“My puppy’s cuteness must be disemitated to the world.”

Yes, that’s what sender-inner Janna said. I’m in total agreement.


Now, puppykins shows off her eye-capsules and Rule #14!


Way to go, Janna L. 😉



  1. Goodness – that tongue!

  2. Papillon! With ears catching the wind, he looks like he’s about to take flight in the first pic.

  3. oh, my, gawd, and I thought MY dog was a cutie-pants! yeesh! that is some major cute going on right there!

    …and don’t be fooled by that oh-so innocent ‘who me?’ expression in the first pic. Look at that devilish glint in the eyes in the 2nd pic. I know, for I, too, am owned by a chihuahua….

  4. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Oh man oh man…it’s like her whole entire head smiles in that second pic! *LOL*


  5. D2D: That papi puppy certainly gets plenty of mileage out of that smileage.

    And I think she’s so happpy because she’s just been sprung out of jail:


  6. misscrisp says:

    I have one word: TONGUE

  7. That thing looks like Gizmo mid-transition. Or the recently-released KISS Furby.

  8. Puppykins is posing for a grad photo in the first one.

  9. lurkertype says:

    Don’t think that’s a papi. I’m going with long-hair wawa. They do look Gizmo-esque.

    Whole-body smile.

  10. brownamazon says:

    Moist chocolate nosicle.

  11. Aw, so cute!!!

    o.O *sad* for some reason, the cute overload email addy doesn’t work, and I can’t send my pictures in *cry*


  12. “Disemitated”? I can only assume “disseminated” is what Janna meant.

    Spell check only enhances the cuteness, really and truly…

  13. Apropos of nothing in particular, we need another skwerl pic…

  14. No! No squirrels! Don’t you people listen? Squirrels are evil– EVIL, I TELL YOU!

    (They might even be worse than poor spelling, and THAT’S saying something…)

  15. Nah, J. bo, *skwerlz* isss duh rite way-hee to sleep it.

  16. You know, no offense but eye capsules just don’t do it for me.

    The humongous ears and mile-long tongue do, however.

  17. Papillon?
    me thinks long-haired chihuahua.

  18. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Eye capsules, looks more like a night on the booze.

  19. Woods Walker says:

    With those ears it canonly be a papillon. No chihuahua has ears like that. Those ears would do Dumbo proud.-Woods Walker

  20. His ears and eyes are just so adorable but his tongue just looks like its gonna drop out any moment, no offence

  21. Awwwwww dee most cutest eye capsules ever! And yes yes, the chocolate nosicle…she looks like she has been nuzzling a fudgsicle!

    Desemitation comPLETE!!!


  22. WW…this chihuahua has ears like that!
    That second photo up there reminds me of how my chihuahua looks at me, I am in the ‘wawa camp.

  23. dis·sem·i·nate
    v. dis·sem·i·nat·ed, dis·sem·i·nat·ing, dis·sem·i·nates
    v. tr.

    1. To scatter widely, as in sowing seed.
    2. To spread abroad; promulgate: disseminate information.

    I’m trying to disseminate proper spelling as well as proper cuteness.

    (above from dictionary.com, found through http://www.onelook.com, which is my absolute favorite way of looking up words.)

  24. i liked it til i seen the tongue! euww lol

  25. That dog is most deffinitely a long haired Chihuahua. I own a long haired Chihuahua, and he looks much like that dog, but a bit fluffier. Papillions have much longer snouts and their fur is much longer.

    Deffinitely an ever-so-cute long hair Chihuahua.

  26. The first photo is cute, but the second one! Oh, the glee, the grin, the TONGUE!!

  27. Bravo, Spelling Nazi! Bad spelling by anyone over the age of eight is never cute.

  28. Eowyn2 — just a few more for you:

    …and if “disemitated” gets picked up into our particular patois, I’ll give it a Glossary entry too.

  29. Long haired wawa def.

    Eye caps make them look so tie-tie… [yawn]

  30. Yay one more time to CO & Meg for the Time thing!

    And again Ellemo, let that be a lesson to you!

  31. Now, I’ve never been a dog person, but that pup is KILLING me. I want I want I want!

  32. you guys r silly says:

    Maybe little puppeh is a
    P.S. *squinty*eyes* ! ! !

  33. Thanks, Theo. I’m in favor of good spelling in general, but, spelling nazis get my undies in a bunch and THAT interupts cuteness induced euphoria.

    Nice little pup.

  34. martha in mobile says:

    Does that pup require an attendant to roll his/her tongue back in after use?

  35. Cute yes. But if I were to give you pictures of my guys your eyes would implode with the cuteness.

  36. people always comment about how huge my doggie’s tongue is, how it fits back in his mouth (esp. now in summer time)

    and….that t-shirt advertised to the right…”Bad grammar makes me [sic]”…cracks me up!

  37. “Bravo, Spelling Nazi! Bad spelling by anyone over the age of eight is never cute.”
    Therese, neither is a rude poster….
    Take it as a mistake, no need to rub someone’s nose in it…

  38. Huge tongue!
    Eye capsules!
    Great ear to head ratio!

    OMG, how anerable can you GET?!!!

