Would you please look at my legs

…’Cause I’m not sure if they’re elbows or legs. They kinda bend like elbows, and thankfully, they keep me right side up with my huge schnozzle.

Also, can someone please explain why I’m hanging out on a placemat? This place is—foreign to me! [say in unfrozen caveman lawyer voice]


Non-stop nose-twitching thanks to Sara L.



  1. Tony James says:

    P0IT! Postus Firstus!

  2. First of all, what is that?

    Second of all, how can it be so cute?

    Third of all, I just passed out from how cute his bendy elbow legs are!

  3. brownamazon says:

    TETHR (teeny ear to head ratio) + profusion of whiskers + balancing pole tail – BEF= cute. Don’t know what kind of rodent this is, tho’… related to the kangaroo rat of last week, perhaps?

  4. Interesting picture. Reminds me of Hamtaro.

  5. Denita TwoDragons says:

    It’s a Muad’diblet! Ahhhnnn!

    (BTW those aren’t his knees, they’re really his heels. But I still wanna tickle ’em!)


  6. surely there must be some new rules of cuteness that can be made from this little creature. what about the downy soft fur covering everything? the eye! the eye!
    what about the mouth that seems to be slightly agape, just like the orange kitty photos (oh so cute) from yesterday?

  7. Holy brushy whiskerage!

    ‘I don’t *understand* your fancy little animals with giant elbow-feet!’

  8. Somebody call 911 RIGHT now. This thing is illegally cute. What does it think it’s doing to me? And who gave it the right to make me implode from its teeny little velvety cuteness?

  9. I luuuurve him!

    Look at that look on his face-he’s plotting!

  10. LOL> happy fun ball, one of my faves!
    I should have said,
    “Your fancy little animals with giant elbow-feet frighten & confuse me!”
    coffee….kick in…NOW!

  11. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    He’s ready to sproinggg.

  12. I’m pretty sure this one was photo shopped. Nice effect though,

  13. [thunderclap]
    Teeeeeee JaaaaAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!

  14. He looks like one of those wind-up hopper toys. heh heh

  15. Tony James says:

    He looks slightly similar to ManxMouse (which you should read if you haven’t), but the earses are smaller…

    (sorry, Teh-0 – I couldn’t resist. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, and all that. I’ll trade you – I won’t do it again if we can get a guarantee of 2 new Dooneses (or other fosterfuzz) videos a week – deal? 🙂

  16. What is it? Has someone been photoshopping, or is this a real creature?

  17. he has an old man combover forreal. also furry pickup sticks legs.


  18. my.god. IT’S A TRIBBLE! 😛

  19. Denita and Pheral — my nerd’s heart is happy, this day.

  20. FAR o-u-t!
    welcome, tiny alien-cutelings!

  21. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Is it me or does it remind anyone else of a cotton-bud? I feel an overwhelming urge to clean my ears with it.
    I must go google and see if I can find some video of one of these sproinging – I bet they look great in motion.

  22. Denita TwoDragons says:

    “cotton-bud”? Is that what they call “Q-tips” over the pond?

    Yeah, definitely looks like a little Q-tip with the stick bent. I wanna put my eye shadow on with it!


  23. Tony James says:

    Sheddlie – before inserting Tribble into ear, we reccomend…

  24. omg – cotton buds – I luf this site – such a learning experience!

  25. Elaine Benes says:

    WORD on the SNL Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer reference. “I’m just a caveman! Your world frightens and confuses me!” – Sigh, I heart (and miss) Phil Hartman. That mouse (or whatever he is) is SO CUTE! Look at his little mouth, slightly open, kind of smiling, and he’s all wide-eyed… awwww! He looks like he’s having a cute little adventure. *POOF!*

  26. His feet look like little furry spatulas

  27. TJ — forget the Tribblear; get a Babel Fish!

    (or better yet… http://world.altavista.com/ )

  28. I’m pretty sure that’s a gerbil. (I had some as pets)

  29. …and by the way — the Dooneses are getting harder and harder to get on video. They’re FAST. I’d have to track them “Blair Witch” style, and we don’t need Cuteologists urping all over their keyboards, do we?

