It’s the real Real World!

Hey creator Jill Beale! WHEN IS EPISODE 1? WE CAN’T WAIT!



  1. ShelleyTambo says:

    Ooh, ooh, what channel?

  2. They need a hammie in there!!

  3. ShelleyTambo says:

    Ooh, ooh, what channel?

  4. okay, tewtally cute but it’s just a tease! not enuff! not fair!!!

  5. Genevieve says:

    Now that I would totally watch. Animal Planet, get on that!!!

  6. It would be like Puppy Bowl, but even better! I would TOTALLY watch this!

  7. Oh yeah, we got ourselves a hit here. I will watch every episode.

  8. I like the hissing/growling tuxie. my choice for the win.

    //this isn’t Survivor?
    ///never watched The Real World
    ////’cept for Dave Chapelle’s version
    /////which was high-lay-rius

  9. abbynormal says:

    That’s one mean looking Tux kitty.

    If they threw in a Hedgehog, it would totally be a box office hit.

  10. abbynormal says:

    Mariser, why oh why did you bring up Chappelli…Now I will have that awful Diarhea song in my head all day long.

  11. abbyn,

    sowry. you need a new earworm. how’s about “It’s a Small World After All” ?

    totally agree about the hedgie.

  12. mariser, that’s just evil! I just had to go scrambling back to the archives to find the antidote lyrics, “It’s a round bun after all”.

    For anyone else who needs them:

  13. That cage is way too small for a rabbit that size.

  14. That cage is way too small for a rabbit that size.

  15. PinstripeSuit says:

    Woo! Love the background music. It’s “Ageless Beauty” by Stars, if anyone wants to know.

  16. Edgy pets.

  17. AuntieMame says:

    Animal Planet could air it right after The Planet’s Funniest Animals episodes of Desperate Housepets!

    I’d watch, and I avoid human reality TV like the plague.

  18. I’m with that, Auntie. But if that tux cat makes a tux attack, this’ll turn into ‘The Weal World’!

    And the mere mention of Puppy Bowl has just set me dreaming of next year…

  19. I never watch the actual Real World and, although this is a bit off-topic for such an adorable post, was wondering whether they use that Stars song as the actual theme? If not, I give the creators of the video even MORE kudos than those to which they’re already entitled for making something so snugglable! Stars’ Set Yourself on Fire is a fabulous, fabulous album.

  20. I would get cable for this! Actually, YouTube should spin off a pets channel so people can send in video of their goofy animals. Like my flying trapezipuss.

  21. “trapezipuss” — LOL!

    ChaCha — I can’t remember; have you seen this?

  22. Chief Sister Officer says:

    I would totally give up Project Runway for this! Carry on Jill!

  23. That fish bowl is way too small for a beta of that size.

  24. best part is the choice of song!

  25. hows it cute tho? its just advertising :sigh:

  26. Cats: check
    Bunny: check
    Dog (with big brown eyes – counts as extra): double check
    Advertising message submerged by cuteness coming from all directions and species: check, check, check

    Don’t worry, Sabrina – it qualifies as cute.

  27. I have never been a reality Tv watcher…but believe mee….I would write the channel, date and time…all over the walls…….I want my ARTV….

  28. Hey cool — peeps, see that “Chief Sister Officer” up there? That’s Meg’s real-life sister Amy.


  29. I think Animal Planet did pet reality with Meow Mix House, but this one looks cuter…

    “It would be like Puppy Bowl, but even better!”

    As cute as it looks, it’s hard for anything to beat puppy bowl! And with the kitty half time show? Eeee!

  30. Greetings, Amy. Have you ever been called ‘Moo, Too’?


  31. lurkertype says:

    I would TiVo this show every week! Esp. as it has 2 of my fav. kitty color patterns.

    Wow, Meg and Amy are redonkulously babelicious!

  32. AuntieMame says:

    I think Meow Mix House is still going on. I just saw an “episode” last week.

    It’s a fab idea, finding homes for homeless kitties, but it would be a lot funnier without the stupid voices.

  33. lurkertype says:

    This Fri. is the last ep of Meow Mix House. It’s pretty good as long as you watch it with the sound off and ignore the dork host. Why they don’t just show footage of the kittehs being kittehs, I don’t know.

  34. i wish… that would be such an awsome show that would be soo cute and kewl

  35. OK, doesn’t everyone think this could actually be a big hit TV show? I mean c’mon, there are really a lot of us.

  36. hey meg and amy- thanks for posting it!
    I’ll keep you posted on “episode 1”

  37. HEY who has been peeping in my window…every animal was in this video except my hamster!

  38. Way to go, Jill B.! Hope you’ll be ready to make more episodes when the networks start calling!

    Reality tv + extreme cuteness = big box office!

  39. Chief Sister Officer says:

    1. This fabulous video was made by Jill Beale, high school video teacher EXTRAORDINAIRE! I hope she finishes her pilot episodes soon so we can all enjoy her amazing work on the big screen!

    2. Meg, those tennis photos were posted without permission therefore I refuse to bring pizza to the next CO Board Meeting and plan on drinking all your wine instead.

    3. I don’t go by Moo, that’s Meg’s special family name. 🙂

  40. 1a. Rockin’. We in the Catcave eagerly await the pilot, for the Really Big Screen (teh proJECtor). Also still waiting for The Puppy Channel.

    2a. The Linkmaster strikes again! Muahahaa! (OK, you’re DEFINITELY not a CO n00b if you’re up-to-date on the in-jokes. More like a “stealth” regular? A silent partner? Ooh — how about “Lurkmaster?”)

    3a. Okey dokes, then… but you’ve neglected to answer the implied question.

  41. Jackie from Michigan says:

    I want to watch this show, for it’ll be one of the few reality shows I’ll watch!

  42. HAH A beta 😛

  43. When animals stop being polite and start being real, they eat each other. That’s not very cute.

  44. Awesome! I watched it twice it was so good. Hang on, I might have to watch it a THIRD TIME! Squee!