Gravity sucks

First of all, what is this cat doing on my grandmother’s couch?

Secondly, this dewd seems pretty comfortable, except for some really Unesscessary Paws-upitude™. I mean, having that front and back paw up while you’re sleeping is really too much isn’t it?


By the way, how do ya’ll feel about a "Paws Up!" bumper sticker? I think we should do it, Dave B., in honor of your kitteh!



  1. First post??!!

  2. YES YES YES!!

    (Zelda pumps fist in air.)

    Okay, I’m all better now. I lurve this big ol’ fatty. He looks VEWY comfturbles.


    –hey, is that a GIANT FAT MOOSHIE TIGER TABBIE???

  4. Er, I think the plump kitteh was caught mid-stretch. **purrr**

    That or he knew we were coming and was getting into tummy snorgling position.

  5. lurkertype says:


  6. His stomach is perfect for snorgling.

  7. herenthere says:

    Would someone please turn down the volume on that couch?

    That being said…that is one happy fat kitteh!

  8. *very carefully buries her face in the fluffitude of the belly*

  9. Heh. I think we’re all agreed. That cat tummy needs to be snorgled. Looks big enough we could all do it at once.

  10. …and THAT having been said, aHEM… it’s spelled “Necessary,” Ms. Meggles.

    (that better, J. Bo?)

  11. Teho, you’ve become very creative today in your disapproval.

  12. Everyone calm down.

    There is plenty of snorgle belly to go around.

  13. ShelleyTambo says:

    I beg to differ–that is MY grandmother’s couch.

  14. [sigh] …outed.

    I’m really quite happy. Thought I could keep it quiet.

  15. chet's momma says:

    for a big kitteh, he still has quite the ‘six-pack!’

  16. misscrisp says:

    This kitteh just cracks me up. LOL.

  17. “Six-pack”? More like six KEGS…

  18. The paws are up because I think she’s actually in mid-yoga pose.

  19. ShelleyTambo says:

    …And also looks sadly like the couch my mother hasn’t been able to get out of my stepfather’s house.

    Bad as the pattern is, cat hair can only improve it, especially if it’s from a big floofy kitty.

  20. I thought that, too, sewster, but I couldn’t come up with a good word for cat yoga. It doesn’t mix as well as doga.

  21. I need a Paws Up! bumper sticker, especially if it has this guy on it!

  22. if you snorgle a creamy cat belly in a forest of orange roses, does anyone hear the phbphbphbmmf?

  23. GAWD! I think my grandma threw up on that couch! Yikes. So sweet kit kit. Belly Time! Mmmwwwaaaahhhhh!

  24. Interestingly enough, that is also MY grandmother’s couch.

    Maybe we’re all secretly related?

  25. [looks at couch]
    [looks down at the can of blue paint he seems to be carrying]
    [looks at couch]

  26. As much as I love this pic, in all it’s snorgletude, it’s actually upside down so there is no defying of gravity… but that doesn’t really matter because the cute factor is off the charts!

  27. Looks like the exact sort of pose my gigantic smooshy marmalade tabby used to do. Did a clever marmie lover take this photo over the BACK of the couch, looking down? That would explain the gravity-defying fluffness!

    I love this cat and his fluffy chunky little chin.

  28. Ooo, I think I recognize that pose….it’s half crescent upward curving cat!

    What an absolutely lovely butterball!

    That guy should get the world’s largest furbert!!!

    And it’s always worth someone yelling “first” to see how quickly and thoroughly Theo reacts!

    YOUNG MAN, are you going to GRAFITTI that couch?????

  29. In high school, we’d have 1950’s Day – where we all dressed ’50’s style. Once I came in wearing my mother’s skirt, of almost the precise pattern as the one we see above. My art teacher took one look at me and commented that that skirt made me look like an ‘unholstered couch’.

    Mr. Nastasia. One of my favorite teachers.

    T., don’t throw blue paint on my memories!

    Oh, and big fat creamsicle cat!

  30. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    My GODS that is a uhmmmm, big kittykat!

  31. I want a kitty to snorgle….

  32. ShelleyTambo says:

    DonRodrigue–I like that idea better than thinking that they were mass-produced back in the ’70s and that there are MORE of them out there.

