Ginger invades your personal space

As ya’ll know, we’re huge fans of the C.O.X.C.U. [Cute Overload Xtreme Close Up™].
So it goes without saying that if Ginger the Kitten feels she needs to invade our personal space with her perfect muzzlepuff, we are defenseless.



Keep up the macro-licious work, Rotem!



  1. this photo is not very cute at all.

  2. blueberries4me says:

    I miss my Kitty, sigh.

  3. perfect?! HAH! There’s a speck of dirt on the lower left-hand side of the “lip.” Or is that a beauty mark? 😉

  4. Close encounters of the marmalade kind!

  5. puffa-licious.

  6. this photo is adorable! and she has freckles!
    extra points.

  7. sadielady says:

    looks like that cat has had one too many shotguns blown his way. “Kitty, we are NOT a codfish!”

  8. marmalade! marmalade!

  9. THAT’S IT! I’m going home!

    This cat has just reminded me that I have three snorg-a-licious cats at home that I’m neglecting. Where did I get that crazy idea that I should work to keep the family in cat food?

  10. Look out! Imminent slurpage alert! Kitteh tongue alert at level 4 (“Snorglous”)!

  11. Wow, Ginger really looks like a lioness in that first photo.

  12. This website makes me hungry.

  13. oh lord. . .muzzlepuffleupagus.

  14. ooooh faaaace… looks like the head is completely separate from the body

  15. Tony James says:

    Marrmaalayde KITTEHS!

  16. I used to not like orange cats.
    But then I got to know one.
    Now I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

    Behold, the power of orange!

  17. Reminds me of my sweet orange boy. Sometimes he tries to duck kissies and I end up kissing one half of the muzzlepuff and a fang. It’s sweet to me.

  18. Caution: Objects on screen may be closer than they appear.

  19. AuntieMame says:

    Neither are you, roger…

    Kitty can invade my personal space any time she wants to.

  20. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Awe… this lil’ kitteh looks like m’baby Angel at home. And don’t worry, Marey. We all miss our kittehs while we’re working!

  21. I found myself complimenting my kitty on her beautiful muzzlepuff last night.

  22. OMGawd, what a BEAUTIFUL kitty! I gots to pet and snorgle her!!!!

  23. Man…cats have hauntingly beautiful eyes…

  24. Man…cats have hauntingly beautiful eyes…

  25. *puckers up and gives screen a huge smooch* Beauteeful puff!

  26. brownamazon says:

    I can practically smell the fish breath…

  27. lurkertype says:

    ARGH! Marmalade muzzlepuff, is there anything finer? I think not. I want to kiss those whiskers!!! Like I did with my old orange and white boy’s.

    The speck of “dirt” is indeed prolly a beauty mark. Marmies get dark freckly spots on their noses and gumses. Not harmful, just certified orange kitty-ness.

    I was away from home all day yesterday, so did not get a chance to snorgle any TuxKits. But I showed pix of them to many people, some of whom might be interested in adopting one or more, and/or passing the word along. So yay.

  28. lukertype: gumses! hahaha!

  29. Kitty Snouts!!!! <3<3<3

  30. OMG, kitty lips! I love it!

  31. Brak_Silverbone says:

    My cat Sheba likes to wake me up this way (usually at about 8:30 Saturday morning). She sticks her face in my face until I wake up. If I attempt to ignore her, then she wedges her head under me and tries to roll me over.

  32. Yay, lurker!

    Doesn’t it seem as if we could drown in those seagreen eyes?

  33. hrh.squeak says:

    Nothin’ could be finer
    Than to see my kitteh Dinah
    In the mornin’
    Closeups of the muzzle-
    Puff all full of fuzzle
    In the mornin’

    (Can’t remember how the rest of the original goes, if anyone wants to let me know I’ll finish the Ode to Muzzlepuff)

  34. That is a very sweet orangeade face on that precious little cat!

  35. Brak, that’s so cute! My kitty used to lick my nose or my eyelids.

  36. Ginger-stop! One step further and you will be sucked into C.O.X.C.U. forever!

    Ginger-Snap out of it!

  37. lurkertype, good on you finding those kittens prospective homes.

    “Not harmful, just certified orange kitty-ness” –Yes, it proves they’re natural redheads.

    Marmalade closeups and no sign of Theo? Is he slain by the X-treme orange cute?

