Teeny claws + perfect ear styles

Teeny Hua-hua below shows up his two perfect ear-styles: "Perked" and "teeny ear-top flop".


Barrrrrooo? [rolling ‘r’ on that one]


Gracias, Michelle S.!



  1. how very, er, erm, “interesting”

  2. yeah, ‘interesting’. that’s it, that’s the ticket.

  3. He’s wrinkly! And eary!
    Very very very cute ears!
    The look in his eyes, tho, ….that’s contemplating something on the dark side!

  4. Ooooh, *I* want a barrrrooo? bumper sticker. Especially in these confusing times. It’s weird, in that first pic, he looks a lot like my hairless cats. Hmmm.

  5. I realized this morning as I gave my dogs a treat that we have not had a “soft kronsche” on here in awhile! 🙂
    Forgive my spelling if it’s wrong…I am too lazy to look it up in the glossary…lazy laaazyyyy laaaaazzzzyyy….

    I am off to the Caseville Michigan Jimmy Buffett Margauritaville extravaganza today! Woo! Wheee! Fun fun!

  6. awwwww..

  7. You know, I actually use Baroo…sometimes at work I will tilt my head and say Baroo? to people.
    It would make an awesome bumper sticker!

  8. Sweet baby Jesus, that is a CUTE puppy. Awwwww.

  9. oh ma gawd, would you look at his lil wrinkly forehead??!!!

    I wanna know what is on his collar!

  10. Deckard Canine says:

    Redzilla, I thought of hairless cats, too. I’ve met only one in my life, but I can tell they’re just as cute and cuddly as furry cats.

  11. Um… moving along… I see no Cute here… um… really kinda creepy… sorry…

  12. heheh this huey should be calling the “Cute Over-Lord” 😉

  13. heheh this huey should be called the “Cute Over-Lord” 😉

  14. “Barrroo” with a rolled “r” — sublime!

    Chocolate wahwah — hmm… well, he *does* have kind of an endearing alertness. But then, so do the Doones.

  15. I can’t resist a furrowed brow. SQUEEEE!

  16. Kris, in New England says:

    He’s got a sweet little muzzlepuff going on there to go with the whole Baroo thing.

    And I vote for the Baroo bumper sticker as well – perfect statement for anytime!!!

  17. I want to kiss the widdle nose!

  18. lol Lauri….. I use baroo all the time.

  19. you guys r silly says:

    Give that precious puppeh

  20. hmmmmmmm???? I don’t git any fuzzy feelings from this one…. a little bit iffy!!! (shudders)

  21. I have never been a fan of “purse dogs,” but I’m fast becoming a wah-wah convert!

    (Anyone else notice that this pup’s name is Armani?? HA!)

  22. Awwww … cute lil’ wah-wah. (Meg – love the ‘Burrrrrrroo’.)

  23. I LOVE YOU LITTLE CHICHI! Awww, I want to go home and see my little guy right now.

  24. awww my pug has that bad to the bone collar too ; P
    Such a cutie look at those tiny paws.

  25. OMG Ear floppage! Love it!

  26. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Meg, you’re totally crimping my style. How am I supposed to despise what I usually see as yapping little deformed overbred dogs…when you keep posting such CUTE examples of the breed?! AACK!



  27. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Hmm, a bit too rat like for my taste.

  28. Ahhhhhhhh. So so precious.

  29. subh,

    did you mean the ‘Burrrrrrroo’ thing, or was it a typo?
    veddy funny

    aiaiai burritoooooooooooooo!

    /cue ?what is a logarithm, Alex?

  30. firefinch says:

    Lauri, how many margaritas do you have to drink to make Caseville look like Key West?

  31. “…Thrrrrree.”
    [in Tootsie-Roll owl voice]

  32. My husband can’t understand why I want a “little” dog. I’ll just show him this little cutie.

  33. My husband can’t understand why I want a “little” dog. I’ll just show him this little cutie.

  34. My husband can’t understand why I want a “little” dog. I’ll just show him this little cutie.

  35. I think, if I’m correct, this is a CHUG, a chi/pug cross, correct?

  36. I had a chihuahua whose ears were always flopped, and she could only raise one, and even then the tip of that one would still be bent. It was the cutest thing evar!

  37. britanica says:

    to be honestwith you, this breed of dog is not really that cute. What i mean is the way it acts is not cute. They growl at you, jump on your couches, and they cant be housebroken cause they dont listen. And believe me, i should know cause i have one and its name is puffle

  38. Surely it is cute, but couldn’t somebody cut those nails? Please?

  39. what are you talking about britanica?? mine chihuahua is the best ever! iit listens, it doesnt NOT growl at you, and it does jump on couches but only if youtrain it to, and besides, its so cute when they snuggle you. so britanica, SHUT UP!

