Tommy! Is that thing on?

[camera nods yes]

Look, I’m crawlin’ inta tha ‘Baastin Baked Beans jah! It’s wicked dahk in heah!


I’m dunkin’ in heah like a friggin’ Dunkin’ Donut!


Aw right are you getting this, Tommy? We gotta send this back to the guys at UMASS!


Wicked Pissah, Mitzi!



  1. I love the hamster bean butt.

  2. “…but… but… where’s the beans??”

  3. The accent makes it. You nailed it, Meg.

  4. acelightning says:

    Tiny Straight Tail (and adorable feetsies) in pictures 1 and 2. And that “bean pot” wouldn’t hold more than about 25 actual beans. But the expression in the last picture… “I’m not so shuah this was a good idear aftah all…”

  5. OMG, that was just the lift I needed today. Wicked Pissah, indeed!!!!

  6. Teeny tail! Teeny ears! Teeny toesies! aaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeiiiiiiii…

  7. luvs the teeny q-tip foot in 1st pic. and the hammie’s coloring is suppa-prosh, like an orangesicle beginning to melt.

    and yeah, “why yoaa park yaar car so fah from Havaad yaad?

  8. Bwaaaahhhhhhh! [Diet Coke creating rainbow droplets all over monitor]

  9. Now, which one of the Tappet brothers is that? Click or Clack?

  10. laterz….

    golly, these beans are smaller than i remember.

    drier, too.

  11. obviously Tommy. Ray is holding and trying to not drop the camera.

    write your comments, complaints, suggestions on the back of a 20-dollar bill and send it to us at CODOHQ.

  12. This reminds me so much of an old picture I have of my little hamster Monkey in a pot of cooled, leftover rice. She was eating, I called her, she looked up, and I snapped it.

    So cute! I love hamsters.

  13. can anyone in Our Fair City explain the etymology of Tappet?

  14. I think it’s from “Car Talk” — help, somebody?

  15. *high fives Dan S. for the awesome reference*

    The Tappet Brothers…stars of NPR’s “Car Talk.” The show is pretty funny, even if you don’t really care about cars. What happens is someone will call in with a question about their car. The brothers will answer it. Pretty simple, yet always entertaining. Check ’em out at your local public radio station (91.5FM in the Chicagoland area).

    Also, they have the most atrocious accents. Ever.

    K, well, maybe not atrocious…but you get the idea.

  16. Do you all realize that if Meg ever decides to take a (well-deserved) vacation to a place with no internet, we are all cooked?

  17. finn,

    a guess is that “Tappet” may be car mechanic slang, i.e. “why don’tcha take that dangling muffler and tappet back into place?”

    just a guess. awaiting the denizens of the Fair City to weigh in with the correct etymology.

  18. Laurie C — I think something *might* be arranged in that instance.

  19. I’d eat that over an open campfire. Rawr.

  20. Kris, in New England says:

    Mariser: “why yoaa park yaar car so fah from Havaad yaad?”

    Actually, it would be more like this: “Why didja pahk the cah so fah from Hahvahd Yahd.”

    And if we’re really going to be picky (just feelin’ snarky today, sorry), it would be even more on point to say “Wicked Awesome”.

    Grew up just outside of Bahstahn…still my favorite city in the world.

    And oh yeah, the hammie is just too adorable.

  21. They’re Click and Clack, the Tappit brothers. Indeed, “Tappit” is a reference to automotive percussive maintenance: basically, you bang on whatever-it-is that is clicking or clacking until it stops. Also, what do you mean about their accent? What accent?

  22. A Fine Morsel says:

    The tail!! I want to bite it!

  23. Fuzzy butt!!!

  24. ah, Percussive Maintenance.**
    thanks, TeratoM.

    **also works on bikes.

  25. I’ve noticed that many people from Boston never really lose the ‘r’, they just recycle them to somewhere else. My old CEO was from Bahstahn and he would refer to certain foreign countries as “Chiner” and “Indier”.

