Let’s see, what happened today?

Time Magazine, I thank you, the kittens thank you.

Cute Overload, 50 Coolest Web Sites

and as if that weren’t enough, here we are again:

We’re the number 1 time waster!!! (Ma and Pa will be proud)




  1. Beauregard says:

    YAY!!! Congrats Meg! This is phenomenal! (!!!!)

  2. Right on!

  3. ElaineBenes says:

    Congrats, Meg! Recognition well deserved!

  4. Right on!

  5. can attest to the ‘differently-used time’. ahem. *we* (the royal *we*) are not amused at the term “time waster”.
    whether number 1 or not.

    !yay! Meg!!

  6. Go Meg! I love CO and I love Time!

  7. Yooo! Soo proud! Your Mum and Dad are probably too!
    Way to go Meg!!!

  8. mejezabel says:

    Way to go MEG!!

  9. Woo hoo! Well deserved!

  10. The BEST!! Sooo not a waste of time!! You’re contributing to mankind and animalkind here! 😀

  11. and Meg,

    you did it without the “Full disclosure: TMZ.com is part of AOL, which is owned by the same company that owns Time.com.)” disclaimer.

    extra !yay!s

  12. Yay! Congratulations, Meg. Thsuper!

  13. CuteOverload is the ultimate stress reliever, not a time waster!

  14. I would also like to point out that I consider WORK to be the bigger waste of time.

    I wish my JOB should be to locate and snorgle cute things and sometime I might get sidetracked by researching, writing, briefing, lawyers things. Sigh.

  15. Well done, Meg!! Now, my “froat” is a little dry from cheering, so I’m going to go find me some Meg-certified-pup-inspected water.

  16. I believe you were also listed in the most recent issue of either Bitch or BUST magazine (I can’t remember which one!) as one of their favorite de-stressing websites. Congrats!

  17. Hooray for our Meg and CO!

    (Take two kitties out of petty cash.)

  18. Wow, awesome! Congrats!

  19. Tony James says:


  20. I think CO should be honored as an over-the-counter all-purpose cure for what ails you! It has medicinal purposes, I swear! Time-waster, indeed. J.Bo – take two kitties and call me in the morning!

  21. I know that i waste a crap load of time on this site, so I can relate!!!! Thank you for creating such a fabu time waster! 🙂

    I heart you!

  22. CuteOverload rules!
    Meg rules!
    Kittens rule!

  23. There is no such thing as bad publicity 😀 Congrats!

  24. Now I know why i come here!


    I’m throwing a party for Meg RIGHT NOW.

    *pours self a soda*

  25. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Woohoo Meg! That is absolutely splenderiffic! Congrats and thanks for filling our days with boundless cutities!

  26. There is nothing wasteful about spending time here as far as I’m concerned. A dose of cute can be very uplifting on a rough day.

    Well done Meg!!

  27. Congratulations!!!! 😀

  28. YAY!!! I know it’s one of my favorite ways to “use time in a different manner”. I check it everyday! Congrats!

  29. A huge round of applause for the cutest site in Webdom! Congratulations, CO!!!

  30. Congratulations! But I certainly don’t consider my time here “wasted” in any way – in fact, sometimes it’s all that keeps me going!

  31. Well done Meg! It just goes to show that charm goes a long, long way, and I think people too often forget that.
    I am imagining an enormous cute little animal party to celebrate, including a kitten mosh pit.

  32. I beg to differ with “Time Waster”! I think it is “Time Filled Perfectly”!

  33. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    YAY for Meg. And CO. And US!!!

  34. YAY, meg!!! the web hostess wit da mostest! most snorgles! most muzzlepuffs! most pawsitude! most ‘tocks! CO rocks my world! no time wasted, here!

  35. YAY YAY YAY!!!

    Yay for Muzzlepuffs and Moist Nosicles! And narms and ehns!!

    And, what time waster??? I was at a CO picnic all day today!!! And it was fantabulous!!!

    Meg, U R Awwwwsome!

  36. acelightning says:

    No matter how a person is “supposed” to spend their time, now and then everybody needs a kitten (or a bunny, or some other kind of Snorglicious McDanglepaw), as an antidote to all the fear, gloom, and boredom that surround us. Who cares about terrorist plots, when there’s an image on my screen of a fuzzy bunny no bigger than my computer mouse?