  39. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Does anyone else look at that tongue and instantly think of those little pink Baskin-Robbins sample spoons?


  40. I disagree with the wa-wa crowd. The snout looked shorter because of the angles these two pix were taken at. A profile shot would show it. This is a dead ringer for my sister’s Papillon puppy when she was only a few months old. And the ears will grow even larger and featherier as she gets older. The markings on the coat are also classic Papillon.

  41. Yup, Papillon all the way.

  42. Holy tongue to head ratio!! 😀

  43. Lol, D2D – love those eentsy little spoons…

  44. Hehe Theo. Touche (with accent on the e but I’m too lazy to look up the ASCII code).

    As a patois, of course it’s acceptable. 🙂

  45. é

    There you go. No sweat. 😉

  46. Thank you, E to the C, for stressing the proper spelling of “skwerl”!

    Eowyn, you can add a special touch to your touché by holding the Alt key and pressing 0233.

    Otras Letras Españolas (o Franceses):

    á = Alt 0225
    í = Alt 0237
    ñ = Alt 0241
    ó = Alt 0243

    And whether Papillon or Chi, I hereby approve of the dissemination of her cuteness to the world, provided the words are spelled correctly. XD

  47. dang, like I just said about the cotton buds – I *luf* this site – so much learning!!

  48. eyecaps… check. tongue… check. small item makes critter look small… check. we have cuteness, roger!

  49. A Fine Morsel says:

    So sweet in the first pic, and devilish in the second!

  50. “Now available – detachable puppy tongues. Looks 100% natural.”

  51. Sub:
    But I think the pups themselves would prefer their tongues in cheek.

  52. “just me,” Therese wasn’t rude; “The Spelling Nazi” and I were the rude ones. Rag on us, if you must… but we’ll proofread your posts and embarrass you publically if you insist upon it.

    Typos/misspellings/grammos in comments posts don’t bug me– it’s the typos/misspellings/grammos in BIG BOLD HEADLINES that gripe my cookies.

    And I still maintain that proper spelling/grammar only enhances the cuteness.

  53. Wawa or not this baby has great smile. Love it.

  54. “And I still maintain that proper spelling/grammar only enhances the cuteness.”

    And I still maintain that your actions towards “embarass”ing people publicly is rude and uncall for. We’re all here for one common purpose to view great imagery.
    In a nutshell, stop the spelling bashing. Its rude. Let it go and let the “gripe” *your* cookies stay your own and no one elses.

  55. Easy, now, “Just Me” & J. Bo… Mostly we’re just playing, here.

    Content over format.

  56. ah shure lerve’s me da puppeh puppeh puppehs (snorgle-norgle-norgles mine owns puppeh’s leedle fuzzeh prosh-nesh).
    how’s that for Love-Induced Spelling Abuse (errr… L.I.S.A.?)

  57. Oh, OKAY… but only for YOU, Theo. (You KNOW my snarky proofreading fingers are just ITCHING to have at jm’s last post…)

  58. [teh GRIN]

  59. Such languid eyes. Saucy puppy!

  60. j.bo:

  61. Does it matter what breed this pup is? It’s freakin’ adorable, and we all want one that looks just like it. Let’s be thankful there are TWO breeds that look like this, thus giving twice the chance of getting to snuggle one!

  62. Does it matter what breed this pup is? It’s freakin’ adorable, and we all want one that looks just like it. Let’s be thankful there are TWO breeds that look like this, thus giving twice the chance of getting to snuggle one!

  63. Does it matter what breed this pup is? It’s freakin’ adorable, and we all want one that looks just like it. Let’s be thankful there are TWO breeds that look like this, thus giving twice the chance of getting to snuggle one!

  64. Dang it, the computer freaked out 😛

    Sorry ’bout that!

  65. That settles things.

    This dog is a Papihuahua.


  66. Yeah, ariel, I was waiting for that one. It’s an archaic Britishism leftover I forget to edit out when I’m all self-righteous and on my gramatical high pony…


    (Oh, the shame…)

  68. woooo…grammatical high pony!!
    sounds like a swell ride!

  69. traceymariel says:

    I am dying. I keep trying to dive through the screen to snorgle that anerable pup. Seriously dying from the cuteness. I would like to know the breed so I can go get one RIGHT NOW.

    Oh, and I agree with the Spelling Nazis. There’s really no excuse for poor spelling. Dictionary.com, anyone?

  70. Kisses, kisses, kisses, traceymariel! And:


    …it ROCKS!

  71. LOL, Skwerly!

    (oh gosh — did I misspell “Skwerly”??)


  72. Theo, I prefer the Les Nessman pronunciation of the Mexican hairless pup: “Chi-hoo-ah-hoo-ah.”

  73. In the first photo, he appears to be saying (with the slightest of suave French accents) , “Well, of course, if you like, you can bow down and worship me there, but I would think the grass might be un peu desagreable.”

  74. I like desemitated.
    Nothing like desemitating snorglable, anerable eyepod bearing fussmuffins.

    Last week we heard a DNR guy telling someone to get their boat license lamitized. It’s only cardboard and not waterproof, after all. We choked back giggles, until my brotherinlaw whipped his boat license out and yelled “I got MINE lamitized.”