  26. I totally agree, Amy H! I live in Boston, and I’ve noticed that all the natives with the accents say stuff like “I sawr” instead of “I saw”

    But this post was really funny. UMASS –it’s educational!

  27. Mitzi's Mommy says:

    This is my hamster and though she does live near Boston, I assure you she doesn’t have the accent! The most she makes are charming little squeeks when she has the hiccups. I wish you could hear them.

  28. warrior rabbit says:

    Yeah, for anyone who hasn’t ever listened to Car Talk, it really is both hysterical and helpful. They are brothers, although their last name’s really something like Magliazzi, and while mechanics they also happen to be MIT engineers.

    I’ve tried to explain the show to others (a car show! as entertainment?! what?!), but in the end you just have to listen. They often provide marital advice, settle disputes between family members, and so on.

    They have a way of making everything fun, but they do get an awful lot of weird calls to begin with. You can listen to their latest show online here:

    Mitzi, your hammy is too cute. The stubby tail! Awww!

  29. The show is fab. One favorite line from them that I use every so often – “He’s unencumbered by the thought process.”

    I also loved it when Ashley Judd called in to complain that her husband doesn’t let her drive when they are both out. I forget his name, but she’s married to a racecar driver, maybe Formula One/Grand Prix. It was a hoot.

  30. Look – It doesn’t take much to see that this guy won’t amount to much in this crazy world.

  31. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  32. I’ve NEVER liked ham in my baked beans. Who’s responsible, here?

    T: Round up the usual suspects!

  33. Did you find Al Capone’s treasure?

  34. warrior rabbit says:

    Aubrey, could it be that he won’t amount to…a hill of beans?

  35. Meg, I’m having the most hellacious day, and your captions along with the adotybo pics gave me a much needed laugh.

    And Mitzi’s Mommy you have a cute little girl there!

  36. ‘zackly, War Bunny. 😉

  37. Again with the skinny legs big body cuteness! I do believe we may be on the road to discovering a new rule. Think ostrich.

  38. AG — I can *think* “cute ostrich,” but I can’t quite feel it.

  39. not only is it wicked pissah—he fits in the pot real pissah.

    actually, this particular word is less used than several years ago….

  40. Re: Kris in New England

    Absolutely about “pissah”. That’s really more of a Berlin NH or up Maine phrase.
    Wicked, however, is all over the damn region.

    For anyone interested in more Yankee Talk, pick up a copy of this book.

    And my favorite long forgotten Yankee phrase? “If a cat had kittens in the oven ya wouldn’t call ’em biscuits.”

  41. I’ll have one more Hammie and baked beans please.

  42. now if somebody could just photoshop a teeny tiny Red Sox cap on him in the last pic…

  43. Kris, in New England says:

    “I’ve noticed that many people from Boston never really lose the ‘r’, they just recycle them to somewhere else.”

    Well yes, we are thrifty Yankees and don’t want to see anything go to waste.

    And something unique to New England is saying “all set”.

  44. warrior rabbit says:

    “Mitzi, your hammy is too cute. The stubby tail! Awww!”

    Oops. Mitzi’s MOMMY, your hammy is too cute. (sheepish grin)

  45. Being from Mass, this just made my day.

    “Now where did I pahk the cah?”

  46. Bettymouse says:

    Ahh, what a great sequence!

    So, about “pissah:” it is definitely used in Mass. I recall being forbidden to use the phrase “wicked pissah” when I was a child…

    “All set” is a New Englandism? Who knew?

  47. Yes, Sharon, she needs a Sox cap, def. I didn’t know “all set” was specific to New England either, that’s wicked cool! Go Sox!

  48. White Sox? [teehee]

  49. warrior rabbit says:

    Er…”all set” as in ready to go, everything taken care of? If so, then no, it’s not unique to New England.

  50. While I’m a huge fan of Car Talk, I’m thinkin’ that the accents are really a takeoff on a reoccurring Saturday Night Live sketch, with Jimmy Fallon and Rachel as Boston kids who always filmed their escapades. Brilliant captions!

  51. The pictures aren’t even that cute but the commentary is awesome!

    Meg, again, you are my hero.