  30. Whiskers, whiskers! I want to pinch his cheekers. Small and cute!

  31. I’m pretty sure that’s a gerbil. (I had some as pets before)

  32. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Ah ha sproinging in motion:


    I forgot – I saw a David Attenborough programme about these little guys and seeing this clip brought it all back – wow they’re quick when they sproing! You can see how closely related to gerbils they are when they zip.

  33. do they make toupees out of these little guys? cos he’s a dead ringer for the head-thatch of our now-flown biz dev dude.

    (wants to lick the furry spatulas [props2sarah]. why?? ’tis the blood sugar sex magik of CO.)

  34. Beauregard says:

    I swear Meg, your SNL comments never cease to amaze me. And what a cute muzzle-puff!

  35. Please, will somebody pick me up off the floor? Because I have ‘sploded from looking at thees leetle creeter.

  36. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Crikey TJ that’s enough to put you off cotton-buds for life. Actually I seem to remember my Mum used to be a bit harsh with them – perhaps that’s why I’d rather use the mini-tribble.
    As to the babelfish – the tribble would tickle too much to leave him in for long – a quick whisk around for ear-cleaning yes but leaving him there to translate for you – now that’s just silly.

  37. Has anyone noticed the ear-to-body ratio! It’s killing me.

  38. Has anyone noticed the ear-to-body ratio! It’s killing me.

  39. Has anyone noticed the ear-to-body ratio! It’s killing me.

  40. hehe, imagine how his little legs spring his tiny body if you could pet him with only one finger

  41. Is that little bump under his chin a lower jaw? OMG how cute. Am I the only one who has a thing with lower jaws? Or lower lips. They can be so schweeeeet.

  42. Snakes on a plane! No one makes Unfrozed Caveman Lawyer references anymore! Thank you!

    And I love the little paddle like knee-feet.


    (boing boing boing! “We come in peace! Take me to your leader!” boing boing boing…)

  44. OMG, what is it? Baby Kangaroo Rat? Cutest damn baby EVER.
    How can he stay upright? He seems so, um, top heavy. The laws of physics have been suspended!

  45. Yep, I’m thinking Kangaroo Rat. Too, too cute. Precious baby.

  46. it’s so tineeeeeeeeeeey *poof*

  47. Love the unfrozen caveman lawyer refs! However, I have to add:

    “All that time I tried to get you to look at my legs–Captain, look at my legs! (although these legs are not affected by grup-disease! Tell me I am not talking to myself here!)

  48. his feet are taped down! look closely

  49. Oh, sure, it’s cute NOW…but when an army of them advances toward you, their unnaturally bright, bulging eyes fixed inexorably on your face, their little whiskers twitching as their perfect muzzlepuffs lift in a sneer that reveals their long, sharp, rodent teeth…

    Of course I may have been reading too much Stephen King.

  50. Dear ceejoe and americans in general… why are q-tips called q-tips? cotton bud makes sense. what is q-like about the tip? i’m not doing a “we’re better than you” thing in manner of tomayto/tomaaaahto, just v. curious.

  51. phleb… Can it be so?

  52. Tony James says:

    Lilie – Q-Tip is a brand made by Johnson & Johnson, and has become a generic term for the thing, like Hoover (but I’m english and secretly we do know that we’re better than them, don’t we? 🙂

  53. lilie, it’s another case of a brand name becoming a generic name. Like “hoover” where you are. From Wikipedia:
    “Q-tips® are the best-known brand of cotton swabs in Canada and the United States. Q-tip brand cotton swabs are manufactured by Unilever. Most commonly they are used for cleaning ears (though entering the ear canal to remove earwax is not advised, as stated on the package) or applying medicine or makeup.

    It was first produced in 1923 after Leo Gerstenzang, the original founder of the Q-tips Company, observed his wife adding cotton to toothpicks. It was originally called Baby Gays and in 1926 was changed to Q-tips Baby Gays. Later the name Baby Gays was dropped. The “Q” in the name stands for quality.

    “Q-tip” has become a genericized trademark in much of Canada and the United States (people refer to any brand of cotton swab as a Q-tip)”

  54. Dara,
    certainly this wee beastie would accept the ministrations of Dr. McCoy

  55. TJ, first again!

  56. Baby Gays??!
    Baby Gays !!!?

    that is by far the coolest thing I’ve learned this week.