  37. hoooooowaaaaaaaaay!

  38. wif spwinkles!

  39. DavidBoBavid says:

    Congrats, Meg! 😀

  40. What’s next for Cute Overload? Will it stave off shark jumptivits? Will mind share and revenues increase, causing day jobs to be left behind in an overload of cuteness? Only time will tell.

    Maximum amount of respect to Cute Overload!! Hrm? Time who? Is that a newspaper or something??


  41. Every few hours I’m here dissolving stress, thanks to the cute pictures and goofy comments. I don’t post very often, but I must add my thanks and congratulations for CO! The recognition in Time Mag is just the beginning. I think you will someday be nominated for a Nobel Peace prize!

  42. Well said, Juniper!
    And hehe Barton!

  43. CONGRATULATIONS! Lord knows that daily dose of cuteness goes a long way!!!

  44. hrh.squeak says:

    Yay Yay wOOt Yay!!!
    Puddin’ all around to celebrate, Meg get some of the worldwide recognition she deserves for Sharing teh Cute! I agree with Juniper, can a Nobel Peace Prize presented by a marmalade kitteh be far behind?

  45. yeeps! congratz! keep on wasting my time softly!

  46. Denita TwoDragons says:

    WH00T!! This calls for a Dr. Pepper! *scchk! gurgle, gurgle, gurgle…aaaaah!*

    Way ta go, Meg!


  47. Well done! Congratulations!

  48. YAY YAY YAY CO!!

  49. HOORAY and YAY! Meg, is there anything else left for you to conquer?

    Really, we should send the writers a little something spesh, perhaps a bouquet of instant Jello pudding mixes? It will send a definite message.

  50. Congratulations, Meg! I also noticed that Boingboing didn’t make the list this time, though CO did. Cute rules! Kittens all around!

  51. Time, eh? Pretty freakin’ cool. And the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the time-wasting comment (which they meant in the nicest possible way) was the tag line for The Comedy Network here in Canada: “Time Well Wasted”. Poifect!

  52. Woohoo! But, I knew it already – didn’t need to read it in TIME! ;>)

  53. Oooo, yes, Aubrey, and let’s send them via Pudapult!

  54. Congrats again, Meg!

  55. Also, Mr. Pointyfinger is gone from the ads on the right side. That is also cool, because he did not go well with teh cute.

  56. Was it Mark Twain who said “Wasted time is time well spent”? Truer words…

    “Yooo! Soo proud! Your Mum and Dad are probably too!
    Way to go Meg!!!”

    Mathijs, do you know how much we love Lucy and you? 🙂

  57. I think this quote may also be apropos:
    “You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted.” ~Ruth E. Renkl

    corollary: time spent being happy is NOT wasted. thus, CO

    !yay! for TheQte.

  58. Hip hip hooray!
    Hip hip hooray!
    Hip hip horray!

    GO MEG!!!!! [not yelling, just being emphatic]


  59. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Finally, a prestigious magazine pays its due to the ultimate source of cuteness!

    Cute Overload: Your Number One Cause of Cuteness-Related Head Explosions.

  60. ya know what the !yay! picture needs? one of Snooch’s raps.

    ‘meer for beer’. yeah, dat’s righteous.

  61. Snoooooch!

  62. Silence Dogood says:

    You have arrived. Next step, the cover!

  63. Holy CRAP, E.C. — you found the blond freako! In his natural habitat!!

    (Another “YAY” for Google Image Search, wot wot!)

  64. waaaaaaa.. this is too kewl !!

    Yay – way to go Meg !!

  65. Ma 'n Pa Frost says:

    Isn’t she wonderful? That’s our girl!

  66. Weel, speaking personally, Meg, you are not only my TOP favourite website, but most definitely my number one time-waster.


  67. Ma’n’Pa sez
    “Isn’t she wonderful? “

    indeed she is. indeed.

  68. Yes, absolutely! 🙂

  69. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Cool beans!

  70. Awesome for you!!!! Yay!!!!! Badcat & T-Bone say Meow to you too!!!!! Husband looks askance and says WTF? But who cares! Muzzlepuff to you!