  52. Hilarious!

    We say “all set” out west.

  53. lurkertype says:

    Laura’s right, the commentary is from the old SNL sketches. Mentally put a Red Sox hat on him and hear the dialogue in Jimmy Fallon’s voice for the whole effect.

    “All set” is common Amurricn usage.

  54. I must say, people from my current neck of the woods, NYC, especially the outer boroughs and Lawnguyland, put an extra r in things. How many Lindars do I know these day….

  55. ceejoe, hee! After my Sox got knocked out of the running last year, I did root for those differently-colored Sox, just so I could continue to say “Go Sox!”

  56. In the sleepy west of the woody east is a bean pot full, full o’ hamster, we got ideas to us that’s dear like snuffling, like snorgling, like lots of things you’ve heard about..
    It’s educational!

  57. As a variation, my boyfriend will often ask, “Ready casette?” despite my numerous threats of desperate bodily harm unless he nips that particular phrase in the bud.

  58. Tappets are parts of a car engine; my dictionary defines one as “a lever … moved by some other piece (as a cam)”. If your engine is not working right, the tappets may make a lot of noise, hence Click and Clack. My old pickup’s tappets would rattle and bang all over everything if the oil got the least bit low. Adding a quart did wonders…

    The “Tappet” brothers were also the voices of Rusty and Dusty, the sponsors of Lightening McQueen, the rookie race car in the recent movie “Cars”. (LMcQ is slightly embarrassed by his sponsors, since they make a ‘rust cream’ for rear bumpers… like racing for Preparation H, I expect.)


  59. Wicked little guy.
    Wicked scorcha little critta.

  60. Aubrey – “Ready Cassette” is super funny! Thanks, I’ll start using it. In my crowd we have:
    Sqweet – short for “let’s go eat”
    Sensuous – as used in this sentence “Hey sensuous up, get me a beer”

  61. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Emc^2 – you beat me to it!

    But now I want Mitzi to be holding a little monkey wrench because this thread has got me associating hammies with tappets. I’m all confusssled.

  62. Sweet photos! And captions to make my day!!! That little cutie is so much better than baked beans, any day. (shh, I’m from Boston and I hate baked beans.)

    Someone already commented on the “I’ve noticed that many people from Boston never really lose the ‘r’, they just recycle them to somewhere else” comment, but it’s so true. Someone once made me say “Idea” (“Idear”), and other words, when I was younger to test my accent, lol..

  63. punk penguin says:

    you’ve got the accent down!

  64. Ahhhh…cute hammy!

  65. Give this a try for the Beantown:

  66. lurkertype says:

    I saw boxes of Bahston Baked Beans candy today in the store. No hammie, Fallon-esque or otherwise, though.

  67. Oh, God~weak from laughing. Those captions are TOO FUNNY!

  68. whack for the daddy ‘ol
    there’s whiskers in the jar !
    :^ P

  69. I love the original ‘Jaws’. Anyone remember when Chief Brody told his wife where the kids were – in what he thought was a proper Amity accent:

    “They’re in the “yahd”, not too “fah” from the “cah”.”

    And she told him he sounded like he was from New York.

  70. Jackie from Michigan says:

    How do we know that the hamster didn’t eat all the beans before hopping into the jar?


  71. Beantown baby; just escapin’
    The frat house for a while
    Tiny tail, whiskered smile,
    You’re buried inside a jar
    Peers o’er the rim, you must’ve seen him
    You gotta understand
    Though beans are yummy,
    He’ll stay with me
    Tiny hamster in my hand

  72. lurkertype says:

    hold me closer, tiny haaaaaamster…

    Hee! Aubrey

  73. Floofy hammie butt… Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Best hammie ever.

  74. If he/she was a Rhode Island hamsta’ he would be crawlin’ inta a cupa “clam chowda”

  75. “Er…’all set’ as in ready to go, everything taken care of? If so, then no, it’s not unique to New England.”