  33. I NEED a Paws Up bumper sticker!

  34. We had that couch at the far end of our living room. The only one who would sit on it was our black lab, Digger, and it was the only piece of furniture he would get on. If you sat on it, he would lay next to you and push you with his hind legs until you ended up on the floor. When we finally disposed of the couch, we thought about keeping a cushion just for him. Sigh. What a great dog he was.

  35. firefinch says:

    What couch? I can’t see past that leg puffage.

  36. Southern Sue says:

    Purely for our mutual edification/amusement and not to be a spelling nazi…ya’ll (as seen above) is a contraction of “you” and “all,” hence is spelled y’all.

    [Southerners heard applauding with vindication.]

    Oh, and I also second the Paws Up sticker. Magnetic please? 🙂

  37. AAAAWWWW…I just saw the last video, and Lorna and the Doones are fantastic!! She is such a friendly momma. And the baby on the duck!! Swoooon.

  38. Thanks, SSue. You have no idea how many times I’ve had to debate the proper spelling of one of my most-used words.

  39. OK, I guess I don’t *have* to debate it. But it’s fun.

  40. Oh, the sweet snorgalicious tum tum. This kitteh looks just like one of mine. Including the tendency toward “gut pride”.

  41. Southern Sue, can you also please explain the differing usage between “y’all”, “you all” and “all y’all”? I remember a Grace Under Fire episode where she said there was one, but I can’t remember it any more.

  42. Tanks Tayo for the introductions to Lorna and the rest of her wee cookies. Everyone – turn up the volume so you can hear the tooooo adorable mewks from the little fluffernutters.

  43. fatcat needs to go on a diet.

  44. Stephanie S. says:

    omg! is he on flickr? I want to “favorite” him!

  45. that’s a YES on the sticker.

  46. chet's momma says:

    tee0oh, they are the best! thanks for sharing! such wonder in their widdle eyes and pointy tails and soft questioning mews!

    (my head on the screen!)

  47. Lauri — that’s *2* babies on the duck. Poor image quality, I know… but count the noses.

  48. I also want a sticker, but I think it should have the li’l’ guy from this:

  49. Cute, he looks like he’s getting his belly scratched in some great dream 🙂

  50. *boggle* I can’t believe I missed a nose!

  51. But the kit in the sneaker-boat!!!

  52. AuntieMame says:

    “Y’all” is singular, so it is used to refer to one person. “All y’all” is plural, and refers to a group of persons.

    Sort of a “tu-vous” kinda thing, only not so sophisticated. 🙂

  53. See, this is the guy at Port-A-Snorg who specializes in group snorgles. You know, nothing kinky, just for, uh, like team-building exercises. Yeah…like that.

  54. I’ve always considered “y’all” to be plural, since it’s a contraction of “you all”; “all y’all” is also plural but refers to a larger groups of people (its use is situation-specific and kind of hard to explain).

  55. I wouuld definitely use a PawsUP! bumper sticker! Better make it a window cling…

  56. Denita TwoDragons says:

    I dunno, I use “y’all” in the singular, myself. My most common parting phrase is “Y’all have a good day!”…even if it’s night…(habit, yanno…)

    And yes–the kitty is tilted about 1/4 turn sideways, thus giving the illusion that his fur has been impregnated with Flubber. And also yes, that couch has…erm, “character”. Yeah, “character”, that’s the word… @__@


  57. Brak_Silverbone says:

    He’s so fat, he can’t even turn over!

    I boggled at the couch for a moment, thinking it was the tan-orange-and-white version of the blue-green-and-white floral couch (a sleeper couch, no less) that belonged to my best friend’s grandma, and now graces my dining room–but I was wrong, the print doesn’t quite exactly match. Imagine my relief.

  58. That is one happy-looking cat. I bet he is dreaming about the cat-y lady next door.

    BTW, has anyone bumped into this video where a cat is dressed in a santa costume, and keeps falling on his side, catatonic by shame, times over? If you have seen it, please post a link. It is the funniest thing ever.

  59. k, I’m not really a bumper-sticker kinda gal, but I would most definitely slap a “paws up” steeker on my bumpah!

  60. I think a Paws Up bumber sticker would be awesome, I say that on my Dogster and Catster diaries when I “act” for my fur babies! Yup…I’d get one.