  57. Tony James says:

    Laurie – W0OT! 🙂

  58. Sometimes you can’t totally trust Teh Wiki… but I don’t think I’ll call them “Q-Tips” (or “cotton swabs”) ever again.

  59. Laurie – thanks v much. I suspected that but wondered if the bud had a little q-like tail…..!

    TJ: I only said it to be polite – but yes. after all we know what “pants” really are.

  60. yep, can’t blindly trust teh Wiki, but in this case, “Baby Gays” has been corroborated,

  61. Not elbows. Those are more like his ankles with giant hippity hoppity feet. ^_^

    I’m fascinated by how he’s suspended over them. And there’s some serious BEF going on with the cute fella.

  62. Yay, Verily!

  63. A Fine Morsel says:

    There is such an old man quality to him, it’s true! Imagine an even smaller li’l animal fetching him his newspaper and slippers!

  64. it is not tape it is furry spatulas!!!!

    not to be neggin’ the vibe pls!!!!

  65. The Guy Over There says:

    Kangaroo rats are finally getting the luvin they deserve. No one can resist their big-eyed hoppy cuteness!

  66. Such wee little legs!


  67. Muadiblet! yes indeed.
    Very similar to a gerbil IMHo but I think he’s a “kangaroo rat” Jerboa, kinda like the one a little while back.

    two-sheds, that’s not a sproing! that’s teleportery! “I think I shall go over there.” (popping sound)

    I now know more about “cotton buds” than I thought I needed to know, but wow, I’ll be much more careful with those things in the future… (Maybe I need to go see an ENT doc too, come to think of it.)

  68. This looks like the little mousie my kitty dragged in last week. Don’t worry, though, I was there to save the day 😀

  69. He DOES look like a cute, furry, beady little T-Rex (short frint limbs, long back limbs, long tail …)

    Um, ok, I think I’m with Jaye on this one … 😉

  70. Baby Gays sounds awfully cute!
    tee hee!

    I like “cotton buds,” but fear I will always call ’em “Q-tips.”

    Escalator, kleenex… lost their branding, too. D’oh!

  71. Oh… My…. Gawd… That there is a weapon of mass destruction. Shield your eyes from the cuuute!!!

  72. Definitely Kangaroo Rat, baby gerbils tend to just look like miniature gerbils, and do not have the ginormous feetsies like this fellow, and their tails would not be as thick and long. Also the eye and ear ratio is off for a baby gerbil.

    So mos def a Babeh Kangaroo Rat. And is he ever prosh.

  73. Correctly guess the number of whiskers and win a prize!

  74. It’s like a toy that if you push down on the front and let go it jumps up in the air, spins, and lands…nice

  75. PussyCatToes says:

    I don’t mean to be a party pooper, but no, just hell no. That thing is sick looking and not really cute at all. But nice try anyway. I certainly don’t mean any harm, I’m sure he is very lovable, but no. I just threw up a little in my mouth looking at those elbow-y feet. Eeh.

  76. lurkertype says:

    So he *is* a Muad’Diblet!

    I wish there was something for scale — little guy probably is smaller than a Q-tip.

    Is there a body under there, or is it just a blob of fluff with attached eyes, ears, pipe-cleaner feet, and tail? It’s like God was bored on a rainy Sunday afternoon and did an arts and crafts project!

  77. Sounds like PussyCatToes might be a little out-of-touch with her hunting instincts.

    Gooshyfood, anyone?

  78. LOL. look at the head-to-body ratio! is that even physically possible!

  79. ROFL, Theo!

    Omg, here’s another dude from another dimension! And when I read “schnozzle” I spit all over the keyboard.

    Wonderful!!! Has the CO populace gone up since Time? It’s even busier than usual it seems!

  80. Oh my god, I didn’t even bother to look at the abso-friggn-lutly ridiculous whiskers here.

    He’s got more whiskers than both my cats put together.

