Tiny camping partner

I think it’d be really great if you were out camping, and instead of a big spider crawlingk into your sleeping bag at night, you turned on your flashlight and saw this NIGHTTIME SNUGGLING PARTNER READY FOR ACTION!


Carrie C. found this on Flickr, but she’s not sure which page…



  1. My friend has a beagle whose favourite place in the world is the sleeping bag. especially when there are feet he can slurp in there. bleurgh.

    rabbit on other hand – so cyute!

  2. sender-inner can’t remember where she found this … hmmm, maybe because her head exploded?? Too, too, too cute.

  3. Good God, but the buns always get me. Abdominal pains of cuteness!

  4. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    AH! Cute! I wish there was something for size reference. It certainly looks pocket-size…

  5. If you put that bun next to a cottonball, I bet the cottonball would be bigger.

  6. who made this? a tiny mommy bunny? god?

  7. Oh.

  8. Is this the ‘cotton bud’ Lilie was talking about, a couple of posts back?

  9. Yet another “dust bunny” achieves LIFE!

  10. [PLODES]

    (“ex” or “im” – you decide. I’m dead either way.)

  11. Why do I have an overwhelming urge to powder my nose?

  12. *giggles at Subhangi*

  13. I could bring him to work for constant real-life cuteness. I got a drawer all ready.

  14. That would be much nicer than the spiders. *shudder* Muuuuch nicer.

    I actually have to go camping in the next couple of weeks. So, Buns, good!
    Spiders, bad!

  15. Sigh. Such a fluffybun.
    I’ll take him “camping” with me…where we get room service and mints on our pillows. (I’m a city girl. Camping and I don’t go well together!)

  16. Aubrey – hmmm. Maybe people getting “q-tip” injuries (as in TJs article) is a misplaced snorgle???

    Dr: can you tell me how you came to have this q-tip in your nose?
    Patient: I was only snorgling…

  17. Okay seriously, I can’t stop looking at him! Lookit his big puffy muzzlepuffs! He looks like he has a big floofy moostache! Like Sam Elliot only way cuter…!

  18. Denita TwoDragons says:

    OK that’s it, everyone turn out the lights, it’s over. We have officially reached the Event Horizon of Cuteness. All other cuteness is inexorably drawn into its singularity, never to escape again.


  19. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Such cuteness I have never seen before!!!!

  20. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Such cuteness I have never seen before!!!!

  21. This bunny is much more welcome in my bed than the two scorpions who woke me from my slumber in the past few months. Those died violent deaths; this bunny would be snorgled gently and lovingly.

    I would hug him and love him and call him George.

  22. The cuteoverload@gmail.com e-mail address is not working 😦

  23. omg i just wanna squeeze it.

  24. blue sleepingbag of fabulousness!

    (i made a little birdhouse in my soul.)

  25. oops didn’t mean to double comment!

  26. [begins planning the first annual CO camping trip]

  27. Don’t you mean pup tents, TheLuna?

  28. How could I have missed *that*?!

    [hangs head in shame]

  29. That tent is nicer than my apartment.


  30. The *blue* sofa does it again.

  31. Tony James says:

    This guy is probably small enough to make a good Q-Tip – just pop him in your ear, let him run about a bit to dislodge the wax, then haul him out and tap gently to dislodge the wax from his fur. You could then use the wax to make candles.

  32. ooh ooh ooh! I’m going camping *tomorrow* – want him, want him, want him!!!

  33. teej, maybe from *your* ears…;-)

  34. CO camping trip… whoo-hoo!

    The only question is: Does pudding travel well in Coleman coolers?

  35. OH MY DOODNESS!!!!!!

  36. J.Bo, that what pudding cups are for!

  37. that = that’s

    (clearly I got overexcited at the thought of pudding cups)

  38. AmyH: George??!

  39. Don’t worry, Laurie C– pudding will do that to a person…

  40. Lilie:
    For those who are directionally challanged, yes, this is entirely possible.

    As for this bun – if you were to pan away, I don’t think you’d be seeing a royal blue backpack, but a cushion, decorated with tassels and thick gold braid fringe. The perfect offering of peace for a representative of any country which happens to be, shall we say, ‘unhappy’ at the moment. There are so many to choose from – which one would get the bun?

    Or he could be a Goodwill Ambassador – making stops around the world!

    ‘Goodwill’ not as this:

    more like this:

  41. Aelfwyn: There’s a bugs bunny cartoon where the abominable snowman catches Bugs and says he will “hug him and kiss him and call him George,” squeezing Bugs waaaaay too tight in the process.

    This is a reference to “Of Mice and Men” in which one of the characters, Lenny, loves fuzzy little animals but unfortunately is a big brute and squishes them. 😦 His friend is called George . Lenny babbles sometimes about having his own rabbit pen and asks, “Can I pet the rabbits, George?”