  38. Muzzlepuff? Is that in the dictionary? Smooches.

  39. Cavernous nostricles!

  40. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Jaypo: I neglected to mention the dreaded HEADBUTT OF DOOOOOOM. For if I ignore the in-the-faceage, and if I somehow manage to ignore the helpful shoving, I then receive the dreaded KittyBonk HeadButt, and a few cranky “Mrow!”s (Sheba’s a lovely kitty and I love her dearly, but she does not have a pretty voice–she sounds like a squeaky doorhinge) until I drag my sad sorry self out of bed. Nope, Saturday mornings ain’t pretty at my place.

  41. hrh.squeak-

    Ohmygosh! We sing ‘Carolina In The Mornin’ in my chorus! It’s one of our ‘exclusively for show’ songs.

  42. Oh, and the rest of the song-

    “Where the mornin’ glories
    Twine around the door
    Whisperin’ pretty stories
    I long to hear once more

    Strollin’ with my girly
    When the dew is pearly
    Early in the mornin’

    Butterflies all flutter up
    And kiss each little buttercup
    At dawn, at the dawning

    Oh, if I had Aladdin’s lamp
    For only a day
    I’d make a wish
    Here’s what I’d say:

    Nothin’ could be finer
    Than to be in Carolina
    In the mornin’!”

  43. mine washes my hand/face/leg/arm if I don’t immediately “PayAttentionRightNOW. . .I don’t care that it’s 6am. and Saturday. and you didn’t get to bed until 2am”

  44. The sincere intensity of your marmitude is beyond compare.

  45. The extreme close-up … the head-butt … the shoving … ALL would be improvements over the way my cat wakes me up. She sits by my head and starts picking her toes. LOVELY!
    Sr/Sra Ginger is lovely, too. Only seriously this time.

  46. My old torbie, Amber, has a little dirt-speck like that on her lower lip.

    It is the cutest most heart-melting little freckle ever.

    Those little dirt-freckles do seem to be part of the orange-tabby, torbie, and tortoise-shell genetic heritage.

    Beautiful little kitty here. It’s unusual to see a full-marmalade or ginger little girl, though. Usually, full-marmalades and gingers are fellas.

  47. AuntieMame says:

    I’m making notes, people, this time under the category of “Reasons Not to Get a Cat.”

    Let’s see:

    1. No sense of personal space.
    2. No sleeping in on Saturday morning.
    3. Serious brain/soul suckage as punishment for inattentiveness.

  48. Brak, what better way to wake up?

    Miette, this may sound strange but—>>have you ever noticed how soft your skin feels after a kitty-lickin’?

  49. Oh no, Auntie! Those are all reasons in FAVOR of getting a cat! Just think:
    1. stress-relieving body contact, with fur & purrs
    2. more accomplished earlier in the day
    3. um, what? I wasn’t paying attention …

  50. “dirt speck” alert–could be *feline* acne. Seriously! Looked like bits of food or dirt in her fur on her lower lip. The vet said it was feline acne and to not feed her out of plastic bowls anymore. So I fed her from imported Czechoslovakian crystal (juuust kidding…) and it cleared up.

  51. Uhm, pardon the repetitudinous phrasing please: Of course if it’s Czechoslovakian, it’s imported.

  52. lurkertype says:

    Orange girl-kitties are personality plus. Usually very alpha cat and macho. Guess the fact that orangies are usually male makes the girls extra butch.

    My tortie has freckles on the orange part of her gumses too. Don’t tell her, but I’m SO going back to marmie and white after she’s crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

  53. Naughty little tortie wonders why
    LurkerT keeps lookin’ at the sky.
    “I love you, tortie,” but meanwhile dreams
    Of other kitties lookin’ like marmalade creams.
    Tortie starts to wonder
    what’s the matter with her
    “Am I just naughty?” or
    “Don’t she like my fur?”
    Tortie says, “LurkerT, do
    you love me true?”
    LurkerT just smiles and says “Of course I do.”

  54. lurkertype says:

    I once lived with a remarkably stupid tux (no relation to the current batch) who had disgusting gnarly cystic chin acne. Had to have her chin fur shave off and was that ever pathetic!

    Switched her to a flat ceramic plate. The combo of no plastic and no curved bowl edges to smoosh food and chin into cleared it right up.

