Howard: [Say in Howard Cosell voice] Peeple, How-ward Cosell heah, reporting to you live from the C-O-X-C-U Cap-it-tal of the world, the Cute Overload X-Treme Close-Up Headquarters, and what a magnificent day  it is, Jim!

Jim: Indeed, Howard it is UN…forgettable! Will you please look at this fine macro-specimen, from a Mr. Thijs! I mean, how do you pronounce that, Howard? Thee-jees? Who-the-heck knows?

Howard: Jim, this just in—a sec-ond pic-ture of that same cat, I can’tbelieveit—

Jim: Amazing, Howard, let’s….takealook.




Thank you, Thijs!



  1. And that, people, in the second photo is the exact spot where I kiss my Mikey, the obese tabby cat.

  2. I see kitty drool!

  3. Whoa… this could be a Catnip-Mouse’s-Eye-View of Mama Lorna.
    Hmm… laying down some newspaper is probably not a bad idea, either.

  4. I love kitty noses, thank you for posting this. Since my sweet felines went to live with my parents 7 months ago, I have been missing them. Thank goodness I can get my fix here!

  5. Ear fluff!
    Ear fluff alert!

  6. Piggalette says:

    NOSE! I love this. Might be a new background for me. 😀

  7. It is very hard to get a good photo of a black cat. I know, I have 2. This is excellent for all the right reasons: lighting, contrast and kissability.

  8. Heppy ket drool!

    Lurrrve the pebbly nose skin.

  9. What kind of olfactory manufactured this delightful nose??

  10. Absolutely LOVE the commentary–perfect Howard Cosell! 🙂

  11. This looks just like my Fritzi kitty (r.i.p.), except she would usually forget to pull in her little tongue for the night, and it would just hang out there getting all dried out.

  12. was Howard Cosell a Bahstanian?

    sure ‘sounds’ like it.

  13. MUZZLE-PUFF!!!!!!!!!!

  14. this is so ugly !!
    how could you post this and expect people to call it cute !!!!

  15. *UGLY*?!?!

    It’s absolutely precious. Just makes you wanna touch that nosie with *your* nose.

    (I love the nose-touch greeting cats do. Mine won’t let me smooch her, but when I try she reminds me that a wet touch of noses is the *appropriate* greeting for of a friend.)

    Nice whiskage and earfuzzage, too.

  16. CatF,

    I agree, is tewtally prosh.

  17. Diane Nichols says:

    Nose kisses are the best! You have to be really special to get them from picky kitties.

  18. *gently scritches that maximum fluffitude spot that is the forehead*

  19. lurkertype says:

    Fabulous!!! Kitty is soo floofy, and getting a black cat actually in focus, much less each hair and the moist nosicle’s pattern — it’s an amazing job of photography.

    Plus, Meg’s caption is perfect. Turn out the lights, the party’s oooooover…

  20. … or deep-massaging that one spot, right between the cheekbone and the nose, under the inside corner of the eye.

    Every time I put a finger near my cat’s face, she mashes that spot into my fingertip, pushing with all her might.

    Forehead skritching is good; ear skritching is better; chin skritching is *really* good; but area-between-cheekbone-and-nose skritching is, apparently, the very very best.

  21. thatgrrrl says:

    I have heard that the fur inside of kitty ears is called “fur-nishings” as in “Maine Coone cats have large amounts of ear furnishings.” Anyone else heard that term?

  22. brownamazon says:

    Who knew cat noses were made out of shagreen? (I think that’s what that expensive nubble-patterened leather designers adore is called.)
    Also, if boy-o is Netherlandish (I love that word), Thijs is pronounced so as to rhyme with “sighs”.

  23. lurkertype says:

    Interesting, CatF, none of the cats I’ve ever known liked that spot skritched. Most of them hated us getting near it.

    Yes, I have heard (and messed with) “fur-nishings” in regards to Maine Coons’ ears.

    Also, Aubrey, don’t think we didn’t notice that pun.

  24. yes, definitely shagreen-like in texture. (Shagreen is actually stingray hide – quite popular for leather goods in Thailand.)

  25. Omigarshhh! Look at the nosepad!!! Kitty drool! OOh!!!

  26. Omigarshhh! Look at the nosepad!!! Kitty drool! OOh!!!

  27. Omigarshhh! Look at the nosepad!!! Kitty drool! OOh!!!

  28. whoops!

  29. whoops!

  30. Well, ear furnishings or ear fluff, the idea of fuzz in the ears reminds me of old men with hairy ears, which is not so cute.

    But the kitty reminds me of one of mine. He has similar ear fuzz. Which is cute.

    Cute on one species, not the other. Hmm.

