want to get a picture of you with the new peeps.


  91. Okay, I’m not so sure I wanna be a Peep now that I know there’s pudding immersion involved…

    But then again I have ALWAYS wanted to say “I’ve been slimed!”

    And I haven’t had any dessert yet today…

  92. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Oh bugger I didn’t mean to do that – sorry!!!

  93. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    YAY J.Bo – I got a Yank to say “arse” – oooooooh I’m all chuffed and glowy inside wheeee and probably woot too!

  94. Little squirrels are the BEST. I rehab them and am totally hooked. Great personalities, very sociable, and completey adorable. The soft warm bellies are heavenly. Yum. (I did have to learn to wear long sleeves and pants to avoid little claw scratches.)

  95. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Erm – so long as I can wear a sou’wester I’m up for pudding – can it be chocolate please?

  96. AuntieMame says:

    Huh. For my peephood ceremony I had to go on a snipe hunt and trap a jackalope and eat a dozen Rocky Mountain Oysters…

    Why is everyone snickering behind their hands?!?!?

  97. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    T. BIG kudos and several polite applauses – I never knew you guys used the word.
    Oh I just thought is “Yank” considered offensive? I don’t want to start anything off.

  98. [snicker]
    [more snickering]
    [munches another Rocky Mountain Oyster]


  99. [let’s the Doonces swarm her to lick the pudding]
    [scoops all Doonces and makes a run for it]

  100. Careful. They’re slippery, they are.

  101. Diane, just think of it as a Chocolate CO Non-Sectarian Baptism.

  102. lurkertype says:

    I wasn’t pudding’ed either! Make mine chocolate, or else something in a flavor the TuxKits would enjoy. (eyes cauldron of flan) Er, that’d do too.

    I would have laughed at the sneezing sqwerl eating the Altoid.

  103. Two Sheds,

    I don’t take offense to “Yank”, and I’ve lived on the east coast of the US all my life.

    The only offense I can see is an association with the Yankees. Ugh!

    Go Minnesota! Go Philadelphia!

    (Now I’ve got to hide from the 8 million or so people in the city where I live…)

  104. Oh, yeah, and I love squirrels as much as I hate the Yankees.

    So I like squirrels A LOT. Especially this one, klawz and all.

  105. Aubrey, are you willing to swear that it was tequila you drank?

    ‘Cause I distinctly remember it being BunnyCremes….

  106. “However, later, in Queen’s Park, I fed one of the same type of squirrel an Altoid; it was hilarious.”


    Having lived in Toronto for several years myself, I can attest to the evulness of Toronto black skwerls.

    And TwoSheds: “Yank” is probably a term of offense to everyone *but* Yanks.

  107. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This past fall I was taking a walk after work with a co-worker. We passed beneath a small tree–and for some reason I have never determined, a squirrel fell OUT OF THE TREE and landed RIGHT ON MY HEAD. I felt a small thud, a scrambling, teeny back claws braced against my scalp–and then I saw the squirrel’s behind as it launched itself into some nearby bushes.

    We laughed so hard we almost peed ourselves.

  108. EC, it was rot gut tequila, but possibly with a BC chaser. When I came to, I was lying in my bathroom, wrapped in a kevlar blanket embroidered with ducks and bunnies and I was unable to sit down properly. I couldn’t do so for several weeks, actually.

    I had apparently been ‘blooded’ as well, as there was a dried dab of butterscotch pudding on my forehead. Clutched in my hand was a calling card, blank except for the following words:


  109. Mother… [expletive]
    …she’s got my BLANKET, too!

    (maybe if you’d *unwrapped* yourself, sitting might’ve been easier)

  110. But kevlar is so komfy.

  111. Wow, Teho. Aubrey’s got your blanket AND your kimono–better watch out before she makes off with all the Dooneses, as well (if she hasn’t already).

  112. Nope, Thinker; they’ll be Mariser’s headache, shortly.

  113. I tells you and I tells you: Aubrey does not have the ornately embroidered kimono.
    the Fickle Finger of Blame points to…


    and the Doonces are all sleepy and full-of-pudding.

  114. T:

    Seen that Ridiculous Duck anywhere lately?

  115. teehee. Methinks I spy Pervert hiding in a fold of the kevlar blankie…

  116. oh noes! April has been ducknapped!

    how nefarious!

  117. hello! im not the 1 that sent this, but i feel…famous. My name, on the BEST site ever created…*fans self* btw, i really think that sqwerl needs to get this stuff called paw-lish. nail polish 4 ur pets. its safe, too!! i got my dogs some, and they looked totally fab in fire-engine red, dahhhling!

  118. I personally elect to wear a pudding-skin hat instead of being immersed. My hair is clean, so y’all can eat it later if you wants to.

  119. Mariser — oh noes times two! I just WASHED April the Reduckulous!

    Thinker — maybe I’m beginning to understand why Aubrey wasn’t eager to unwrap & sit down.

    Kate B — I *knew* I knew you from somewhere. 😉

    Sarcasta — just eww.