  55. lurkertype says:

    jaypo, I lurve you!!! That is so perfect! It’s exactly how I feel. I am going to print that out. Smoochies!

    To answer the question — yes, tortie, it’s the naughty.

  56. Ah, yes. The feline wake-up call.

    My husband adores Amber, but he brooks no nonsense. She learned, when quite young, that if she pulled any shit with sleeping *Daddy*, he’d lift her up and sail her across the room, without even consciously waking.

    So she comes to my side of the bed only, jumps up, walks right up to my face, and “whispers” in my ear, while glancing somewhat apprehensively over at Dad, being so careful not to wake him.

    Seriously — she *whispers*!

    She has a voice somewhere between a goat’s bleat and a rusty door hinge, so it’s hilarious to hear these teensy short breathy low-volume creaky cat-bleats: “Iienh! … Iienh! … Iienh!”

    If I ignore her bleating, she escalates to licking my eyelids and nostrils while madly snorfle-purring (you know that purr they do when they’re eating, licking, or attempting to snorgle.)

    If I put my head under the pillow to get away from her, she will shove her nose under the pillow and toss it upward.

    Cats are generally very reasonable companions, but God help you when they want to play or eat, and *you* want to sleep.

  57. [blush]

  58. There is just no end to the information that can be gleaned from this website!

    I lurve it!

    My very first cat, who owned me when I was five years old, would scratch on my metal closet doors with her claws. Well, that was annoying, but I could and did ignore it until she discovered that if she got on my dresser and started patting my little glass animal collection around I would jump RIGHT out of bed. They are devious!

  59. Everything I’ve EVER read about cats on this site serves as a valid reason to get one!

    When my landlord changes his mind, it will happen. And a kit will live in my palatial apartment and recline on my couch with all its toy plushie animals: the tigers, birds, leopards, fishies, as well as the sole penguin and otter who are all in residence.

  60. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Hey, Jaypo, thanks for the heads-up about cat acne! My tux, Moxie, gets that sometimes and I always wondered what it was. See? CO is in fact educational! You have my gratitude!

    Oh, and tonight’s special guest marmalade kitty has the PINKEST NOSE EVER. I have spoken.

  61. ShelleyTambo says:

    Anyone else’s cat wake him/her up by deciding that it’s a great time to play a game of Hunt the Toes or Chew the Hand (usually around 4:30am)? Foster cat finally figured out that biting the toes will earn him a semi-conscious reflex kick so now he generally goes for the hand. If anyone’s looking for a hyperactive cat as a friend for an equally energetic cat, I’ve got the perfect match! 🙂

  62. Heh-hem.

    This is time for a personal confession.

    I often kiss kitties on the lips.

    *erm*, am I weird? Or, a better question, are there other similarly weird people out there.

    ‘Cause that second pic is just begging for a smooch.

  63. ShelleyTambo says:

    Thinker, I often do the same (foster cat lets me; may cat looks at me like I’m nuts–and sometimes those shelter kittens are just asking for it!). Maybe we should start a support group.

  64. ShelleyTambo says:

    Make that “my cat” not “may cat.”

  65. Great quote from

    “There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast.”

  66. ShelleyT, I had a hilarious orange tabby who would swivel his head in all directions in the attempt to avoid Teh Smooch.

    Till I finally caught him. And then he’d look confused and disgusted.

  67. Hahaha….my Great Dane tries to get away from kissing, too…but I just smooch her on the muzzle…not the humongous lips!

    I haven’t tried smooching the cats….I’ll have to give it a go, we might all like it! 😉

  68. hrh.squeak says:

    I love love love to smooch kittehs on their oh-so-soft lips. They aren’t all that fond of it in my house, either, but too bad on them.

  69. My dog Chewy loves me to death (he’s actually my husband’s dog, but I stole his affections!) and he always gives me tons of kissies, except when I am going out somewhere -then he clamps those lips closed and refuses, cause he is so mad at me for leaving him! He also goes crazy when my husband tries to kiss me – it is hysterical!

  70. ShelleyTambo says:

    Thinker–foster cat (brown tabby) tried the head swivel, but I have defeated him (bwah ha ha). Seriously, he used to act like my breath was garlicky–as if Hill Science Diet makes his smell like roses!

  71. lurkertype says:


    I have caused a TuxKit to purr!!!