  40. Easy, ava, I think britanica’s comment was only exhibiting some loving frustration. After all, the dog is named “puffle”.

  41. Yes, this little guy pushes the wa-wa pedal to the metal.

  42. Ai chi wha wha! What a cutie pie!

  43. A Fine Morsel says:

    Nahwmmm, nahwmmm, nahwmmm…I want to nibble on him!!

  44. Ear flops: cute.

    Nails: need trimming!

  45. AuntieMame says:

    I agree about the nails. I’d hate to have this li’l guy in my lap and have him suddenly go ballistic about something and decide to get down. Yikes!

    He is a cutie, though. I love the transparent ears and the wrinkly scalp.

  46. Yeah… I agree about the nail trimming. Wouldn’t want this little dude to get himself kicked off the Port-a-Snorg roster, due to scratchiness.

    (Glossary Update Alert!)

  47. Denita TwoDragons says:

    *YEOWCH!* You’re RIGHT! He’s got +1 Vorpal Toenails of Scratching! Someone get the clippers, quick!


  48. T, do you mean he’d get scratched off the list?

  49. AuntieMame says:

    The Queen of Puns strikes again…


  50. D2D:

    Vorpal? Did they go snicker-snack?

    Oh, Callooh, Callay.

  51. Don’t forget his adorable little muzzlepuff…awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww….

  52. Ear floppage is cute!

    Flaming red ear veinage, to me…….not so cute.

    With the veinage AND those lethal little talons, a good name for this hua-hua would be El Diablo.

  53. awww floppy ears.

  54. Annie D.,

    somebody should ‘shop a red cape, horns and red tail on “El Diablito” here.
    somebody talented, I mean.

    Finn? NTMTOM? Bueller? Bueller?

  55. oh he is the epitome of CUTE!!! esp the 2nd photo, look at the wrinkles!!! 🙂 love it thanks.

  56. snapesworst says:

    he needs a nail trim.

  57. I know we already have a rule that ears littler than your head is KEE-YOOT; can we amend the rule to add that ears way too BIG for your head is also KEE-YOOT? See: this little guy, basset hound puppies, baby elephants, etc.

  58. Oh no. Look at those eyes. I’m usually not a fan of Chihuahuas, but I do love me some big googly baby eyes of love.

    The floppy ears in the second photo are almost too much cute.

  59. fawn lust says:

    oh, i love him!

  60. OK, OK, so wahwahs *can* be kind of cute, sometimes.


  61. ew not cute D:

  62. A few walks on the sidewalk will take care of those scary talons! Those look retractable, like cat claws! yeesh! :-$

  63. foxy bingo says:

    That’s a toy! It’s made from moulded plastic with a thin layer of that velvety stuff stuck on. Movable-pose body parts. Yay!

  64. britanica says:

    i am not kidding about what i said before! and ava, you oviously dont know what ur talking about considering that you have ur breed of dog mixed up. see, this is not a chihuahua, it is in fact a chihuahua/pug cross and that is what i have. you said that you have a chihuahua. oo, and thanx laurie c for defending me. 🙂

  65. omg britanica! you have some serious problems. I dont care if the dog in that picture was a chihuahua/pug cross! all im saying is that dogs in general usually dont do all that stuff u said! dont act like u no everything cause i can look up people online who have chihuahua’pug crossesand they will say great things about them. oo. and did u ever thing that just your dog is illtempered and not every dog in that breeding group?

  66. i sense some problems between ava and britanica here. i see that u were arguing about this breeds behavior. well maybe i can settle that argument. I have a chihuahua/pug cross and it is the sweetest thing ever! so i guess my final answer to you is that all dogs behave differently and britanica, you are wrong. Ava, you are right…i think

  67. Angelina/Ava/Britanica — just stop. You’re not fooling me, and you’re probably not going to be fooling anybody else for very long.

    Or, you could try arguing with yourself about something more important.

  68. t-o,
    three whackos in one.

  69. the doggy is cute 🙂 and please stop arguing ava and britanica cause ur ruining the cuteness of this website :/

  70. Just like people, dogs all have different personalities. And sometimes 3.

  71. I wish my Chihuahua could flop it’s ears over….too darn cute!!!!

  72. If you don’t find this cute, you need your cute button fixed!!!!! I’d be afraid to hug him, he looks like he’d break and we couldn’t have that.