  31. netherlandish = dutch

  32. Tony James says:

    “The newspaper is so booooooooring these days, I’ll think I’ll take a nap on it. You don’t mind, do you? I mean, it’s not like you were going to read it. After all, it’s so boooooooooring. I’ll just…honk-shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhu” (but in dutch, obvs, or possibly wallons/flemish – sorry if I got that wrong, Thijs)


  34. Ooh! Kitteh nose!! Those are excellent black cat shots. I have damned hard time taking pics of my black feline; (1)she’s black & shiney, (2)she’s still kitteny so she’s always moving!

    Oh, and regarding pronounciation for Thijs. It’s a Dutch name & after asking my fiance how you’d spell the way I pronounced it we concluded to translate it as Tice. There is a subtle sound in the I that is just not conveyable in English.

  35. Brak_Silverbone says:


  36. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Close Up kitty nose! SQUEE!!

  37. awwwww. Kitty noses are almost as cute as kitty tongues.

  38. Wow. It’s very sleek.

    And black.

    And peaceful-looking.

  39. Nose!

  40. acelightning says:


  41. Piggalette: I agree with the wallpaper! ME TOO! ME TOO!

    My boys just don’t sleep sound enough for me to do this. I keep trying, but they hear me and lift up their heads and give me a ‘prrt?’ as if to ask, “what the heck are you doing now, mom?”

  42. Wanna kiss the kitty nose.

  43. Catfreak & Lurker, that spot right behind a cat’s whiskerbase harbors a scent gland that they use to mark things that they want to claim. That’s why they rub their faces on things and look sooooo happy. Ours face-grind on the chair, the coffee table, my computer, me, my drink… like they own everything around here! (shhhh! They do, but don’t tell THEM I said that.)

    Lurker, perhaps yours didn’t like to be rubbed there because they preferred to claim things at their own pace? Or maybe your hand already smelled of another animal? Or their gland was owie? Dunno. Maybe they already knew they pwned you and didn’t need to reaffirm it. >.<

  44. ‘Casta:

    Princess, the beautiful feline ruffian that lives next door to our P.O.B. (Place of Business) likes the plants that are kept by our entrance – she rubs her face into one in particular which has these perfectly ferocious thorns. You’d think such self-skritching would be painful!

    But you’re right, she looks absolutely ecstatic when doing this. The entire staff can be close by, trying to pet her but she’ll ignore us in favor of those spines. That kitty is exasperating but adorable!

  45. lurkertype says:

    No, Sarcasta, all my kitties have enthusiastically anointed my, my stuff, and some really uncomfortable objects with the muzzlepuff gland. I thought CatF was referring to the other side, like between the eye and nose. P’raps I misread the paragraph or had my cat face map upside down. No, s/he said under eye. Maybe we need compass directions and a GPS. (Altho the cats have always pwned me and know it, true!) The current tortie is really obsessed with marking everything.

    TuxKit report: despite the nearby presence of disapproving Mom, another kitten was snorgled and forced to purr this evening. They all have clear green eyes and clean little earses.

  46. brownamazon says:

    Ack– originally read lurker’s last sentence as “clean little arses.” Mind, that’s a good thing to have, too.

  47. Two

    Here’s the first. April the Duck is April-fresh!

  48. …aaaaand here’s the other one. Hoist up the John B’s sails:

  49. When we’re having couch time – I’m comfy reading and Elvis is comfy on top of me – I rub right in front of both of his ears with my thumb and forefinger. He purrs like a lawnmower in what seems to be pure kitty ecstasy. I’ve found most animals luuurrrrve these spots – even (and especially) cows.

  50. T-O,
    The Doonses are soooo sweet! Love the narrative – it’s great as always.

  51. Merci, T-O for the new video. Now I lay me down to sleep, my ears echo with kitty “meep!”…

  52. T:

    This is indeed a day for kitty-nose-close-ups. And we thank you for that.

    And don’t worry – everyone outgrows their shoes.

  53. lurkertype says:

    DOONSES! Lurving the gray kit. They’re getting bigger. Lorna is such a good kitty as well. How much longer will they be with you?

  54. AmyH — Cowch time?? Moorrrr…

    Aubrey — quite welcome.

    Lurker — at least a few more weeks, until they’re fully weaned. Technically we could take Lorna back to MVHS sooner, and keep the kittens a little longer after that. Not sure yet how we’ll work it.

  55. lurkertype says:

    It won’t be long, Teho, if my observation of the Tuxes holds true. They were just out stuffing their faces with crunchies as they do every night nowadays. MomTux is nursing them less and less.