  120. Hey. That’s between me and the small duckie. So stop it.

  121. Sarcasta–just yummm.

    ceremonial suggestion: the 21-flan salute with a caramel toss free-for-all.

  122. Snorkel snorgler.

  123. (…meaning Aubrey)

  124. Always wanted a pet squirrel. Too cute!

  125. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Holy squirrel manicure!

  126. JP:

    In lieu of the caramel free-for-all, as festive and chewy as it sounds, I would suggest something a little different – yet similar – which we could call ‘releasing the Mounds’. Because, sometimes you feel like a nut…sometimes you don’t.

  127. Hahaahaa, Aubrey! It’s like paying Peter to rob Paul.

  128. Is it wrong to want to see if it will fit in my mouth??????

  129. Aubrey,
    What would *you* do for a Klondike Bar?

  130. JP:

    I don’t want to go into detail, but it definitely would involve masks, lime Jello and acting out the Rules of Cuteness using the cast of ‘Deadwood’ (in costume). And result in premature retirement.

  131. Chilli, not only is it not wrong, but it’s actually the secret urge of about half the people who post here. Welcome!

  132. (chanting)

    One of us! One of us!

  133. [stirs the pudding]

  134. I hate to say this AGAIN – but I leave you all for a couple of cocktails and look what I missed. RE: Pudding skin hat on Sarcasta – I laughed hard and loud over that one.

    And T-O, re: teddy bears with guns (from the arse link), there’s a gun shop nearby whose street sign is a teddy bear holding a machine gun. It’s so wrong, but I laugh every time I see it.

  135. lurkertype says:

    Of course! It’s our right to arm bears, silly!

  136. thanx LaurieC I feel so much better now……..
    Does the puddingpult reach Aussie? Should I duck now?????

  137. Chilli — this is why we also have TEH TAPIOCA TREBUCHET!!
    Evil laughter.

  138. Ok all is now clear..
    Thanx Theo

    *sits quivering in the corner looking overhead for various desserts*

  139. Chilli – you didn’t know, did you, that these are the Sultans of Sling?

    That T. is the Fling Flan Man?

    That a blancmange was recently detected just off New South Wales?


  140. AAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGG *runs sreaming from the building with arms protecting head*

  141. I think in the guise of international relations, we should sling over some N. American desserts for Chilli. Maybe a pumpkin or a blueberry pie?

    Oooops… I mean in teh SPIRIT of international relations…

    Oooops… I just ate both of the pies. Carry on with the flan, man. (urp)

  142. **”I would suggest something a little different – yet similar – which we could call ‘releasing the Mounds’.”**

    Aubrey, you can get arrested in most places for doing that in public.

  143. AmyH – MMMMMMM pumpkin pie please YUMMY

  144. Sarcasta:

    I’m typing this from the San Quentin rec room right now.

  145. Pumpkin pie to Australia – coming right up!

    Now that I live in a region where the seasons are ‘hot’ and ‘not as hot’ instead of seeing the changing of leaves, my office mates and I are eagerly anticipating the arrival of autumn in the form of pumpkin lattes at Starbucks.

  146. Aubrey, [sings] …my humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps…

    They’re not just for Cats & Racks™ anymore. They can also get you arrested!

    I think if I ever become a super-hero, my battle cry will be [points finger skyward] “Release The Mounds!” and I will stun my evil nemesis (my husband) into submission by flashing him. It’s not G-rated, but it’s a proven strategy. As I always say: You keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and you marry your arch nemesis.

  147. You know if one googles *drunk garden squirrels*, some very interesting links come up. Trust me on that one. And don’t ask why.

  148. Oh, man, lemura. This one:

    is absolute gospel.

  149. JBo, this one is for you, m’dear:

    And geez, I live in the wrong time zone, gol durn it. Just when you West Coasties are digesting your Cheerios and pudding and settling in for a few food fights on CO, I’m yawning and getting ready for dreamland.

    GOOD MORNING, peeps! (oops…hope that didn’t wake anyone)

  150. I’m not even *awake* and Sarcasta & Aubrey are making me LOL.

    I would elaborate but it could quickly get awkward and indecorous.

    Jaypo — whereabouts are you? (too lazy to back-jigger my timezone tool)

  151. jaypo’s in MA, Teho.

  152. (popping head up from under arms which have been covering it for many many messages)

    Wait, the cast of Deadwood is around here somewhere??

    Ah, *&^%$*(, bring on the #$%^%$ flan!

  153. Swedgin??? Swedgin???

  154. A thinker says:

    Hey, I know what you mean, Jaypo.

    But at least us East Coasties can hang out while the Westerners are still asleep (evil laugh).

  155. Hey, Thinkie, did you hear anything on the news about a big explosion in MA?! A few hundred feet from where I live.

  156. A thinker says:


    Link to news story?

    Real Life has taken over so completely, of late, that I haven’t even *looked* at a news website in a few days 😦

  157. A propane tank in a condo exploded. The unit is gone. Huge fires. I haven’t heard news yet. The firefighters weren’t letting reporters near. Google Amherst MA explosion and see what comes up. It just happened yesterday afternoon.