  61. Woops, that’s BUMPER, NOT BUMBER…LOL WOOPSIE! Slow down I go faster, eh?

  62. It looks so cuuuuuuuute. Like the kitty has little pantaloons on his back legs! or would that be cataloons?

  63. I think it’s the little throw-pillow that horrendously clashes with this couch… but that’s not the issue here. The issue is: is there room enough on that couch for two?

  64. AuntieMame says:

    Wow, Theo, Lorna’s not much of a camera-hog, is she? 🙂

  65. People, don’t you see what’s happening here?! The head-to-body ratio has been reversed and we still think it’s cute. I was really worried till I saw the little Doonses and heard their peeping. All better.

  66. “He’s so fat, he can’t even turn over!”

    Brak, that’s because he IS a cat turnover.

  67. hey all y’all! (notice correct usage 😉

    I found a picture of this big guy when he was younger:

  68. AuntieM,

    methinks Lorna is bravely putting herself between her kittehs and the weird box eating T.’s face.

  69. BenPanced says:

    *purrs contentedly*

  70. I’m slowly being drawn to the catside after years of being indifferent (and allergic) to them. Those Dooneses and their peeping and wiry little tails are cracking me up…

    Hep me! Hep me!

  71. JBo, there is no help for cat people except another cat.

  72. Mariser:

    I remember that Daily Kitten well. The photo had a nice fur-to-fabric ratio, too.

    I think when I get home I’m going to treat myself to a Dooneses marathon!

  73. Aub,

    now that you mention it, it is a nice fabric. and little Miles looks quite fetching on it.
    enjoy the Doonces. make sure you have the volume up so you can catch the little meeps.

  74. lurkertype says:

    I can NOT get the video of Doonses in shoeses to play. Pout.

    Oh, the TuxKits climbed the apple tree this AM! Toooo cuuuuute. The branches all splodge out from the trunk about 2-3 ft. up so the kittehs played king of the hill and sat by twos in the crook and dismounted MOST ungracefully (straight down) and were often living versions of the 70’s Hang In There poster. Mom sat under the tree meowring worriedly.

    Our tortie has NO idea how lucky she is that we aren’t taking in one or more of the kitns.

    I’m not sure what sort of theory Newton would have come up with had he sat under my apple tree, which drops not only fruit, but fuzzy lil’ cats!

  75. LurkerT — re: video not playing:
    You might need to install the Flash Player plugin (free) first…

  76. i would definitely get a bumpersticker.

  77. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:


    I love your comment!

    Re: “…Does anyone hear the…? “

    So spot on & clever tis!

  78. I believe it is NECESSARY to say that gravity does not, in fact, suck. It pulls.

    That being said, I now must snorgle the belly.

  79. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Curly paws! Curly paws!

  80. I would so buy a “Paws Up!” bumper sticker. Or several for that matter…I belong to an online pet community that would cause you to sell I’d even pay a high price for it if I new some of the proceeds were going to animal rescue….*hint, hint*.

  81. Denita TwoDragons says:

    What’choo lookin’ at?

    (Up late, packing stuff in prep for a VERY LIKELY move soon! Whee!)


  82. Little bits in loafers! I love the Dooneses, Theo!

    I’ve only used y’all in the singular in the sense that I might be addressing one person, but for courtesy’s sake, want to include whatever entourage might be attached. For example, I might say, “Y’all should come and visit some time,” and it would be understood that I mean person should bring family or SO, etc. on said visit.

    All y’all is definitely for wider coverage. I mean, I might be in a group of people, and talking specifically to one or two, but then I’d look up and address comments to “All y’all” meaning the entire group. To differentiate for the y’all inclusive of the smaller group I was just talking too.

    I can’t remember the last time I said, “you all.” Probably in an academic or professional setting. Blah. 😛

  83. Looks like a grandma’s couch that made it all the way to college…and won’t be graduating any time soon 😉 But then, who’d want to graduate out from underneath a kitty like that?

    Two thumbs up for a Paws Up! sticker, or multiple stickers!

  84. I’m back from my kittie marathon – an epic, as I expected. T., in honor of the purrage I was able to discern – I commit to UPS (United Pudding Servivce) a nicely trussed vat of PORRIDGE!