    I’m not doing the novel justice, it’s a sad, haunting story that takes place during the Great Depression. But that’s where “call him George” originally (loosely) came from.

    I hope this explanation helped!

  42. …and THAT’S a reference to parts of The Grapes of Wrath, Courtney. Nothing new under the sun.

  43. Aelfwyn- it’s a joke based ona Bugs Bunny cartoon, which in turn is a parody of the mentally slow character in Of Mice and Men.

    And that was the last thought I had before my head exploded.

  44. Tell me about the rabbits, George!

  45. Wait WAIT wait.
    Crap. This is what happens when you try to sound all smart-like and learn’ed, when you’ve actually only *skimmed* things… bah!

    At least it’s still Steinbeck.

  46. I used to have a little friend
    A little friend to pet and play with
    I used to have a little friend
    But he don’t move no more.

    (Anyone else remember that?)

  47. Tony James says:

    Achtung Achtung! Urgent Message for KittinLeutnant Arbed (and J.Bo) regardink se Puddinkwerferschnorglekanonen! Ze Heimatsversicherungsamt (aka Dept. of Homeland Security) hast announced that ze carryink of puddinks on ze aeroplanes ist now VERBOTEN!

  48. Courtney, in a further “update,” remember the episode of “Friends” where Joey first gets the baby chick and is smiling and petting it a bit obsessively, and Chandler says “Easy, Lenny”? I thought that was a surprisingly literary reference for a sitcom.

  49. LOL on the Sam Elliot reference

  50. Looney Toons does a take off on the Lenny and George characters from “Of Mice and Men” I think they are bears.

    And poor Bugs Bunny gets petted and smushed and squeezed and called George.

    It’s been a while so I’m not sure if I’m recalling this accurately.

  51. BUNNY!!!!!!!!!!


  52. TJ– Now, if we could only find a doctor who would actually PRESCRIBE pudding, we’d be all set… at least for 8 oz. per person.

  53. J. Bo, TJ et. al — I know this may backfire on me someday, but I’ll regret that bridge when I come to it. Anyway, here’s a thought…

  54. lurkertype says:

    J.Bo, obvy you can only carry on pudding mix and hope to find milk at your destination. If you ever find a pudding-prescribing doctor, call me!!!

    I have to go out and buy more food for the Tuxedo Horde. With mom still nursing and eating, and the kitns also starting to eat, food is disappearing at an amazing rate.

    This fuzzybun is so prosh I have nothing to add about him.

  55. I want to open a pudding cup and find this little guy inside! (Would that make it on the airplane?)

  56. Tony James says:

    Also, sanks to Teeoh’s linkinks, ve haf a solution! Ve make mit ze instant puddink mix, but make sure zat ve sit next to somevon mit ein small child who has baby milk in a bottle. Zen we can mix ze puddink in the galley usink the hot vater heaters, UND VICTORY WILL BE OURS!

  57. Oh, rabbits have bright, shiney noses,
    I’m telling you this as a friend.
    The reason their noses are shiney
    is cuz the powderpuff’s on the wrong end!

    (except this feller seems to be ALL puff)

  58. T: All this chat here has reminded me of something – any more vids of the Looney Doones in the offing?

  59. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Oh dear… melteth my heart away…

  60. chet's momma says:

    theo-can you give me a link to your little darlings? i missed out on a month or so of CO and would love to see your babies! taming shoelaces, et al.

  61. Oops. Sorry – legs/arms confusion put me in a mental…limb-o, so I sort of skimmed that post. I will be patient.

    But couldn’t you Te-ho them?


  62. My life will not be complete without getting the chance to snorgle a baby bun.

  63. Chet’s Momma — just posted the list of links thus far, in another (cat-related) article thread…

  64. *poit*
    Isn’t it amazing how we can constantly walk around without any heads at ALL????

    This is too cute to exist in our universe and is therefore from some alternate dimension.

    Definitely the event horizon of cuteness!

  65. that is about the smallest bun i think i have ever seen.

  66. …and I will love him and pet him and call him George!

  67. Ahh rats. My link didn’t work!

  68. He would fit just perfectly on my key chain.

  69. Ahhhh – baby bun rab, most likely a lionhead or a lionhead crossed with another breed. He/she would pee in the sleeping bag, though…

    ( )
    ” “

  70. bite size critters rock!

  71. Another candidate for ‘Port-A-Snorgle’. He/she could live in my desk drawer and be available for impromptu snorgle-fests at work.

  72. This is my bunny. I totally submitted this pic. She was a full blooded lionhead rabbit. And yes, they are as adorable as that picture looks.