  158. Think, never mind. Nothing came up. Maybe they haven’t released any news yet.

  159. jaypo, no noxious smoke or flying debris came your way, I hope?

  160. A thinker says:

    hokay. shall keep an eye out.

  161. Ooh, Jaypo, our local news kept cutting into programming yesterday with that explosion story! I’m right nearby, just outside Springfield, MA. How scary, and enormous. Yikes. Those interested can see some of the story at, I think.

  162. Greetings, neighbor SF!

    The smoke was horrendous. Firefighters from 4 areas towns. I’ve never seen anything like it. Those folks will need alot of help and good thoughts.

  163. I’m ok. Home is ok, too.

  164. JP: No debris? Perhaps you should be looking out for wee custard-y tartlets? Or breakfast quiche (it’s 9:30A here)?

    If you do see these yummies, I think you should collect, then offer them to all firefighters and victims.

    Glad to know that the MA peeps are not MIA, and are all intact.

  165. tank oo, Aubs. [nawm nawm nawm]

  166. omg! this is so scary and ugly!! squirrels are the worst animals ever! they have rabies! and look at those claws! they could rop you to shredds!!!! whoever that person is who is holding that thing is one crazy person. oo, and thats not cute its a freak of nature

  167. Denita TwoDragons says:



  168. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Alana: …and they can eat your eyeballs out with their horrible death rays! and they mess up your taxes so you get audited! and they can make you sterile and fill public toilets with wads of wet paper towels and then flush them so they overflow! and…


  169. haha thats so funny! im the real alana and that was my cousin using my name. ya, she has this fear of squirrels. so anyway i do think this squirell is very very very very very very very very very very cute 🙂

  170. Don’t you just hate it when you get ropped to shredds? I know I do…

  171. Yes, I hate it very very very very very very very very very very much.

  172. (I’m just playing around, Real Alana.)

  173. Villeline says:


    Look at those tiny claws!

  174. D2D – you slay me. “mess up your taxes…”

  175. hi guys! its like a chat room in here…

  176. This equilateral creature is just one vertex short of being a squarel.

  177. [groans]

    poor Subh! you’ve been exposed to Aubreonite for too long… is incurable, I hear.

  178. Alana — yes it is. Here, read up; you’ll be one o’ da peeps in no time…

  179. Aubreonite? No, Mariser … its Subium. Very similar to Aubreonite but much more acidic, and not quite as illuminating, but it’ll grow on you.


  180. Ahem … “grow on you” meaning you’ll get used to it.

    Then you’ll slowly start getting addicted.

    THEN there’s no cure.

    [Evil laugh]

  181. thanks for the correction SubH, I’m really not up to all the elements of the PUNNI group.

    glad to hear Subium doesn’t actually “grow on me” [shudders] getting addicted is not a problem; witness the time I spend here. 😉

  182. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Alana & cousin: *grin* Glad I could give y’all a chuckle or two! 🙂

    Subhangi: “Squee-bang-ee”?! That sounds…frighteningly cute yet absolutely perverted at the same time. I like it! 😉

    And when the heck do I get an element named after me, blast it?! TwoDragonsium has a noble ring to it. ;-P


  183. “Theorium” (not yet proven to exist)

  184. LOL! “Theorium”

  185. WARNING: Theorium, which has not yet been proven to exist, has also not yet been proven to cause long spells of Felinomania (commonly known as ALFCATS or Abnormal Liking For Cats Syndrome) upon prolonged exposure. This can be highly fatal to people allergic to felines. Regular posters on CO are requested to take extra precautions. 😉

  186. “highly fatal”
    LOL!!!1! […*errk*] […THUD]

    [is highly dead]

  187. [Cough, cough]


    Theo, I said “highly fatal to people ALLERGIC to felines.” You can get up now.

    [says in Garfield voice]

    You can’t be allergic to yer own venom …

  188. Hi folks! Long-time reader, first-time post-er.
    I have lost much sleep following the adventures of Master Meg and the C.O. Peep-o.
    But this pic seemed to inspire many new commentators, so I had to join. I’m a little behind in my viewing, so I’m off to catch up!

  189. Pity mailbox is full 😦 . As I have lovely pic of dormice curls and not just one but TWO in a single hand. Also job to handle them doesn’t mention snorgling but sure checking fur is suitable soft sounds an important health check.

  190. [stirs]
    [is still highly amused]

    Cynbad — welcome to our nightmare. MUAHAHAHA!… wait, sorry, wrong spiel…

    Dewi — keep trying! (especially if the pic is clear, well-composed, in focus, etc.)

  191. T.,

    I recently wrote an encylopedic post in response to someone wanting to find out how to send pictures to Mistress Meg.
    methinks it may be a possible addition to a CO FAQ (not existant as of yet; I could be talked to into creating one).
    at any rate, email me if you want to see it.

    !yay! for napping kittens