  85. lurkertype says:

    Theo, the other vids work fine for me. Is a puzzlement.

    TuxKit Update:

    a) all 3 eating crunchies, shouldering each other aside as Mom looked on, teeny tails sticking out.

    b) before sunset, another kitteh was snorgled, scritched, and forced to purrrr.

  86. D2D:

    How ‘likely’? Where y’all going?

    Remember to keep circulating those tapes!

  87. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Aubrey: Just a neighboring town 30 miles North of current digs…and about 90%-plus likely. Got a home inspection tomorrow and the pest inspection coming up shortly afterwards, and a few other details to cover…but once those are out of the way we should be–pardon the pun–home free!

    (OK, I kid–DEFINITELY not “FREE!” *insert sounds of wallet screaming in tortured agony*)

    I’m so excited and stressed out and nervous I could spontaneously combust…and yes, I *AM* up at the gentle hour of 1:21 in the morning, still getting crap sorted and packed…


  88. Denita TwoDragons says:

    OK apparently Meggie McMeggerstons is in a different time-zone than me. It really *is* 1:20-something here in the Lone Star State, I promise…


  89. Why isnt the working? Been trying to send in this supercute pic of our bunny Puffy who has the cutest mouth ever ;D

  90. And yeah, I have lots more supercute pics on our bunny on my site ;D

  91. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    No one else has said it, so let me be the lone prat. This picture is obviously photo-shopped, I mean a two year old could see that.It’s actually an out of work Aardvark crossed with a Mongolian snip yipper and with odd touches of Cumbrian elk wobbler.

  92. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Leo, I canna look at yer vids your a forbidden file extension me old mucker.

  93. That couch really is almost exactly like my grandmother’s. The orange flowered prints are very similar.

  94. That couch really is almost exactly like my grandmother’s. The orange flowered prints are very similar.

  95. rotate that pic 90 degrees to the right this instant, you naughty peoples. 😛

    lookit the fat comfy kitty mawwww!

  96. It’s Felyoga, all right. (Feline Yoga.) Me thinks this fat tabby was caught mid-stretch while performing Tumsnorgasana.


    There are TWO on the duck???

  97. Kris, in New England says:

    OMG he’s so tubby and ginormous and snuggly, cuddly adorable. And that smug – “I know everyone LURVES me” – look on his face.

  98. Tumsnorgasana! That’s it! That’s perfect! And he is probably the most contented animal face I have ever seen.

    Hmmm, well, when my Boston Terror, Sheldon, sleeps upside down with his lips hanging over his face…but still..this guy is smiling!

  99. Not only is that my grandmother’s couch . . . but . . . wait! Thats my grandmother on it!!!

  100. She’s actually rubbing her 2 front paws together plotting to make a raspberry pie.

    …and it looks like she’s rubbing the back paws together, also, for extra sneaky pie planning.

  101. buttercream fluffage!

  102. lemura: “extra sneaky pie planning” — Now there’s a phrase you don’t hear often. I would love to see a rock group take this as their name.

  103. Laurie C, i loved that one too, but that was the ever so clever DH,. Alas, I cannot take credit.

  104. DH — oops, sorry. Kudos and an xtra sneaky piece of pie to you.

  105. The Guy Over There says:

    I now know that Garfield really is a documentary rather than a comic. Jim Davis, you’re owing someone some royalty checks, you hear?

  106. I will happily accept the extra sneaky piece of pie and will gladly share with everyone.

  107. [sharing xtra sneaky pie pieces with everyone]

    [pouring a bowl of fruit loops]

    [giving everyone one loop each]

  108. Because we’re kind of a loopy bunch, DH?

    (Make mine orange, please. Ta.)

  109. Yea … we are all a loopy bunch.

    plus, you just gotta love the colorfulishousness of the loop.

    . . . I call purple!

  110. Green, please!

  111. Here’s your green loop, Theo.

    You know the green ones aren’t quite ripe yet. Put it on your windowsill for a day or 2.

  112. The Guy Over There says:

    Are you sure those are fruit loops and not those fruity cheerios?

  113. TGOT — yeah, no kidding. I do wonder how they’re getting away with that.

  114. Nothing but the best for my lil’ CO buddies.

    They are the fruitiest loops to ever fall from a box. No cheerioness to them at all.