    After the initial reaction from all 3 of hiding and hissing (only little fuzzy heads showing, no bodies), I extracted one, held him gently and alternated petting along the length of his back and scritching under the chin. With one sniff-smooch atop his head.

    After a bit, he began vibrating and I wondered if he was shivering from being upset, but NO, the lil’ froat was a-moving! Inaudible, but most definitely a purrrrr.

    After a few, he gave an Almighty Squirm (no “nyrehe”) and sailed out of my hands back into hiding.


    I knew an orange tabby who did the full 360 head-swivel/squirm/paws out to avoid kissage. Didn’t work. Much kitty disgust.

    I do not smooch kitties on the lips. Rarely, on the muzzlepuff; mostly, on top of the head between the earses, right where that bump is or a little in front of it.

  72. Fantastic, Lurker.

    The Doones have begun to discover the fun of climbing up the legs of my jeans, for lap & desktop access. I really, really hate to break them of this habit… but y’know, they’ll get *bigger*. Maybe I can just leave that to the adoptive families…?

  73. “2. No sleeping in on Saturday morning.”

    How to keep your cat from waking you up too early in the morning in five easy steps:

    1. When cat wakes you, put cat in bathroom. No scolding, no pats, no swats, just scoop and plonk in there. No food, no toys.
    2. Ignore any entreaties by cat from behind bathroom door. (Okay, this step not so easy.) You will *not* gat back to sleep this morning.
    3. Repeat on day two.
    4. Repeat on day three.
    5. Having realized that waking you up does not get him food, and only gets him into the tiled prison, cat will stop waking you early after about three days of this.

    Truly, I did this many years ago, and it *worked*. The cats would not bother me before my alarm went off. If I got up to pee an hour before my alarm went off, they would budge off the bed. No point. No food until the alarm. They were so well-trained, that they would go around to my partner’s side of the bed when he came home for weekends to wake *him* up early, because they weren’t going to get any indulgence from my side of the bed.

  74. Oops — meant to say “they would *not* budge off the bed.”

  75. Hmm… with Mr. Bounce, when he tries to walk back & forth on us, and we want to stay asleep, we just scoot him off the bed & onto the floor. Lather rinse repeat. After 3 rounds of this he usually settles down or slouches off.

  76. I loved this photo! Look everyone who loves cat, kittens…Please visit my blog and leave your comment!
    This blog is from Brazil.
    Very cute this place!!!

  77. I loved this photo! Look everyone who loves cat, kittens…Please visit my blog and leave your comment!
    This blog is from Brazil.
    Very cute this place!!!

  78. lurkertype says:

    Theo… aww… yeah, let the adoptive parents break the Doonses of that habit.

    We simply harden our hearts and do not let our cats sleep with us. Toss kitty out, close bedroom door. It’s a little easier to ignore the howling and banging on the door. If kitty persists, Mr. L opens door and yells “NO!” in loud deep voice. No food, petting, or fun is forthcoming in this scenario either.

    Cases when cat is in room, Theo’s technique on Mr. B is effective as well.

  79. Fabulous, Lurkertype. Thanks for the purr-batim report!

    This has been a day for yays!

  80. Yes, lurkerT., nicely done eliciting the purr. That’s a real socialization milestone. And how cute is it that you thought he was shivering at first? Too cute!

  81. So precious and fluffy. I had one of these marmalade cats in my dream last night, and it’s likely all thanks to CO.

  82. I use the clock in my cellphone as my alarm clock. The first thing I do when I get up is, of course, feed the beasties; therefore they’ve gotten to be quite good at anticipating the alarm-clock time.

    I woke up just before the alarm one day to find Tiger standing on my nightstand, staring at my cellphone. As I watched, he reached out and batted it a few times. I swear I could hear him saying “Ring, damn you! I’m hungry!”

    At least he’s batting the alarm clock, and not my head.

  83. misscrisp says:

    OMG lurker, I am shocked that you don’t indulge in the bestest snorgle time ever…in bed! My kitteh knows he better cuddle up in downiness, or my feelings might get hurt. (the hard part is leaving for work)
    Catfreak- I love the snorgle-purr! I call it a “body purr” meaning their whole body seems to rumble with it.
    IVY- your comment “I found myself complimenting my kitty on her beautiful muzzlepuff last night.” was so eloquent and perfect and somehow just made my night. thank you.