  73. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Jimmy please don’t use the past tense – was? I don’t think I can take that kind of sadness.

  74. a. sam elliot is a babe.
    b. the day i buy my dog his own tent is the day i’ve officially lost my mind.
    c. i want this bunny in my desk drawer now.

  75. Brak_Silverbone says:

    It’s another spherical rabbit! What is it with all the perfectly round bunny photos lately?

  76. Hmmm, und I yust heppen to be flyink tomorrrrrow. Purrhaps I vill try to schneak ze puddink onboarrrrrd?

  77. I would like TWO camping partners, please. I would like above Teenybun, and I would like Elbows-for-Legs-Whiskery-Dude.
    Please deposit one of each in my sleeping bag. Thank you.

  78. what a wee wittle fwuffy wuffy…I’d never leave my sleeping bag…

  79. Toooooooooooooooo cute – oh my gosh – just want to snorgle snorgle snorgle.

    p.s this is my first post – yay!

  80. acelightning says:

    I seriously believe that, with enough tiny fluffy adorable snorglicious little bunnikinses like this one, we can achieve World Peace. How can there be any kind of hostility when everyone’s going “aaaaaaawwwwwww….”?

  81. Imagine that cute little nose just a sniff, sniff, sniffing away, cute small teeny nose, tiny whiskers… must snorgle soft part behind the ear.

  82. omg not how much is that doggie but how much is that bunnie in the sleeping bag the one with the itzey bitzey ears how much is that bunnie in the sleeping bag i do hope that bunies for sale omg its so so so cute how much i want him now

  83. Britany Rhoads says:

    This lil bunny is too too cute!!!!!

  84. Kein Pudding im Haendgepaecke, bitte schon; nur im Ueberprueftengepaecke. Fuer andere Fragen, bitte sprachen sie doch mit Ihrem Flugbegleiter.

    Danke, das Heimatsversicherabteilung

  85. Denise in Nebraska says:

    I’m with Aubrey…this image is definitely competing with the World Peace Hamster and at the very least could be the key to a continuance of cease-fire in several countries right now (assuming they too, still love “cute”). Go to work, little bunny! We will pay you time and a half, for your effort (what’s your hourly rate, anyway??). Say, did anyone else notice that the little head and little body are two completely perfect round circles?? Could this possibly be contributing to this creature’s ability to bowl us over with its cuteness?????

  86. Denise in N, it’s all in the angle – look at da bun sideways, and the circles disappear…

  87. Whoo. I think his head is *bigger* than his body.

  88. Denise in Nebraska says:

    E. Collison–Hee, hee. Looking at the bun sideways…..hmmm. Still cute, regardless of circles changing shape. Without question, still enough to bring about world peace. :^) Say, I read this is a “lion head” bun-bun….this may explain the disproportionate head-to-body ratio. It’s all in the mane!! I am seriously considering ordering one for myself, from a farm in Kansas that breeds solely lion-head buns. The farm is called “heaven” (not really–but you get the idea….). :^)

  89. Mad Mike – Danke schoen. I don’t have the right keyboard to do all the umlauts, so I’ll just say auf Englisch – thanks for making me feel like all those years of studying German hasn’t gone to waste now that I live in the desert of the American Southwest. Gracias!

  90. AmyH, Michelle, Aubrey, Theo et al., thanks for the literature lesson (if any of you are still here – tried to post yesterday but my PC was on strike). Will have to look out my Steinbeck asap for further unforeseen references to fluffy animals!

  91. wat the heck is that?? is that a rabbit or a hamster? anyway i dont think this is cute at all! its the ugliest think ive ever seen!

  92. Nolee, you should totally meet Donna.

  93. thi thing is the ugliest thing i have ever seen!

  94. …on, you know, a site where you might find things you *do* like.

  95. You’re very welcome, Aelfwyn. I personally have learned a lot as well from all the other peeps. It’s fun to discover what I’ve missed over time and need to check out.

    And yeah, Nolee, we’re sorry this site doesn’t meet your strict cute requirements. I’m sure there’s another site out there that you would find more to your liking.

  96. “I’m sure there’s another site out there that you would find more to your liking.”

  97. Another possibility for the un-cute-yet-bored:

  98. Are lionhead rabbits named from the same source as lionhead goldfish?
    This one looks s-l-e-e-p-y..

  99. T-O, it figures, if anyone could find the end of the internet, you could.

  100. puffyperson says:

    hi people! cute bunny:) but anyway i just wanted to say hi!

  101. Awwwwwwwwwwwe how cute you probably don’t beilieve me well 2 bad 4 u

  102. If you CROSSED a bunny with a spider, would you get a bider or a spunny? Lots of furry cute legs, or long ears on a taratula?

  103. sorry, taraNtula. Spell check malfunction.