  71. Congrats to CO!

    I object to the “Time Waster” category, however! Is it a waste of time when CO cures the crappy mood left from a bad day? How many other websites can give instant smiles and laughter – ??? I think Meg does a fantastic service for the community! Thanks, Meg!

  72. “Muzzlepuff to you” — LOL! (and oy.)

    I note that “Ma ‘n Pa Frost” are refraining from using that one most excellent familial term of endearment, this time. Maybe this is in deference to the highbrow nature of the honoring periodical. Maybe Meg chewed them out, last time.

    But *we* know. *We* remember.

  73. jenni joon says:

    Wow… good job to you, Meg, and to all those that help you out this, our most favoritestttt website (say in Sylvester the cat voice)!!! You go, GIRL!!

  74. Congratulations!

    Don’t worry about it, it’s definately a big compliment and not an insult that your site is a time waster…

    It’s never a waste of time to bring smiles and laughter and great big choruses of “AWWWWWWwww… so cute!” to the world.

  75. Huzzah, congratulations!! 😀 Nothing better than being a time waster. After all, who wants to be productive? 😮 Psh.

  76. Indeed, T. –
    Given Meg’s nickname, that would be quite a prolonged and efficient ‘chewing out’.

  77. longtime visitor here –

    Congratulations Meg !

    a very well deserved citation – you are keeping untold numbers of folks sane

  78. Congratulations!

    This is most definitely not a waste of time. What you do is wonderful and heart touching.

  79. lurkertype says:


  80. Okay, who told them??????
    I thought this was just *our* little secret.
    Seriously, congrats!!

  81. chilledcat says:

    Neataroo, Meg! Now everyone, everywhere will need a daily dose of cuteness! YaY!

  82. That’s awesome! I think I read about this site in a magazine, too…. Redbook maybe? I don’t remember, but ever since I added it to my “favorites” here at work, it’s been my favorite time waster,too! lol I even save some pictures to my desktop if the mood strikes. 🙂

  83. YYYAAAYYY for CO!!!

    Ellemo: let this be a lesson to you!

  84. How very awesome! Congrats!! I love this site… definitely a ‘mood lifter’ as they say ~

  85. That is so great!
    I don’t know if it’s good or scary, though, that so many people are reading some of the absolute silliness that goes on here! 😉
    anyway, congrats!

  86. Great Job! Time rocks! You rock harder!

  87. abbynormal says:

    Congratulations!!!! Meg, you rock and so does CO. I love this place.


  88. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    With a Yay and a Woot Woot for Meg.
    What do they mean ‘time waster’ this is serious research, we’ll be issuing a learned paper um sometime er soonish.
    By the way being a Brit I have never understood ‘way to go’someone please enlighten me.

  89. Hon. Gladys – I don’t know the genesis of it, but “way to go” is just like the Aussies saying “good on ya”. i.e. “Well done!” Unless said sarcastically, as in, you trip on the sidewalk and the friend you’re with says, “Way to go, Ace.”

  90. W00t for Meg and CO!!!


    (That was the champagne.)

  91. Not to be confused with this kind of exchange:

    “No way!” (indicating disbelief)
    “Way!” (meaning, you’d better believe it)

    This might be just a Canadian thing.

  92. Great work, Meg! Congrats!!
    CO is truly a mind lifter, I just came here for that purpose and it’s working again!

    I love to see that there’s so many people in this world who share my passion in snorgly things! 🙂 I think it makes us better people by every sniff!

  93. sweet! congrats!

  94. J Spilker says:

    Ditto to all the above! Any site that Daily Restoreth My Sense of Humor is indeed a Public Service. Y’all should get the Nobel Flippin’ Peace Prize!!!
    A million thanks!

  95. WickedWendy says:

    That’s totally awesome Meg! CO Rocks!!!


    someone now lionk this to the bee guy….let him see WHAT he/she is missing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Need to talk to the British, though. They reported on Time’s list but didn’t list CO! How RUDE is that?

  98. Kris, in New England says:


  99. dragondawn says:

    time waster? heck no! it’s therapy, man!

    seriously, amongst my friends and i…we all have CO bookmarked for those really crappy days when you just want to walk in front of a bus. CO, you’re a lifesaver! (an orange one, the best kind)

  100. Knew Time had good taste but they were a bit slow in realising it.

  101. You were also on the list of “favorite things” in this month’s Bitch Magazine 🙂