  84. Denita TwoDragons says:

    ShelleyTambo: “Anyone else’s cat wake him/her up by deciding that it’s a great time to play a game of Hunt the Toes or Chew the Hand (usually around 4:30am)?”

    Oh yeah, I get that one in “stereo”, from my two snow-white troublemakers! Usually Elric will be gnawing and butting at my hand, while his sister Jadis snacks on my poor toesies. Lord help me if I fail to immediately sit up and give them my undivided attention!


  85. brownamazon says:

    Jaypo: kitty dermabrasion–the latest Hollywood skincare craze.

    Our black cat wakes us up by scratching at the bedroom door to be let out… and about 20 minutes later, just as you’ve fallen back to sleep, she starts scratching to be let back in. Why, you may ask, do we not simply leave the bedroom door open? Because then the lunatic Siamese would gallop in and start clawing the rug. Also, if you shut the door, the greyhounds will let you sleep in.
    Oh well, as my friends with kids say whenever I complain about the animals waking me up, “at least you don’t also have to breast-feed them at 2 a.m.” Amen to that, yo.

  86. Jaypo: is soft already. Maybe Moxie likes my lotion?

    And I’m going to take the jingle toy and put it away before i go to bed tonight. and try some of the techniques above. Mox needs to learn that I don’t have to get up so early anymore. schedule changes suck!

  87. lurkertype says:

    I am a very light sleeper who needs all the bedspace.

    I do snuggle my kitty many other times, including afternoon naps (mine). At which point the fuzzy little monster wakes me up when she wants her dinner. It’s wonderfully cuddly till then. Especially if I’m not feeling well.

    wolf, LOL! Smart cat.

    LC, I thought the TuxKit was scared from the way they’d behaved with the hiding and hissing. I knew he wasn’t cold, this time of year, but scared seemed reasonable. I’ve just always had cats with enormo-purrs so the silent option occured to me last.

  88. I know that kitties contribute to the human condition of insomnia – but sometimes they get tired too:

  89. My cousin cat likes my backpack. She always lays on top of it when we go to play D&D over at his house. And she is a deep sleeper that one!

  90. late check-in, or early–depending:

    Thinkie, I did kiss my sweet girlie girl on the lips. She didn’t mind a bit. (loved her so…)

  91. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Why does Ginge look like she’s whistling, perhaps she is one of the famous whistling cats of umgalaland?

  92. I like to kiss my sweet Allie Katz on her darling lil pink nose and the top of her head right between her cute lil ears

  93. I’ve never kissed a kitty on the lips. However, I have taught my big grey tabby to give me Eskimo kisses.

  94. What a darling marmalade ginger kitty!!!!! I would need to cuddle that cutie all day!

  95. Whoa … the first photo is AWESOME. Love it when kittens look like lionesses …

  96. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Wow – how do they do that? I can never get that good a close up even with my old man’s expensive camera. How do you think they lit that? What a brilliant photo. I say this after spending hours trying to get good close-ups of 2 ginger cat muzzlepuffs. (- Jealous – but in a good way.)

  97. This cat is gorgeous, I love it’s eyes.
    Great picture!

  98. 2SJ — pull out the ol’ manual & look up “Macro” mode. (Actually, with a more expensive camera, you might need a whole macro *lens*.)

  99. ShelleyTambo says:

    D2D: “Lord help me if I fail to immediately sit up and give them my undivided attention!”

    Yep, sounds familiar. This morning, though, foster cat caught the first eyelid flutterings of a peaceful awakening, leapt the five feet from his bed (tacky orange upholstered chair) to my bed, and landed smack on my gut. Thirteen pounds of hyper, clingy brown tabby…

  100. Awww, orange/marmelade/ginger cats are just the best. We had an orange boy for 17 years, and this brings back sweet memories– he was such an affectionate kitty!

  101. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Miette! You have a cat named Moxie? My tuxedo cat’s name is Moxie too!

  102. Nose-kiss alert!

  103. Have you ever had a kitty do this? After a few smooches on cheecks and muzzles, Kitty says, “Ech, my lips have touched human lips!” and starts to wash all kissed parts vigorously. Must . . . get . . . that . . . human . . . slobber . . . OFF . . . right . . . NOW!!!!” LOL Such badness.

  104. foxy bingo says:


    Pic 1: ‘Mwaowgh?’

    Pic 2: ‘Vhrrrrrh-t’