    Welp, I’m thinking of the use of “all set” that means “I’m done” or “I have no more use for that.” I’m not sure if that’s a New England use or not. An example: I’m sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket, and become too warm. I am then all set with that blanket, and take it off. See?

  76. Kris, in New England says:

    Warrior Rabbit & SoxFan – “all set” as in “Do you have what you need?” – “Yes, I’m all set.”

    I was told by someone who works with people from all over the world; the only ones who say “all set” in the context above are from New England.

  77. englishgirl says:

    erm, sorry ’bout this. Am having trouble imagining what this Boston accent sounds like – I was always told it was close to a southern English one. Can you help me with a really famous person that I might have heard of over here in London who sounds right?
    Absolewtely sooper site by the way.

  78. Englishgirl:
    Ever heard the Kennedys?
    or Mayor Quimby on The Simpsons?
    That’s the accent.

  79. brownamazon says:

    I *love* Car Talk! So enterntaining on the long drive from, say, Montreal to D.C… My favourite expression is “where there’s smoke, there’a Saab.” God knows we luuurve our Saab, but that’s funny.
    We also use “all set” in the way Kris describes North of the border, yo. And I’ve also heard “Indier” and “Chiner” in NYC (no odder to Canadian ears than Eye-raq and Eye-ran, tho’…)

  80. brownamazon says:

    Ceebs–don’t forget Cliff from Cheers.

  81. Oh yeah, good ol’ Cliffy!
    I always loved how he calls Norm “Nammy”.

  82. englishgirl says:

    Thanks ceebs! and brownamazon! He’s the bloke in all the Pixar films, right? I can hear Hammy now.

  83. Aubrey & Lurk-T — LOL, am singing now…

    EnglishGirl — we have a hard time distinguishing Northern from London from West-Country from flippin’ Aussie, so, no worries. 😉

  84. englishgirl, check out the URL I posted somewhat above these. Complete guide to Boston English…

  85. warrior rabbit says:

    Kris in New England,

    Nope — the way you use “all set,” we use “all set” (I’m in California). In fact, you might even hear the occasional shorthand: “Set?” “Set.”

    We don’t use it SoxFan’s way though. If I don’t need the blankie anymore, I’m just done with it. Not all set.

  86. The hamster’s eating the beans!

  87. Tiny. Extended. Hamster. Leg.

    And that is all I will say.

  88. …And on the accent, I just moved to New England a year ago. I still find the accent *very* strange and sometimes a little difficult to understand.

  89. Welcome to NE, thinkie, home of the nation’s worst drivers (Massachusetts).

  90. Wrong worst drivers are from my home state , good ole’ Rhode Island. A national survey was done! We refuse to stop for pedestrians, we never, ever use a turn signal, and run red lights like there is no tomorrow.I do none of the above I actually grew up out of state. Thank God!!!!

  91. A thinker says:

    I have definitely heard that about Mass drivers, Jaypo. Dunno if it’s true, but ’round here people have a nickname for them: Massholes (teehee!)

  92. I can’t hear “Mass Driver” and not think of Babylon 5. (…or the “X Universe” space-sim games)

    Geek THAT, peeps.

  93. The best part in the first episode was when they said “raise the shields” and GUNS came out! WHOOOOOOT.

    [all your geek are belong to me]

  94. Yeah… they may have erred on the side of “WE’RE NOT STAR TREK” just a bit.

  95. “Massholes”

    I actually heard that first in Vermont because all the Massholes drive up north during leaf season to get away from all the Noo Yawkas who come here.

    8950gt–we can share the glory:

  96. warrior rabbit says:

    That’s funny. We (in SoCal) get the Zoners during the spring/early summer. Sunday drivers every durn day they’re here.

  97. chunkstyle says:

    Way to represent Boston Meg! Woot woot! You can’t actually post what a Bostonian would say since this is a family site. The F-word is like watah to us.

  98. This hamster butt made me laugh harder than I have in about 5 years. Literally. It took 20 minutes for me to regain my composure. The Bostonian commentary was what killed me. Thank you for the best laugh I’ve had in a long, long time!!