  75. Gak. That was supposed to read “fuZZmuffins”.
    Typos run rampant!

  76. ‘Theo, I prefer the Les Nessman pronunciation of the Mexican hairless pup: “Chi-hoo-ah-hoo-ah.” ‘

    Okay…now WAIT one minoota here.
    A Mexican Hairless is NOT the same as a Chihooah-hooah. And why do so many peeps think that chihooahhooahs are hairless? I have had plenty of people approach me & Elvis & say “Oh, I’ve never seen one with hair before.” whaaaaa? they all have hair unless they have the mange or something.

  77. “they all have hair unless they have the mange or something.”

    Well, I understand it’s very fashionable these days to have them waxed…

  78. And Lauri, I believe I’ve babysat for a fussmuffin or two in my career as a semi-professional aunt…

  79. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    J.Bo – ‘It’s an archaic Britishism leftover I forget to edit out It’s an archaic Britishism leftover I forget to edit out’ –
    (rolling up sleeves and snarling) – I’ll see your Webster and raise you my Concise Oxford dictionary (with etymology) which makes no note of us Brits ever having spelled publicly with ‘cally’ at the end! (Ok pre Johnson it’s possible I’ll grant you but not since) So don’t you be using us as your patsy!!!
    Seriously I can’t spell for toffee – that’s why I have my Oxford dictionary by my side! 🙂

  80. chi-hoo-a-hoo-ahs often look hairless, especially the overbred midget variety we see far too much of out here in CA. Freakish. This guy here is pretty cute though. Far from an expert on toy dogs, he looks less Papi than Chi to me. Isn’t there a Papi with a skwerl in the archives?

  81. [flirts with latent dyslexia]

    Heh, it could be worse, y’know. The submitter COULD have said “My puppy’s cuteness must be defenestrated to the world.”

  82. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Theo – that’s going to give me nightmares! Those ears are not big enough for flying I tells you.

  83. Brak_Silverbone says:

    If you put a puff of whipped cream and a maraschino cherry on top of this pup’s head, he’d have an instant Halloween costume: a hot fudge sundae!!

  84. What– I’m supposed to take criticism from someone who spells aluminum “aluminium”? Please.

    OKAY, so “publically” is a secondary spelling in the all-too American Merriam-Webster, too:

    One entry found for publicly.
    Main Entry: pub·lic·ly
    Pronunciation: ‘p&-bli-klE
    Variant(s): also pub·li·cal·ly /-li-k(&-)lE/
    Function: adverb
    1 : in a manner observable by or in a place accessible to the public : OPENLY

    Sorry all around, Two Sheds, you cute little wack-ass, you (OR, as you Brits would have it, WHACK-ass).


  85. P.S. In case it didn’t come across (when-oh-when will someone invent a “sarcasm” font?), I’m just teasing, TS. I can’t spell for Milk Duds (American version of toffee), either… and I’m an editor, and WAS an English Major.

  86. Editor… or PREDATOR??

  87. “Editor… or PREDATOR??”

    Please. There’s a difference? We stalk the errant apostrophe, we do– lurking around corners, nabbing the unrepentant misspellers, splicers of commas, and on-runners of sentences.

    No one said it was a pretty job… or that there wouldn’t be BLOOD.

  88. Very very cute. And yes it IS a pap. I have a 3 year old one and aside from the markings it’s a dead ringer for one. The hair will get longer, or it wont. My dog’s hair did not grow floor length but she’s still 100% pure pap.

  89. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    J.Bo I think you’ll find it’s whack-arse actually -an ass is a donkey-like creature! Plus the word arse is so much more satisfying than ass especially if you’re from the west country (in England) because you can just keep going with that R – so you get arrrrrrrrrse!

    What– I’m supposed to take criticism from someone who spells aluminium “aluminum”? Please! Back at ya! 😀

    Yes I did English Literature and Language at Uni too – weird how many of us can’t spell for any caramelised sweet product!

  90. I can’t stop looking at pic #2!!! they eyes! the tongue! the fluffernuttiness!

  91. **”when-oh-when will someone invent a “sarcasm” font?”**

    J.Bo, just make your screen name “Sarcasta” and no one will take anything you say seriously.

  92. Suddenly I have an idea for next April Fool’s Day.

  93. foxy bingo says:

    *scrolls through comments*

    *despairs of arguments about spelling and dog breeds*

    *wonders if anyone else noticed the only matter of importance: COLOUR-COORDINATED EARS AND SCHNOZZ*

  94. Stop stealing my screen name, yo!

  95. It was *your* suggestion. Thpppp.

  96. A thinker says:

    Eep, I missed a grammar and spelling argument 😦

  97. I have a 15 year old papillon.

    This dog looks like a chi-chi x papillon to me, with the chi genes being dominant.

    This dog has the papillon ears and face mask, but its bone structure, including that of its skull, is NOT papillon.

  98. this puppy is so dern cute o my gosh!!! can i have one?