  56. Oh, T-O, you’re as punny as Aubrey. Hee!

  57. OMGOSH! It looks like my Spook! 🙂 Is that kitty a Bombay or a mix? I wonder if this kitty has my Spook’s orange eyes…

  58. *sniffle*

    That looks just like the face of my old kitty Bagheera.

    She was my special girl…until she disappeared 6 years ago. She liked to play outside, and would meow at the back door to come inside.

    One day, she just didn’t come back.

    I miss her a lot.

    Whereever you are, Baggie Girl, I still ♥ you.


  59. Yes, Brak, it is…NOSE LEATHER!

  60. I bet there was a drool spot on the paper 😛

  61. BenPanced says:

    “You weren’t reading that, were you? Too bad.” *snore*

  62. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Note the right eye just open a tad, ‘get any closer with that thing and i’ll have your hand off’

  63. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Note the right eye just open a tad, ‘get any closer with that thing and i’ll have your hand off’

  64. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I didn’t post twice, honest,
    It was that check thingy what done it.

  65. I was wondering if I was the only person who called it “nose leather”.

    My favorite thing about it is when you’re skritching them in juuust the right spot (whereever it is on that particular cat) and they point their whiskers foward and squeeze their nose tight while pressing into your skritching fingers.

  66. Nose pinch! Nose pinch!

  67. I love the extreme close up shots (I have quite a few of my own Mr. Nosey) but the second one of the nose is kiiiiinda creeping me out.
    But I do wanna give that kitteh a big smooch right between the eyes.

  68. A thinker says:

    Teho, did I miss something? Who is April the duck?

    (maybe I am just dense in the morning)

  69. Teho, Lorna is fitting fewer Doonses at the buffet these days I see! And the shoes are shrinking… Romper Room lives.

  70. Pussytoes says:

    I love monochromatic kitties! Wanna kissy nose.

  71. p.s.–love the Cosellisms!
    Reminds me of “Better Off Dead”, Lane’s Japanese race nemesis dudes who learned English from watching what was it, Wide World of Sports? & Howard Cosell! hehe

  72. foxy bingo says:

    Awwww, chinska spitty bits!

  73. Thinker — April is the fluffy yellow duck-shaped floor pillow in the Doones vids. Hard to miss, really.

    Jaypo — yep, Lorna’s getting really restless. I think she’s ready to have the weaning over & done.

  74. foxy b, I noticed that too…lurves da kittehs so much.

  75. I always thought that my cat was performing a valuable service for me–newspaper warming. A cat cannot let his human read a humdrum, room temperature newspaper. It must be warmed properly before reading.

  76. I believe that cats have the ability to read through their butts. Hence all the sitting on newspaper. They’re really very well-informed on world events — they just don’t care.

  77. A thinker says:

    Oh yes, now I remember the ducky-shaped floor pillow.

    And I have to confess to my shame that I haven’t kept up with Doones vids, of late 😦 So little time…

  78. All cats should have schnozzes like this guy. He looks like a mini-jaguar close up.

  79. Awww, Skwerly, so sorry that your kitty didn’t come home. 😦 I know I would be devestated if it happened to me…

  80. Awww, Skwerly, so sorry that your kitty didn’t come home. 😦 I know I would be devestated if it happened to me…

  81. Sorry for the double post. The page seemed to hang when I clicked Post.

  82. It’s been taking a looong time for posts to go through… for about a week now, since the site was down last time and we all went kookoo waiting for a new bebe to show up.

  83. Holy Macro Schnozzle!
    He’s breathing and fogging up the inside of my moniter!

  84. Waaaa, Skwerly, I lost my kit Gandalf that way, too. He and one of my others always went out hunting together. One day Eli came home and Gand didn’t.
    It almost feels as if we mourn for the ones we don’t KNOW what happened to even longer than the ones who have died.

  85. Skwerly and Lauri,

    so sorry for your losses. it is so much much harder this way.


  86. Theo, that shoe thing must be genetic. Every kitten I’ve ever had did it, and every one of them was equally baffled when confronted with the incredible shrinking shoe. They always prefer the leather ones, particularly those loafers. My Hemingway, after he grew up, used to just stuff his head in the toe of my mocs and go to sleep there.

    Those Dooneses sure are growing fast!

  87. What amaaaaazing detail on the nose. It’s just begging to be kissed!

  88. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Bats! Nose leather rules! Except my cat Sheba (white with a few big black spots–kinda a dilute version of tux coloration, I understand) has a pink nose, and therefore her nose is made of marzipan.

  89. lurkertype says:


    Is Sheba therefore what we call a kittycow? Or cowkitty, or similar. Looks like a Holstein dairy cow?

    The TuxKits’ daddy is one of those.

  90. blue eyes 88 says:

    those are so cute.
    how can you get such perfect aim.I used to have a cat that looked just like that.