  115. Southern Sue says:

    My two cents on “y’all” vs. “all y’all” if it’s not too late….

    Not sure what Grace Under Fire specified, but “y’all” is technically plural as Luna articulates above. “Ya” as in “wouldya come here?” or “Didya eat yet?” (more common form contracted “g’eat yet?”) is the singular form. Of course “ya” just like “you” can also refer to many people at once.

    I agree with Luna about the usage of “all y’all.” Really, it’s redundant, but I believe the usage is A) for a larger group or multiple groups/pairs or B) to add emphasis. An example of the latter w/b: “All y’all need to get off my case.”

    I think we need to consult an expert…. Anyone seen Jeff Foxworthy or the Cable Guy… jk.

  116. Southern Sue says:

    My two cents on “y’all” vs. “all y’all” if it’s not too late….

    Not sure what Grace Under Fire specified, but “y’all” is technically plural as Luna articulates above. “Ya” as in “wouldya come here?” or “Didya eat yet?” (more common form contracted “j’eat yet?”) is the singular form. Of course “ya” just like “you” can also refer to many people at once.

    I agree with Luna about the usage of “all y’all.” Really, it’s redundant, but I believe the usage is A) for a larger group or multiple groups/pairs or B) to add emphasis. An example of the latter w/b: “All y’all need to get off my case.”

    I think we need to consult an expert…. Anyone seen Jeff Foxworthy or the Cable Guy… jk.

  117. Sometimes, DH, Cheeriosity is *just* what we need.

  118. I believe they are having this same discussion over at

  119. My terrible tabby *adores* Cheerios. I can’t get her head out of the bowl till I give her some, usually by throwing one across the room for her to chase and eat, during which interval, I stuff a whole lot more in my mouth to finish them before she’s back for more.

  120. that is cute and funny !

  121. My kitty used to go gaga over toast with butter, snoofing the air around my face until I finally tossed her a little smooshy, buttery crumb. Then she would mash it around in her mouth and maybe swallow it. But she begged every time!

  122. its funny how much that cat looks like mine except mine probably weighs a coulple more pounds

  123. Alexx- ixnay on the Cheesecake-ay for der puss in boots.

  124. put me on the list for a “paws-up” bumper sticker. choy!

  125. I’m all for the “Paws Up!” sticker but I also want one that reads, “Redonkulus!”

  126. I just do not know what to comment on this picture, therefore I have refrained.

    The smiley face. The all-paws-up-salute. But most of all, the fact that I think his belly is too big to allow his paws to touch the ground. Redonkulous in the extreme.

  127. “I just do not know what to comment on this picture, therefore I have refrained.”

    And with that, O ladies and gentlepeeps, we arrive the very PINNACLE of farce.

    “Absurd, absurd
    “Absurd is the word…”

  128. …AT.
    We arrive *at* the pinnacle.

    I try so hard… and then when I look again, it’s still wrong.

  129. Are the green ‘loops similar in their powers to the green m&m’s? Just wonderin’.

  130. The green loops do have magical powers. They were originally discovered in the Lucky Charms box, but SOMEONE in advertising decided that they needed to go with the rest of the overtly colorful Loops of the fruit variety.

  131. The Guy Over There says:

    There must have been dissension in the process: how else can you explain Apple Jacks?

  132. TGOT — plain accident, plus a tableful of overpaid marketing managers.

  133. A thinker says:

    Mm? Mmph? Oooo…

  134. A thinker says:

    Mm? Mmph? Perhaps I should have added “up to this point…”

  135. Vivelyn128 says:

    Yes – I want a dozen “Paws up” or “Paws up, Please” bumper stickers! Let’s do it!

  136. Paws Up! Up With Paws!

    Another bumpstick ideer:

    Tewtelly Kewt, Dewd.

  137. Ane Mari Bjørnæs says:

    Making your cat as fat as that is NOT cute, it’s bad for the cat! You should put it on a diet, for christssake.

  138. Ane Mari Bjørnæs says:

    Making your cat as fat as that is NOT cute, it’s bad for the cat! You should put it on a diet, for christssake.

  139. This cat is so cute, he looks EXACTLY like my guy.