    How anyone could not love this little bundle of rodent joy is beyond me…

  81. I agree, he is so totally lovable….but, does he look a teensy bit self conscious?

  82. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    trin – so that’s how come rodents of a gerbilish nature move so bloody fast.
    I swear -I once spent the best part of a couple of days trying to catch baby gerbils who had escaped from their cage via devious means. The teleportery explains it all now – not only how come myself and my colleague (the gerbs lived in her classroom) couldn’t catch/ find the little blighters – but also how they got out in the first place!
    Teleportation – built right into their DNA hmmmmm makes perfect sense now.

    I’m sure he’s not big enough to warrant being gooshyfood Theo – you ratbag – you got me hooked on that damn site! 😉

  83. WHAT THE HECK IS IT???? It looks like it jumped out of some Pixar cartoon!

  84. “cotton bud” is Limey for “Q-tip”? That’s *adorable*.

    Almost as cute as “bog roll” for “toilet paper” and “spliff” for … medicinal herb rolled into a cigarette.

    Oh, those droll, droll British ….

  85. “Spliff” is a Britishism?? Thought it was a Jamaican import. Haven’t done any first-hand research, though.

  86. awwwwwwwwwwww

  87. This is the site the photo is from:

    I don’t think it’s photoshopped. I don’t know what it is, I just see that the author has lots of them.

  88. I love the look on its face.


    Looks like it’s either plotting something evil or solving a mystery.

  89. bees on pie says:

    Has anyone noticed that a lot of our brand-names-that-become-generic-names are for Johnson & Johnson products: Q-tips, Band-Aids, Kleenex (those are all J&J, right)? I’m just sayin’.

    I LOVE Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer! I’m still not over Phil Hartman dying. 😦

  90. Kleenex is from a company called Kimberly-Clark. They also make a product called “Kimwipes”.

  91. GOMA but thats a sweet little jerboa! Desert mice are the most adorable little balls of fluff!

    Makes me go squeak, let alone the mousie!

  92. Cutest. Rodent. Ever.

  93. That’s either a kangaroo rat or a jerboa. Definitely not Photoshopped. I used to take care of kangaroo rats at a rescue place.

  94. The website posted by Amanda says it’s a Pygmy Jerboa. So, so cute!

  95. pendlerpiken says:

    “(boing boing boing! “We come in peace! Take me to your leader!” boing boing boing…)”

    Loris: LOL
    boing boing indeed…

  96. Bees on pies (cool name) – none of those have caught on in UK, Kleenex maybe but we’d normally say tissue. and elastoplast. Band Aid was a charity song in the 80s.

  97. baby jerboa! or should I say “jerboing”?

  98. It’s a kangaroo rat I think? At least, it saves as kangie_baby. I am exploding with the squeeness

  99. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Erm lilie isn’t elastoplast a brand? Or was that what you meant? I thought we said plasters for elastoplasts. Perhaps it was years of Blue Peter and the BBC’s brand free programming having an effect on my language usage. Do you ever find yourself referring sticky backed plastic instead of Selotape though? Did that ever catch on?

  100. The Guy Over There says:

    Beverley, I deeply envy your volunteer experience.

  101. I can see why kangaroo rats might need a rescue place. They look fiendishly easy to lose.

  102. I think it’s a kangaroo rat this time. Wikipedia it and you’ll see a pic of it. It’s in the same family with Jerboas.

  103. bees on pie says:

    lilie–thanks, it’s a Mystery Science Theater 3000 reference (you might know that already).

  104. A thinker says:

    *That* is a very bizarre creature. He looks as if he should hop around muttering “meep” to himself all the time.

  105. Villeline says:

    Cutie! I wanna see it jump!


  106. It’s a baby kangaroo rat- it is not photo shopped. This is actually what they look like.

  107. It’s a jerboa =D so cute!!

  108. i dont like it.. disgusting

  109. It does look like the little cutie’s feet are taped to the placemat. That’s cruel.

  110. You people ruining the vibe. How sad. 😦 Just because you don’t like rodents doesnt mean you have to ruin it for those of us who accept its adorableness!


  111. Exactly that is it? It is very nice but not that is

  112. Could you tell me what’s the little cute’s name?
    It’s really soooooooo cute.
    I love it=D